Friday, May 27, 2011

Best Movie coming soon

I read the book..I think its awesome! i can't believe my eyes when i saw that it was being filmed! not until 2012! ha..i have to wait for next year..It's worth watching, since the story of the book is like BRILLIANT! that writer had is ssoooo creative and imaginative..i wonder how he manage to peel out all these story lines..

Main star is Jennifer Lawrence who acted as Katniss..
her partner, Peeta, acted by Josh hutcherson ( I love him loads!)

You must play the game to be ALIVE
the only thing that kept you from winning is DYING..



Hurt and MAD

I've learned things..NEVER ever PLAN anything's just going down the chute'll be dissappointed, you'll be soooo F up..this is what happen when you imagine too much, hope too much and everything just WON"T happen..
This is the third time MY KL trip had been cancelled..what's the god damn reason? why am i constantly planning on what i would wear when i go there.? THIS is what happen! NEVER hope for anything..NEVER believe in anything!

NOTHING can be trusted..


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holiday planning

Going to KL this week and Kuantan the other week..the only problem is that i DON"T have enough cash and i don't have super nice clothes to trash out at Bukit Bintang..
Mummy's going to Fahrenheit last, i get to go see that shopping mall..and some other stores..( :
and as for Kuantan..i get to go visit that babydoll boutique again which they sell lots of babydoll dresses..
i can't live without fashion



Next to you-Chris Brown ft JB
I'm going shopping ..i'm going shopping..
okay, so this is my recent last shopping trip to queensbay..and i wore this macaron pale yellow without knowing that it is 10%, i guess a quarter of my pride had been revealed through that translucent round collar dress..>.< dont laugh at me, i ady die embarrassment..the worst thing is, when i came back home under the dark light in the house, my dad pointed out that he can see what is underneath that cloth..i nearly freak out...this is why i SHOULD check the mirror from head to toe, backside to frontside, before i leave home..

What did i bought? i only bought one long flowy skirt because i saw a senior wore this lovely long skirt with white balerina flats and she looked i bought a maxi skirt that comes with a brown thick waist belt..and thats it..>.<


The biggest realization

 What i found out, is beyond recognition..i can't believe my eyes, nor can i believe what he atcually wrote..But i will just turn a blind eye..and still think there's always a probability of a chance..My crushing it worth sticking for months just to get a glimpse of his backside? is it worth focusing on that particular guy even if you know he atcually didn't give a damn about you? is it worth....?
 Hey guys, i'm back with LOADS of photos..its been a mad three weeks with constant visits of the school library with at least two fat books in each arm..MID YEAR EXAM is finally OVER! woo hoo..don't get too happy, that is just the first taste of what we're going to go through for the next three months before trial exam..*nails biting*..i atcually think i'm flunging add math for real..

i wanna do gigs after was my sister's suggestion because obviously, i think my voice will send all the people out of the restaurants..the only place in Alor Star to do gigs is in Rock Cafe and Bali-Bali..which i haven't even step foot into it before..(imagine that)..i once saw this awesome girl singing with a guy playing saxaphone in Station One at Kuantan,...I really freak out and never ever wanna brave myself into performing anymore..
will i ever make it in Alor Star at least?

Puff sleeves blouse-Zara @ oneUtama
High-waist skirt- Online store Emcee Couture
Brown heels- Sister's ..derno where..=.=''
Who's that sheep? ME


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Webcam session

I'm  just having fun with my new netbook's webcam which turn out to be pretty awesome to have sooo many damn god features..>.<
Why am i soooo vain nowadays..i want this, i want that..i want those, i want these..everything had to be revolve around ME..i'm selfish, self-conceited and self-engaged..hold on, i'm not selfish..I'm self-absorbed! the mirror must be right infront of me, even the reflection of a pool of water helps a lot..i've been sticking double eye lid sticker because i heard that it will produce permanent double eye lids after a year of wearing..(sounds like braces to me)..
school reunion/prom night is around the ex classmates and school mates will be attending and thankful though, i was asked to be the host of that event..*nails bitting* this is my first formal official job and i'm really shakey about it...there'll be strangers over there who practically think who's that unprofessional monkey is there talking japanese? or was it zimbabwe language?
I hope it turns out well coz i don't wanna be the laughing stock of that night with stuttering sentences and black out moments..*cross fingers*

My dear hair is growing..FINALLY! i can atcually see the difference..since i'm going to form 6 next year, there'll be no chances for me to dye my hair marshmallow brown or buttercup..So i just stick with my perms and continue to destroy my hair....

Do you know what's my FUTURE PLANNING university is? NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE..rank  NO 1 in Asian..rank NO36 in the whole wide world..
Not for people like me who is dumb and stupid..

well at least i can still have a shot if i take up sixth sister is listing down the easiest subject for me to score A so that i can enrol to NUS..ha..




I wanna be pretty..
i wanna be gorgeous
i wanna have long lustrous hair
i wanna have big watery eyes
i wanna have lots of beautiful clothes
i wanna have a fairer skin and reddish lips
i wanna be a famous blogger before i reach 21
i wanna own an album of my own song before 21
i wanna i wanna

don't be too greedy, ann

I vow

Rolling down the deep-Adele
Lol..suddenly my eyes sooo big...this is the wonders of fake double eye-lids...I keep saying i won't be online-ing for three weeks and here i am..accepting my offer to online for another one hour...
>.< my violin exam is on the 11th of August, which is three days before SPM trial exam..great ..oh great..
and oh yeah, my clothing closet look very dull and boring...i'm fed up with my clothes..( i know i should be thankful for having SOOOOO many clothes) but i just don't like wearing the same clothes...even twice?

the facebook fever is still on..i doubt i remain active in my blog if this goes on..



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jealousy kills

Animal-Neon trees
Why some people are soooo filthy rich..
why some people are soooo god damn beautiful..
Why some people had sooo many chances to be famous..
Why some people are sooo brainwhiz smart
Why can't i ever be like them..
having money, chances and be gorgeous..


thank you god for giving me perfect a perfect face with no distortion..
i am happy with my monolids..
i am happy with my family normal income
i am happy that i'm working on my studies..

do i still want more..?


Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm finally back to modelling again!

nobody's perfect-Jessie J
 So my piano teacher is soooo insisting...i tot i was going for my usual piano lesson and there she was pulling me asking me to try on her newly bought clothes from Shanghai..=.='' i gonna have free clothes to wear ady...but then after i tried and after how much compliment she splayed on me..she said she's going to sell me the atcual price and she will not earn anything at all..those clothes were suppose to be given to her goddaughter which could not fit in due to her tummy ..arent i suppose to be elligible to have it half price?
and she sold me THREE of those clothes...
what to do...
 Anyway...i got a free netbook from the government..alas..i got myself a gadget on my own..though im only allowed to use it for weekends and holiday..but im satisfied with it..( :
The busy original Ernie had came back to spent four days with us (Note: my sister) here i am looking at her wearing one of my casual tuition clothes as her sleeping dress...ERNY!!! can you atcually see that's a VERY nice SINGLET?!! you're nt suppose to wear it just for the bed to see!!! goodness...
here's another skirt..dude..i have sooo many black skirts and all of them are high waisted..=.='' it belongs to my sister without even being worn..thats because she didn't like the cutting but it looks okay to me..and the button fits perfectly for my blouse.
I saw the tappered pants in Pop Soda didn't looked quite nice as the magazine shows..IT"S HUGE at the tighs..urgh.. sooo happy i finally got a tuition friend for BM ady..NO More LONELINESS!!! thank you Sandy..hope you don't just say it and not come on Wednesday..or i'll be soo sia sui had to book place for you but nobody come..

top and skirts 1 : bought from piano teacher
SKirts (pic 3) : Online store emcee couture
oxford booties: Aldo
Who's that wood? : ME

ps: add math test sucks..i definetly get a B for this

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So stress up

 had anyone heard of Lady Gaga's new single Judas? Its such an offend to christians! no wonder my violin teacher loathe her so much..if only he heard the song, he fainted straight away without no words...

okay...mid year exam..i heard all the A class staying up till 3 o'clock in an attempt to study..I can't believe they can atcually stay on till 3 o'clock..i tried last night and i end up going to bed during 12.15 midnight..i dont wanna have pimples popping out everywhere the next morning..duh!
Ooh la la..
so yeap, i decided that i wanna have a temporary job as a clothing seller in a boutique shop or something after SPM..damn...i can't live without clothes..i figure out the new in-pants are tappered pants, which i earlier did named it as ZARA pants ..Those selling at Zara are around RM149.90..those at Pop Soda only cost about 99.90..dang...

i promise promised i wont abandon this blog even though Facebook looked sooo much nicer than this...


Saturday, May 7, 2011


i'm soo tired..i can sleep on an elephant...
i'm sooo stress up..i can step flat a whale..

ever since i got myself a fb blog had been dying from post..(l0ng post with photos)..don't blame me..the bug just caught on to me and it needs a really long time to settle down,...
Till then...i hope this blog won't die..because i love writing stuff that doesnt make sense..
like a baby popping out of a balloon..

and oh yeah...SEPHORA is in MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's in STARHILL GALLERY at KL...sooo go grab your purse and head on to that make up department store..AWESOME>.<