Friday, October 29, 2010

Mega List..

Need you-Travie McCoy..
Just check the hotel for 11-13th Nov trip...they had the longest swimming pool, with waves and slides...but reviews shows that hotel is not well-maintaned and breakfast variety is horrible...but they compliment that the swimming pool is's my list
  1. 5 Tops (include T-shirt, racerback, blouses, whatever crap that are eligible to wear)
  2. 3 shorts
  3. 1 maxi beach dress (it's rainbow in colour XD)
  4. flip flop
  5. sunblock
  6. 2 suits of sleepwear
  7. 2 swimsuit
  8. 1 cap
  9. 1 mum's bonnet
  10. darling pillow
  11. hairbands, anklet, and earrings
  12. cleanser,moisturizer,toothbrush,toothpaste, c2p retainer.....
  13. CAMERA!!!! (vital to bring!)
  14. ipod..
  15. UNO
  16. and a poster of Ed Westwick....(mwahaha..jk)
WEARING : 1 knee length casual comfy black pants with ribbons...(eerrr girly)
                       grey blouse with chains...
                       sneakers for comfy sake
Bringing: 1 luggage
                 1 ultra mini sling bag...


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fake eye

Waiting for the end- Linkin park (MUST HEAR!!)

They wander what would i look like with double eye here it is...
looks 'NOT ME'...maybe i should impersonate another person...maybe i should have another name..maybe i should lie about my age..maybe i should...
okay, maybe i should just shut up... :x
Side headshot
I'm going to my first trip with friends at Langkawi XD XD...though it's only langkawi..what is there to see i wonder...erm..sand..beaches...trees..and oh yeah...a lot of H2O..thank you thank you mummy for lettin me go ...only drama team members allowed! so there will be Jia Wen, Ning,Annick, Azeerah, Amal, Sandee, Chze Yan and Cikgu Sally...
i can only imagine myself snapping pichaz after pictures of me me photo..i'm sooo self conceited...=.=''
I asked Sandy to bring 'Pirahna' to watch for night movies..but unfortunately, we changed the hotel so there's no DVD player's another 14 days, but we kept talking about it..i think i AM the only one talking..
Ann: what will you wear on the first day?
Ann: Do you think i should bring a handbag?
Ann: What kind of swimsuits are you wearing?
Ann: How much will you bring?
Ann: do you think i should wear a hat that is big enough to put fruits in it?
Ann: How many sunblocks are you taking..?
Ann: What will you eat?
Ann: Don't kick me at night...!
This bear is faceless!!!!
Can't blame me, i have never go to a trip with friends it's normal for me to react like that, right ?? right????? Even though it's a school trip with a teacher, well, it's with my friends! Friends that i can atcually enjoy talking to without bothering how much saliva i splat on them... Friends that i can rely on that they will never put me astray..friends that atcually accept me as their own friend! and it's going to be the last trip i spend with dear Annick..
ha..let's not get to the sad part,...
I must not keep my hopes too high..they say comfirm already, but somehow..suddenly things will happen out of a always happen..If you plan things ahead, nothing can come true..
(after five seconds)
i'm still imagining..
oh mum, thank you so much! i promise promise to be a good good good girl!!!!


ps: amal and me co-wrote a song about lady gaga..
the only line i remember is
'her grey hair looks like my grandma'


Not Alone-Linkin Park

Guess what happen today? mum didn't have school today so she received one sickening phone call of a boy crying for help... "help me..." in chinese..she was really panic because my brother's voice sounded like him...the only thing weird is he never speak to us in chinese..but what do you expect my mum to do?
so it was a kidnapped case...A FAUX kidnap case..the 'kidnapper' demanded my mum to bank in Rm50,000 dollars to released my 'brother'..he warned her not to close down the phone or else my 'brother' will be dead..
so my mum tell the man that she had to change..she left the phone on in the bedroom and rush to phone my dad...he just answered the time my mum wanted to rush off to the bank because the stupid con guy kept pestering dad came back just in time and took the phone from her..(The conversation is all in chinese)
Dad: eh, you better say properly ..i just phone my son and he's better say properly, i'm going to report to the police...
*phone disconnected*
Dad told my mum that my aunt always get the same phone call so he was not surprise..better still, the 'kidnapper' said to my aunt:

Con kidnapper: i have your son in my hands don't give me your money, i'll kill him
Aunt: hahahaha, i don't even have a son..

good job eh? we went to report to the police..and yes, everybody did laugh at my mum..
thank god my dear brother is okay..he was atcaully busy to even reply any of us, so he didn't answer his phone..and went my mum relate all the incident to his friend..his friend alerted the whole army base and yes, everybody were called in ....EVERYBODY in the army base were called in, it's like my bro had just step drop one screw from a plane...

so to people out there who are gullible and erm...blonde in colour..
please think twice..
The catch? my bro don't speak mandarin to us..
so ...
don't be fooled..


Friday, October 22, 2010


I Love British guy...
I wish i can be Gossip Girl Rich
Ed Westwick...You're still hot....


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Salted Dreams


Another brief modeling..

I don't like sour faces..I want FUN..and please don't say i'm a sourplum myself..i am born that way with my mouth i want everyone to be happy...unless if you got a really huge problem like breaking up with your beau or something, i totally understand it..
But please, if there's no itsy bitsy problem,..give me a wide full smile without minding your yellow teeth ..
I realize people blog in varies..there are some kind of genre which you can identify when you read other blogs..and now i post a question about how people would read my far, i can never write short post, or write those quotes about daily life where you never put the subject in to make it sound like a story...mine? my blog always had a theme..a certain signature post where pictures come first, and post come next and pictures and post and pictures and post and...(did i talk too much? oops..)
Quotes aren't my favourite ..i just love to type about stuff that make people laugh on their toilet seats ..stuff like everybody was so shock to look at her, it was as if she had just deliver a baby out of nowhere...
Please don't mock at me at my childish unrealistic hopes and dreams..
Ann wants to be really famous before she reaches 21..
well in a good way of course..i don't wanna end up infront of the newspaper wearing only a gunnysack to cause an issue of indecency...
My goal was to reach 100 followers in my blog..which is really really fat chance, since i don't get to publisize myself up in social websites or hang out with computer freakos..
If that doesn't work out, i hope my video watchers at Youtube will reach at least 10, 000 to earn me a pride moment..right now i'm betting on my 'all the right moves' video which is hiking up to 5,080 viewers...the only hope so far...
and yes, i want my own album...i don't care if it's long as there's a CD with my song, i'll be delighted like a small kid with a pacifier..
But my main goal is to a famous blogger..go on, laugh your head off before Santa comes along with an axe..seriously, they get to go conventions, meeting, annual events and so on, wearing bizarre clothes that empty my appetite..

Joke of the day, somebody is matchmaking me.
Now do you regret what you plan to do?
don't take back your words..XD
Exam's over and school will be even boring at home..right, i've been spending the whole day trying to play the piano with my toes..(have you watch the video where the china man  played the piano with both his feet within four years?) ha.maybe i should even consider playing the violin with my feet..(that would happen if one patch of the sky falls down)

my first option for my career: Audio Engineer/composer (Sound making )
Second option: Broadcasting/mass com
Third option: any suggestion?
I've been thinking of adding a few labels to my blog...maybe i should wrote an online novel, i'm writing one at the moment in my hardcover will never complete with my bare hands...
or maybe i should write a review on everything that i used, i watched and read? how about that? well, just saying, not that i atcually wanted to do many post in one day? i'm only allow four hours a day to online...

Favourite Reality TV SHow: America's next top model..
o'hail to the contestants..
go 2 hell, Tyra Banks..


Vegetable Crawl


Goodness, the study hibernation ended with mere frusration..I didn't know what i had put myself into by choosing to write 'literature in malay helps to ponder the love of literacy among students' for my malay essay..Nobody in the right mind would have pick that title for an essay...well unless you're as weird as me..i started writing about the principle's of Herodotus which doesn't make sense because he's the father of history..

Chinese? Thank god it still looks like Japanese to me...

So, the only thing memorable that happened last week was my violin teacher lecturing me about satan..i let him hear bad romance from lady gaga, thinking that he will surely got on his feet and dance like Britney Spears..too bad, he didnt...instead, he started saying that he wasn't too open minded for this and started saying that this bad influence song came from hell, whispered by satan into the singer's ear...
FOR GOD"S want me to believe that LAdy GAGA salute the devil and started writing songs about man and love? EXCUSE ME, this song is everywhere!!.not all of them started banging their heads againts each other after listening to that song...
It is such a pity..a man that handsome with a touch of Johnny Depp's famous face could be sooooooooooooo religious inclined till he had never even heard of the oldies called 'My Way..'

Well, so much for a performance..
i decided to go Disney by playing Michael Jackson's song Rockin' Robin..
no harm right?