Saturday, December 17, 2011

Living in my own world

 I have a brain on my own, i have a different realm than others..i view the world with pure fascination. I look at sceneries like they were made out of cotton candy coated with pink ribbons.
I had an extremely soft spot towards old people. I remember seeing a poor old woman sitting on a stool selling fresh flowers. It was sooo freakin cold on that day, and i went up wanting to place my scarf over her, but then i saw some people bought flowers from her, and i'm in another country that time..will it scare the wits off her? what if she is atcually rich?

I think Rainbow is the most beautiful thing on earth. A rainbow can represent a lot of things, it symbolise hope, it symbolise bridge, it symbolise a border, it symbolise treasure..and to me, it symbolise love.

People HATE eye bags..surprisingly, i think eye bags make you look cute..of course not that kind of eye bags which are saggy, that is NOT cute..but eye bags form an arch over the bottom of your eyes, it make your eyes look almond-like and no eye bags represent liveless, dead, souless. its wonderful though, when you smile, you atcually look happier then..

i hate black and white, it is just too lacklustre.Colours should be form like rainbow, all lively and jovial with a burst of golden light. The view of your eyes grow wider to a brighter range of colours. Of course, black make you look slimmer, but always add something bright on it or you may just look sooooo dead-boring that people would walk over you. recently, i think Black and Red are just too compatible to each other. Orange and green should just be thrown out of the list for match-making.

There are three type of singers in the billiard chart. First class is those that sound like Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson or Charice. Their whole voice sounded whole, full that after you listen to them, you won't feel hungry anymore
Second class goes to SPECIALTY singers that sound like Adele, Bjork, Adam Levine, or Rihanna. They had those kind of voice that sounded awful, yet powerfull, and professional.
Third class goes to so-so singers like Selena gomez, taylor swift, Gwen Stefani,  that just sound awful LIVE on concert, but appear clean cut on radio.

The more i eat white bread, the more i get hungrier.
I like guys that dresses metrosexually but they are either gay, or opt to be a bachelor for the rest or their lives.
I have a soft spot towards guys that wear eye-liners =.=''
I don't like guys with big bods and stood six feet tall towering over you. a lot of girls like them , because they can protect them but i don't like it at all..they block your Feng shui, in fact, i like guys that atcually look like girls..=.=''don't give me that Justin Bieber look, i don't like him.
I have an EXTREME soft spot towards British guy, with their sexy accent

And Ann wrote her songs according to her weird feelings. Ann had once written 200++ extreme hard questions about Harry Potter which i couldn't even find the answer out now. Ann think Spongebob Squarepant is the most intelligent cartoon movie ever created. Ann can play board game by herself, play chess by herself, play UNO by herself. Ann had even kept all her Barbie dolls naked in her bedroom with hairs that really need cutting.

and soon, Ann is going to picture the world as a realm full of flying ribbons carrying my wishes .

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