Saturday, December 31, 2011


Japanese night with Shan Zee
omg, it's 12.35am now..just now i had the greatest pain at the spot where people usually say its gastric pain..I have never had gastric pain before, but i know where it is, and it hurts..>.< wat a day to start 2012! !

preparing for the next girl generation?
Shoot, i'm still hanging on the internet even though i feel like sleeping to forget about that diaphragm so-called whatever pain. SHIT!! i ate something just now, like two hours ago, what happen..what happen grr~
with the japanese, their kimono is AWESOME at the back.
vampire is celebrating at Rock Cafe.Unfortunately, i don't think i'm allow to go, because it will be till midnight and its like sooo FAR..

O.o..i like this picture XD jia wen wanted to snap photo with him because he had this hairstyle where most girls who snap at it.
oh yeah, he's not japanese, he's a local =.=''

wee~gastric pain to remind me how i celebrate my new year
what a year


Seasick, Airsick, Lovesick

I don't know whats wrong with me, but i blurt out a question to my mum if i'm allowed to date boys. >.< She says must see the boy's background. Those selling phone that dropout from school is what she consider BAD enough. Then i told her about vampire, and she says we know each other soooo short, why can ask for a date sooo soon..
and i was like $*#&^&, coz its  two weeks already..i shall wait patiently till the right time come.

and i feel so bad, i MISS that vampire~ vampire, vampire,..hopefully you can stand not meeting me that often. You always say it's OKAY, but i know it won't last LONG. People have limits, and soon you're not going to be here anymore...T.T You'll be leaving Pluto to Penang~

and when vampire start working while i am not working, i feel soooo empty. yes, thats lovesick for sure. Today i waited for him for FOUR HOURS! but thank god, i'm busy with my work too, so i didn't feel that sick enough to throw up. Yesterday, i found out that each day he spent rm10 on me >.< and with that, one month he shall spent about Rm300. curse his hp plan, its too absurb!

after knowing his obsession with vampire, i guess i start to believe in twilight =.=''
Dear vampire, you ask me to promise you something and i did. But i didn't ask you to promise me anything..well, not yet atcually, it's pending.



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Orange shirt

the wonder of self-timer, it captures epic moment
it reminds me of a aeroplane comercial i saw somewhere.
Our trip start early in the morning and we were brought to the palace. Whoa, under the hot sun, we were force to wear blazer because our ORANGE interact t-shirt don't have collars. sweating, and battling with the ants.

five of us mou mou <3.. from left, Ah Hwa, me, ah ning, jia wen the tortoise and sandy the bomb.
with our sexy orange outfit (bleurgh) everybody can notice us even using the naked eye. Keat Hwa 2 student come with sexy red t-shirt, the ST. michael student come with black (its going to be hot for them), Keat Hwa come with white colour and Kolej, unidentified.

inside the palace is like HEAVEN. AIR CON!! OH my this is me and jia wen posing with the princess.

with two kawaii japanese girls. their favourite pose again, PEACE

I already mentioned in my previous post that i hate the combination of orange and green, and here i was being a hypocrite, wearing orange shirt and carry a green bag. XP
and Vampire told me i should go colour my hair orange and green.

stay cool and calm

look at ning's piggy nose..LOL
it was a tiring day, but i have soooo much fun snapping pictures with the japs, singing songs with them, dancing and interact with them. It will be a moment to remember, and i'm going to carve it in my brain..

for more pictures, go visit my FACEBOOK



Toilet camwhore

talk about going to my new house for slumber party, it failed just like ten million things that i had plan before. Haiz, like i said so, if you wanna have things done, do it suddenly, this instant or else it would just turn out to be a huge disappointment. All those horror movie that i plan to blast for them to see is like a inflated balloon being pop with a needle.

over exposure..=.=''i didn't want the whole thing to be white de..
school is starting soon, my parents just left me alone one whole morning and i can feel that i am rusting. What would happen after school

Chinese New year is coming soon!!! i can't wait, i can't wait to get all the money, after my splurge at my last shopping trip, i am now left with one piece of sickening Rm10 note. I didn't have my pay yet, atcually, so don't bother asking me to treat you guys a meal.

soo noob
I am really interested in dancing ! i don't know why when i see people dance, be it chicken dance, hip hop, anything, i got this burning sensation inside me that i really wanna wanna join them. That i really wanna go dance, anything! anything! i just like to flow with the music, it's like music best friend.sadly though, i don't have the time at all.

Peace ^^
I still wanna go out gai gai with my friends. NOT ENOUGH at all, at least we go penang can? penang penang..please please, i know how to take the bus on my own ady. i'm starting to grow up already, buying my own lunch, boarding the bus on my own and tsking my driving teacher to show that i am seriously driving.

woo~ look at Shey Hwa sexy ring. SOOO awesome gothic man!
she gave each of us a christmas present and i got a pink nail polish. I DIDN'T expect a present at all, thank you soooo much


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


finally getting back to the road again, my parents don't have to worry anymore if i'm turning back to that blah blah world. Wee~ thank you vampire.

okay, so i met him at driving school and his walk attracted me, and then the next thing i notice is that his shoulder is too broad for his body, and then i identify something. TRIANGLE BODY! comfirm he is a swimmer, and i love swimmer, what more he walk like a metrosexual guy.

Then one thing leads to another. It took me ONE hour to find his facebook page, added him and wait for nothing. I don't expect anything though, i thought it was just a crush and nothing more.
then he message me *GLEE*

Then we become friends, first it was just online buddies where we only chat at night. Then he start to work, and i start to work too. So, eventually, we exchange numbers.

Okay, that is as far as i go, because this blog is for public, no kidding what my sister will interpret after she read this. I wonder if my mum allow me to date boys since i had already finish my SPM. My bro had his first girlfriend when he was 17! so, why couldn't i, right?

I understand my dad will object it, but my mum should be happy with this that i am mutually attracted to the opposite sex. And he doesn't have tatoo, no smoke, not notorious, don't dress like a wimp and he had healthy hobby.
That includes dancing, swimming and his current work, hairstyling.

still i rather the bee keep quiet with this. XD
thank you sister, i always treat you as a best friend
oh yeah,
i'm straining my neck to watch him dance.
Breakdancing, popping, locking, house, groove, shuffling, hip hop..


Malaysian Night

That night was a blast, not only did it open my eyes, i atcually get to enjoy the environment. The first thing i walk into the hall was seeing eyes after eyes of unfamilliar faces with puzzling looks. It's easy to identify japanese though some people said it is quite tough to know which is korean, japanese or chinese.

The only jap girl sitting at our table. ( :
you see, jap have rosy cheeks and they have fair skin. No doubt most jap have monolids, but some have double too. Their dressing is harajuku style, which i am very interested in how they manage to tie their bun so neat and high at the top of their head.

Their favourite pose, PEACE. everytime you took a photo with them, they put two fingers up, PEACE

Dancing with the stars. XD our joget dance was erm..lacklustre?

wee~ yellow lights, too yellow omg...

Tan Sandy at the back of me. apparently i was prepared so i got nothing to do. Sandy ask me to make up for her since we're both monolids. MAKE UP?!?!
i can do mine, but on others? omg, i will just ruin it..i'm sorry sandy..soooo

spot the rosy cheeks? omg, how i wish i have those too! Rosy cheeks are just sooo flattering.

Mou Mou girls. <3

in prep for the night, they took a whole lot of time to make up. and while they are busy, i snap one of those epic moments.

sexy eyes, Sandy


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ann is growing up

brown hair~?
Just come back from two tiring days, i nearly blow up yesterday because of the hot heat under the blazing hot sun. They kept calling me Puteri Lilin, and then change it to Puteri Ice-cream because i was the only one with the umbrella and the one kept complaining that i'm about to melt.
anyway. this is my make up for Malaysian Night at Kedah Club.

No contact lenses >.<
taking a big step here, Mr. Alien is Mr Vampire atcually. first thing first, he never reads my blog, because his whole systme will lag and maybe explode. Perhaps the content of my blog is restricted under his area,that it  will cause the computer to have influenza

and my hair, thank god is curly on its own, so here's how i do my look. (in brief and not step by step)
I put on liquid foundation, the loose powder.
put on mascara on my eye lashes, clip it with eyelash curler
then add in falsies (my secret weapon)
then draw eyeliner with wings


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hungry and Busy

Its 11.20pm and my stomach is growling, why am i hungry>.< i had to stand the hunger no matter what, because eating at this hour will make you grow fat twice the size. ARGH, but i'm soooo hungry, i ate rice just now, what happen to my stomach~40 minutes to go till my bedtime, bare with it..

everybody is in a christmas mood, exspecially this year. i rmber last year, it was sooo dead (well, to me) ..good gracious, i give up, i ate something...
Tomorrow will be a busy day, the day after tomorrow will be even worst. the only problem that occur in my mind is that, if mou mou they all go my house, how to solve the food problem unless my parents stay there lah..of course..

waiting for alien now~
Gonna reach my bedtime soon ady..




Like mother, like daughter at MNG fitting room. Mummy wear that and she look younger, i wear that and i look older. Two of us were laughing our head off in the fitting room at how ridiculous we are wearing the same outfit. In the end, i love how the cutting is even though it is quite long. Mummy pay 60% of it because i don't have that much money left at that point. Wee~ my 2nd new year dress. 

I bought this acid-wash blue jeans at a very incredible cheap price. If i know that it is really SKINNY and CHEAP, i wouldn't go and desperately grab that stupid grey jeans i bought at brands Outlet. It's not even skinny for god sake, and each time i wear that grey pants, i need to wear something longer to cover the front because the front look awfully distorted.

i like it when MANGO had sale, their price is reasonable. I went in topshop again, in hope of buying something (i haven't own one of their clothing item yet) and i couldn't find one item that is worth my budget. EXPENSIVE~
and i feel bored going into Forever21..the same theme, the same thing, again again again. Sick of it~

One of my bro's uniform. Cost as exp as a 2nd hand kancil car. LOL, and he hang it up the bus right infront of all the passengers. what a show-off, haha.



This is what i wore during the second day of my work. appropriate for a teacher? Do you know the first time i go in there, this teenage boy ask if i was a student here. LOL! then there were two 13 yrs old girl that call me 'jie jie' instead of 'lau shi'...>.< and oh yeah, i forgot that the boss had cctv installed somewhere around here, i didn't realize that. Imagine him watching me snapping pictures of myself ~

this is my wait, there is more atcually, i got two adjacent room all to myself. so while waiting for students, i would bang at the piano, take the guitar out, look outside at the hawker centre to see read people. I love reading people, i judge them in my mind.

the another space. Not much to play atcually, but if there's a drum set in that room, whoa, i'll be the noisiest of them all.
BANG! BOOM! the boss would run away thinking that its a nuclear bomb