Friday, April 26, 2013

boyish look ! clothes galore! vanilla ice cream!

do i prefer the girl on the left or the girl on the right?
hello guys, introducing this new facebook shop call VANILLA ICE CREAM
and the shop owner is sooooo petite!!! yet pretty!! she's only 148cm ! but she doesn't look like that in pictures! plus she wore the clothes she sells too, so we get to know how real is the clothes compare to those pretty model posing with the clothes. 
here's the pretty page owner, wearing one of the skirt she is selling. 
Rm40 !

looks nice! considering her height, this dress seems okay!
and her kitty platforms is too adorable! Rm49!

Oh yay! this is pretty!!! Rm55!

Rm 49 for the top!! okok, the previous pictures are kinda girly, which is not relevant to my blog title, so here it is! my recent obsession! boyish look! 

oh well, this is a rocker!! i'll give anything to own this, but sadly though, i'm still staying under my parent's nose, i can't possibly wear this out, they would totally say i'm rebelling or what. 
cute right? Rm49

and she makes it even cuter!! she's also selling accessories and shoes! the vintage shade is Rm39! her adorable bow is Rm29!

Something more baroque! love the skirt!!!! 
Rm 39 but sold out! awwhhh

This is the ultimate kill!!
damn love the black one! though i don't think i am tall enough to wear this! (note: i'm only five feet one inch and a half tall!)

i think my friend would like this? just thursday they had been discussing about wearing the army. 
i want this! wuwuwuw, sold out

that vertical stripe shorts (pic above) match with this awesome high school shirt will be the bomb!

They even have shoes!!! i wonder how to walk in these though
Rm220! Jeffrey Campbell!

oh yeah! my love!!!

the thing is with shoes online, i do not wan to take the risk incase i have it ordered in the wrong size
this studded flats look nice!

awwwh those kitty flats!!!
damn, she is sooo stylish!!
those platforms are really nice 
bloody, this is getting me itchy!!
love it!!
and wow?

they sell accessories too!
i find this irresistible! 

haha, i find this funny! it looks exactly unreal!
it's call a comic bag

woots! totally cool!
this is even cool!
looks like a cat chain, but it's a chocker!

so how do you rate vanilla ice cream?
go LIKE their page now and scroll on it!!

it inspire me now, 
gonna put a long long list on my 


Thursday, April 25, 2013

diary of my curly bob

ok so here it goes! finally a really blog post about how my hair really started. 
at first my hair was super long! it has become a great nuisance when i have to study because my hair keep sweeping along my sight. 
so here's my last long hair pic below

ok, maybe not that long, but this photo was taken two months ago, so my exact length was right at my waist. 
i went to the saloon just PLANNING to get a trim and add some layer for my hair (since it's as flat as my face as it is). before that i was asking my mum should i get a perm instead of a cut, because since i have leave it  at that precise length, a perm would do great wonders! 
she said, NO, wait till finish your study!
but i didn't know she would open her mouth and ask me if i would wan to do my perm when i sat down on the saloon chair ready to get my cut. 
of course at that abrupt moment, i agree without having second thoughts.

BUT, what i didn't know was the hairdresser misunderstood what i want to do. If i'm going to have a perm, she wouldn't need to cut my hair short anymore!
but she did ==''
i thought she was just trimming at my hair when i realize to my horror, she had cut it really short till my shoulder!! 
i was about to bawl right at my seat, a perm with that kind of length would make me look so aunty !!!
since it has already been cut, i bit my lips and wish for the best. 
it turn out to be ok, i guess, i got a digital perm at Rm170 plus cut, 
Rm10 cheaper than my previous water perm which i had did when i was 16 years old. 
here's my old picture
this is my water perm done at Kennyik 3 years ago. 
which is harder to maintain (you have to keep twisting and turning for the shape) Digital perm are more in shape (you don't need to bother if your curls are missing or what, they're just there for you, make sure you gotta have enough moisture so that you don't look like a wheat grass)

Picture below: My sister with her water perm. saw any difference with water perm and digital perm anyone?

ok, so my hair is still a bit brownish under natural light. non edit to make sure it's pure original . 

my bird looking face. LOL!
i always think, dress what suits your hair. right now with this kind of curly looking bob head, i have to dress girly for this moment. like pure girly looking trying to act cute for vomiting sake!
ugh, i have been looking at some boyish style recently and found a craze obsession with them!!
will update the cool looking clothes i've been browsing on the internet!!!!

one last sweeeeet picture to end my post.


been stressing so hard that i wrote one new song. 
here's the chorus part

now you got me worry
for day and night
all you can do is to see
and hold me tight
i spend hours, hours, thinking about it
lost my sleep and food just a bit
darling never ever gonna do this again~

couldn't figure out the verse yet~~~
hope everything will be fine

Friday, April 19, 2013

the babes and dudes at KIM GARY, USM and KDU

a finishing shot for what we had ordered at Kim Gary, Gurney Plaza at Penang. 

ok so we went to Penang on a mission to visit this local university call USM (universiti sains malaysia),under our economy club with our economy teacher tagging along.  that uni is huge and you probably can't walk by foot to your next destination because it spread out like a whole town area. But too bad we only get to see a part of it, we were escorted to this auditorium which i will have the pictures below . 

first up on the bus, me with Han Nee my bus partner! thank her for lending me her jacket because i was freezing up there. 

tadaa! us! at first our journey there were quite boring, we didn't laugh or fool around much, but the trip back was the best! the whole bus was full of our laughter. 

again, me, never fail to take pictures 

the auditorium at USM. The speaker spoke well! he made us laugh, jokes around, it was fun, except the fact everyone was hungry till the max. we didn't have our breakfast much, and thank goodness they prepared some side dishes for us. the doughnuts!

hee, again, me, never fail to set the timer for a group shot.

but this was what we were looking forward to! going to the mall!
but sickly, our economics teacher told us to be back after an hour. we spent ten sickening minutes deciding where to eat and another ten minutes trying to figure out how to place our orders. another twenty minutes to eat, and by the time we atcually finished everything (plus going to the loo) we left with only five minutes to have a quick look at the shops around. 
like seriously, this is sooo unsatisfying!

Shu Ping's ice shave. she thought it was a drink, but it was atcually a dessert. super sweet!

my mushroom rice. I've been eating this dish twice now! never get tired of eating. 
Shi yun's fried rice. 
or i would like to joke around saying it is atcually friend "lice"

Jesslyn derno wat rice..haha

and i have no idea why Shan Da ordered this when he had his cheese baked rice too

the sick fat cat's dish. fried spaghetti. my mum always fried that too. 
wait a minute, sick people eat that kind of food?

shan da, Shu yee and Lai Yein's dish 
cheese baked rice!!
girl's appetite are soo small, with just a few bites, shu yee and lai yein give up eating it.

having fun with the colour splash ! our pictures at KDU. 
yes KDU is a private college, and after comparing KDU with USM, 
USM is like 50 times bigger than KDU. 
seriously 50 times! 
but the pro side of studying in a private college, you get to wear whatever you want , and do whatever you want to do. i saw couples kissing openly too right infront of us. 

at the auditorium. we waren't paying much attention to the speaker talking too. 
the fact that visiting KDU was worthless because if we have the money to go KDU study, we wouldn't end up taking form six anyway. 
even if we have the money, our motive of going form six is to be in a local university to have a campus life, not to end up in a building. 
(people might find this offensive, but hey, i'm just telling you my opinion)

and this is wwhat happen to my once long hair. I was atcually freaking out when she cut it really really short, like how on earth am i going to have pretty curls with such short hair!?!?!
the finishing result were okay, but after i washed it, i become like a dry wheat grass.
oh my goodness, can't wait for my hair to grow long again.