Wednesday, December 14, 2011

how i cheated my look

i love my fluffy hair..( : and its natural..
i'm thinking of dying my hair, and it turn out that it would further damage my maybe i should just stand under the sun and let the sun bleached it, yet it would also damage my hair..

and this is how i cheat..haha..just with a pair of fake eye lashes, NO contact lenses, i don't wear them, because i'm afraid it would harm my eye..with only a pair of fake lashes, i am able to double the size of my they say, looks can be really be deceiving..but i'm just here to send a message to monolids out there, there's always a chance for you guys to have double eye lids, if you know how to apply make up..

and for plummer look, i usually apply lipstick first and the lip gloss on it..lipstick is sooo dry and it can crack your lips easily and it can't stay be sure to apply every lippie thing

eye shadow..until now, i'm still not a good eye shadow applier..i dont blend nicely with other i'm working on it..
so don't come asking me eye shadow tips..i only know BRONZER is very very essential for every make up..
my weapon for the big day..BIG eyes, and eye lids!
okay guys, i am sooo tired now, busy because i had to move house soon..
the big con of going to the new house is that THERE IS NOT INTERNET OVER THERE!!!!!

sob, dear blog, wait for me while i go and dig the grass and plant my newly grown brain..



  1. I agreed you used this >MAC< fake lashes...It's really Bring a double eyelids from monolids...^^..Coz I''mma monolids too...xixi


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