Monday, December 30, 2013

Recapping 2013, welcoming 2014

it's almost the end of 2013 , and it's time to flash back what happen during my whole 2013 year. Maybe you should do too because it helps you remember all those things that happen and shape you up for what you are now ( :

i pile up all my looks for 2013~
well there's a lot of memorable things that happen during 2013
  1. I have endured last two semesters of pain killing STPM (A-levels like) exam and i'm still alive
2. i got my first sponsor in July from Efox city~my first paid sponsor was with Hair extension and my first paid event was with nuffnang (talent corp)

3. My followers had grown from a mere 102 followers to 677 followers within one year

4. I gave up music not because i didn't like it, but because i think i can do better than that ~ LOL! =..=

5. i finally went from a secret disclosed relationship to an almost open relationship with Dan because my parent found out about it (i thought they would kill me) and decided that i'm old enough to have a boyfriend

6. My first time joining 40 cars convoy to Koh Lanta, Thailand~ i ended up having bad diarrhea and almost a quarter of us threw up all over the boat *urgh!*

7. 20 of my classmates came to my house to celebrate mooncake festival and me and my friend bday, i tell you it was amazing how we woke the whole neighborhood up

8.  My first time joining Beauty Pageant even though i am super under-height and i have no idea how to speak proper mandarin . Ended up getting No.6 and Miss Intelligent? haha

9.  I won my first giveaway! lol, like literally it's my first time participating too

10. My first time going to overnight trips with all my new friends and Dan too!(shall repeat it once again later)

recapping my look
thanks for some of the online fashion stores that gave me all those lovely clothes too~
SammyDress (haven't snap outfits of it yet)
 and on coming

and thanks Hishop , especially Mabel Yan for selecting me always to review on their wonderful beauty products ( :

and thanks to Butterflyprojectmalaysia for making every blogger's dream happen. all the lovely events and collaboration , i really wish i can join all of them 

and everything happens beautifully at 2013 because of him ( :
i miss going school with him because~~
Breakfast: most of the breakfast everyday to school were all from him
even though i had my mummy's lovely scrumptious delightful breakfast , i sometimes would ate both ! no surprise why i had put on another extra pound for that. 
Dan would wake up early just to accompany me walk the dreadful long road from the student's parking lot to the classroom because it's dark and i reached school before everyone else ~ and he would patiently wait for me to walk me back to the parking lot
and when those days my mum had no idea what to give me for breakfast, Dan would wake up earlier than me and drove all the way to buy me breakfast. and i still complained why he bought me duck rice one time =..=

Many say he is not good looking, but hey~ i personally think after getting to know him better (we were once really close friend, i knew him for 3 years before moving on to our relationship, this is something like  a
a great drama storyline, ahaha) his looks doesn't really matter. everybody likes him ( : he has one of those beautiful heart i ever seen (that doesn't make him sound gayish right?)no seriously, i wish they get to know him better, (i wish they know who i'm referring to) 
he always say "do you want me to buy this for them? i pay ( :"
"go home early, your parents would worry"
my back side recapping look . hahahaha
meaning no more turning back to 2013 anymore ( :

and here's my 2014 wishes ( :
  1. to reach 1000 followers via gfc and 500 for bloglovin
  2. to save enough from my part time job  to go holiday wee~
  3. to buy myself a studio microphone (lol, been wanting that since last two years =..=)
  4. to get into the best university T.T and get the course that i want
  5. me and my loved ones  happy and healthy!
so have you start your new year's resolution yet? 


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Epure Membranous Jelly Masque : Review and Advert

Hello readers, today i be reviewing on ePure Membranous Jelly Masque, which is very sensational among celebrities and bloggers out there. 
i had seen lots of people using this product and i was thinking, what is so special about it? 
well, here's my review about it

Firstly first, what is Epure Membranous Jelly Masque?

It is developed by the renowned Dr.Yuong Moy from USA and is the first of its kind facial mask with Active Cellular factor, formulated for intense hydration, increase the skin moisture by 30-50% ( i like that! haha). it works to restore and balance the skin by removing impurities like blackheads or whiteheads. it also inhibit melanin synthesis which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone and leaves your skin brighter and supple, making you feel fresh and vibrant!. 

but the product is made in Taiwan, all the more it's quite convincing~

do you have uneven skin tones? Yes i do ) :
do you have freckles and pigmentations? i will get it soon! i know it will come one day, best to prevent it now, right?
do you have dark and dull skin? Sure do! it's horrible!
do you have sagging and wrinkled skin? erm, nope, but i'm sure all of us do not want to have it soon. 

The main ingredients for the Jelly masque is : 
(okay incase you happen not to have those magnifying eyes to read those ingredients above, here's the detail:)

Hyaluronic Acid Triple Moist Complex (HA-TMC) 
-Infused with triple concentration of hyaluronic acid with a blend of two hyaluronic acid molecular weights to assist in penetration.
- replenishes the skin's moisture reservoir and minimizes the skin pores-stimulates the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid
- protects against elastin degradation to maintain the skin's firmness
-regulates and repair cell growth
-helps wound heal faster and minimizes the look of scars.

Seaweed Extract
- high in anti-bacterial properties to detoxify the skin whilst promoting circulation.
- high in B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 to reduce inflammation and redness.
- packed with high concentrations of minerals such as fluorine magnesium and calcium to maintain the skins moisture balance- which is neither too dry or too oily.

Alpha Arbutin 
-a skin whitening agent for skin de-pigmentation -reduces melanin from reacting to sunlight.
- treats allergic inflammation of the skin.
- treats sunburn marks and regulates melanogenesis
-protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals

Jojoba Leaf Extract

- a powerful anti oxidant to defend against skin damage
- rich in vitamin A, D, E to smoothen the skin and gets rid of excessive dryness
- reduces fine lines & wrinkles

éPure Natural Vanilla scent
- soothe emotional tension
- relaxes the nerve system and brain
- improve overall mood and well being
(no wonder i smell vanilla scent when i apply the mask! it's such a nice smell i believe i can eat it if it's edible)

okay, so ready to see my disgusting naked face ? 
*prepare some plastic bucket in case you might puke*

seriously very dark after i viewed this photo back at the camera. *cries*

Instructions to use :
1. After washing of face, apply toner as the base (apply serum for a better effect)
2. use scrapper to evenly mask the whole face with thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 cm. Apply more on the tip of the nose and T-zone or pigment area. 
3. scrape the mask off gently with downward motion after 30-45 mins 
(after your second time with the mask you can reduce it to 25 mins) then rinse off thoroughly and pat your face dry
4. Apply toner and complete skin care regime

for best result use it 3-4 times a week (oily skin)
2-3 times a week (dry skin)
so i guess combination skin like mine will use around 3 times a week

First up first, i washed my face and put on my toner

and it's time to get into action~
*snip snip* 
use a scrapper to scrape the Jelly and apply it to your face. 
it looks quite little, but trust me, i can't even use it finish even though my face are is like so big (not to be exaggerating, haha) so clip it nicely and store it in the fridge for further use, because it's quite pricey, you don't want to waste it right?

First time i applied it, it smells so nice! like vanilla ice cream, seriously! i can totally take a straw and stuck it inside the packet and drink the whole thing up! hahaha (again, exaggerating) 
it's quite cooling and it really doesn't feel sticky at all~ you can go around the house with it for 30-40 minutes, but of course, better don't go touching your face with dust or anything. 
extra attention on my nose because i seriously hate my blackheads.

after that! tadaa~~instant brightness. 
of course, you can't take away my yellowish skin tone, but hey if you ever compare to the before picture, it really did it's work. 

no editing! same lighting~~
i'm amaze how by just one time, i did some magic. 
i wonder what will happen if i continuously use it for approximately one month? 

and the picture collage i put together. 

Interested in getting one of these?

you can have it in a box (which is 6 packs of mask)
or a jar)

(after posting ugly pictures of myself, time to beautify this blog post with this picture! )

for further details and would like to purchase it
you can contact :

or Wechat ID : jiawenjiawentan


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day! Jollychic $100 giveaway winner announce here!

Anyone remember about my Jollychic $100 giveaway to shop in this online fashion store?
Yeah! it's over now and here's my winner that i had chosen!

congrats Camy Lau from the blog Vault of Camy
Yay! jollychic will contact  you soon~
thanks for all 60 participants that entered my giveaway 
i am so sad that i have to pick only one winner but nevermind, i'm still having another giveaway though! it be due till 14 of January

Join my Dressale Dress giveaway here

anyway! happy boxing day! wee
how did you celebrate your christmas yesterday? 
i celebrated it at the newly open Seoul Garden in my hometown
it's really big to all of us because normally this small hometown would not cater any grand branch like Seoul Garden to enter in this remote area
so i would definitely like to spent my dinner there !

after our movie "police story" by Jackie Chan, me , Dan, Esther and Low the big butt went to Seoul Garden to eat for our Christmas dinner. 
can't believe the price and even drinks are not free ! (dayum!) you have to pay extra rm4 for refillable drinks. 
and each person cost around RM42 
yeah, after one hour 30 minutes, all four of us gave up eating. 
the kimchi soup was horrible, should have ordered Tomyum instead. 
but the rest was okay, i recommend the BBQ chicken(sweet), don't touch the coffee chicken, it's nasty! black pepper squid taste weird too, but the rest was okay. i like their curry chicken too. 
not to mention i have two servings of ice cream filled with cornflakes and the nugget taste like cardboard. 
not a very good feedback eh?

 my look for that day, 
yeah,i failed to do my eyebrow nicely again =..= ended up looking like crayon sin chan. 
if you know who he is . it's him (below)
damn =..= 
Me and Esther~my outfit for Christmas night. 
erm quite casual right? haha
i'm still in love with cut out blouse or dress, look pretty feminine

and last selfie picture for today's post!
loving the orange lip tint by peripera. 
it's selling cheap now like literally half the price slash down already haha

anyway, i got this today too!
by Natta Cosme~ Cerro Qreen make up brush set!i was so happy when i was selected .  wee! i finally got myself a make up brush set! it's so pinkish and they even sent me ferrero rocher chocolate ! 
thanks thanks!
will update it soon~~

happy boxing day readers!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Merry Christmas to all my readers!
soon it's going to be the new year again!
have you start your new year resolution yet?

well i haven't but i have lots to think back for this year. 
just a minute ago i had just visited one particular blog that started off some sort of chain links to my blog. 
without her comment i don't think there will be a connection between my blog to the outside world . After that, my blog started to be filled up with international bloggers and readers out there. thanks Ankyls for this ((: 

do  you tend to realize that once you commented on one particular post of another blogger, 
two or three more bloggers are going to visit you back ?
this is what i call chain links. 

but don't get me wrong, i don't like spam links, but i love blog walking. 
sometimes i blog walk into a different type of blogs that are totally different than what most of us do. 
sometimes i blog walk to some that shared the same interest as me. 
blog walking opens up my eye, there are more you can do than just a blog. 

but do not forget yourself , today i read one particular article in the STAR newspaper, from one of my favorite local blogger : Chien Teng. She said somehow we tend to blog to attract our audience more than writing for ourselves and our purposes. 
a blog suppose to be for yourself

so i am back here again after strings of adverts~
to pull myself back to where i came from , not just an advertising platform, but my 'public diary'. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


Dressale giveaway

Hello readers! this is my fourth ever giveaway cooperated by Dressale ~
yes, what Dressale specialize in is wedding dresses at affordable prices that comes with great quality. 
Since i am not ready to get married yet or going to be, i still have a great interest on bridesmaid dresses, why? because my sister is getting married soon! weeeee~ so i'm searching high and lo for bridesmaid dress, or dinner dress. which is great right? 

so i am hosting this lovely Dress giveaway globally on behalf of Dressale!
 Dressale Free Christmas Giveaway
Win Amazing Dresses worth $200

 I have a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY for you!   Dressale,  It is one of my new favorite places to shop! They have the best selection of beautiful on-trend dresses,  shoes,  jewelry and
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Christmas is coming and now they are giving away 10 dresses every week to their huge fans

So lovely right?? you can win one of these! imagine that! 

It is easy to win and it is super simple to enter the giveaway:
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 Giveaway will expire on January 15 and there will be one winner for each dress
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*hurry up!*

Sunday, December 22, 2013

DressV : Graceful short bridesmaid dress

Want to find your dream wedding dress at affordable prices ? want to find all sorts of special designs and all sorts of variety wedding dresses? 
are you attending one of your best friend's wedding? or are you finding brides maid dresses for all your lovely brides maid? i am finding one myself because i'm just so excited that my sister is getting married soon next year! my mum had already been searching high and low for nice dresses, and then i happen to view this wonderful site called DressV which offers not only affordable wedding dresses, but also bridesmaid dresses, mother of bride dresses (wow, this is so suitable for my mum), flower girl dresses and even wedding accessories! 

not only that, they even had special occasion dresses from prom dress, to evening dress to even office dresses. 
they even sell shoes, lingerie , wigs too!, bags and jewelries. 
everything you can name off!

this is my dream wedding dress, i always wanted a train wedding dress and also wear a veil to keep it princess like (: what say you?
(pictures are all clickable, click to see the full detail)
Elegant Slight A-Line Strapless Train dress

okay seeing that this is going to be focusing on Bridesmaid dresses, here's a few of my favorites from DRESSV. 
( : 

Graceful Short Bridesmaid dress

Modern A-Line Knee Length Sweetheart Strapless Bridesmaid Dress
now let's head on to Bridesmaid dresses, which is what i am looking and searching for. I always like strapless beacuse it just look really elegant . i like the cutting of this dress, A-line make you look younger. 
of course when you're the bridesmaid, you don't want to stand out better thatn the bride, but hey, simplicity still make you look fresh and clean yet still elegant. ( :

Sasha A-Line Sweetheart Prom Dress
DressV also offers long bridesmaid dresses! well, any of this lovely bridesmaid dresses can be worn as prom dress too~ there's no rule to tie you down, this looks lovely with that pastel color. 
just soften your look. 

not only that, they even had dresses for the bride's mum too! it's every mother's proud moment and yes, they need to wear their best too. 
so this is quite suitable for middle aged women who didn't want to reveal too much skin but yet still look like she is elegant and classy. 

lovely pastel yellow color just right for the bridesmaid dress ( :

shipping time of DressV takes about 3-8 business days via EMS or 2-4 days via DHL. 
it also varies where you are located at
while processing time may take up to 3-15 working days. 
you can also track your order and see when you will expect your wonderful package. 

Check out DressV short bridesmaid dress:

good news, they are having up to 85% off for christmas season for another 7 days! so hurry up! 


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aupie christmas wishlist

Has anyone heard of Aupie ? well i saw lots of Bloggers around the world promoting Aupie, this one stop online clothing store that offers a wide variety of products. Not only you can get clothes, you can also shop for bags, jewelries and accessories. 
they also had daily new clothes updated each day so that you can keep shopping for new clothes!
not only that, they offers free shipping without minimum purchased required. 
great huh?

so here is my christmas wish list on Aupie, all their clothes are so beautiful, but i can't be too greedy to choose all right? (click the picture to see full detail )

ladies backless lace print dress
comes in two color too, blue and wine red. but i always prefer wine red ( : it looks pretty elegant 

i've always wanted to wear one of these, (even if my dad would kill me)
so baby doll looking also right?

this is really pretty! i wish i can wear it to my sister's ROM next year (( :

oh this is so lovely! i fell in love with it at first sight! i can imagine me wearing this at my sister's ROM , that's so pretty! 

pure authentic leather, so the price is very pricey too

if i had winter here in my country, i will get to wear all these wonderful lovely sweater looking cuddly like a teddy bear ( :

this is so vivi style! it's quite suitable to wear it with a ladylike dress strolling around the street. 

So why choose Aupie? 

1. The online store focus on street fashion, which most of us would always shop for. Their fashion inspiration comes from Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai. 

2. 100 new items everyday! (wow, non stop shopping for new clothes each day!)

3. worldwide free shipping. they had the lowest price for the best quality 

4. 30 days money guaranteed back!

check out Aupie at their official website:


Aupie - Fashion Online Store

Penang Street Art and interactive museum

hello, today i be blogging about my one day trip to Penang, the pearl of Malaysia. i live quite near there so ever since i'm on 9 months holiday (yeah that long!) i have been going to and fro to Penang like my second home already. But this trip is more special, why? because i'm going with Dan, my bestie Jovelle and her boyfriend. 
my main motive to go there was not to shop because i had done enough shopping at Penang before that, but to go to the street art mural and visit the newly open 3D interactive museum. 
(picture above was one of my favorites!)

okay we were lost in search of Mugshot cafe, but then it didn't turn up like we expected it to be. the shop people didn't even give a blink of an eye to us because why? there are more tourists there so who cares about the locals right? so slightly disappointed we went to First avenue and had our heavy breakfast there. 
we leave Jovelle and her boyfriend to shop while me and Dan went back to street art and had my dream come true . haha

first shot of it. 
i was also disapointed, why? because some popular street art like the two children on a swing, two man on a motorbike, the one with the basketball, a giant cat, the one on a trishaw and many more. 
Dan was so tired, he keep complaining that he sweats so i didn't want to bug him to walk more ~

listening to the voice of Penang~

The lion dance, very famous for chinese new year occassion

i bet a lot of hello kitty fan would go HEY! i want to pose with that too!

Hello! awwh, this was the first minion painted around here. haha

i don't mind getting my face dirty, lol!

and i notice alot of this black metal thing around the whole place, but a lot of people ignore it , i don;t understand why, i think it's pretty cool. 

look! there's even a vintage toy museum, of course i didn't go in because i didn't have much time. 

crayon sin chan!

Dan shoot at a very bad angle, 
okay, why no Dan picture here? haha because he's very shy and there are A LOT of tourist there, so many until you have to take turns to snap a picture. 
Later on we meet up with Jovelle and her bf at Gurney Drive. While waiting for her, me and Dan spotted a toy machine where you have to play the machine to grip on the toy. 
there are two machines that cater for BIG toys. i was eyeing on one big fat minion, but after one try (cost us Rm2) we couldn't get that fat minion out because it's too heavy. 
so we went to try the small soft toys and yeah, this blue little guy was caught just after the second try. 

then i went shopping for awhile, Dan bought me two blouses for Chinese New Year instead for Christmas and i bought him one shirt as a christmas gift in return. 

Then we went to eat at BBQ plaza, i didn't know it is from Thailand until i heard the worker greeting customers with "sawadeeka"
the food was ok, but the bacon was beyond awesome. I LOVE BACON! but the only thing weird was, how come they give us soup that taste like plain tap water?
that's because IT IS JUST PLAIN WATER. 
or did we forgot to add in anything to it? 
like literally the udon noodles just taste disgusting with plain water as soup =..=

then it's time to split up again with my babe. 
because she wanted to shop for new year clothes and i wanted to go to the museum . 
so here we go again. 

at the main entrance of the museum, snapping picture with this is still free!

hi Dan,
well i forgot to bring my identification card so after rendering with the girl at the counter that i'm a Malaysian, she finally closed one eye and let me pass with Rm10 as admission fee. 

The herritage of Penang~

but! people go to this museum with one good reason, to pose with their 3D looking art! wee, me with the coconut and a badly snap shot by Dan again =..=

the great canon bomb! bOOM
not much people there, why? because it's 30 minutes before closing when we're there. 
which is a good thing, we do not have to wait for our turn to snap photos. 

The mirror effect, awwh so sweet =..=
Dan, you're suppose to hold the luggage trolley, not play with the ghost's head =..=


Durian. the king of Malaysia's fruit. 
i don't eat Durian nor can i even stand the smell of it. haha

oh you got to love this. 
how's the effect? pretty cool huh? wonder how we got this shot taken? 
we were actually lying  down the floor and the person ask us to lift our leg to look even real . 

nah nah, we're not getting married so calm down . haha Dan posted this on his facebook and literally the 'likes' had more than we expected to. 
it be even more if he dare tag my name in that picture, haha but i'm still keeping it low profile though~ many relatives in my facebook, i don't want them to stalk around. 

Dan, do you even know who he is? haha

no i don't know who he is even if i look closer. 

this is also quite a nice shot taken by one of the workers there. 
i look really tiny right? haha

yay! Snap shot with Lim Guan Eng~ haha 

well i had a great trip there, i appreciate Dan for driving me back home in one piece, because before even reaching Penang, he had complaint that he's so tired. why? because he went to watch The Hobbit with his dudes at midnight and show ended around 1.30 in the morning =..=
well, i make sure to keep him awake by singing at the top of my voice when we drove back. i even slapped  him to keep him awake. HAHAHA~ we went back literally broke, so we shared a pot of claypot and i complain it's not enough for me =..='
but anyway, thanks for everything Dan. from bringing me to here there and everywhere and snapping pictures for me even though i know it's a very tedious job  to snap me all the time. 

well then, after two days, mummy was so bored so Dad wanted to bring her go street art too. i had plans that afternoon with my Kolej's friends, but i sacrifice for mummy's sake because she is not feeling well these days. 
so we went in to the museum again =..=
like why am i here again 
but i miss this shot, so yeah, here you go! this is quite an intelligent shot, but hey, i ain't telling the secret on how we manage to snap this, go check it out yourself (( :

it was so burning hot that day, so yeah, we didn't go for any street art, just this wall and Chew Jetty for some shots. 

Chew Jetty~

What i wore that day~ hee 
top: Room 11 
Bottom: Charlotte Mckay
Flats: Brands Outlet
Necklace: Sammydress

where to find this interactive museum? here's the add
  • No.3 Pengkalan Weld
  • 10300 George Town, Malaysia
  • opening time : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
  • its' just right opposite the jetty ( :