Sunday, January 1, 2012


Last night was sweet. Thanks for the SEVERAL texts <3
*sigh* WHATEVER you wanna say, bee. The only goal in my head is to go SINGAPORE, and after sooo many discouragement from fellow family members to go NTP, i am burning the letter. HAppy now? satisfied that i'm taking form 6? my father will be laughing all the way~

if i don't excel hard in my STPM, then that is FATE larh. But at least, i just wanna show that i'm atcually not sitting shaking leg without doing anything. I'm aiming to go NUS, (the next minute i shall receive a phone call from the bee meow-ing me that i shud not go NUS, blah blah blah)
why everytime i do something, people just OBJECT it..

trips trips trips. The problem is, that i work on odd days. PEOPLE don't work on weekends, but i work on weekend.Then to my utter shock horror, vampire doesn't like shopping at all >.<
Then when i find a suitable date which is after cny, tortoise push it further by suggesting we go KL trips. OMG..i'm thankful that my parents allow me go penang, but i don't think i can push my luck that far yet..
so i hope she understand

bored at home. I remember last year when it was the new year 2011, i was at uptown, damansara watching the fireworks. I need a new year resolution which i can really achieve it. Last year new year resolution didn't even make it big.

i want to learn dancing..


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