Friday, June 28, 2013

World war Z review and my hang out~

Yesterday, i went to watch this with my friends and well, him!
i've been wanting to watch this since i watch the awesome trailer which features the world falling into apocalypse by zombies. 
it was pretty intriguing , i was thinking that the beginning will be boring, but no, the director put us to  our feet right from the start, it just make your heart skip a beat, beating hard, and those moment where you would close your eyes hoping for the best. 
haha, i give a 4/5 for this movie!

this is the part where all our jaws drop..and also the part which attracts viewer to watch the movie right? i wanted to watch the movie after watching this part at the trailer, like, i never seen any zombie movie with this situation. the one in Resident Evil didn't show this kind of situation either. 
what i like about this movie, it HAS a solution! weee~~
forget stupid cheap flick like Zombieland, or forget the "leave us confused and unsatisfied" movie like Resident Evil, 

what i don't like about this movie is that, CAN THEY JUST LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE? i find this funny, when there is such chaos near them, the parents linger around their children asking ridiculous question like "are you ok? are you hurt?" "it's okay honey, everything gonna be alright"
like in real life, i wouldn't give a damn saying those, instead i would just scream at my own children asking them to get the FFFF OUT OF HERE!!  what are they doing at the back seat of the car? the elder daughter looks old enough to have more sense to get out of the car rather than to wait for her daddy to dig her out. 
but at the end of the movie,it was good! the way Brad Pitt walk past 80 zombies like a boss in the hallway without blinking an eye. 
yeah, LIKE A BOSS.

at Dong Cha after dinner~ i didn't know the interior was quite nice~
of course, after the movie, it's always a tradition to go for dinner! i went to Fresh Tomyum (first time) and it taste really nice. but i'm not really that type of person who can eat spicy food forever. After ten minutes, i gave up. 

me and esther!
now only i get to know how to do the MIRROR effect on my picture!
haha, it's a new trend right now for uploading pictures, and i don't know why. 
Don't ask me why
my ootd/ootn!
see? i told you Dong Cha interior is quite nice! 
i saw the vacancy sign board up, so me and Dan were thinking to work there after our STPM. 
hahaha, seeing that this place seems empty, you won't get too much work right? 
Lazy bunch we are.

look of the day~
anyway back to the movie, i like to watch apocalypse movie, don't matter if it's pre or already dooms day. it give's me a thought to ponder on. like what would really happen to us if these things occur to us? like hunger games, will the government control us, parting us into different district and launch a type of "gladiator" games? 
or like the newly drama REVOLUTION at Fox channel that got me thinking, what would happen one day if we lost the electricity?
yeah, ten minutes without electricity is enough to stir me up and run naked  around the house. 
THAT, was just a joke, don't take it seriously .
having fun with the mirror ~~
anyway! i have three assignments to do but i have not done anything yet!
yes, not even a word on the computer!
this sickens me, but all i care is what i'm going to wear on my pre-university night. 
LOL, okay okay, focus, i studied almost 50 percent of my syllabus within three weeks of my third semester. so with that speed i'm going, i bet by another three weeks, i studied finish everything, and THEN i get to put my head on the assignment. 
seriously, three assignments this semester is NOT cool~ not cool at all..

and using my camera flash, this work wanders! it reflects the colour of the wallpaper, illuminating my face. 
anyway, i used my Laneige facial cleanser finished! so my face is back to square again, oily blemish-prone looking forehead. gagaga, no money to buy another one though, so i bought a cheap reliable cleanser, but i don't think it do much hope though. 

one last picture
please say that i'm as tall as her just to make me happy!

finally! i get to blog after five hours  of editing and sorting out my pictures


Friday, June 21, 2013


it was then, i finally and officially have a bf. no kidding, my parent said that i'm 19 already so it's okay to have one. and no kidding, its really awkward next time whenever i wanted to go out. they probably be thinking of me going out with him, which then, i resulted in not going out at all this whole week and wouldn't plan to for the next week again!
but then i'm glad i wouldn't be going behind anyone's back anymore!
at least i won't feel afraid or paranoid 
but it's a relief! 
i'm glad they accepted it, and  most probably because he doesn't seem like a bad guy. 
but still, it's not really encouraging by the sound of it, i have exams to battle with, those exams that determind which university i am going! which is really really important. 
of course i won't loose my focus, just so that they know i manage to proof i get good grades even though i have divided my time and heart for him and stpm. 
3.75 and if i get my sem 2 result any lower than that, i bet they be blaming it on love. 
so i'm crossing my fingers that my sem 2 result turn out well too! even though i have no hope in my business studies (seeing that it was so tough)

 our footprints~
i have spend a lot of time with him, days, time, he did LOADS of things for me too, till to my account, i think he did practically EVERYTHING for me. i just need to ask, he did it all for me. 
and now, after two weeks, we will be crossing our 365 days together. 

time passes fast, i can still remember the walk down the stairs where he question me when will i answer him? where he took the umbrella casually and shade me to the car .
that he had been waiting, and i have finally comfirm my feelings for him too. 
and all these while we were best friend all the while. from 16 i know him as a friend till i'm 18 where he became my best guy friend. and from there, it was him. 

i hope it will last~
even though mummy is telling me to try my luck on NUS conservatory of music at Singapore.

the 300 loves i fold for him during valentine's day. 300 for our 300days~


a heart from him~ each heart is a countdown timer for our anniversary~


dear cousin~ if u ever read this.shh! it's best to keep it low profile until i pass my exam okay? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Trying to be me

i'm almost 19 now,
almost doesn't scream that i'm old~
almost when i figure out what i want and what i don't want. 
i've been abandoning my music since ages, i realize what drills me all these time and rooting for music was just because i didn't have much things to do at home back then. 
i didn't have a mobile phone, i didn't get to online, i can't hang out with my friends,
so the only thing i do is to bang the piano, thrash the guitar and poke fun at my violin or screaming my vocal chords down. 

but then after that when the mobile phone came in, the internet became frequent, i learn to drive so i get to hang out, and so my music deteriorates,  and soon, my spirit died too. i don't know what pushes me, but i think i deserve better. 
i should do more than music, get a degree, get a life, get recognize!

but there were doubts each time i watch any music related things, goosebumps are proof that i'm still hungry for it, question marks and an envious heart to be like one of them makes me think i'm still loving it. 
oh what should i do..almost 19 and still having thoughts on what will i study..

last friday, we went to watch After Earth! 
it was not bad, just that it's all centered at Jaden Smith, and Will Smith sitting on a chair doing nothing but using his voice. 
i always get the feeling this movie is only base on two actors all the time, which i'm pretty right, and which i frowned at the ending because it left me unsatisfied at it. 
they should show earth reborn again, that we still have hope living in it, and blah blah..

here's another love story

you know he's the one 
when he constantly accepts whatever flaws you have
you know he's the one 
when you spent most of your time thinking of him
you know he's the one
when you can't think of one good reason of leaving him
you know he's the one
when he still loves you even though you couldn't love him more~
you know he's the one
when all you can doodle on your notepad is you and him
you know he's the one
when you believe that even though marriage is still way ahead, but there's still someday you and him can walk down that aisle together~


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Great pieces of sketches and arts~

this is one of my favorites!  seeing that i'm a HUGE harry potter fan (when i was little, i even memorized each and every character in the whole seven series of the book!)
this was done by my junior, Daryl! He is so freaking good that after i view each of his masterpiece, i guess, i HAVE to share it out via my blog. PLEASE! this guy need to earn better than 100+ likes, he deserve more though. 
but i'm not a good judge to judge his artwork seeing that i'm terrible at drawing. but as just an outsider, i think it's superb!

judging by the date, he probably drew this when he was 15 years old?


and well, this korean star!!
i can never understand how people can shade to make things look like 3D. 

the finishing pic!

and this too! which is pretty wicked!

this would bring boys down to their knees, it's Yoona from Girl's generation!

the finishing pic!!
the hair seem so real and alive!

this girl is Elena Desserich.
she pass away due to brain cancer~

guess who??

i love this three guys!!
but i haven't come across their cartoon anymore

just to share~
keep up the good work


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The trip to Koh Lanta

This is the beautiful resort i'm staying at , Andaman Resort at Koh Lanta!
their pool is HUGE!!

hello peeps! this is the first time i ever join a convoy of 40 cars with over 100 people to Koh Lanta, this newborn tourist spot in Thailand. 
nope, the minute we started our journey, i can see why all of us have regretted it. not only was my father driving and speeding recklessly on the road, our safety is just at the hook of a fishing rod. 
we have to speed up to catch up with the car ahead of us, which is terrifying because at 140 km/h i probably would have just wanted to go back home!

the bedroom!

anyway not only were we speeding, we have to overtake cars, lorries and even trailers! and the road is so narrow and the oncoming car was so close to us before we could cut in to our road. this is insane but to the others (who had no problem following up) think is a thrill for them, racing over the speed limit which is illegal in Malaysia, but everything is free in Thailand. 
i gulp, thinking about road accidents that could happen anytime, but we stop a lot of time just to relieve ourselves in the petrol station toilet and have a feeding fiesta at every 7-eleven. 

the bathroom!

the private pool suite!
YUP! a few lucky family gets a private pool suite which means, they have a whole pool by themselves!! they do not need to share other pools with the others! with a mere rm700 per person for five days four nights with great food and lodging and also island tour, it's really worth it!

BUT! the trip to Koh Lanta is not that easy!!!
we have to get into this barge (which they call ferry) twice. and trust me, the barge doesn't look safe either. 
i thought it would be just like Penang Ferry which carries all the transport over with roof and well, more enclosed. 
but this? i didn't like how the car seem to shake a little when the barge moved. 

click! i ditch my nikon V1 and took P510 with me !

i swam in their pool two times! i love to swim now i have finally come to a conclusion that i still remember how to swim!

and wrap myself up to have a walk at the beach later~

our first day outfit. yup, everyone has to wear this red shirt so that the leader can identify us. 
we were break into three groups, yellow, red and blue. so i was a red.

on our way, the brought us to this amazing temple which made out of 100 percent glass bottles and sea shells! amazing!

it was really late at night so we coudln't possibly ended up in Koh lanta is just one day. we drop by this amazing Songkhla Hotel for one night and i love their breakfast the next morning. 
sadly on the 2nd day, i had a terrible diarrhea. i thought it was food poisoning so i didn't eat much! i only had a bowl of cereal in the morning because i'm scared of the journey ahead. toilet is the main problem for every convoy trip, you can't afford to get your bladder fill up because all 39 other cars will have to go to the loo just because of you!
but it turn out, diarrhea was because of the period due soon later that day. 

we went to this Wayang Kulit (shadow figures) museum. i don't see anything special about it seeing that Kelantan in Malaysia has it. 

then we went to this temple where all 100+ us carries this yellow cloth and walk in the temple . we waren't suppose to wear short pants, so i have to wrap something to cover up my bare legs. 
trust me, due to constant diarrhea to every toilet i spot, i am exhausted and weak. 

part two coming soon~
this is just an update due to my 12 days of rusty blog updates~
started school two days ago!
have so much to do! but at least i have SOMETHING to do!
now i'm into swimming, so i'm going swimming this Friday!