Thursday, December 31, 2015

Unboxing Muffin Beauty Box review is the largest beauty review website in Malaysia and will be launched this June. I always find this website genre quite interesting because it helps people to know the product that they want to buy better. Like if i want to buy a nice worthy concealer and didn't know which brand would be nicer, i can just go on and checked out the reviews and all the product range offered. 

I got the beauty box in just 3 working days! I always love receiving beauty boxes because all the surprise you can get when unboxing it. 

 A little "love" note from
Still deciding which to review on :D

 looking through the box. i spot two full size product and the rest are masks, sample sheets, and mini size products. 
 In fact it is quite alot of brand in this one box and i'm pretty excited to try everything. 

 First up is Purevivi cleansing lotion which is good in removing make up, 
i had been searching one of this thing very very long ago, because all i see was "removes eye and lips make up", it's quite hard to search for those cleansing lotions that can remove your entire face. 
i'm going to review on this shortly~

 a handlot of sample sheets and masks (:
consist of : 
1. Albatross Powder Sun
2. Clinelle EE cream (i didn't know of such thing until now haha)
3. Albatross CC cream

 Next is two silkygirl product
1. lip balm 
2. Blusher 
and i got this too! which i find it quite amusing yet impress that can read me well because i can't eat chocolate and they gave me Strawberry instead haha. 
anyway, i don't think this can show any result just by eating two of this bar anyway~ ( is an unbiased review website)

For more review
do stay tune (:


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Teori awal tentang masyarakat

1. liberal pluralis
2. tradisi masyarkat massa
3. frankfurt school
4. Radikal optimist/ marxist

1. Tradisi masyarakat massa

  • perkembangan  media dan masyarakat pessimistik
  • perkembangan budaya massa mengancam nilai budaya elit dan proses demokrasi
  • mengubah corak hidup masyarakat
  • menggantikan sistem feudal
  • masyarakat mass:
  • proses urbanisasi
  • populasi bandar yang pesat
  • pembahagian tenaga buruh
  • perkembangan sistem media yang bersifat massa
  • perkembangan budaya massa
  • Mathew Arnold (pasca modernisme)
  • mempunyai kepelbagaian tema
  • kelunturan nilai masyarakat organik
  • perkembangan budaya dan masy massa
  • revolusi industri 
  • perkembangan sistem politik demokras
  • kemunculan medium kom
  • dilihat sebagai ancaman:
  • penglibatan massa dalam proses pentadbiran dan kerajaan
  • ancaman nilai budaya elit
  • kemunculan ekonomi pasaran : masy homogenous
  • kuasa politik diperolehi massa (ancaman proses demokrasi)
  • ancaman masy massa sendiri (indvidu terpisah , boleh dimanupilasi oleh masy elit )
  • implikasi ideologi: sistem sosial pra kapitalis diganti dengan kemunculan kelas bourgeois(elit pemerintah) mengesah demokrasi mereka melalui rasional sitem politik demokrasi
  • implikasi terhadap kajian media:
  • walaupun teori ini kelemahan, but it is influential. diguna sebagai asas falsafah dan kajian awal media
  • Britain: perdebatan dilakukan dalam konteks budaya, budaya tinggi yang telah dicemari oleh budaya massa
  • AS: bersifat empirikal. mengukur secara empirikal. Andaian teori masyarakat massa akan meruntuhkan nilai masy organik. 
  • Mesej media melalui proses saringan: mediated
  • media ialah heterogenous. 
  • mempertahankan masy
  • Shils: keadaan yang kondusif untuk perkembangan sistem demokrasi. 
2. Frankfurt school
  • Max Hokheimer, theodore Adorno
  • Pendekatan FS: kritikal
  • masy tidak bebas
  • dipengaruhi oleh revolusi bolshevik in Russia
  • nazism
  • sistem demokrasi 
  • kestabilan politik di Eropah
  • tumpuan kajian:
  • menekan kepentingan sejarah dlm masy
  • perhubungan masy dengan subjek dengan keadaan sosial yang menentu kewujan mereka
  • keadaan sosial tidak seimbang tidak memberi peluang kepada kesedaran kelas berlaku
  • ideologi penting
  • perkembangan sistem komunikasi masy mempengaruhi individu masy
  • pergantungan kpd komunikasi dan buday massa
  • tidak mempunyai institusi kukuh
  • masy hidup dalam keadaan didominasi
  • individu massa lemah dan passif
  • mudah mangsa kpd kelas dominan
  • kemunculan masy massa dan buday massa becuz perkembangan sistem sosial dan ekonomi kapitalis
3. Liberal Pluralis
  • masyarkat yang bersaing antara satu sama lain
  • persaingan yang terbuka
  • no kumpulan yang berdominan
  • masy diandai seimbang
  • mereka berhak untuk mengambil bahagian dlm
  • proses membuat keputusan politik
  • dan proses ekonomi
  • struktur masy kompleks
  • setiap individu dalm masy bertanggungjawab mengekal keseimbangan dlm masy"check and balance"
  • shils: keadaan yang sesuai untuk perkembangan sistem politik demokrasi
  • asalakan masy pluralis
  • kajian mengenai media untuk mengkaji teori masy massa yang bersifat eurocentric
  • Sistem dimajukan bersifat elitis
  • elit memerintah mendapat mandate dan majority masy
  • proses demokrasi berfungsi (kumpulan menjalankan proses mengawasi tindak tanduk antara satu sama lain_
  • media is not budaya massa ynag negatif
  • memajukan kepelbagaian idea dan pandangan dlm masy 
  • organisasi media mempunyai autonomi
  • bebas drpd kawalan negara
  • bebas parti politik dan kumpulan pendesak
  • media dikawal oleh elit pengurus yang mempunyai autornomi
  • menentukan isi kandungan media
  • tidak wujud keperluan untuk menilai media becuz media massa wujud dalam masy yang pluraslis (memenuhi keperluan semua golongan masy
Radikal optimist
  • masy berkonflik
  • terbahagi mengikut kelas
  • setiapp kelas ingin memajukan idea dan kepentingan masing
  • penggunaan kuasa dalam bentuk dominasi
  • satu golongan mendominasi golongan yang lemah
  • media: pergelutan ideologi
  • media; superstruktur
  • membantu pengekalan status quo dan hegemoni kelas yang dominan
  • penguasaan kaedah pengeluaran bahan masa sama menguasai kaedah pengeluaran mental masy
  • bahan: ekonomi
  • ideologi: cara bagaimana keadaan sosial bersifat menindas diesahkan oleh sistem sosial
  • ideologi: satu proses mengatur dan menstruktur kesedaran palsu mengeana keadaan sosial yang tidak seimbang
  • ideologi: bagaimana idea tentang sistem sosial yang tidak seimbang dipersembahkan kpd masy (pekerja) sebagai satu sistem semula jadi dan tidak perlu dipersoalkan.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fighting to forget

it's going to be the end of year now. 
to think that so much had changed in just such short period of time
when the person you once used to know so deeply had eventually become a stranger

I'm sure nobody knows why i did that, nor when no matter what rumors had flooded into their ear, they just analyse things at their own point of view. 
i can't blame them, what i did was wrong or maybe just plain selfish.

but i chose not to hide, in other words, i made a decision to choose and not be greedy. Being greedy will be even sinful. you can't have two, your heart can only affords for one.
and i'm sure there will be still others waiting for me to fall down and laughed and mockingly tell me " i told you so,"

which in fact, i can't help it they had created this thoughts of theirs because what i did was wrong. you know i used to think that way to somebody else who had did the same thing to my friend. I loathed her for a reason. 
When i'm in her shoes, it's a different story. (well maybe in her case, it's another special reason)

But had they dig deeper and ask why is it that i did that. 
They think it's easy, but no, it's not. 
Up until now i'm still reminiscing. 
Up until now it haunts me in my sleep.
like this morning.. i woke up in tears.
just to realize, maybe it was the memories that matters, not the person anymore. 

and i got my answer now, there's no turning back. i need to focus, i need to pull my strings together and look forward instead of keep going back. 
There's someone there in front of me , but i keep looking back. it's not fair . Not fair for both sides.

move on, girl, just move on. 
No matter how many memories that loops around me all the time, 
how many things i try to clear off but can't because there's just too many in 3 years

i chose this
i had to remind myself from time to time, again and again. 
it's my decision.

is waiting for me infront. 
Goodbye, past.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dear Dan

Dear Dan, 

have you ever wondered how our stories can collapse
how we didn't get to build our walls together
how i didn't make up to the promises i once gave

Dear Dan, 
i wish nothing for it to end,
but i changed
people changed
and how hard i tried and fought for it
but feelings tend to overcome

Dear Dan, 
how i thought about us all night
thinking how it is a waste
but thinking back now, it was a blessing
a blessing that you had walked through 3 years with me through thick and thin
a blessing which will be a memory i won't be able to erase

Dear Dan, 
thank you for all these time
the efforts, the time, the money wasted
but i hope you don't feel wasting
because it gave me such valuable memories and lesson
no money can buy

Dear Dan, 
we are back to square one
just a little distance 
because we both love each other once
although it's hard
although it's tough
i'm sure we can make it through step by step
a little by little

Dear Dan, 
growing apart will never be easy
moving on is not even in the dictionary
how hard, how we will struggled

but thank you
thank you for all these time
thank you for making me feel like i had the best boyfriend ever 

it's in the past now
let us heal now


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Start of something new (:

Bet you didn't know where i went the whole freaking 3 months ago. 
To be honest, my passion for blogging has long been gone when i had paid full interest in my online shop, dating my boyfriend and spending time with this particular society called 
The Wanderers. 

(i should be doing my assignment now,but this cannot wait)

I MAY NOT HAVE GOOD GRAMMAR (forgive me mum, after months of not blogging, my English somehow deteriorate) BUT PLEASE DON't BE A GRAMMAR NAZI HERE~
So we were chosen (like Hunger Game?well, except that our acceptance are taken into consideration) into this very group called "bian ge" which is song arranger (google translate?) department where we are responsible to select and arrange all instruments for that chosen song. 

Arrange in terms of what beat will the drum play, what melody or fill in can the piano do , what can the guitar do , and so on, what genre is suitable for this particular song, what other instruments can we add in, do we need to put the chorus first or verse first, and the list goes on and on and on. So we were given each a position to be in charge with , 

at first there were 7 of us, and i was given the piano/keyboard. 
3 people handling the piano, 2 guitarist, 1 bassist and 1 drum. 

in the end i was given an option on whether to take up bass or guitar when 7 of us became 6. 
I was pretty scared to take up Bass since i had never played that foreign thing before. 4 strings? but then why settle for something you already know (piano) or go for something so bloody hard (guitar) seriously i cannot imagine myself doing Led Zeppelin thingy on stage, my knowledge on guitar chords has always been major and minor, not seventh, augmented, diminished, (can you take alook at how short my finger is to go through all these chords) when i can take up something new and pretty much easy to catch up like Bass

so here goes~
i unlocked one of my new year resolution, 
to learn one new music instrument (:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

FRIM-Sekinchan-KL trip (part one)

Our trip started on the 27th-30th July , it was the 2nd time i went on vacation with Dan, this time with his coursemates :D
Seeing that they are all environmentalist, our trip is surrounded with nature which is something extraordinary from what i normally will go. It was an experience worth gaining!

credits to Meithung for this pic (always like the minimalist touch on her instagram feed XP )

Me and Dan took the flight from Alor Star to KLIA in the early wee morning
Wore this comfy outfit there, my lazy pants is actually my mum's ! Haha 

and then we waited for the IRRESPONSIBLE van driver to reach KLIA2
i wish i can disclosed this company name out, their service damn bullshit~
we told him to meet us at 10am and you know how long did we waited there? 1 hr and 30 mins. 
How do you actually do business when you are late for 1 hr and 30mins plus!?
and the best thing is he kept LYING

"2 mins i be there!"
"I'm just around the corner!"
"i U-Turn i reach ady!"

all those crap, and didn't even apologize when he meet us. 
best thing is he took two times of our deposit , wtf!? we just realized that after we drove off =.=  (We manage to claim back half of the deposit but poor Bok's coursemate didnt get hers until now , grrr )
and after sending the van back at the end of the day

that STUPID guy acted like the van has scratches and all that (i already expect he would do that, but then my fault, i didnt video tape or shoot all the van's corner at the beginning to avoid all this stupid accusation he would throw to us later)
i rolled my eyes ~
it's a good thing we didn't ask for discounts for his "punctuality" 
15 of us in the van and all of us knew there was no mishaps while driving the van
This guy is clearly trying to find fault at us, but he didn't count with us because obviously if he dare, there will be 13 angry girls bitching back at him

okay enough of all this misery ~ haha if you guys wish to know which company or scare in the future you will meet this company, do ask me personally through private mediums like FB or email . haha



I just realized FRIM was the place my aunt showed me and Dan the other day about a leisure place where people go to exercise or even picnic ! haha
too bad the canopy walk was under maintenance that day 
we had a really great time on the bikes ~
do watch out for the hills because cycling can be such a bore on that hahahah
but there was this one long stretch of slope where i practically slide down with the bike like a boss
damn, that feel and taste of freedom when the wind hit my face~ hahaha

Bicycle rental ranges from Rm8-Rm10
Last cycling hour : 7pm 

thanks Ying Juin for the pic :DD

another attraction is the waterfall~ (Dan's favorite)
but because i was taught since small never to go into a waterfall and heard many scary stories like you may get disease from Rats' urine through the water that seep into your wounds or cuts of your body (urgh~)
so i didn't do much there, obviously i wish i can adjust my mindset abit but  i just managed to touch the water with my bare hands~ haha
everyone was dipping their feets into the water and playing around :D

We proceed to Sekinchan in another 1 hr 30 mins journey there
total hour spent from KLIA to KL Sentral to Kepong and to Sekinchan was around 4 hrs
wooo our butts~


We may not make the right choice for the transport but we did the RIGHT choice for the homestay!
plus it's really very near to Sekinchan town area (it's already IN the town area =.= lol)

Following pictures does not own by me but

The outside of our homestay, look small but cosy :D
our 15 seater van can even fit inside! haha

the living room :D the sofa can incline forming a bed for two people to sleep :D

The girls are like snatching to sleep in this room! haha it's so cosy!! seriously very cosy and the dim light at night is more romantic than some candlelight dinner at some exp restaurants. 

the cosy kitchen :D
it does feel like home here ;)

the toilet,
there are two toilets in this house, i admit it is abit small 

the master bedroom 
five of us sleep in here haha

The dining area~

third bedroom , not many people can fit into this :3 i think max only 4 people

Outside (:

This is IVY Homestay 
and the uncle was VERRRRY PUNCTUAL to meet us to give us the key~



We went to this Paddy Gallery . At first i thought it will be another paddy musuem just like in Alor Star, but this was not! haha they even make us sit through a talk on how the paddy is harvested every year. 
Plus it's also commercialized, as soon as the talk is over people just rush down and go buy their own manufactured rice and some other rice products like soap and crackers. 
but they do have some little exhibition before you actually head over to spent your money 

Cute !! snapseed makes wonder! i like this pic very much hehe

credits to Khe Sin for all the pics, 

Entrance Fee for this gallery is rm5 each (they will give you a free mini rice bag)


I wish i had more photos on this but apparently, there's nothing much to see here? haha it's highly commercialized here =.=
taking photos with antique cars required a fee around rm8 
although there is one particular sweet shop that attracted me because they sold childhood sweets that cannot be found outside anymore. 
one of us bought a bubble blower thingy (the gum thingy?) 

Outside was scorching hot! haha and they have hay there too . 

and ahma house had a very nice ootd wall too haha 

This place is just on the way to Paddy Gallery so yes, you might as well just drop by and see what you can do over here although i find it quite similar to the place back at my grandma place around Kaki Bukit, Perlis. 

(part two will be up soon)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sheinside low scoop maxi dress review

Hello! it's been a long time since i review on any fashion website , and  yes i am writing this post during my finale exam haha
but guess what? seeing that i'm here studying in a school where i can't wear anything above the knee and everything must have sleeve, i decided to pick one of Sheinside's Maxi dress that comes together with a belt
yes, the dress has a belt holder too so you don't have to worry it slipping down halfway when you started walking

decided to pair with my favorite pair of boots :D
by the  way even though Sheinside is located oversea (yes and you may think it's a pain to wait for something so long for it to deliver to you) but no way!
i got this dress within 2 weeks and i am very please at their express shipping system
i think it takes only 5-15 days for it to shipped to your house
and guess what? 
Standard shipping fee is FREEEEE

by the way the dress is quite long for me , but nevermind i just have to blame myself for being too short okay? but if you pair it with a higher heel shoes, it'll be just like your ordinary maxi dress
This dress is quite fit in shape (like if you have an hourglass figure, this dress can show off your curves)

and i try to show off my "hourglass" figure haha
but i really like the waist there where the cinch of the belt really emphasize your waistline 
if you're a bit plumper this is good because a higher waist line with a cinch of belt make you look slimmer

and this is how the model looks like in Sheinside
i can tell this dress is abit loose on her but it fits me like it was meant for me (well despite the length that is still too long for me, but i'm going to the tailor to alter it and it'll be the perfect uni outfit )

get this maxi dress here :D

and thank you Sheinside
for the wonderful dress


Friday, June 5, 2015

Rephrasing Semiotics in my own words

When you have no notes, (forgot to bring back my notes from uni, oh damn!)
no slides, 
no books
nothing, but google to help you in learning visual communication, (this course is quite subjective)
so i sought for the help of my blog, to help me rephrase anything i understand into this tiny little blog of mine. 

i am sure there will be a lot of flaws in it, but do correct me if there's anything wrong in whatever i am going to elaborate out in the next part

here goes
True, there are semiotics everywhere, hidden in messages that are express in visuals and graphics. We often watch advertisement without ever thinking deeply what are their semiotics behind all these. 
Semiotics happened, because all the messages that are trying to express out are done by humans, therefore they have selective meanings.

Semiotics is the idea that signs reference real things, an image has denotations, what you are actually seeing in the image and connotations, what the image actually makes you think.


A sign

is a combination of a
concept and a sound-image, a combination that cannot be separated.

There are two fundamentals in signs, which is Signifier and Signified. 
I often get confuse at that -er and -ied even tho reading through it had stirred  me clear what is the difference between these two. 
so i decided to draw a plan out well
The word Signified are Past tense, therefore it comes after signifier.  
so what comes before are our brain, we often look at the physical or outerlook of something first, before we actually start thinking in connotation. 

For example: 
The word "DOG" has a connotation meaning of an animal running around going "woof" 
the word "dog" is denotative. 

Let's derive these following controversy advertisement done by United Colors of Benetton. 
i think their tactics are called "shock advertising" , something that are done to make people remember them for being outstanding than the rest. 
Even though i am sure Benetton is a commercial company who ought to advertise things commercially, but they did it non-commercially but in another way still helping them "commercially"
i think it's confusing you but i shall dig in deeper later.

now why would a clothing company be advertising things like this to appeal people to buy their products?
what are the semiotics here eh?

of course they still have their trademarks there, 
but have if you actually dig in deeper. okay, we see three people with different skin color, an army clothes being drench in blood, and a few leaders of the same gender kissing each other (that causes quite an uproar)
all denotation
but what's the signified thing in here?

With two leaders (opposing each other in real life) smooching each other,in connotation meanings, which is
It is a uniting image, uniting two opposing sides in an act that both sides would find difficult to digest. 
People buy Benetton to make themselves feel better, in another words, they are supporting their controversial advertisement, and of course by thinking this is a "worthy" campaign after all. 

okay, semiotics chapter

maybe i didn't dig in deeper, but i think words can't elaborate much anymre when my brain cells are deteriorating. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Me in a loop hole

i always had a picture no matter how nonsensical the body of my post is~

Give me a break 
i just realized it's already the third week of May and i didn't update my blog
where did my passion for blogging go?
i hate it when i see how empty it is, whereas outside the life of my blog i had soooo many interesting things that happen in uni!

just throw the "blogger" into the trash can now orite?
each time i want to write something here
there's always a sub-conscious thoughts telling me with that amount of time i can go do my assignment, study or just go to sleep please~

if sleeping is a type of GOLD, no wonder  i am poor

yea whatever, i have loads of thing due next week(final week of uni and yet everything is due next week)
but i can proudly labeled myself as a holy mother of multitasker =.=
i probably had at least four different items to sprawled on my table and i make sure i do all of them before i go to sleep
another holy mother of fast do-er 

people may look at me thinking that i had ample time of my life
seeing that i don't join any CSD (points) activities because i don't want to just DO things i have no interest in,
and yea , with that kind of mentality i have to start looking for room outside campus because i most probably (with a probability of 99.9%) will NOT get any room to stay inside campus. 

i wish i can update all that is happening in my life , but i guess, all these can wait till July when i finish my final exam. 
it will be a whole load of long interesting things that happen to my 2nd semester in uni. 
probably one of the best thing that ever happen will be 2nd semester compare to the previous one where i probably ain't no giving two hoots on any activities and just confined in my room reading 9gag. 

i need to get a life
and so i go chase one

July 12th
my life begins~
may everything be smooth sailing

to -do list
another phobia list for my coursemates and reminder to me

  1. create a 4 page newspaper 
  2. write a news release based on a god damn fruit : mango =.=
  3. write a storyboard for that mango
  4. create a brochure based on that mango again 
  5. Study for WUS this thursday (alalala, people will just flick their hair and shrug off this one)
  6. study for listening test : japanese 
  7. memorize presentation for japanese
  8. SHE presentation 
  9. SHE magazine @.@ 
  10. Submission of 10-15 pages of music essay (thank god i started this early and had finished it )
  11. next week monday: exam for writing in english media at IK
10 things to do 
8 for my coursemates


Saturday, April 18, 2015

fashion inspiration 2015

the sudden midnight post
when you are dying to dress up 
but there is nowhere to dress up
so i indulge myself by eating visuals of this~


ever since i attended my very first music festival, i realize people DRESSED like this

and now COACHELLA is such a hot buzzy thing these days, i fallen in love with the combination of everything!
Elements: Florals+fringes+Tribal prints+Soft fabric+fashion blogger hat


Vanessa Hudgens , i must say she is really the queen of dressing up this genre

probably a very drastic change from festival's outfit to minimalist outfit
snapping pictures with a better effect is where the background is white. 
elements: black and white

Credits; Tinsel Rack (online shop in Singapore)

Japanese in local uni

obviously , studying in a local uni had limit the choices of clothes i have to wear. i ended up looking like i'm wearing my pajamas to school
and each time i walked to the school of language in my uni, i was always attracted to the style the Japanese or Koreans are wearing
Seriously! how can they pull this off so easily, so effortlessly and look so pretty!?!
i tried to picture any malaysian wearing their clothes, but then it didnt really work out but i seriously LOVE the way they dress. 
Elements: skirts, alot of skirts, socks on every shoes, soft fabric

did i mention i have the same bag as her? hahaha
can't find other pictures because there is none in google
but there are alot in my school T_T
i wish i can really follow them but i have no guts 

wishlist piece

every girl's dream to have a clothes wishlist
so that one day when she goes shopping
she knows she needs it
these are mine
others may subject to disliking it or think it's out of trend

Ripped boyfriend jeans
Ripped + Boyfriend = awesome combination (:
why? because skinny jeans are too mainstream
i like the boyish look 

Boy shorts (tinsel rack)
heck! nobody ever had this kind of shorts except if you specially manufacture it like Tinsel Rack does. 
My sister just bought hers and i am EXTREMELY awed that it really turn out great for a shortie like her. 

i forgot what this hat is called, but i call it the fashion blogger hat
because if you think your outfit is dull
just put this on
all the ootd pictures will boom!
i just ordered mine from Dresslink, 
wishing it will arrive soon! because i can't wait anymore (:

Everyone needs a pair of boots
thankfully, i had fulfilled this wish and got myself one and even supplied it as one of my shop's item
Fash Grace has it!
come pre-ordered it (:

Boyfriend white shirt (:
i need this
badly ~~
hey, why do people always scare it is too big ?
loose creates the sexiness

overalls (: or dungarees? lol, can't differentiate, btw i think it's time to get myself one of these even though it may look abit childish for my age wahaha

lastly, plait shirt (: 
preferably made out of soft fabric than the hard one, i don't mind if it's sheer or what, there's always a white singlet inside (:


so what's your checklist?