Wednesday, December 14, 2011


i got this terrifying phone call from ICOM (international college of music) and this guy wanted to comfirm my audition at Penang..they waren't even offering scholarship, but they need to held audition to know if those interested is elligible to go in or not..turn out, i couldn't make it because i went to Sg..

Then the person call my mum to comfirm again and ask us if we could go to KL for the next audition..KL?? there will be loads of strong competitors there..i will drown..besides, my heart will sank terribly when i see the real campus, i yearn for that college since i was 12..i am dying to go there..but they are just too expensive and not worth pursuing because musician means no high income..

so i still got two days to make up my mind..should i take this chance as an experience to go or not to go..They want three POP songs..can you imagine? if they wanted classical, that is my weak point..i probably disgrace myself..
but they want pop..and i had my would be a blast..

I want a career advice from my seniors, from friends..what i got so far is that someone advice me that i should pursue somthing that i am good at..and what i'm good at make my parents wince..

"no, no, no, you can't earn money de."
"You won't have any job when you come out!"
"Find something that is professional, where everybody needs you!"
"here's the teacher college, go enrol in it."

Ann screaming at them in her head
"i go from music, loosen up my interest to audio technology, lossen up my interest to Mass Com , make my wallet happy by choosing accountancy, and you guys are still not satisfied..what do you guys want me to do exactly? NO, don't give me that become-a-teacher look, i PROBABLY shoot all my student."


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