Friday, July 27, 2012

Form six freedom

weee~ got Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer behind me lerh! hahaha
anyway, last saturday we went to the oprhanage as a project work for the scout's society. So right after BM tuition, all of us gather at dad's tuition centre wearing all sorts of Kolej colour t-shirt. we practically block the whole pathway for people to cross and we were talking animatedly about where on earth are we going to have lunch at.
somebody so sick until suggest KFC , and yeah, off we go ==''!!!

so as usual, i sit dan dan's car with shu ping and xin tong..hee hee..
right, so practically i have a bit of camwhore session using dan's phone, cuz i love the front camera~~
anyway, the best thing in Kolej was that i get to go out with my friends on Tuesday and Wednesday just to eat lunch.
the cons are that i can never save enough during the end of the week, because we keep going out for food, until there is no other place for us to go and eat!
i suggest eating the school's grass for my next lunch just to save a few bucks

anyway, my parents bought a second hand atos car for me already! it was sooo in tip top condition, but sadly, it is MANUAL. i thought i am smart enough to learn it again (i thought it was just like swimming. you stop swimming for five years, and you continue swimming, you still turn into a mermaid) but i was wrong for driving. after months of driving the auto car, i am like a dead log driving the manual car
THANK god mummy loves the car very much and she's going to exchange her car with mine!
weeeeee~~~~~~ *jump jump jump*

 oh yeah, this was the second week at school. yar, just 2nd week and we OMEGA girls and boys are called to stand outside for not coming down for assembly on time ==''
can you spot miss ann at the front row? no? yes? and somebody took a 'nice' shot of us.. LOL!!!
anyway, there are a lot of love affairs going on in school now. maybe it's the summer heat that turn on everybody. i counted, 8 pairs! within one month, pop 8 within next year, everybody will paired up with each other? *ann tan's theory of the year*

this is the chinese medicine that i've been drinking for the past few days.
mmmm, anybody want to have a few sips? no?
hahaha..somebody told me to stop eating eggs because it is one of the factor that causes pimples. EGGS?!?! give up my one and only source of food? T.T
but i'm going to reduce eating it anyway to work together with someone...
Together we shall fight off zits and acne and volcanoes!

scene of the week: i've never seen somebody eat sooooo much fried rice in my entire life. he ate the WHOLE bowl..(wait corrections, it's not a bowl, it looks like the size of a rice cooker)


Self timer model shot

am having fun camwhoring for one hour and 15 minutes today just to get a few shots. =='' and finally i got the pic that i want (above) an 'action' shot where you can see the skirt is atcually flying. ain't easy to get the right timing though~
so anyway, puasa started just last week and dang! we were force to go down to the canteen to have our breakfast. ain't easy to climb up four flight of stairs everyday, y'know, expecially someone as fatigue as me.

 i love to explore different i was thinking of what else can i do other than posing while standing like a pole. this is the first time i atcually lay flat on the floor just to capture an epic picture.i tell you, it ain't easy with the angle. face too back and you look like you're a squashed bun
face too front and your face look soo huge, they thought somebody box u
face too side and you may ended up looking like you've just got a stroke or smthing

 yup, this is what i said, angle problem. i should have crop half of my picture.
and oh yeah, spot the mole on my right arm?
yup, i've gotten a few slaps and stings from friends thinking that it was a fly or maybe some little aliens had landed on my arm

anyway, i will look forward taking more pictures of me lying flat on the floor
(just hopefully i don't meet the three cockroaches from Oggy and the cockroaches)

Top: Zara
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoe: Aldo
Bow: got it free as a performing outfit back in 2006

Friday, July 20, 2012

The evolution of my hair

this is my 2008 picture where i did rebonding at KL and have really long hair down over my chest.

 and then i went to Kimarie @ Time Square to get a haircut and i look like lion king back then. HAHA...anyway, looking back at this look, i hated it sooo much now. Haha..XD
then i did something bad and my mum cut my hair off to chin-length. Yes, THAT short!! i didn't want to go out of the house for weeks! it was a pain to see my hair sooo straight short ! then just before entering 2009, i get a semi-boy cut at Kimarie @ time square again. XD
yar, you can't imagine that, i know, no pictures here, though~
then i did rebonding again around March when my hair grows to shoulder length.
pictures? haha...
well, i got a few back at my old post though. go view my ugly self and had a good laugh! XD

then i went to get a Perm at Kennyik during the year 2010. During the beginning, the curl sucks though, but as my hair started to grow, the curl looses and looked like that (above)
yar, and i manage to make it grow REAL long over my chest again, and then my hand become itchy and went for a haircut at kennyik again during the year 2011!

tadaa!!!damn short right?!
but i did a smart move after months of regretting. My hair grew into fluffy natural wave instead of tangled up curl or stick straight!

of course the process was hard, your hair looked like a bunch of towel being rolled up.

but after a few months, i managed to get my hair looked exactly like how i wanted.

and then my fringe started to become really long. it was a bit annoying each time u tilt your head forward and your fringe will drop at your eye blocking your view, but it definetly make me look older.

i love flipping my fringe to the opposite side to create this kind of poof look .

and back then, i do not have pimples on my forehead ==''
this is an UNPUBLISHED photo of me ..heee, i didn't want to upload it back then because my face look so round here.

my hair falls into the oily category. i washed my hair once in two days, but it will usually turn out like a grease ball on the second day. i remember that i was ONE of the reason why i go and cut my long fringe off, becuase once it turn oily, it's unbearable to look.

Everytime i wash my hair, the wave of my hair tends to varies each day, so it was a surprise all the time. The picture above was one of those 'special' day where i am able to have it that curly without doing anything to it.

flipping my fringe to the opposite side again

 oh yeah, somebody told me that they seldom see me wear shorts.
well, i'm atcually girly no matter how many times i try to correct my gooey gooey style.  But well, here's one of the pic ~

when i tie my hair, it is this length. I wonder hw i look like now if i hadn't cut my hair back then..
anyway, i totally hate this straight lacklustre good for nothing hair.
it's just ..
i don't know why i ALWAYS cut my hair after my hair reaches over chest length.

okay, if i ever had any intentions to cut my hair again, please stop me, chop my hand and tie me to the tree !
i don't want to keep regretting and regretting over the same mistake again and again


Friday, July 13, 2012

You make me smile

 i've been smiling...and grinning...and smilling...and GLEE~~~~XD
This morning, me and my whole group of classmates went to eat breakfast after tuition. i felt like a real grown up going to breakfast with a whole group of peers. i sat Dan's car and vrroooomm off we goo~~~~~
so there are ten of us trying our best to fit into one round table..hahaha!
Dan sent me back like a real gentleman and i LEFT my MUM's BREAKFAST! in HIS CAR!! *faint* (poor mummy not only have to wait till 11.30 to eat breakfast, but had to miss it)
luckily i didn't dumb dumb go back empty handed... 

 try saying "yiiiii" and this is what you would look like (above)
anyway, dad had already called his friend to look up an Atos car for me in KL (i have no idea why had to go until sooo far to buy a second hand car=='')
dad make a deal, i have to pay 17% (there goes my salary >w<) and i will be able to get the car registered under my name..

blur face..
i cannot imagine going through form six (now that i know my hope of getting away from there is NEVER going to happen)
BM sucks..we suppose to learn how our voice box looks like, how our tongue need to be placed just to pronounce one particular word...i'm like studying how to use my voice box and all the while through tuition, i and my friends are exercising our mouth (up down, round and round, right and left, side to back)
it'll be no surprise if one of us had cramps on our mouths...
have any of you notice how the cow chew the grass?
yar, i look like that each time i try to UNDERSTAND what the book is atcually trying to convey..

 yar, its you! no, don't look back at that person behind you..coz i'm pointing AT you~~
anyway, haha, i've been driving alone all the time now and i realize i l ALWAYS curse at road users. AHAHAHAA..

"Yoorr~ uncle, what are you doing? your grandfather's road arh?"
"fffff, what are you trying to do? eat eat eat my road!you so hungry, you go eat other thing larh!"
"OI, cannot see me behind you wan meh!? my grandma drive faster than you lol!"
"eh, excuse me larh, you don't have eyes to see arh? no eyes also use your brain larh"
sorry larh, i know i suddenly sound like a bad ass girl ..
>< but better than acting up like a real lady , why cover your real self right?
there, now you see my true colour..don't let me curse you can ady (be it on the road or anywhere)

my brown hair? hahahaha..
happy happy happy
happy happy happy

nah! this is the pillow i keep hugging everynight to sleep.
i can't SLEEP without it..
you take away it, i strangle you with my bare hands!
*evil laugh*

thanks for breakfast and the ride yar...


Monday, July 9, 2012

I don't wear contact lenses

it's a school day and here i am sitting infront of my lappie facebook-ing and blogging.
Yesterday something EPIC happen at school. A guy from my class took the initiative to atcually 'propose' to a girl from my class too. (i may not state names just in case they do not want to publicize it)
the whole class went from noisy to Night Market noisy. ==''
they were cheering, they were exclaiming AAWwWWH~ and OOOoooh~
ahahaha..definetly the best thing that ever happen to a girl, because she is DEFINETLY going to remember this for the rest of her life though.

So of course, the girl accepted it and we girls are all sooo gooey gooey over it.
Definetly make Miss Ann envy ..haha XD
I shall be patient and wait with a long neck.
anyway, i'm getting a hell lot of freedom recently. Just last friday, mummy atcually allow me to drive alone to alor star mall (despite the fact that she's miles away at Perlis) it make me feel like a total grown up, that i could possible stand on the empire state of building and roar.

 anyway, Vivi Malaysia (english edition) is up! right now hot trend that i love love very much is the Peplum dress!!!
i shall blog about it later if you don't know what is Peplum.
It's just soooo cute!!! ADORABLE...aaargh, can't wait to get my hands on it.
so here's my clothes wish list
  • peplum dress
  • lace beige socks
  • white oxford shoes
  • lots of crop shirts
 kay, my school days had been a total exciting whole lot of events.
somebody sick also come to school, ==''
somemore bring weird fruits for me to eat..

i went through the old camera and saw this! kesian my sister, celebrating her birthday with a miserable un-birthday cake, and nobody bothers to upload this pic of hers! ahaha..
i just put it up to show how kesian she is..

my blog is sooo stiff..
i changed two profile pictures in two minutes
this proof how BORED i am..


Friday, July 6, 2012

Love is when it's raining

 a guy who really likes you
will remember the things you told him
will remember your schedule, even though you forget it yourself
will inform you his whereabouts so that you don't worry
will wish you goodnight before he falls asleep
will sneak a peek at you
will accompany you when you're alone
will put you first before anyone else
will go to sleep when you want to sleep
will sent you multiple texts when you don't reply
will accept you for who you are.
( :
and for that, i was touched (':

 Me, with my Omega class friends at ebox having a time of our lives!
a girl that really likes you
will grin like a pig when she sees you
will give her food to you so that you stop being hungry
will hug your jacket pretending that you're there
will walk past your class just to catch a glimpse of you
will remind you to eat your meals
will worry if you're hungry, sick, or moody
will put you as her first priority
will want occasional hugs to make sure you're there for her
will love you for the way you are

anyway, it's been raining all day~ my clothes keep going to the laundry but none of them come back because it is sooo hard to get dry.
i've been feeling soooo much better now.
is it because they change of weather changes the form of luck for me?
Upm result is coming out soon by this week (i guess)
there is a great posibility that this week may be my last week at Kolej.

 aiyark, they act cute~ ahahaha
maybe outside people will judge me right now.
i know, but i don't give a damn anymore.
i think it's right, and i think time cannot be wasted
so i jump into conclusion
and i will not give a damn on what others will think
i'm happy with it ^^ so why cover, right?
<3 <3 <3

aiyeerr, miss ann tan striking a senget pose and if you're wondering whose backside is that, ahaha, it is miss shireen yong who never know i got a blog full wif her pictures ==''
dress i'm wearing : French Connection (FCUK)

LOL..Kuan cin looks like he is pole dancing with his YIIIII smile..
anyway..i love the rain.. at least the weather make my skin slightly better (not that vast difference yet, even though my mum had been feeding me with bottles and bottles of chinese meds)
walking hand in hand , with an umbrella, is another one of my favourite ^^
if there's a chance, i would like the rain to replace the mistletoe, ( if you know what i mean. try to think  of it properly if u don't know how to interpret what i'm trying to say)

tadaaa..the group..tudioh..shi yun even took off her shoe and sit on the floor like a boss!
and therefore, i mark the date
4th of July

she allows you in
don't break it
her heart is fragile
but she saw the light in ur eyes
god closes one door
and opens another