Sunday, December 25, 2011


This is what i wore during the second day of my work. appropriate for a teacher? Do you know the first time i go in there, this teenage boy ask if i was a student here. LOL! then there were two 13 yrs old girl that call me 'jie jie' instead of 'lau shi'...>.< and oh yeah, i forgot that the boss had cctv installed somewhere around here, i didn't realize that. Imagine him watching me snapping pictures of myself ~

this is my wait, there is more atcually, i got two adjacent room all to myself. so while waiting for students, i would bang at the piano, take the guitar out, look outside at the hawker centre to see read people. I love reading people, i judge them in my mind.

the another space. Not much to play atcually, but if there's a drum set in that room, whoa, i'll be the noisiest of them all.
BANG! BOOM! the boss would run away thinking that its a nuclear bomb


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