Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls from Natta Cosme

today i'll be reviewing my first soap review from Natta Cosme
uhmygawd, the packaging is so pretty again , even the print out thing is like so gorgeous. 
and i got pretty excited at the small packaging , the last time natta cosme gave me was a ferrero rocher (i munch it right after that , gosh i need to check the weighing scale) but this time is even better
(scroll down to see what i got in that small packet of cutesy)

the box (: 

the gorgeous print out about Tokyo Love Soap pure girls 
i will never never never put this print out at my newspaper pile (ready to sell to surat khabar lama,) nope
too pretty it breaks my heart

before opening it, i read what it suppose to contain, 
wow, it promises a 24 hour protection for our body odor especially sweat prone area. it's medicated so it doesn't harm any sensitive skin, infect it can help treat problematic skin. 
many of you do not know that i have a slight eczema on both of my arm. 
yeshhh,it peels and cracks so horribly it sometime hurts . 
ever since i have used this magic soap (i like to call it magic soap because it cures skin problems magically)
it's so smooth like baby skin, uhmygawwwd
but this is only 15g, so yesssh, now it's the size of 50sen because i use it everytime i bathe. 

tadaa! two soaps give by Natta cosme!
okay, the 15g medicated soap is a free gift, , buy any Tokyo Love Soap in Natta Cosme and you get Tokyo Love soap medicated 15g for free!
(100pcs to give, so hurry lah)

the small soap
the scent is not as heavy as the large one, 
used it almost to it's lifespan ady haha
proved to be quite good in whitening the skin

This is the main star of this post
Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls 80g
price: Rm85
(used to be Rm148 *damn this is expensive*)
[ Description ]
Tokyo Love Soap Girls have the same skin whitening and brightening property as the original but with a fresh unique scent of Pink Rose Petal Extracts. We also reformulated this soap and added natural plant sterols from Red Kwao Krua (Butea superba) containing Miroestrol, a natural Estrogenic Phenol clinically proven to minimize pores, smoothen the skin and add a natural rosy tone.
Natural and Organic skin whitening ingredients work in symphony to make skin smoother, radiant, poreless and naturally white with that glowing rosy complexion he surely can’t resist!

(BENEFITS) okay, i used it on my body, not face but this soap can be used on face and body , (: so versatile 
  • creates a rosy white complexion (i see white, but i hardly turn rosy, so maybe my skin doesn't work that way )
  • powerful strong organic skin whitening complex (yesssh!)
  • even out skin tone (OH yessssh!)
  • refines body hair for a smoother look (okay, gotta admit i have a lot of fine hairs, i'm like orang utan (exaggerating) and this works fine on it! definitely a positive result)
  • soften and smoothen skin (of course!so smooth like babyskin!)
  •  clarify and tones the pores (yesshh, err wait i don't think i have pores, or maybe i have but i can't see it , are we suppose to have body pores? no i don't think we have hah)
  • make pores smaller 
  • help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars (im still young and lazy so i got no wrinkles and scars)
  • lighten the skin as early as first use (yes! i saw the result on both of my hands)
  • removes discoloration, freckles age spots and dark spots (waaah, but it did lighten my knees )
  • mild enough to use at intimate area 
[ Ingredients ] 
Pink Rose Petal Extract, Red Kwao Krua Extract, Lycopene, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Placenta Extract, Ylang-Ylang Flower Oil, Chamomile Flower Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Brandy Mint Leaf Extract, Pueraria Root Extract, Aloe Seawife Leaf Extract, Chlorella Extract, Glycyrrhizic Acid 2k, Tea Extract, Persimmon Tannin, Hyaluronic Acid, Sericin, Soybean Milk Fermentation Liquid, Trehalose Betaine, PEG-75, BG, Ethanol, Water, Etidronic Acid, EDTA-4Na.

using Tokyo Love Soap Pure girls on my hand to try out
the scent is very pleasant and strong (strong doesn't mean it smells like oilment or what, it just smells like flower, bearable and if there's a bee happen to be flying by, he'll stick to u)
it lather up pretty quickly 

before and after
sorry for the different lighting making it look like left is brighter than the right pic
but no, i'm not here to show you the brightening effect, 
i'm showing you how it smoothen up my hand and i guess those tiny little dots you see are my fine hairs . then on the right: it totally make it smoother 

my knee (gah, totally disgusting)
before after
before: rough and yuck, dark and uneven skin tone
right: smooth and look even, my knee is refined and toned

me big big love for Tokyo Love Soap
big big hug big big love
really lah, i so putih putih now , my mum say i got sunburn look maybe because i just didn't like to wear hats when i go out
 maybe gonna try it on my face next time
pros: what the soap promised it would offer, results are proven (: 
cons: price abit too high

where to get the soap?

like natta cosme on facebook: 


Saturday, May 24, 2014

My sickly yet wonderful week

Mickey sunglasses from Choies 
okay, i got the kimono like two weeks ago, finally i get to quench my thirst for it (sounds like a vampire) , got it from Forever21 after thinking hard because it's one size bigger than i usually wear and i seldom spend on a piece of clothing on that amount (i'm a budget buyer, cuz i'm easily bored with the same clothes)
worth buying and i'm very happy with it

my ootd for a surprise birthday party for my friend
totally in love with the white layered top 
you can get it from my instashop : Fashgrace

all of us! the babes and the dudes! haha
so long never get to see all of them in such big group already ~
well we ended up getting bored at Crossover so we went to music zone to sing. 
then i went to Penang again with Dan because it's his big birthday
i just realized we didnt even have cakes on his birthday! 
gahhh, i got him this shirt he is wearing (everytime buy him shirt , bet he know what to anticipate each time i say i want to give hims something, lol!) and a tumbler with our picture printed on it , and a video compilation of all his friends wishing him happy birthday
quite a lot of gifts eh?

we went to meet his best butt friend Low, 
big butt Low , cuz his butt is very very big. hahahahaha
sorry lah Low chun Yee!
and his skinny girlfriend, Esther 
they were the one who took us everywhere while we just sit behind the driver's seat and rot. 
thank you ya, for the petrol and time XD

i HATE my phone camera! i seriously*include swear words*  loathe it!
don't bother asking about my olympus camera, i'm so lazy at adjusting the color tone to make it un-yellowish, it just ate up all my time, 
penang on 6 waas not what i expected though
besides Dovey Diary, i'm just floating right past all the abandon shoplots

Then we were too bored so we went to gurney Paragon amusement centre , they even have tetris battle station there!!!! omygawwwd but we didn't manage to play it because i wanted to snap photos at the kawaii photobooth which is totally NOT Dan's cup of tea. but i want i wan i waaaaant!
in the end he even decorated a few of the pieces too
how funny!

we went to Sushi Zanmai for our errrr tea? it's close to dinner time already and i cannot imagine us going to Papa rich later for hor fun . 
ya we went to strait quay, the image of strait quay was beautiful and romantic past two years ago, now it's just like a dead place. 
never going there anymore
thank u

and then my sickness strikes again
it wasn't your typical sickness, 
it's like what i call my kichuan attack 
kichuan means "short of breath" in hokkien, yeah, and i was like
a fish out of water when it strikes
sometimes it will strike hard after sitting in my dad's car
literally the whole world spins around me like a marry-go-round
then sometimes it's just a shortness of breath , 
comes and go
but today, i'm feeling fine! it hasn't strike at all !
i went to see the cardio specialist, 
 ECG, blood test and urine test 
everything was fine, so i'm really curious on what is the cause

my infinity dress came and i got excited 
but it's too long for me, going to cut it soon~
you can wear it in many ways, that's why i just got to have it!

then my babes came back from UTAR, Kampar (totally far from here)

we went to Seoul Garden because Jovelle craves for korean food and i crave for kimchi (again, i know, i just can't get enough)

and i am practically stuffing myself food after food
until now
i used to be around 42kg, now i'm close to 45kg
this is a good sign (for my mum, hahaahah she just loves to feed me, pizza everyday, toasted bread, fruit juice, herbal drink, i want it she do it , like a 24 hour diner cafe )

my herbal drink to make me breathe well
especially when i sleep
i kept waking up just to check if there is a cockroach on my hair, below my pillow, on the bed
seriously, i really do not like them to keep appearing at times when i'm quite oblivious at the surrounding
i keep picturing large hairy cockroaches crawling all over me, over my hair, over the pillow i use to dump my whole face in

this is what my whole week has been like
in another five days i'll be flying off to Singapore
for my sister's wedding! !
and mum promised to bring us go USS again , i'm excited to be there because the first time i went, there wasn't any sesame street yet, 
now, Ernie is roaming around freely , i just got to meet him!!!

thanks to my parents for the endless care they give me this whole week
i've been a really sick troublesome girl,
but i'm going off soon this September (to study lah, don't think too far)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meng Meng double eye lid narrow tape from Hishop

it's been ages since i got any products to review from hishop, haha, because some are products for consuming which i bet my parent would freak out at this kind of product, 
but when this product is opened for reviews! i really have to try it
seriously, i am a double eyelid sticker fanatic, 
i owned more than 10 double eye lid stickers (varying from brands after brands, mostly from sasa) 
but this is the first time i am using lace double eye lid tape
i like to call it lace instead of mesh , because it's really IS lace
and when Hishop has introduce this wonderful product, 
it's time to get  my godzilla mood on
*again exaggerating*  

it's MengMeng eyelid tape for narrow eyes and normal glue RM58
(they have it in professional glue too but the price is higher: Rm62)*professional glue is not recomended for those with sensitive skin*
in one box you have about 30 pairs of eye tape (enough to "feed" me for one month if i use it daily )

it comes with a pocket which is pretty hygienic~
i have loads of eyelid stickers, but none have a really nice compact case that can keep your eyelid tape clean and free from dust
and that is why my eyes are always swollen after long usage of double eyelid sticker, 
but this is quite impressive at first sight (: 
plus i am always particular in packaging, the glue bottle looks cute and the glue doesn't even look as scary as the one i use to form crease on . (those are like thick white milky looking liquid that u really doubt if this thing is going to go off after you washed it) 

close up of the lace eyelid tape
erm, pretty thick for my small eyes ~
i'm a bit doubtful how i'm going to wear it to make it as natural as possible

they even have a step by step manual for beginners~
i don't have a tweezer ._. but i normally would just use my fingers to peel the eyelid tape off. 
okay, this is new to me, 
the glue contains a small portion of alcohol for quick drying purpose??
so i guess if you're a malay, do take a short notice on this

how the eyelid tape looks against my hand. 
so invincible right?

apply the glue on to mesh eyelid sticker~

the outcome
so bloody natural right? 
okay, i think the first picture scares the crap out of you because i have hyperventilation these few days so i didn't have much sleep nor oxygen. but still ,it doesn't keep me from trying this product. 

i tell you why this is a must-have after i used it
  1. look extremely natural because it is not even visible ! no more people saying " err, Ann, i think you're sticker is dropping." "err, Ann, is that eyelid tape?"
  2. doesn't hurt your eye. this is true, because it's lace and it's not sticker, it's very soft and delicate~ just so right for my overly sensitive eye which will swell after long hours of double eyelid sticker
  3. top notch quality~ i know some lace eyelid tape would wilt like a dying flower if you try peeling it off the wrong way due to lack of skill or being impatient to be careful when handling this delicate thing. but this will never go out of shape no matter how clumsy you are

okay lah, my eyes is still small even with double eye lid tape
but it still add a little sparkles in my eyes
*bling bling*

get the product here! 

get exclusive Rm20 rebate by using this code : MENG14
(minimum purchase rm99, valid till 30 June 2014)

Like’ us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hishopmy
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Subscribe to HiShop for exclusive updates: http://www.hishop.my/subscribe

ps: i'm sorry for not blogging these days, 
i'm suffering from hyperventilation and palpitation
one minute i can do my normal routine, another minute i can just break down and gasp for breath and everything just went cold and scary like it's my last breath 
i've been to the clinic twice, went to the hospital for a thorough check up
nothing shows what is the cause 
the doctor has no medicine for shortness of breath,
so i've been drinking chinese herbs all day
hoping for the best


Monday, May 12, 2014

USM communication studies interview questions

alright , i'm sure those who got an offer from usm to sit for their communication studies interview is dying to know what the questions will be asked . 
truth is, they repeat the same general questions since last two years, so just do some homework

here's the procedure: 
1. we all gathered at the main school of communications
There are name lists there for you to refer which room you are placed in and the time of interview

2. Register with a few nice ladies outside according to your room placement
There will be five lines for five rooms, line up according to what room you are place in. 
*tips* If you are the first to line up, you will be called first . There will be three person in a group, so i was the second person to register, so i was placed in the first group with a two other Chinese. 

3. When everyone has registered, all of us lined up to walk to a big hall to take our written test
hall can accommodate all of us, so don't worry of being suffocating or being trampled if there is a stampede (like as if it will happen *troll face*)
You are asked to answer two essays , one in BM and another in English, 

my BM topic was : Pemimpin yang anda kagumi (the leader you admire the most)
alright i have no one to write about, my dad? i not sure if that is related to the topic, so i just write about our current prime minister even though i do sound a bit exaggerating in it. 

English topic was: A summary of your life
i was bragging about myself literally the whole page. Normally you would just write things that are positive and your strengths and achievements so that they will read about how awesome you are. 
my last sentence i remembered " my life will be complete if i graduate as a communication studies student in USM"

other group topics (those afternoon session ) were: 
sukan yang anda ketahui (sports you know) <-- font=""> why is this so easy than us? 
a memorable day of your life 
after 45 minutes, they collected your paper and you have to wait at the hall while the first group will be called to go to their various rooms. (i call it the panic room)

4. sit outside the room and wait 
The interviewers are inside the room though, i can hear them giggling, laughing making jokes, and i was fidgeting outside not knowing what is inside. 
the fact that each time the room was open, i can feel the cold breeze man, like fridge inside and i wanted to pee badly LOL
and oh yeah,  you don't need to wear nice shoes because they asked us to take off our shoes before entering,

so yeah.. we went into the panic room together , all three of us
so this is what they asked us 
(as far as i can remember..LOL)

Interview lady: (bm) introduce yourself by looking at this paper below starting by the girl on the left. 
  • name
  • where are you from
  • previous school
  • how many family members you have
  • what are your parents working as
Questions in BM
1. why do you choose communication studies in USM? 

2. what is your hobby? 

3. What activities do you participate in school?

4. What do you want to major in? 

5. If you were made president of the communication club , what will you do? 

6. What kind of Media do you use? 

7. Do you read newspaper? which newspaper? which column do you like? why you like it? Do you listen to radio? which radio stations do you listen? why do you like it? Do you watch TV? which tv channel do you watch? Why do you like it? which host do you like? Do you read books? which book do you like? why do you like it? 
like literally just repeat it and play 
it around the three of us , i got the newspaper questions and i was relieved to know one of the writer of Startwo section because she has the same name as me " ANN TAN!" weee it totally save me from these questions )

Questions in English (very limited! so just gear up your BM)
1. if you were give persuasive communications as an advertiser, which media would you choose ?

(i told them social media and the internet, it's such a trend these days, they even have newspapers like theStar online and magazines online too)

2. Which advertisement to you like the most so far in all media you've seen?

(i told them the Digi yellowman "i will follow you" and everyone erupted into laughter thinking of a fat yellow man , i never been so thankful for Digi that time XD)

3. what kind of activities have you participate in school? 

General questions 
1. Population of Malaysia and the whole world
2. Main export in Malaysia
3. Who is the minister of education
4. USM school motto 
5. What is Apex? 
6. What is GST? and what is the purpose? will it benefit us?

outfit for my interview, simple and sluggish looking, ._. but this is the only outfit i can wear that time 
don't bother what to wear, i went there and saw people wearing all sorts of things. 
i even saw one girl wearing denim jeans and checkered blouse and i was like ..wat? is this formal or casual?
skirts are allowed, i actually like  those girls wearing office looking skirt, it was pretty looking . 

all the best for those who haven't taken their interview yet

Best thing is they didn't even want to look at my certs nor even ask about my cgpa, you know when you go to any interview, and you hand in them your result with full A's  and countless certificates i gotten back in high school, you know you have those interviewers paying extra attention on you. 

but no! i was so shattered man, like i may be shadowed by my group members because one couldn/t stop talking about "terror-ship" which is "taylor swift" if you listen it properly and another one who is pretty looking and have a sad story behind. 
but other groups, they are made to show their certificates and everything, so i think other group may differ from other group.
it's a tight competition for this course, quite popular among art students and to think we are competing against diploma students too. 
*fingers crossed *
come what may ~


Friday, May 9, 2014

Carousell freebies! come join!

It's carousell again!
i can't tell you how much i'm addicted to this app ever since i force my boyfriend to download it on his phone . Every single time i meet him, i'll be on his phone carousell-ing, drooling at other people's clothes and replying buyers~
to be completely honest, carousell helps me in selling MOST of my preloved clothes, not only that it also helps me in selling my BRAND NEW clothes for my NEWLY opened ONLINE SHOP~

so yay~~ 5 cheers for carousell! 
and guess what, carousell is expanding~

Carousell is partnering with SPH magazine!
SPH magazine includes : CLEO, FEMALE, EH! and GLAM magazines 
(i'm a big fan for Cleo and Female magazines, they are like my every month 'must-read' items) 

but ya, you be thinking, errr how can an online app collaborate with magazines?
the partnership will enrich the experience for readers of
Female, EH!, Cleo and Glam magazines. While they catch up with the latest fashion and
beauty happenings, they can now also shop from a huge variety of pre-loved and new
ladies’ apparel, shoes, bags and beauty products sold by members of the Carousell
community at prices as much as 80% off retail price. The listings will be displayed on a
website called SheShops Marketplace and also herworldPLUS (Asia's top women's fashion and beauty magazine)

okay lah, so everytime i read magazines, and saw something nice in the magazine, how i wish i can dig my fingers into the picture and dig out the clothes or beauty products i want
like seriously if there is such invention in the near future, i'll be the first one to buy it ahaha 

 now picture this, 
you are reading herworldPLUS and you saw a very nice piece of kimono
*drooling now because i'm still not over that obsession*
then you wish you can get it ! 
just at the tip of your finger, you click on it, and there you go! you can buy it via carousell 
(err, just so you know, that kimono displayed must be someone selling it from carousell)

now picture this
one of your beauty products appear in herworldPLUS
and many other people is going to view it
and this will increase the chances of people buying your things right?

just so you know, these are all the wonderful magazines from SPH magazines~
so i have good news for my readers!


Simply upload 3 listings to get free 3 months subscription of a digital magazine of your 
choice by BluInc Media! 

Get the awesome free digital subscription in 3 easy steps
1. Download the Carousell app + Sign up for a Carousell account (or Log in) 
2. Upload 3 listings* in the ‘For Her’ or ‘Beauty Products’ category 
3. Wait for your redemption code & instructions on how to redeem your free subscription! 

Excited to clear out your wardrobe yet? Download the free Carousell app now and start 

Carousell is available for download on both iPhone and Android. 

For more details about the giveaway, visit our blog: 

*Listings must be uploaded between 7 May 2014 to 28 May 2014. Redemption code and

i've already listed mine! 
so go on! go download it if you haven't download it yet 
go sell three items if you are already a user!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cafe hunting night: Caffe Diem

Okay, i believe i had abandon my blog for two weeks *guilty*
truth is, my internet has been down for about 5 days so i cannot update any post at all~ grrr 
anyway this will be my second food post and it happens that there is a newly opened cafe down town and i'm like dying to go because the ambiance is so nice~
it looks like something along penang old street where you spot all sorts of vintage looking cafe around~ yeah
and Alor Star has one! how cool is it~

the front of the shop, 
you can sit behind of the shop too, there are spaces available behind but i guess it'll be around one big round table, one table locked inside a room and a square table outside and a looonnng table against the wall. 
because we came with a number of 6 , we have to sit outside with conjoined table~ that night was pack with people, so i was a little bit shy to take more photos~

candid shot~
i review on the food later, lets check out the cafe~

really like penang lah, they even have street art INSIDE the building~
The shop is a bit narrow, but cosy so nevermind, haha

hi Dan, 
okay lah, i don't really like to take empty pictures with no human being inside, so i force Dan to pose for me even though he was like "quickly quickly! got people looking! " 
it's not really organized yet, they should at least cover up the things that they store behind. 
you know, make it look more pleasant (;

i'm not really a coffee expertise , all coffee taste the same to me, (what a lousy food blogger, i know) all i care is the outlook and is it even drinkable. 
Haha, but i the aroma of the coffee has already awaken me, you know i went to many cafe and none have that kind of rich aroma that arouse you (arouse as in the sense of make you happy and feel excited to sip it, not in the sense that you would jump into bed with anyone around there, LOL)

this is special, i haven't taste it before,
it's lavendar+coffee, 
and the shop people were so kind to warn us that those who doesn't really know how to drink tea is not advisable to drink this, guess the tea is stronger than the coffee, 
but Yi Hui , who is a tea expertise ordered this with no doubts, 
so yeah, everybody wanted a sip to see how it taste like
true, i don't think i can bottom up this drink~ haha

some snacks~
this is their wings, wings, wings, wings
ya, their menu goes like this~
imagine going up to the person and say 
" i want wing wing wing wing" 
*troll face*
so it's like four chicken wings coated with honey~
i didn't get to try it but my friends were like licking their fingers after that
so yummy
price is : Rm10.90 for four chicken wings

then i got hungry again
seriously i have no idea what is eating all my food inside my stomach, 
so i wanted something light and easy to eat, 
i ordered this fish fingers with their sauce, 
the sauce was mama mia! 
i give this five stars haha
anyway i wanted to try the grill cheese sandwich badly, but because it was kinda late already and cheese is so fattening, i vowed that i am coming back this time to eat their sandwich! *pinky swear*

price for fish fingers: Rm9.90
and oh yeah, their sandwiches is : Rm14.90

their shop opens from 11.59 am to 11.59 pm (very weird coordination but makes it even special)
situated at Pekan Cina, 
yah, people will be like " where da hell am i going to park?"
no, no , this shop is more towards the main road, and they have parking lots around there, and it's not a narrow road , it's quite big and spacious
if you still can't find parking lots, 
walk lah! *meme laugh*

Mother's Day is coming soon, 
don't know what to get for your mother?
go Romwe to enjoy up to 70% discounts for more than 1500+ styles!
i waaaannntttt
i mean , even though it's for mummy, i still wish i can buy for myself too
date starts: 6/5-12/5
so hurry up!
that's like another five days only!