Friday, February 18, 2011

Honeymoon years

Jar Of Hearts- Christina Perri
Wow..i didn't remember when i took this picture with our discipline teacher who make everyone of us pin up our hair each time we see her..And adorable Suyin still looks like a junior..dang, i love Hari Anugerah..i've been performing Hari Anugerah Cemerlang since i started form one...and now, i'm form five already! five years of joining the performance..! even though, my father dislike the fact that i had to skip classes, stay back and beg him to fetch me go for extra practices...i must remember this is my final year to perform at this school..
though, i think everybody hate to see my face all these years..
when the curtain rolls up, i picture all of them saying
"oh no! not her again!"

This is the group shot we had the last day of school 2010..and i didnt upload it =.=''
From left: Nicole, Sandy (wif that coconut tree), Jia Wen, Kay, Amal, Dar, Annick (who is sleeping) and Ning..
Top: Me, and Azeera!
i miss last year ..this year, it's soooo lonely..and the teachers for this year is either a pervert or someone who mood swings terribly..grr...

1/4 of the choir team members! if you can identify me through this colour, i salute you.. i love it whenever we get to wear colourful traditional clothes and dress up..and snap snap snap ..
me and Wei Ying are always in a photo frenzy..
and i definetly miss Suyin...

This is the first time, my friends ever celebrated birthday with me in school..i had never belong to a clique of friends before...and right now, i must appreciate what is surrounding me..even though our numbers had decreased..and i still wanna keep my friendship with my old bestfriends ( nicole and chiu yee) ..i've been spending all the time with xin Ning, Jia Wen and Sandy..whatever happen between us, i hope we just discuss it out instead of avoiding each other..
if i ever annoy anyone, please tell me your disatisfaction and i will apologize..
I love you all!

one malaysia!! Left: Malay, Indian, Half Jap and Chinese , and me, Pure Chinese from the planet Ants...

Aren't we a bunch of happy family?

we're sooo freakin happy..

Victory! aren't we a bunch of''
this year...i wasn't allowed in Choir because my dad would just lock me in a fishtank..
instead, Sir, ask me to be the pianist, so i was allowed to miss practices...
but i still miss going on stage..i watch the girls sing their heart out, move to the beats, sway their body..i really miss it..i want to join them! i really do..

Drama Comp...
i only realized my legging is one side short and one side long..
why can't this thing repeat again and again..?



It suck! Lady gaga's new single suck soooo much i couldn't stay on till the end of the song...maybe it's because its soooo different then her other songs, or maybe her other songs were too good that it made this song looks like some kid trying to write his first song...
WHAT IS WRONG WITH GAGA?!!?? least she come out as an egg..i love eggs...yummy..

Neighbours ( : Childhood friend...( : We've been friends since we're both in diapers or probably stark naked around the house yelling for our =.=''

haiz, during PJ, i try out the high jump after a few pushes from my friends..and guess what?
so, i very very smart, i jump and my whole head went to the back turning more then 180 degree angle? lol...and the next day, i couldn't even move my neck..i couldn't even lay on to my pillow..i can't even stick a spoon inside my mouth! i woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning and cried and cried thinking that i might have broke my neck or my bone had dislocate..
Then after school, i cried somemore thinking how am i going to sleep that night, i can't even move any nerves connecting to my neck..
So mummy was annoyed, because it was a very very minor problem she took me to see the doctor and he gave me muscle relaxer pills and an MC!!! Yeah, ( : i won't be going to school this Saturday! yeah!!!

People need confidence to atcually look good and feel good..but whenever i saw someone beautiful, more stylish or maybe got something i don't have, i just feel like i don't belong, and i feel like i am not up to their standard and just make me feel bad about myself..
i had to chain my heart, never to have crushes, never had an attachment, never rely on someone, never even whine to my friends if i step on to an ant...that way, you wouldn't get hurt right? You wouldn't had this green feeling, blue feeling whatever colour feeling you have right? i'm just sooo afraid of rejection, betrayal, misunderstanding and blah blah blah..
well, i just have to wait till i'm  eighteen to have crushes, attachment, rely on someone and stick to friends who yell at you for stepping on to an ant..
i just have to wait..
and waiting hurts too...

why my face sooo sloppy de?
NEXT week, exam No.1...what did i prepare? i did Add math for the past previous week already and it's time to study for this so-called history...HISTORY in MALAYSIA is biased..
always siding the Asian and stabbing at the British for being selfish..
Without British, our country wouldn't be able to be rich in Rubber Trees! urgh..
So i won't be online-ing next week.., i'm going for a study hibernation with loads of books as my blanket and pillow..

From now on,


Thursday, February 10, 2011


My love-Sia

life is short..i keep doing something good just to hope for something good in return
Nothing happen...
I want a better life, but compare to those less fortunate
i smile...( :
18 years old next year..
i shall treasure that precious age...
where i can open my eyes and see a brighter road..
will there be a guidance for me to walk through?

Can i walk through 17 years old smooth like i'm walking on a pond of water?
I love dear life..

Happy Valentine's day, people
Happy Valentine'


xoxo Zara

Pants on the ground
Head to toe sister said KL people start to wear this kind of match up with crops and high waist harem pants..

Head to toe Zara..
Freakin love this ..

too bad i don't have a pair of long legs..
Head to toe ZAra

haha..i took people's picture from Google..=.=''
cardigan: H&M
Pants: Zara


Zara men...

and this is a random one because i like acid wash skinnies..i just derno where to get them..


ViVi and ME

You and I-Secondhand Serenade
finally got it, it's very very hard to find Vivi latest issue because they usually come in very late in the month..i've been reading this Japan edit Hong Kong magazine since i was 14 which didn't come in handy because i thought their clothes look too old for me..but now..
I'm lovin it
( :
forever21 brogue style ankle boots...yeap..the girls wear that..
Right now, it's winter season, so practically all the clothes i see was all either hairy or, i just skip the clothes and look at their hairs, shoes, bags and their jeans..
Spring season latest craze:
leopard prints!!
Zara's signature pants!

This is the flat base of a brogue shoes..if you wanna get it, PDI concept store has it with the price of RM 69.90..which is quite last year already, so i can't guarantee if it still has it over there...
Cape Sleeves are in trend right now, and colourful leggings with leopard prints, rainbow, stripes, whatever thing you can form of and leg warmes paired with oxford boots and so on..
Damn, those are for people living out of Malaysia..=.=''

The spectacles are back..They prefer round instead of the usual square..but it's hard to wear round spectacles in Alor Star unless you rather draw a huge lightning bolt over your forehead and pretend that you're Harry Potter.

Oh yeah, i love more painful soles and strains of ankle...Best shoes so far..
and it's every everywhere!The model is wearing Zara pants atcually..Zara had those kind of pants which i didn't know how to name that kind of i just call it Zara pants coz Zara had soooo many of them, and everyone of them is damn nice..

Boat shoes! Brown, Beige, earth tones, best colour to attack Black..

I went around searching for leopard prints and i only got this sad..
Oh yeah, their hairstyles are all shoulder length or long hair with huge volume at the bottom..
Like the model above, that's the shoulder length exact hair with big voluminize curl..

nobody bring me for a haircut
how sad..
) :



King For anything-Sara Barellies
If this is life, i call it suck! My class had to finish 27 chapter of Malay Novel's Sypnosis within four days...hello? one chapter of sypnosis already fill up one full page of A4 book..and as a normal human being, we can only manage to hurt ourselves by writing down five chapters of sypnosis per day...and without further sympathize, this Malay teacher gave us two sheets of Rumusan and even ask us to RE-DO our Essay..Can you imagine re-doing your essay when your teacher didn't even take a sniff at your hand-written book??? CAN SHE EVER BE THOUGHTFUL ENOUGH TO THINK OF WHAT WE HAD DONE FOR HER AND SHE NEVER EVEN BOTHER LOOKING AT IT!?!
Hello arh, an essay is AN OPEN ESSAY...following your formula just made us think Malay language as Math formula..i thought essays are suppose to be general? that whatever you write from your thoughts, the teacher would go " erm..arh...oh.."...what's wrong with not following your DAMN points that you give us too late..c'mon larh, i wrote you an three essay and now you want me to RE-WRITE it just because i never follow your formula..

This country suppose to be a free-country!

The biggest joke Sandy ever made started with a table where four of us were eating our breakfast..Xin Ning was kicking the chair table making it go wobbly-wobbly Sandy come out with a very very very swt joke
Sandy: Luckily we live in Malaysia..
Everybody: WHy??????
Sandy: coz, if we live in JAPAN, everybody will be hiding under the table ady..
GEt it?

Yummy...XP mummy think i'm Mal-nutrition because all i eat was eggs, eggs and more, she prepare this dinner to open my appetite..
I'm growing fatter and fatter face look so round i swear somebody will pick up my head, thinking that it was a balloon..
my fingers were like hurting sooo bad..morning, i copied those pathetic sypnosis, until my fingers didn't feel like it is attach to me...then afternoon, i spend one hour and fourty-five minutes, standing straight with a violin on my left neck againts my left shoulder with my fingers streching till the extend that i heard my body crying out to stop it for further torture..
violins are a torture...whoever had survive through years of learning had overcome the greatest pain you had ever put in..

First: Your right fingers would stiff because of that straining position
Second: Your right arm would feel like someone had hammer your elbow
Third: your shoulder will ache from that tension you put on it
Fourth: Your left neck will automatically become red with rashes
Fifth: If you had short fingers like me, this is the best way to elongates your finger
Sixth: Your whole backbone will 'Creak' once you go back to normal position
Seventh: You stare in to the mirror and you will see a SICK person

Fingers Hurt

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Why do i find guys wearing short bermudas pant and V neck t-shirt attractive?
Why do i find guys dressing like gay attractive?
Why do i find guys wearing tight T-shirt attractive?
why oh why....

I love Ed Westwick
I love Chris Colfer
I love Lee Min-Ho
I love Josh Hutcherson
I love Greyson Chance's voice
I love Tom Felton
I love Bill Klutz

gosh..i love loads right?
i should stick to one though..
come back to me Ed Westwick 

CNY extra

Extra Pictures taken by my brother's girlfriend's brother's elder brother..
get it?hahahahahaha....*choke*
How do i rate my CNY for this year? i didn't get enough Ang Pow money..i lack of Rm60 to made up with the money i got last sad..i was planning to buy Lady Gaga with that money..hrm..
My whole family..with an extra new member in purple shirt..Kor kor's girlfriend which i had to look up 90 degree just to talk to her...

The cucu...not all are present second aunt can't come and she had three first uncle's son can't come because he had work to, there, this year NEw year,sooooo many people never come sad...looking at this picture, i seriously need a major hair cut..

The ladies...( : and the middle woman is trying to camouflauge into our generation by squating down..=.='' This year flowery clothes are way out dated get going to buy loads of earth colour tone that looks like grandma-cute ...go on, go buy those colour that make your soil look beautiful..

i've been searching for VIVI magazine February issue since last month till now..i swear i saw it in Popular, but i didn't have any money to i'm searching high and low for it, but it seem to dissappear..sooo sad! i need to buy VIVI!!! i need to know Spring's fashion season!!!
Note: If anybody happen to come across VIVI February Issue, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY TELLING ME THE LOCATION..

thank you


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Skip the dresses...! i'm sooo freakin sick of dresses...i need more pair of jeans, t-shirt (with no stupid pictures) and off-shouldered crops...and my next hair is going to be short! (though i'm not sure if my mum would approve of it, but my dad would be soo happy he fly off the moon)

( :
I'm going to google Kurt from Glee to drool at his biodata.. haha...

CNY day two

Two cars went to Penang to meet up with papa's cousin who just came back from England..
we went to Queensbay first because we were too early...but we didn't really spend much time on shopping though..a lot of shop close including Elle, Espirit, Brands outlet, and i and my sister just went to Mng and Forever 21 and come out looking like a sad puppy..
i was eyeing on one pair of faded brown pair of skinnies at Mng..but as i think of my hair needs a new reinvention, i swallowed and let it go..

We skip lunch, and you can imagine how hungry all of us are..we practically gobble up all the cookies and junk food our host offered...then we were suppose to meet up with papa's cousin at Flamingo which is way up everyone of us slept in the car..i sleep and wake up, we are still on the same road..i sleep and wake up, we are still at that pathetic same road..=.=''

Long lost cousins? lol..we're like the third generation ..
everybody was soooo freakin hungry, and you can practically picture what happen when we were offered a free course vegetable were spared..we only go back home at 9 o'clock and when we reach Alor Star, it was already 11 o'clock..and when i look at the load of bag that i need to unpack, i nearly died out of exhaustion..

 I took this photo at other People's house..using a timer, i place it at the stairs and pose at the stairway..i can even do that at Strait Quay where other people is walking past looking at me like i had just escaped from some mental hospital..
day two: exhausting!

and with the ang pow money..i need to have a target how to spend it..
my hair is essential..i really set my head to have it crop short because i'm sooo tired of twisting my broom headed hair, and yes, when it's short, i will curl it !
and i need to have an acid wash pair of jeans
buy lots of basic T-shirt or crops because its this year season


CNY day one ( :

Me,(obviously taller then my sister), kor kor and jie jie (wearing MY dress!)
Day one started off early during the midnight when i and my cousins were watching GLEE season 2...i am finally a GLEE FAN!!!curse that babyface Kurt who looked soooo adorable when he cried...

On that day, i become such a lady..after wearing dresses for the past three days, i feel like i need to stop wearing them because i am beginning to feel SICK in it...seriously,now i'm more towards faded and acid wash knee lenght skinnies..pair with crop ..NOW THATS, a girl at my age SHOULD be wearing =.=''

Can you see my vein at my hand? my little finger is atcually can't stand straight
Day one was atcually aunt's family from KL couldn't make it there's only three family at my grandma's house at PERLIs...i must salute my another aunt though, her husband drove 12 hours car of journey from Singapore to the north of that's a thumb up..i can barely ride my bicycle from my house to the sundry shop..=.=''

MY Family! with an extra new member. the girl in purple is my kor kor's girlfriend of 5 years (wow!)..and my sister still look short next to me..I'm sooo elated ( : ( :

So at night, we had our family shots and so on, spend the whole night watching GLEE and started banging my head on the wall when i found out that Kurt had a boyfriend..=.=''