Saturday, March 31, 2012

Under The Banyan Tree

Hello peeps! i've been browsing hairs after hairstyles around the internet and finally decided that i'll will cut it shoulder length again. Remember my last year hair, after my curl? yup, i'm going to have that hair again, but this time different, i've have short bangs compare to last year, i have side swept bangs.
woots! my leg look long here ==''
anyway, i've got my MARCH pay already! and it is because MARCH consist of FIVE weeks, i got a whole extra Rm100, even though i cancel one day work, i still manage to get Rm853..=='' but wait *bite my fingers*
don't go shopping, ANN! you need to save that for your HOME recording studio equipment! T.T
I've got a FREAKING terrifying call from La Salle =='' like seriously, after i heard it, i slam the phone down. Then that person phone me up again, and ask me

"do you know english?" ask that person
"Of course i hell do! If not i hell don't even know what La Salle is famous for!"
of course i am polite so i just say "yes i do, miss"
haha, !! no, getting into La Salle is like getting into Julliard which means, hell no, i won't even have the chance to get a scholarship from them.

I went to 'cheng beng' (praying ritual for the dead)
and i got this huge INCREDIBLE horrible scratch on my right knee..
wahaha, it scrape off my skin *heeeauuurgh*
and i acted like a 'real' lady
climbing up on the tombstone, standing up, posing for my aunt camera, and then did all the paper and soil work.
then i jump down, then jump up, and jump down and then ..
my knee...


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Military Babe and ulzzang look

 when i get older enough to atcually afford on GREAT beauty products, get a really great dye and can had whatever look i want, i'm going to the ULZZANG LOOK!!!
if you don't know what is Ulzzang look, scroll down..(that is not me ==)

This is Ulzzang look.If i studied through various pictures of this girl, Ulzzang look is atcually translated to 'best look' but! it's a trend.
with this look, you cannot be COOL anymore, you be sweet,girly, cute..(uueek)
I'm OBSESSED and IN LOVE with ribbons already, so i do not need to work on that anymore ^^

The only concern is, do i have the skin for it? i'm dark..==
do i have big enough eyes for it? ok, make up makes wonder.
Clothes? aiyar, no need to worry for clothes, shop for girly clothes lol.

 gonna cut my hair soon (yes, i've been telling that since long time ago) but this time its positive. It's too unmanageable already! i'm going to cut it shoulder length first and then only decide what am i going to do with that hair. By cutting it shoulder length, all my dressing style will change again.

 Anyway, tomorrow i'm going for 'cheng beng'==''
it's something like a praying ritual for the dead. two consecutive days i must stand on guard and for two consecutive days i have to rush for work ..
i don't know what will become of me tomorrow, i'll be dead for exhaustion.
I'm a military babe
== *thick skin*
anyway this is an akward position. I don't work on poses, it just come as it is.

next time i want to try all sorts of style for posing! i want to play dress up
  • as a guy
  • a shuffler?
  • a hip hopper
  • a ballerina
  • a belly dancer
  • a rocker chick
  • a vampire!!
  • an alien
  • a sports woman?
  • an office lady
  • a maid ==''
  • a bride
  • an old woman...==
and the list goes on..

Shirt: F Block
Pants: Romp
Wedge: Aldo
who's that MONKEY? : ME!!
who is that ulzzang girl?: googled


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Audio Tech

Hello peeps.
How y'all been doing? having doubts on this and that over your future path?
i am having it now, though i'm pretty sure form six is somehow a BIG possibility.
I have a big butterfly in my stomach, batting the wings out of me.
want this or that? want that or this? for god's sake, it's already April, make up yoour mind!!
I've watched SIX tutorials on How to Build your Own Home Studio..
What you need is:
a studio microphone
a studio microphone stand
a mixer (very important)
A cable
A software (i've already downloaded Audacity)
and a computer..DUH!
So i went over to music system looking like a fool. I don't know what am i suppose to ask. they took a studio condeser microphone out for me .Cost Rm200, WITHOUT the stand, no filter, didn't even have a SHOCK resistance..==
then they took a really cheap mixer out for me, and i insisted that i don't need that.
later did i realize, without that, you can't use a studio microphone properly.
i am really sooo noob..

my blog had turn real boring now.
i have nothing to blabber on ..


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

" You raise me up " and " Tanah Pusaka " - SMK Convent Choir ,Alor Star...



Since primary school till now, i've been active in school performances. Mainly it was violin. I do not need to read any notes that are given, i just play it by hearing and i sway to the rhythm.
and probably people saw how enjoyable i am with it, they compliment me.
but i know, due to the constant scoldings from my strict Johnny Depp look-alike violin teacher, my pitch has always been a problem.
But after i saw one sentence that caught me off guard, make my tears roll down, "your violin BEH KI!!"

i'm not atcually good in receiving critisism, my friend said i have no personality, i didn't talk to her for two days.

so, this time, it really pulls my spirit down. *shake head*
i label myself a failure. I've been playing the violin since i was 10, and to think i am a violin teacher! DISGRACEFUL! how can i teach students when i'm not even pitch perfect myself! !

piano grd8 FAIL
VIOLIN out of tune
don't even know a shit of Audio tech!
guitar self taught like chaplang!

well at least i know one thing, I CAN WRITE MY OWN SONG! *consoling myself*
but even i write my own song, ALSO CHAPLANG! i don't write music notes, i just write lyrics, chords and record it so that i can remember it.

really spoil my mood

Ann's Blog profile

 Yar, my daily stats consist of 60% of people viewing my Aaron Johnson's post. 
so here is what i found of what people would be searching to view my blog ==
WEI ANN TAN PLAYING GUITAR PICTURES?? who sooo free go and google me ..
and who the hell is WEN WEN HAN?? lol==''

anyway, i found the greatest secret to get real hits on your blog. *mouth shut*
i found out pretty long ago, after doing great research on which post is atcually quite famous among viewers around the world.
 天秤座有一个很明显的特点,很爱笑,一点小事就会笑逐颜开;天秤座很简单,什么都写在脸上; 天秤座爱憎分明,不会给自己不欢的人丝毫机会,对自己喜欢的人超级纵容;天秤座喜欢简简单单,不喜欢麻烦,不喜欢累的感觉;如果天秤座首先对你动心了,则一定不会被动的等待,Ta定会让你知道

tadaa!!! after reading this (even though some terms i can't undeerstand) i think it's pretty accurate, that's why i copy and paste it here!! (I don't really believe in this kind of stuff, but this really speaks ME! well, sort of,) hopefully i didn't misinterpret it anyway.
 tadda!!! =='' like seriously, why would US viewers be more than Malaysia viewers ..zzzz (all hiao view aaron johnson only! HAHA!! LMAO!)
and where is TUNIBIA anyway..LOL! ==''
BY the way, this ain't accurate larh, i took the weekly stats de, not monthly or ALL TIME.
which hugs do you love???
i love NO6 ! well, i feel that no6 will feel closer and tighter..HAHA!
So let me interpret each hugs.

No1: Girl begs the guy "DON"T LEAVE ME"
No2: we are sooo in love with each other
No3: Guy feel the warmth of a girl's hug (though it may also look like that when the guy is SHORTER than his girlfriend ==)
No4: after a fight, this hug will eventually patch back a relationship
No5: Guy whisper into girl's ear "I'm sorry babe"
No6: go get a room ==''
victoria and nikhun..
nonono, i'm not asking u to see who they!'s the caption:
anybody experience this type of emotional being when you are in a relationship?
it reminds me of something though..i've been through it
get it?
then maybe you are single..


Monday, March 26, 2012

Music inspiration

today i sooo busy. There is this guy who suddenly JUDGE me for my music. I was so scared and then it turn out that he wanted to collaborate with me. so according to him, i've got my original songs, and i know how to make covers, he knows the technology so we could work together..

but we lack of music techno gadget anyway. he gave me all sorts of alien terms which really knock me are SOOO meant for Audio Tech, i am such a noob for it!! ><'' seriously, i am soo retarded over it after viewing various types of boss pedal..

Time to get a haircut!
so in the end, we make an agreement, i go buy a studio microphone and he go buy his boss pedal something something >
woots! finally landed myself a great collaboration deal!
很奇怪 记得中一到中三我们都看对方不顺眼 我以为你骄傲 你以为我骄傲 后来还发现原来我们曾经一起公私一个“东西” 真的又气又好笑 到了中四 终于我们同班 相处下来发现原来你人那么好 又傻得可爱 想说为什么不要中一就认识 虽然吵过两次架 不过越吵感情就越好 真感谢上天安排让你我成为姐妹 ♥ — by Jovelle MJW a.k.a TORTOISE MOY

thank you arh, my tortoise, i will write back to you soon ..^^

Once upon a time, Drama TEAM ^^

anyway, i really should brush up my music knowledge,
now only i know i'm sooo shallow. Mum ask me what do you want Drum or Ipad?
i said drum, and now i have to buy a studio mic? i guess i get the studio mic first then only the drum..
a drum cost a lot man! >w<


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fantastic Baby - Big Bang (violin cover) by Ann Tan

Not pitch perfect , sorry,
but i give up after the fourth try because my wrist hurts..
i feel like my whole wrist is dislocated from the nerves..
anyway, a good challenge, because it's completely like a rap and super beat music..
support, view!

Bunny Slippers

 Whassap doc?
i am cursing my fringe, ever since i cut that short fringe, my forehead erupted like a crazy valcano. pimple alert...
it's not that i don't take good care of it, i cleanse, tone and moisturise it. the simple three steps to it, and even scrub weekly. ><''
so, i conclude it that my fringe is to be blame, *cursing*
fortunately, it can also act as a shield to cover whatever is erupting behind it.
 How's the twin doggy? ^^that is atcually my bedroom.

anyway, i have never grow pimple on my cheeks, but just three days ago, i found a whole dot over the bottom of my eye..
i try to find the culprit.

if i eat a lot of fried food, it will grow on my forehead.
so ...can it be the weather? the sweat, YUCK, seriously, after that, i need to cut my hair already. it's too long, bushy and sooo unkept.
 down the staircase alone

so shoulder length? i'm thinking about the same hair last year where the bottom is thick. i don't like layers, it flattens my hair.
 anyway, i've just went to school just now. Met a lot of teachers and then there came this english teacher who sternly ask me

i back off, startled by that kind of angry tone of hers..
yar yar, i know that...T.T don't remind me of it please..
lol..look like i didn't wear any pants ==''

I just did my Fantastic Baby violin cover!! ^^
i tell you, it ain't easy and i get fed up after the fourth try. My whole wrist felt like it was dislocated. My nerve hurts T.T i can't move my wrist at all.
i didn't know it will hurt..

Top white dress: forgot buy where liao
Red polkadot bunny headband: Cotton on
brown wool dress: HK
who is that pimple face?: ME!!!

*cry* go go go away dear pimples..


Saturday, March 24, 2012

A talk on Form six by my Father

 CALLING ALL human beings that had a slightest interest in FORM SIX.
there will be a talk on FORM SIX and your future career path by an experience teacher who happens to be a marker for Pengajian Am (a compulsary subject for STPM)
time: 7.30-9.30
if there's any enquiry, go to facebook and PM me..
 anyway, my dad is going to give a talk on STPM, form six and whether private, matrix of STPM is best for you.
Normally, those who doesn't have siblings going through form six, will not know who my father is. He was the first Pengajian Am teacher in Alor Star to open up a tuition centre 25 years ago. Don't complain that he might be too old to be the best, but he is STILL a marker of PENGAJIAN AM for more than 25 yrs already.

 and surprisingly, everywhere we go, there seem to be his students.
my Math/add math teacher was his student
my chinese teacher was his student
my school moral teacher was his student
a lot of my school mates' parents were his students
the judge of my choir competition was his student
the guy taking my ultrasonic scan in hospital was his student

and the funny thing is, (no offence anyway) his students all look the same age as him ==''
 And there are pathetic tricks perform by this xxx person who had just intrude over this Pengajian Am field. He sent students over to my dad's centre and took my dad's note and photostat it and use it as HIS. This XXX person is NOT EVEN A MARKER for that particular paper, and those students of his are all blindly FOOLED..Dad is an experienced teacher of his current school, what is this XXX teacher can do ? experience wise he is nothing compare to my dad...
so, to those out there, do some CLEAR research before you jump into any conclusion.
 okay, forgive me, all these pictures are very misleading..haha..there should be a picture of my dad, but =='' i have no idea why i can't manage to upload one at the moment.
after listening to the daily blabber on the comparisions between STPM and Private colleges, i really think STPM is the best choice after all.
but no doubts, it will also be my last choice though.
Nobody likes to be stuck in ALOR STAR for another two years.
i'm just back from PISA ...
even put on a thick skin to go into LIMKOKWING's booth. like seriously, that place is sooo expensive..and what is even more thick skin is that i practically scream like a monkey when i saw LA SALLE (a prestigious arts and music school in singapore)

seriously, that is like seeing JULLIARD in my country ==''

anyway..more updates soon...
thanks for the stats these days! it's improving ^^


Friday, March 23, 2012


 Harlo Harlo ^^
thanks my darling Jia Wen for all these photos ^^
this is just a part of the day.. on that result day, we went to TM to eat
and then ended up paying Rm42 extra on the bill for food wastage..
OMG...=='' we waste 600g of food and with Rm42 we can eat a huge course of dinner!!!
 i like the 2nd top right the best. =='' not perfect ...woi, Sandy Tan!! you know how to snap photo de bo? XD..hahahahahhaa

 This is freaking funny and FUGLY..woots! you want a close up of Ann tan's face? NAH!
from top left: SMALL EYE, BIG EYE, original eye, MATA SEPET..
and i just eye bag can carry a lot of gold liao larh ==''
but i don't care... i think with eye bags, when you smile, you look cuter..
(yar, i knw i'm weird)
warh..our face soo steam==''
anyway more photos coming soon. i just don't have enough time for blog updates.
tomorrow i'm going for penang education fair (i ask for leave again from my boss=='' Rm100 fly away)
i don't dare to open my mouth "mum, pa, can bring me go watch hunger games bo?"
they would really bite my head off because education come first larh..
but ,...T.T
i waited for it with long neck since last year....



Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPM result day

see our HAPPY faces ..(mine fake de)
ok, let me start from the beginning.we were all waiting anxiously for our dear headmistress to QUICKLy come and just get it over quickly. i and mou mous sit one whole row, holding hands, well..for what exactly. those people that are called on stage are suppose to be top students. so, i didn't put soo much hope on that, just waiting for mum to rush to the back to get my result.

and then..10 A's first....then 9 A's...then 8 A's...
"Yang terakhir yang dapat lapan A, Tan..."
suspense larh this teacher ==''
O.O <----MY FACE

so i got up, HAPPY HAPPY^^ flying up the sky, NEVER EXPECT at all, and then when i saw that what didn't get A,
T.T <---- my face
english???!!?!!! No wait, there must be a mistake, they must have mess up my BM with English kut..NO NONO....i can't accept it, i can't believe my whole eyes! suddenly 8 A's become like NO A at sister phone on stage, i yell at the phone..they took our group photo, i had this 'shit' fake smile on me..

went down the stage, and then cry at my mother...
see? my fake smile ><
then my sis phone again, she can't believe her ears when i told her about my english. her 1119 get a perfect A1, my bro too.. and i got a sickening 5C for my 1119. I seeriooously no face to face my mum who happens to be an english teacher.. sis can't believe her ears when i told her i get A+ for add math ==''
zzzz..i expected that already larh, no need to be soo shock, my add math not that horrible ok....
here's my trial. Yup, i did SUPER badly in my physic and chemistry and not to mention my Account (careless mistake make my whole 25 marks drown)
but no, i'm here to stay strong on my can my ENGLISH get a what i'm assume B+ should be around..hmm *thinks* ..60 marks above?
like seriously? that low...?!?!?!
not even A- ???!!!!
65 mark and 88mark very VAST different larh >

another proof why there must be a serious mistake in my english >
i knw i knw i didn't do well in my section A..but i complete it, i put it ALL the points and it's only 15 marks (am i right?)
if it's so, i be graded A or at least A-..not a sickening B+..

another proof..><
what the saying is quite true though, i target my chemistry B and Physic B+..
because all these while, my science subjects are like yo-yo..
never too high though, it's always low low low..
and come out ,,
what the..!? seriously!?

so i'm applying to have my english paper remark.
they say if they see your trial paper grade, they would pull your grade up to that level.
Hopefully, but the result will be out in two months time..
so i'll be label as 8 A's first and in another two months 9 A's?
*fingers cross*

congrats to all my beloved friends who are satisfied with their result ^^
to those that didn't do well, life goes on. Don't be sad because this is just a part of life.

Don't get me wrong that i am being UNGRATEFUL, but let me get the point straight, i don't mind having other subject getting B or C..but not english please.
i live with english for 17 yrs and 3 months..this is a disgrace to me..T.T


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pre- SPM result

my family had always set the target super super low. They say the most A's i can get are only 6 A's. =='' of course i don't hope for much but i would favour at least 6 A's because i have never get anything lower than that..

 Seriously, i have never hope my English get A+ even though it was said to be my best subject . You know why? my section A was only 70% long on one page, and i ended up crying after that because i knew it was really too short. yup, i cried to my friends and then bawl at my english teacher and then cried again at home.
i can see my A+ for 1119 flying away and be a laughing stock for my siblings
how's the korean looking eyes? ><''

and for two of my science subjects, Physic and Chemistry, everything was fine until i meet Paper three. It was like total shit for section C, everything was made up .mwahaha, anyway, i have never put too much hope on my science subject. as i said so, i am made for left brainers subs.

As for my chinese, mwahaha, everything i read looks like Japanese. if i manage to pass it, it will be a damn bonus for me. Seriously, i can be label as OCBC or a banana already.

so, i really put SERIOUSLY GREAT MAXIMUM effort for SPM. If i get less than 6 A's, i'll be crying my eyes out for sure. its like you work sooo hard and that is what you get, sickening result..
so i really hope, and i don't hope too much (i don't go over the top asking for 9 A's) i just hope at least 6 enough to satisfied me.

*fingers cross*
don't let me down, result. I waste a lot of time and energy on you, i had to deserve something good for it.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Carter

Ten tickets ^^ start tagging people like mad at facebook LOL!
we go watch John Carter 3D, many curse me asking me why don't want watch SEEFOOD instead =='' you see, i think this kind of action pack movie should watch in cinema then only worth it, if you wanna watch animation, buy the DVD and watch it at home, it will make no difference.
so who are the ten human beings?

me, Jovelle, Jesslyn, Sandy, Jimmy, Wh Kang, Ivan, Haipin, alexer, and i derno who..==''

toilet also nice to snap ==''
anyway, we had to wait for the rest to come =='' sooo slow..and then we got a bit fed up and go play ting ting (arcade games)..this is Ann tan first time playing arcade games with friends. The last arcade games was when i was 10 in genting..
and what did tortoise choose to play with me? Racing car ...

Shy Shy...*blush*
Jesslyn's lower dress remind me of my choir red skirt ==''

anyway, i acted like a retard in the racing cars==''  the boys had their games with the basketball (show off) and then i had a solo game shooting at random people =='' They keep laughing at how retarded i was because seriously, i have no idea on these games at all. i don't even know where's the coin slot.

what i wore on that day..
white collar shirt: cotton on
Long grey tank top: cotton on
vintage bag: Sungei Wang
White flats (my usual ==): brands outlet..
one two three four..spent almost 45 minutes in the toilet..derno do what. all camwhoring, me adjusting my hair, another keep busying herself with the phone.. that was after the movie, the movie had a nice movie plot, i'm not here to tell the spoiler, but the girls were all goo goo-ing over one alien dog..

then we were hungry... yes, a lot didn't have their lunch yet. i don't know whose idea is to go KFC to eat =='' so here we are, (i'm not a big KFC fan, i'm more towards Mcdonald)..i've only order cheesy wedges, Jovelle only order a coke =='' the rest had a really HUGE late lunch.
cannot wait for them to eat, we go play arcade games again

then we go e-box =='' i owe somebody's boyfriend de money..OMG!! Ann tan don't like to owe people money de, she cannot sleep, cannot eat, cannot talk, cannot walk (exaggerating! *glee*) just really hope i can remember the next time i meet her..
the funniest moment is when we were about to sing SOMEONE LIKE YOU-ADELE, guess who pop into the room?
my mother ==''

aisheh, couple clothes leh..beh tong nia ><''
so apparently i had four missed calls from her ( i cannot hear at all)
so she worry, and found me here ><
then when i went out to ask her why, the boys were inside trying to sing Adele high pitch voice, it was damn hilarious man!

all serious faces..Ann tan will not leave the karaoke box without singing her lady gaga song..NO,
so i get to sing Born this way again before i go home ^^

you see Jovelle de tortoise head? like a bodyless head floating on air behind us right? ><''

had a really nice day that day!!! ^^
Wh kang and Jimmy ==
jimmy promoting himself being a single and free guy ==''

phew, finally post up this post ><''
its a long ago story anyway, on the 14th of March..
yayaya i get it, white valentine's day marh..