Sunday, October 4, 2015

Start of something new (:

Bet you didn't know where i went the whole freaking 3 months ago. 
To be honest, my passion for blogging has long been gone when i had paid full interest in my online shop, dating my boyfriend and spending time with this particular society called 
The Wanderers. 

(i should be doing my assignment now,but this cannot wait)

I MAY NOT HAVE GOOD GRAMMAR (forgive me mum, after months of not blogging, my English somehow deteriorate) BUT PLEASE DON't BE A GRAMMAR NAZI HERE~
So we were chosen (like Hunger Game?well, except that our acceptance are taken into consideration) into this very group called "bian ge" which is song arranger (google translate?) department where we are responsible to select and arrange all instruments for that chosen song. 

Arrange in terms of what beat will the drum play, what melody or fill in can the piano do , what can the guitar do , and so on, what genre is suitable for this particular song, what other instruments can we add in, do we need to put the chorus first or verse first, and the list goes on and on and on. So we were given each a position to be in charge with , 

at first there were 7 of us, and i was given the piano/keyboard. 
3 people handling the piano, 2 guitarist, 1 bassist and 1 drum. 

in the end i was given an option on whether to take up bass or guitar when 7 of us became 6. 
I was pretty scared to take up Bass since i had never played that foreign thing before. 4 strings? but then why settle for something you already know (piano) or go for something so bloody hard (guitar) seriously i cannot imagine myself doing Led Zeppelin thingy on stage, my knowledge on guitar chords has always been major and minor, not seventh, augmented, diminished, (can you take alook at how short my finger is to go through all these chords) when i can take up something new and pretty much easy to catch up like Bass

so here goes~
i unlocked one of my new year resolution, 
to learn one new music instrument (: