Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2011

I had the time of my life!!!!!!!! Anugerah cemerlang 2011, i perform as the pianist for our school's choir team, the pianist for the choral speakers, the violinist for our simfoni puteri band, the guitarist for our group singing...Holy, this final year really ended with great meaning..because after that, we went to AS mall and had lunch a karaoke session

Honestly, i haben't been to E-Box since i was 12..i feel sooo illiterate over there..haha..but dude, IT"S SOOOO FUN!! those who went to AS mall were Me, Shey Hwa, WeiYing, brenda, cyee, our dear Mr Chan, Shey Hwa's mum, sulian and Jia Ying (i derno why she's there anywy)..i am very surprised that they atcually had Gaga' Born this way..i thought it would be full of out dated song..ha..i'm jjust gooing to eat back my words

those yellow light...Ouch, after our threee hour karaoke session there, (which probably broke many voice boxes) we all line ourselves along London Weight Management and took a group picture....dude..and our Ah Sir try to mimick a camera trick by holding the model's hand or something..we kept laughing and laughing, everybody look at us like we're some kind of alien or something..then we took another group picture at Le Ann Maxima..(somebody should try coveing the 'LE") ..

Me and dear Sandy..pity her had to carry my things for me..i need to change sooo many times..pinafore, red skirt, bllack pants, black blouse, black skirt, black choir t-shirts..

We all showing off our choir t-shirts with our names printed on it..Haha..i love you a love love love love love...i wish those moment would freeze...but sadly though, it's my final year, its their final year..its OUR final year..
Thank you mummy for letting me had such wonderful time..
thank you sir for bringing us the jokes of our lives..
thank you Wei Ying for making me feel like i had a close friend all those time
Thank you everyone who atcually took photos with me


Thursday, April 21, 2011


The saying is always true..when you had long hair, you wish for shorter hair..when you had short hair, you wish you had longer hair..ARGH! i view back those days where i had those long curly hair ..I WANT IT BACK DEARLY! atcually look okay to me, i don't know why i loathe is sooo much when i had it..i thought i will be able to decrease the damage where my hair keeps dropping and dropping ..nah, its still the same as it is now..
I found out the main cause of why my hair drop too much..

coz, i OVERDAMAGE it..come to think of it, i rebond and rebond it..and perm it just hardly a year from my rebonding hair...NO wonder...

so yes, i wish hard that my hair will grow until chest length again right after SPM..because the first thing i'm going to do right after that is to sit myself in a saloon and PERM my hair again..(since it didn't do any different if i keep my hair in natural state)
i blame myself from cutting my hair!
if i still had it'll be sooo long..and when i tie it, it won't be ugly like it used to be..
I WANT YOU, dear hair..
dear curly hair..
dear dear dear



JB movie

My very first movie with my friends..XD..i can't stop glee-ing because i have so much freedom recently..just two days before that i was able to have fb..and then mum let me go to the movies with my friends and even said she's going to keep her newly bought phone for me..
I guess god must be watching all the time..

Now let me get this straight,.did i become a belieber after watching Justin Bieber's Never say never? NO..ha..okay, i admit he's good looking..talented..but i don't like to share him with sooo many screaming and crying fans...if i'm going to be obsessed with some male artiste, i find someone who is less popular...sooo,...If there's a biopic of Ed Westwick, i guess i'll be the only one sitting in the cinema that time..

So there's only three of lonely and sad..Our dear slow turtle Jiawen couldn't come because she had tuition..but hell mummy even let me go shopping after that..Hrm..what is there to see in AS mall? so we just browse around the shops..i spend about five minutes at the shop selling ribbons..>.< it turn out to be too formal for me..and then went in Watson and look at products of all kind..The watson there is SOOO small..>.<

And oh yeah.,..THe cinema had only been occupied by three i guess, JB aren't that popular in isolated area like ULU ALOR STAR?

Then we had a five minutes tea break at minutes! i only ate cheesy wedges because i KFC food is not likable for me..i prefer MCdonald..we parted at 4.30 and go back...

so...that's my FIRST movie with my dear friends..

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mummy give me the green light..mummy gimme the green light!!!
i didn't expect anything at all..NO, i wasn't even having the slightest expectation at all..i flip open my blog, and mummy was there

Mum: Do you know how to create your own facebook?
Ann: You don't let me use de..
Mummy: You add us as a friend larh..
Ann: yalor hor..since you already know how to use facebook..

so the first person i went to add was daddy/mummy..and then my sister..and my brother..and my bro's gf..and all my cousins...and then add Sandy, Jia Wen and Annick..(sadly though, i can't find Xin Ning's)

so what if my parents are my facebook friends? i got nothing to hide
please add me


When i was 15...

When i was 15, i was obviously taller than my sister..duh! ( : i finally grown my hair, (note, i had a short mushroom hair before..) when my hair out grew my shoulder, i rush to go rebond it again ..=.='' this is one of the few main reason why my hair keep dropping...TOO MUCH HAIR PERMING! not much atcually, i only did three times in my whole entire life...(i'm planning to perm again right after SPM)
i'm soooo gonna spoil my hair

When i was 15...i can't remember anything when i was's like someone brainwash the whole month..all i remember was trying to memorize chinese proverbs that sounded like tamil language to me..HUH..

and oh yeah, when i was 15..i spend a lot of time in the library with Chiu Yee..every free lesson, we would climb up four flight of stairs just to go to the library..Guess i miss having the same class with her..T.T and goodness sake, when i was 15...I WAS stupid again..
which prolong my grounding life..

When i was 15...i can't remember studying hard for PMR...when i was 15..I CAN"T REMEMBER anything..>.< what happen to me?!


When i was 14..

Hero-Boys like girls
Can't believe my eyes when i saw how i atcually look like when i was 14..Gee..that's the first time i experience hair revolution when i sat onto the saloon and wanted to rebond my hair..
and that blouse i'm wearing ( in the picture) couldn't fit me at all now...Guess i was thin that time,..

and i was sooooo 'lala'..look at what i'm wearing for SHOES! it's hideous!.urgh..

and yes, 14 was the age where i grow vain and out of control..14 spoils my life until today..14 is the turning point where i wish i turn back and redo all those stuff and thinking..
GO away,'re not going to infect me..shoo shoo

and as you can see, this is how my family looks like 3 yrs ago..with daddy with his tigh fitting younster shirt, my sister looking chubby and my mum with limp hair and me with a distorted mouth (i've just did my braces that time)

i guess 14 is the age i HATE
becoz it spoils my life till now..


Thursday, April 7, 2011

The girl with the guitar

4 real-Avril Lavigne
Okay, this must be a huge mistake..ME? accepting an award for Best English 2010? THIS IS HILARIOUS! It's not fair at all because i'm sure Nicole should deserve this..She had been accepting this award ever since she started schooling in Convent..Just because strict old Mdm Chua is the one being their English teacher and mine is a pregnant young woman who used to be a model, doesn't mean marks can proof your ability..
MY GRAMMAR mum always poked me with that..i can't even spell common long words like 'embarassed' should i put double R in there or single S?
it confuse me!

My guitar is DEAD..oh wait, it's not dead yet, but it's DYING..i didn't have enough money to give it new strings and wait, my ANOTHER guitar need new strings too! So, that's about 12 strings to buy...and oh wait, i even had to pay them for their services because i CAN"T fix strings on, i do really wanna come up with a resolution where i would walk around the streets with broken strings and play some songs to some passer-by..therefore, they'll pay me to stop THAT horrible sound it is making..
hold that a cat trying to sing?

Ann is getting cheeks fat and chin fat and tummy fat..Seriously, there's sooo many temptation at home..Ice cream in the fridge, oreo in one jar, fingers biscuit in another jar, mummy's rock bun in the cookie jar, and daddy's variety bun in the tupperware..and when i open my mouth, mummy would think i'm hungry and get up and do yogurt drink for me, blend orange juice, apple juice and even prepare some heavy food for me even though i'm sooooo full i can float up the moon..

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang is coming soon on the 28th..i have never miss that day and this year, it would be my final bring the stage to me..i wanna own the whole stage! haha..=.='' i didn't go for lots of practices and Mr Chan had that kind of look where someone had just killed his cat or something..i can't stay back that often, daddy will go mad, mummy will keep preparing food and i grow sooo exhausted and fatigue that i can't see which shoe is on which foot..

oh yeah..i finally LOVE Daniel Radcliffe again! Curse him for dancing his way to my brain..
British guys are really HOT

Shirt-Brands outlet
Tie-dye skirt-Brands outlet
Who's that Gloomy?- ME!!

Pink love

What happen if your best friend fall for the same guy as you do? okay, i admit it was partly my fault for telling her that i didn't had those PING And PANG feelings towards that hot bod would i know after a short period and his over achievement rattles my heart like a gong? That guy is ELLIGIBLE to be a NATIONAL swimmer..!guess he's not that fashionable, but whatever clothes he wear (yes, even a gunny sack) he just look soooo hot..

Oh wait, i didn't dare tell anyone that i DO have feelings for him..go on, i give him to you, this is what i said to my best friend who was atcually going bonkers over his body structure..It was no doubt each time he came in for tuition, i and my friend started gapping and exclaiming in language we both don't this right though? liking the same guy with your best friend? besides, i was the first one who saw him, keep constantly mumble how hot his body is until i atcually pointed him out to my friend..and things just go out of control

Me and Jia wen (don't get it wrong, this is not the one who likes the same guy as i do) can you spot spongebob? haha XD

guess it's all up to fate..TELL me we DO have fate..i meet him FOUR times a week..Now that's a real bonus..Sunday-physics..Monday-Chemistry..Wednesday-Malay..and OH YEAH! FRIDAY, my love..coz, account tuition ..there's only ME and an empty classroom, sitting one at the west and another at the east



It is not that many, but dang, i didn't know i had the most among my siblings...Mostly it was not all academics but performances.. ..i can't believe my eyes when i atcually gain a bronze medal for long jump?!? this is insane...
anyway..i'm just going to put a REALLY thick skin face and list down all 26 of my trophies..

2001- Improvement award
2002- champion solo singing competition kota star
-2nd place solo singing comepetition daerah Kedah
-'wei xiao zheng guang' award..=.='' derno how to translate..Glory award?
2003- Ping Pong 4th place..=.=''
2004- belly dancing
-cha cha
-line dancing
-traditional dance
-3rd place english test competition
-Ping pong 3rd place
-Story telling competition 3rd place
2005- English reading competition 2nd place
2006-Public Speaking competition 3rd place kota star
-Inter school public speaking 3rd place
-'wei xiao zheng guang' again..=.=''
-Long jump 3rd place
2007-Choral Speaking champion daerah kota star
-champion choral speaking daerah kedah
2008-Choral speaking champion daerah kota star
-choral speaking 2nd place daerah kedah
-Drama competition 3rd place
2009-Choral speaking daerah kedah 3rd place
2010- Choir competition daerah kota star first place
-Choir competition daerah kedah 2nd place
-Drama competition consolation place =.=''


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The lazy song-Bruno Mars
If only i am as smart as some braniacs, i wouldnt have to crack my brain thinking where my next step will be..maybe i should go rob a bank just to get myself in some highly profound college where all posh kids go..
maybe miracle WILL happen and i'll be able to obtain a scholarship or something...
FAT chance..
maybe my sister suddenly earn soo handsomely that she will be able to support me! (since she had ate up what was left for me..>.<)
i should just rely on the government and continue sixth form which most student will probably rather die than to pursue their education in uniforms for consecutive two years..the fact of me, staying in ULU Alor Star for two years freak me out..

how about the positive sides?
oh wait, i get to spend two more years with my parents who treats me like i'm their only child in the family..<3...i get to drive my mum in and out of her school...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Video of me talking

My braces...

This is my old video just right after i took my braces off..( :
i really do miss my long curly hair..
I vow never to chop my hair off anymore

i just post this video up incase i abandon my blog again for another week, you guys can view my video and try to listen to my stunted talking..


Latest love

Fourskin is from singapore..the first time i went in there, i didn't realize what shop it is, i just bought two red hairbands and never look back, i just notice it again after i spot a super attractive acid wash jeans and high waist stone wash shorts at Gurney..i was over the moon..I FREAKIN love that shop the moment i saw it, and when i move over to the accessories, i love it even more..everything, from headbands to head scarves are all there..god, it's like heaven over there...(of course you don't expect any girly clothing there, but they do have girly accessories) and you can expect the price is really pricey ..ouch..

i didn't know it's from Padini group...i swear i saw my mng top there >.< how can that be? did they imitate it? >.< but i love their items there, (exspecially those flats..) and they even had seperate shops for their accessories (only in Penang) don't find any attractive blouse there, it's mainly t-shirts, jeans, casual skirts (which look very very nice) ..Mainly, they're the outlets for PDI authentics, Vincci, Seed, P & Co and bla blah blah..So, it's local..
and their price is very reasonable..
( :

Miliyah had rake my first fashion icon ever..oh, she's the girl on your left side, the one with the dark hair is our Malaysia's famous
Miliyah is not exactly pretty...but she's a real fashion goer, i WANT to be like her..( : oh, she's a singer atcually, and it take me a super duper long time to have me influence in liking her style..after reading more of VIVI, i am sooo certain that her style had tatooed into my brain..
the only thing i can't be like her when i'm older is that she splashes on Chanel, D & G, Miu Miu, blah,  like it's mineral water...I can't afford those..>.<
Miliyah had rake up to the number one most wanted to have her hair in Japan..( :