Friday, June 25, 2010

False alarm

You know what? The school is HEARTLESS!! They atcually don't care that WE, Students had to stand under the hot sun for TWO stupid PERIOD!! And look what they had done to me?? I ended up having this HUGE pain all over my brain (I wouldn't say head, because head is the outer layer..)

I thought it was just a normal headache, but the thing worsen after i absorb LOADS of stress from CHOIR and DRAMA...god...i thought it's a serious, i have brain tumour, maybe? everything is possible, since just a week ago, i felt my soul leaving my body...

Well, aparently, i went back and thought this pain will be just temporary..but the next day, i feel like someone had hammer too much onto my forehead..IT"S UNBEARABLE...and guess what? Mummy and Daddy took me to see the


Yes, i wasn't protesting againts that..Mum was freakin out because the head throbing lasted for 48 hours..that's too much for a migrane huh? And oh yeah, I got a fever too..drinking two cans of water make me want to puke..that shows a very bad sign for a brain problem..nevertheless..for the past six months, they can't find anything with my blood, it must be something to do with the brain then..right??

I was freakin out atcually, i'm even scared of a STUPID CAT SCAN, which is to scan your brain? But the DOCtor laugh..HAHAHA..

DR: It's because of the Fever..Girl at your age, tend to get all those kind sickness
Ann: ...Oh?
DR: They will have dizziness, feel a bit of headaches here and there..your tonsils a bit swollen btw..(he didn't say btw ..he said by the way)
Ann: ...oh...(it wasn't a's more like someone sat on my head)
DR: there's no need to do the CAT's fine...
Ann: (how dyou know? you can't even look inside...)

And do you know what? Mum was SOOO worried..she took care of me 24/7 (YES.) Very grateful of her..She atcually pray for me, because my health is gettin worse this year....The Doctor could be wrong, you know? and i'm rolling all over the bed, for the pain to hurts sooooo can the doctor say it was a headache? it's more like some nerve celll just broke off..Mum atcually went to the temple..Thank you, mummy <3

Ann ended up quiting this HUGE choir competition this coming saturday, which is TODAY..i was given the role as the pianist..CURSE THE SCHOOL!!!! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME??????

My Entertainment for the day..



Heart Choir

Just for reminder..there will be a lot of pictures..

Wei Ying and Me..i can't identify whose hand is whose..

Choir Competition at Keat Hwa 2..Hrm, four schools only, but nevermind, this is the very first time we atcually particpate since my sister's year, which is seven years ago? Anyway..we were made to wear this gaudy for the front row, blue for the middle and EEKY yellow-orrange for the back (thank god..)
Me and YOng...XD

Anyway, we sang in parts, as in harmony...I'm in Alto..even though Sir insisted that i must be in Soprano 1...NO NO NO..i will not leave Alto Alto family is there..And do you know what's the first thing we do when we reach there? Snap pictures..We're the only one school that snap pictures there, like we had never seen Keat HWa 2 before =.=''
Wei bus..nothing to do but snap snap snap..Yong seem sooo happy

Seriously, we also visit the toilet, not to do our bussiness but snap photos...LOL=.='' every empty space, you'll see red skirts, yellow skirts and blue skirts all over the place..i wonder what did the other school think about us..We're the only one that atcually go to the canteen and demanded''

My face look stupid and hideous and thats Wei Ying btw..

We won first price anyway..XD and we continue to snap pictures
From left: Joyce, Hui Ying, Jia Yuan, Yong, Wei Ying, Vern and Muah..
Doesn't this looks like we're preparing to graduate?

I didnt realize this...we atcually stand from the shortest to the tallest..

I wonder why Jia Ying had to squat down..

Me and Darling Mei Mei..ANGIE
Form Four babes of =.='' why all same height de?


Friday, June 18, 2010

Walk on Earth

Hrm, never what i expected..the time got delayed and everything..anyway, we walked around my housing estate, which is Taman was a walk about 4-5km and we walked holding banners and sign, shouting 'GO GREEN'..i really salute the people, they atcually shout 'GO GREEN' for 4-5km ...people watch us from their neighborhood, and i think that we sounded like protesters...*GLEE*
The walk can't seem to end..we're atcually walking around the neighborhood, telling all the people living there to GO GREEn...many of them detour and walked back to their i suggested that i and my dad should detour back to our home too..LOL, he said that's very embarassing..make people look down on us..
Well, what dyou expect from a person that fatigue like me? After that exhausting walk, i could my head started to spin..I went back home, and my sister is still bugsing me to run errands with her at town..DUDE, can i just rest? Each time, i plopped my head down, everything in my vision starts to's like somebody had just use me as a drum set..
I can only sit up right, so i ended up not getting any rest after all..mum got all worried, and she got me worried too..
since my blood test was tested, and nothing is wrong with me, there must be something to do with the brain she rushed me to the doctor next door to consult her...she said, if there was something to do with the brain..i might have other symptom, since this sickness had been going on and she said it's either my ear mechanical balance or my hormone

So i think this will be the first and the last i walk for the sake of charity..i can't even sleep at night...once i lay my stupid fragile head on the pillow, everything starts to spin..haiz..i wasn't that weak before..i feel like i just walked out from my coffin..

Sis : So Ann-Ann, how was your out-of-body experience
Ann: ....(wtf?)
Sis: Did you feel your soul flying out of your body?
Ann:...(haha, not funny)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bits and pieces..


Gosh, i hasn't change so much ain't it...i was six ( i think) and that was my recent passport-size photo..mum told me that my mouth is still the same..) : always ^n^ wonder people called me sober and everyday sad sad..i didn't mean to, because i was born with a mouth like that..i can't always strech my mouth wide, to make everyone think that there's nothing wrong with me., time you see me sulking, NOTE, i'm not sad, i'm just dreaming, K?
Gonna wear this T-shirt for tomorrow Marathon!! wow, this is like my first time, doing some charity good work..CAN"T WAIT!!! *biting fingers*..anyway, this picture looks kinda scary to me, it looks like someone had just colour me black all over, don't I look like a pole?
I really can't wait for tomorrow! hope it doesn't rain, please don't let me down..and don't let myself hope too much..everything you plan ahead, always me..i just hope that my STAR NIE group will co-operate and do ENVIRONMENT issue like i suggested..the ideas kept coming in, and there are sooo many things to blab about..everybody is doing this boring old social theme...i mean, i'm sooo sick of teenage angts..can't they do some other things? Date due is coming closer, just hope they will atcually agree with me..i already wrote one whole article for our magazine...don't let me down too...the world needs to know..

Got myself a new wallet..XD

Eco Eco..Ann is obsessed in saving the world..
i think i watch tooo much HEROES series..
or maybe i'm still stuck in documentary show...
i haven't been using the air conditioner for two nights XD
but i don't think i can stand it no more..
gonna break the rules..


Lovey Dovey

Wakka Wakka, it's time for Africa!

OMG, holiday is going to end sooon!!! somebody !!! call the time-turner here!! i don't want school to start!! HUH! fat chance..
i want to kick myself real real hard...why oh why couldn't i just talk to *****?? that person!! omg, was soooo close to me, our arms are practically touching if i wasn't swinging my arm as i walk...after back home, i just realize, i just thought of something, WHY COULDN"T I TALK TO HIM???!!!hello? when will there be a time, where you and him could walk together?? i mean, it's not a big pathway, we're SOOOO close..dude..ARGH!! when i think back..ARGH!!!! ARGH!!!!! i know i know, girl aren't suppose to make the first, but who ask him to walk WITH me????...

MNG BIG SALE!!!! The whole shop can't even fit us!!! When you look at the people over there, it's like they're a pack of wild animals, grabbing everything in sight...and the line to the fitting room is FREAKIN LONG...the Women over there had twelve or twenty pile of clothes in EACH on earth can i try on all those dresses??

So mum, say, take the risk..i ended buying one blouse which had 50% (Max discount), a dress for my sis who didn't join us, and mum bought herself a boat neck t-shirt...As my mum say, take the risk, i was praying hard when i got back home to try it on, nothing horrible will appear in the mirror..

HA! it's tooo big...
it's SALE...why couldn't i grab more stuff???
thinking back, i could have kick myself again..
so many mistake and yet, nothing can change..


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Hair do

out of 10, my rating = 6??
Went to Kennyik to do my perm, after a very very very long anticipation and usual buzzing to my sister ...she finally brought me there to curl my never thought the whole process would be SOOOO deepy uncomfortable..
It's nt digital perm or ceramic perm or the UN-lasting Japanese's Water perm..and god knows what is they had long long tubes to roll all my strands of hair..i feel like my hair could break any second..then they splat some chemical, that it stung my eyes without even contacting it...OMG..the smell smelled like some cat just died in a pool of his pee and his body decomposed..URGH

Then, i waited for half an hour? and the machine is SOOOO hot..i feeel like my whole head got cooked..then my body start to feel numb again..i wanted to tell my sister that i can't feel myself, but she was busy talking to the boss..lolz..they were sooo engrossed and here i am, sitting there, pressing my own palm to make sure i don't pass out..
But then after he took the tubes off, wow, my curl was soooo god damn tight, but then he blew my hair and twist it into those large loose spiral curl and cut my fringe, that girl in the mirror didn't even look like me..where's the young girl, aunty?

but anyway, i'm sick of boring straight hair, this could be a start of something new..XD
and like it or not, i will live with it no matter how much critics i got..
now my hair still smells like a cat just peed on it..
better hope it subside when school reopens,
i do not want people to crink their nose when i walked past them..

conclusion: Perming is a painful experience, but if you wanna try something new, go for it..
XD, or else get a MOHAWK..


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nature Awareness

For a moment, i thought you were chucky...
Chiu yee will go utterly insane when she saw what i'm holding...Gah, it's an orange door behind me..EEW..i hate orange..
okay, lemme get this straight, watching a documentary show was not what i intended to do..but there was no other interesting show and i was stuck watching how a bear, squirrel, and chipmunk could not hibernate because there was not enough food..after watching that, it's like someone had just wash my brain and bake it under the sun...i pity the bear...and still i wonder how on earth people take such a hideous beauty and turn into a cute cudly soft toy..
I want to be a VEGETARIAN..
I miss you, Happy...why do you have to leave us? i'm sure you're doing great with your other're the good-est dog i've ever met..and to think people atcually sold your breed for thousand dollars! you are not worth a penny, because money can't buy you..
I seriously start to take nature damn serious..i don't know what's wrong with me...Ha! when i say i wanna be a vegetarian...something strikes me..i cannot live without eggs..NO! i do not eat meat, but i eat eggs..that's the only thing i eat..not vegetables but egg..OMG...

 Meet Ernie and =.=''
Ann is gaining weight ( a sign of being healthy again?) and Ann badly wants to stop talking in third person!!!..that is an annoying habbit which sends people shooting themselves in the head..
Saw Yinjie's post about voting between these two least i think they're Elmo senior and Elmo Junior..Cookie monster did not look that blue to me..-.-''

Siao po on the rage..anyway..just visited the new house..doesn't look soo new now..nobody's living in it..
Please ignore the green frog who happen to be standing at the green dress seem soooo familiar..i wonder who is the right owner...

Gonna pay great attention in nature soon..can't believe a documentary show could influence me until like that..try watching NAtional Geographic for one season, i'm sure you'll be in my footsteps soon...Eco Eco Eco..gotta buy more recycling bags..

proud of you earth
but you're dying in birth
too bad i can't sacrifice not eating meat
because eggs are the only one to beat


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hanging out

CAN we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting star?

It took sooo hard to atcually go out with my friends..but technically, i didnt go out with them..i BUMPED into them..ok, so my sis is in love with this nude great platform heels.she wanted to buy it soooo freakin at the same time, my friends are all having 'DRAMA" meeting..buying props there was their 'MAIN', they already planned to have their meal at GEORGE town..All waited for me, but i didnt turn up, because of my parents' RESTRICTIVE rules..ARGH..but my darling sister didn't opose me apologizing to my friends over turn out that after buying her darling shoes, i stayed with my friends to buy their props stuff...and snap distorted background pictures with every each of them..
Darling Annick with me..okay, that's a mop stick i'm holding on..and my bag did not welcome any snatch's empty inside..PS Annick, i love your lace
Yikes..MORE MOP STICKS!!!!Darling XIn Ning and me took three sticks..

Erm..More sticks?? three sticks with Jia Wen and i'm still holding my stupid lonely MOP stick


DRAMA PROPS ...Turn out that none of our mop sticks are FOR have to buy with the mop head if you want to atcually buy it..Lolz..

OUTCOME? DIDN"T buy anything for props..
my sis somemore offered to carry all of them go Tesco and eat BIg APPle's Doughnut..
ha..only ANNICK responds to that...but unfortunately, Xin Ning is not allowed, Jia Wen got tuition with Sandy...and Annick had to cary Xin Ning home..

CAN we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting star?
i could really need a wish right now..
wish right now..
wish right now..


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun times over

just got prepared to go add math mum just got a new cupboard because me and my sister's clothes are too much to handle..i have to carry one BIG bag of clothing away to make room for more clothing...Gbye old clothing...sob sob...
The world is full of remorse...Why oh Why Malaysian's politicians wanted to mind the Palestinian's bussiness?? What happen if Israel declare war againts us? I am not surprise if one day..some huge looking potatoes are going to drop from above the sky and once it reaches the SPLAT and we all die..die ..die
hey..remember my last post about BABA VANGA?
WOrld war III is coming soon...waiting for the so called drama to start..
Don't i look huge here? camera's perspective..illusion whatever so called weird names..

so, i hate hate hate hate my teenage life...i can't wait to go to college..i can't imagine myself staying here for the next three years? DON"T ever think of me taking Form six...i can't imagine myself being cage in with no freedom, no social in touch with the outskirts...
who could ever live through my life? NOBODY
my parents think that i could ponder it..but no! in my heart, im crying like hell, begging trough the bars to break free...HOW CAN PEOPLE LIVE WITHOUT PHONE?
unless i happen to live back where BABA VANGA is still alive..
i could at least know what my future holds though....
Just came back from a brief trip to KL..didnt buy anything..SOB..after that trip..everyday had to go to school...either i split myself in two to go for choir practice or drama practice or i just don't turn up and go to tuition instead..


Friday, June 4, 2010

HOT HOT HOT!!! Tokio hotel madness...


FFF-ing love them

there're not like some so called monkeys who shout scream just because they're punk genre..





First poem i ever wrote about someone..
..on the exam question paper..LOLZ!

His eyes look like Ed Westwick
That makes my knees go weak
He always wear shorts and tight shirt
no wonder Simon Cowell gets hurt
His hair so short yet his smile soo bright
those laugh he gave it was soo light
my eyes follow his every little steps
they call me stalker, i need a rehab
To see him far away it's not enough
sadly though, he ain't that tough
He's GAy! He's Gay! the time i saw him
all good looking gay guys are thin
He's not stick thin, nor flash fat
he has such a hot body and yet
he is short for a boy that age
thinking of it, it make my brain damage
as they say, looks can be deceiving
but each time i see him, it's non-believing
his action speaks louder then words
please be straight or else it would hurt
We remain strangers because i don't hook
i do not have freedom to atcually fit
i'm dead boring, nobody wants to look
my sister's famous quote "Ann, you look like a shit''
somehow i manage to get a glimpse of him in his school
opportunity knocks, and i'm the fool
i could only keep quiet and remain unseen
its no way this is going to work out it seems..
they say that he must be really hot and sane
that he manages to catch my stone dead brain
i have never set any eyes on boys for a long time
girls gotta move on to feel fine
if my friends atcually read this
they'll be puking their eyes out at least..
i feel disgust when i read what i wrote
if my paper gets back i'll keep the note
it's already half a year
i've been seeing him all weeks, i fear..
but he didnt know nor did i want him to
because nothings gonna work if it'll do
so,goodbye to my love story..
all i wish is to be really free
there is nothing but define crush
he's gay or he's not, i will not fuss..
his eyes