Saturday, March 30, 2013

Milkshake factory

Come on!! grab your car keys, take your wallet and head on to Gurney 6th floor to Milkshake factory!! not your ordinary drinking shack!
owkay! i got my free milkshake as promise, and it was pretty awesome!
Gohara my old friend introduce me to some of their signature drinks, they even have CEREAL for breakfast!!
i was hoping to get cereal since i'm such a big fan of cereal, but it's only for breakfast. so drinks, here i come!

So Gohara ask me if i like fruits or chocolate? Chocolate of course! Chocolate is girl's best friend and their chocolate are all IMPORTED!! expensive chocolate if i may state, those kind of chocolate where you buy from stores it cost about Rm5 at least. So it was really worth it to try it with milk and all sorts!
look at the menu!
you can even have biscuits shake! imagine putting your cereal into the blender !
so i chooses OREO (my favorite all time) with SNICKERS!

oooh YUMMY!!!
i can't imagine having nutella together with my milkshake too!
it will taste extremely wonderful!!! famous amos?? did i spot famous Amos too?? *drooling*
so about my oreo+snickers milkshake, i can taste the caramel of the snickers alright, they blend the whole snickers bar, so don't worry if they are being stingy with their ingredient, because they are NOT!

my FACE super FAT here
the only picture so i have to just post it up. 

bottoms up my drink!
will visit that shop again next time i come to PENANG. 
for those around there, don't forget to go and grab yourself one! 
try it just once, you will love it!


Friday, March 29, 2013

just you

currently feeling this shit. 

currently wishing this happens

currently thinking back

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cutesy is not a crime through LINE STICKER

having great fun with the chip or dale (god knows which ) big head at my bro's gf new house!
it's a week school holiday! and i had a not-so great week, but still so-so okay, border line holiday. went to penang to visit my bro's gf new house and had a short shopping spree at Queensbay and Gurney. 
(there's really nothing to shop once you have an empty wallet)
bought mummy an INGLOT eyebrow pencil (i had never, ever splurge on expensive make up for myself, but i did it for mummy! *cries*)

The weather was sooo freaking hot! so i was atcually sweating from my newly washed hair. in within hours, my hair became a greasy limp noodle look-a-like
and i found this ultra awesome cute guy!! if anybody would recognise this fellow from LINE (an android apps for free chats and call), you can buy this guy in

try to resemble his face
anyway, i didn't buy much from Penang. just two piece of clothing item and another double eye lid sticker. 
oh well, the double eye lid sticker couldn't work well on my eye because it was too thick
*hurts my eye* owwh

i bought the brown colour packaging (i've already got the blue and it works wander!) but i did a bloody mistake in buying yellow colour sticker!! yellow!? Aren't it transparent?
oh gosh, wasted Rm20 for was too thick for my eye comfort too. 

cute like an innocent boss.
cutie wrap up with my favorite pillow
i couldn't sleep with that pillow!

recognise cutie face from these bunch of other cuties?
sooo adorable

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My OOTD and my STPM results *giggles*

readers probably cover their eyes when they look at my vain pictures, because i think they probably be more interested in what i get for my result than to see me striking my poses here and there. 
sorry guys, bear with it till the end of the post and you get the answers that you want. 

but here's one important annoucement i have to make for the BLOGGERS OUT THERE!!
NOTE: you read that google readers will be closing down this JULY! but GOOGLE FRIENDS CONNECT will not be canceled! so don't worry of loosing your followers!! you will still have them and hope it will make your wishes come true by earning a handful load of followers!!
i know, i became super paranoid when i heard that google reader will be closing down, but i read through some blogger and they said bloggers won't be affected though. 
just as long as you're a blogger, you will feel free using GFC to connect with bloggers all around the world!


my unattractive backside
just trying on something different and unusual because white shorts freaks me out.  You won't be too sure of over exposing yourself underneath (if you know what i mean) but i tried it though

what i wore
lace singlet: a boutique in Sungei Wang
Lace shorts: sister love
neck piece: Bugis Street, Sg
Sunglasses: Brands Outlet

hair becomes long and messy after leaving it uncut for one freaking year. *giggles* have to do something badly to my hair though. 
Any suggestion?

Today big surprise. 

okok, yaya, here's my answer to all of you.
okay, so first thing when i was driving to school, Dan texted me that my big butt friend Low had already know his result since 3 A.M in the morning (god knows how he manage to stay awake at that time) Dan could have given me a heart attack right at the road with that text.  i was freaking out because they told us that our results will be out during noon. 

bloody, i went to school freaking out. 
Saw my fat cat friend grinning like a ..well, cat, and he said he even printed out his results. I stare at his business studies, the only donkey who get a B+ in our whole batch (there were no A's or A-'s in our school for that ridiculous subject) snarl at him, because he use to sleep in class and he took the only B+ from all of us. but i was biting my nails to know my result

grab on to my class monitor's phone (who 24 hours seems to have his data running wild) punch in my identity card number and puffing like mad for the result. 
at first i was unsure of what i was seeing through the small phone screen, and then Dan zoom it and we both  went "TUDIOH" 
and i was laughing my head off (my head atcually ran off across the street)XD

like seriously, my mum even targeted that i wouldn't get any A's . Dad gave me 2 A's , i gave myself 2 A's too (regardless if it's A-'s or what) but god gave me this.

Pengajian Am is general studies
Pengajian Perniagaan is business studies
Bahasa Melayu is Malay language studies
i hope you guys know what is ekonomi though, (economics)

this motivates me to work harder for my next semester!!
for those who did badly , don't give up! there's always a hope. 
Just like a comment i read through facebook, having a strings of A's doesn't comfirm your future. 
It's your ability to catch hold of the future you want. 


Friday, March 15, 2013

One day trip with the dudes and babes

One group photo of us before we leave Jitra~
we started off our journey right after our tuition. We have five cars to pick up 16 human beings (too much to be written XD) 
so our plan was to go eat breakfast at a nearby hawker centre, watch the 2pm singapore movie called Ah Boys to men 2, go back my so-called new house at jitra to watch Ah Boys to men 1 (reversing it) go to darulaman park to relax and then go to this famous restaurant to eat thai food, and then go back.
everything were mess up.
our movie was schedule to 6.15 pm instead
no going to park for our relaxation
and we spent completely one bonkers hour at my house doing either daydreaming, sleeping and a huge amount of stuffing ourselves with junk food

the whole place is so hot and sweaty! everybody went to my room to chill instead~
anyway, after a few minutes of watching the first part of the movie in my house, some were practically falling asleep already. i feel bad that my house didn't have any food to entertain them, well, basically this house had not been stayed for quite some time already, so my fridge and everything else are completely empty.

yiiiii all the "chi ko pek" face XDDD
then after the movie, people are everywhere! you can find three girls sleeping on my bed, 2 in the master bedroom, six up the third floor snoring away, 2 at the lower ground floor playing phone games, 1 walk around carrying his towel and clothes waiting to bathe, another 1 in my ground floor room listening to music , and another one randoming appearing in everybody's spot.
(if you guys know who they were XD)

up the third floor watching movie
there were stuffs everywhere!
some carried pillow 
some carried toys

timer camwhore session in my bedroom
our 16 blurry tickets. 
the show was not bad! it was pretty funny to be exact
Jack Neo again, fail to disappoint us! the story of the movie continues well, make us crack in our seats. 

later~ we went to Rung Reng for our late dinner. 
it was pretty late at that time after the movie finished, so i was worried my parents would lecture me after that. 
but thankfully no.
we split into two tables and well, had the same dish in two sets. 
our bill came off to Rm268 something something. 
and our fish burnt into flames after my friend Shue Tin dumped vegetables and played with the coal 

our first fail shots, because i can't see lai yein's face. haha
went back home minutes after 10pm (yes, still early)
thanks Dan for the ride
and thanks (phew, here goes my list)
shan da, chun wei, xin tong, alexer, jesslyn, lai yein, shue tin, shu yee, shu ping, chun yee, esther, yk, shi yun, kuan cin, and danson for coming!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Outfit love from Singapore

greetings earthlings! today is 14th of March which is White valentine's day! 
as for today, i've did nothing in school but to get myself pulled into marching for my school sports team *cry*
ended up loosing three games in monopoly
and cursing at my project work for messing it up and i have to type it all over again

just a short post anyway guys!
going to have a long long post for the next post to update about my hanging out with the dudes and babes tomorrow in my "new" house in Jitra!
oh soo excited because this is the first time my friends had ever been to my other house!! XDDDDD

anyway this dress i wore is from my sister's boyfriend!
he bought two, each for me and his sister!
looks really really nice but i didn't have the chance to wear it to anywhere YET!
hopefully i do have the chance to wear it out though!


Friday, March 8, 2013

The brown brow

getting rounder and rounder.
Sheer top: Cotton On
Bodycon dress worn inside: Cotton On
Socks: Sox world
Shoe: Aldo
necklace: Bugis street, Sg

the back of me
i don't understand how i have bulges of fats all over me and yet people say that i'm small size. 
i get it, i'm short, but i am still fatty all over. 
my thigh is unbelievable large, i have a big doughnut around my tummy and my face looks like a flat pancake.
and yet i am still under the small frame category?
i still don't understand how i can be small when i am have fats all over me.

what if i cut this kind of hair?
i bravely took out my mother's brown Dior eyebrow pencil and bravely drew it on my jet black eyebrow without thinking how funny it will be if the contrast doesn't seem to work. 
surprisingly, it camouflage it perfectly. first time drew my eyebrow thick so i guess no complaining how thick eyebrows had a problem in drawing their eyebrow arch anyway.
no original picture here. but this is the exact eyebrow pencil i used. 
i have a grey one myself and my mum own the brown. 

so here's the result. 
my current facebook profile picture. okay, so i don't really look like this.
i'm using some sort of amazing color filter to blend my looks. so below is my original pictures without ANY editing. 

big difference huh?

okay, and an old picture where i forgot to share it out on my blog. 
this is what my brother brought for me and my sister in Paris. 
in the end i got the Giorgio Armani and my sister get Marc Jacobs. 

sorry guys for putting up such a disgusting picture in my blog. Haha i didn't mean to, but this is what i was doing last week. I went to see the Biology student disecting these poor white rats just to study the anatomy of them. 
don't ask me why the tail got cut off. i was practically grossing out when Dan cut the tail after he became grotesquely pervert. he even cut the poor rat's foot . zz 
still thankful he didn't try splitting the rat's skull just to look at it's brain.

okok, so i'm sorry for grossing my readers with that picture. so here's a cute picture to cover up the mess. 
are you still eating? haha

a closing picture. 
i cut my own fringe and it has been turning up well though.

tomorrow is my third time taking my MUET test. i am sick of taking it already, so whatever result i score, so let that be it.


The sabah invasion

as everyone in Malaysia would know, one of our beloved states had been invaded by the sulu tribes of the Philipines. I had never thought Malaysia would comes a day where war begin, makes me bite my nails thinking what if a bomb would just drop out of nowhere right on me. 
but it's not that serious as it is, but no matter how not serious it is, it has taken lives of our beloved policemen and militants. 

the big headline. 
i feel very sad that those heroes who were killed had families, one even had a bride to be waiting for him. i can't imagine their lives had been taken just by that. but that's not the main point here, what piss me off was facebookers are atcually mocking our malaysian security force.
why are we mocking dead people? 
no respect at all. 

they were mocking how fragile our militants are 
that all our armies are like midgets 
no deny i'm super piss off by that. 
not to be biased or what (my brother is in the air force military too) but the training for malaysian armies are one of the toughest in Asian countries okay?
click the video up there and watch  our Malaysian special force GGK yourself!
though brutal and insane these training can be, 
i salute the successful ones.

but unfortunately, i don't think our government uses them to guard the border of Sabah though. 
They use policemen instead. 
and after that a few militants were called upon to guard it. 

but, again i state my phrases, 
do not laugh or mock at our Malaysian Armies.
if you can pass those brutal training, then you have the right to give your standing points.
but unfortunately you don't. so please respect the dead. 
they died protecting our citizens. 
i want to see if you can do like that too.