Friday, April 25, 2014

Foodpanda : ordering food the easier way

i got to admit, i am one of the laziest girl you ever meet
i can starve myself the whole morning just because i'm so lazy to drag myself out of bed and out of the house to find food
normally i just nibble on bits of leftover snacks around the house
but most of the days, my house is like a barren field, no food and i go around crawling on the floor moaning and starving 
(again, exaggerating, i didn't go to that extend of crawling on the floor lah)

then i spot Foodpanda at so many other blogger's blog and i am very fascinated at this type of service. 
when we talk about food delivery system, we always picture Pizza Hut and Mcdonald, but now! you have more varieties from all your favorite famous shops around your location~
now i don't need to starve myself everyday anymore because there is such service that makes me even lazier, but at least i'm fed well like happy panda!

Foodpanda is an online food delivery portal that offers about 300 restaurants for you to choose from . You get to choose all sorts of food (japense? Pizza? Chinese? Indian? Burgers? Malaysian? anything to fix your craving)and let it deliver right at your doorstep at given time. 

they offer services to Ipoh, JB, KL , Melaka, Penang, PJ, ShahAlam and Sunway-subangJaya-Puchong. 

Judging that i MAY or MAY NOT get into USM YET~ let's just say i am already there, okay? so yes, pick the location and Foodpanda will pick those restaurants that are available for delivery. 
Seeing that EVERYBODY knows 7-eleven, and it's such a convenient store to get all sorts of stuff, i am going to target this shop first. 

some shops offer free delivery like Starbucks, Dome, TGI Friday, Morganfield's but 7-eleven charge Rm3 for delivery fees, 
couldn't complain more if you wan the easier way right?

 some of the snacks in 7-eleven~
just add and add and add

 and yeah, i think foodpanda is also great for emergency rescue for things like that. Just imagine you have those kind of days and you are unprepared and you are alone and you can't leave the house because , seriously, how on earth are you going out with blood stains all over your behind?
instead of calling 911, order this online through foodpanda, 
they will deliver it to you within their given time~

you can choose to pay cash either 
cash on delivery
Online payment
i'm sure most of us would opt for cash on delivery without the hassle of going through credit card and all that~
and i'm glad they have vouchers too!
i won two vouchers from two fellow bloggers (hi Kharnyee, Hi Camy), thank yoU! it got me prepared for my university life this coming September (just in case i go starving and crawling on the floor again)

Other than that, you can just browse through using your phone!
yES ! go download now!
it is so much easier , it's like food shopping!

Deals of the week~
check to see what best deal you can get! Maybe free delivery? maybe free drinks? 

pic by CheeChingy~
a cute illustration on how to order from Foodpanda

last picture before i end my post here
haha SO bloody cute lah!

well, Mother's day is coming soon right?
if your family don't like the hassle of traffic just to travel outside and get good food, why not order through Foodpanda?
that be great right? 
so why don't you give it a go?

download it via Appstore~
or order it online: 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Random blabber

hi, so this will be just another random post
truth is, i felt a little bit quesy now writing this
because i've been playing battle camp on my phone all day and staring at facebook for whole morning
that's why i rather drive out every morning to work out or at least stare at Dan's duck mouth

dress: H&M
burgundy color hat: Oasap
Shoes: Jollychic

but first let me take a selfie~

anyway i'm here to blabber a few complaints. 
being an online seller is tough, you'll meet all sorts of people, 
and yeah here's a part that amuse me, i still remember a girl name A from Instagram,she follows both my online shop and my personal account too. 
she added me on wechat and at first she was friendly. first she compliments me that i have a great blog, blah and blah and then once i gotten quite friendly to her


 even if someone wants to be you friend, NOTHING IS FREE
because there's always something behind every veil
"hi do you need help in promoting your shop? you can sponsor me some of your clothes, i can promote it for free.."

i told her "Sorry i'm just starting so i don't plan to sponsor anyone yet" well at least i answer her (politely, i hope)

and she pushes somemore , (really gets into my nerve sometime)
"hi do you mind promoting my instagram ? i will do the same for you too! *smiley face smiley face*"
i didnt reply her this time, i think she pushes too far already, 
i deleted her off my wechat friend
and one week later she unfollowed me on instagram

okay, i'm not here to judge her or what seeing me, myself has less than 1k followers on Ig and i am not a social influencer as big as xiaxue or drop dead gorgeous like Chuckei, but i myself is a store owner, so i have the right to choose who i want to sponsor and who i don't want to~
if you ask just like that, it sounds very thick face and it might sound that you're very desperate anyway~

like everytime i look around instashops i will see the SAME girl commenting on one of their pictures saying " hi i am a blogger, i can do sponsorship/advertorials ...(something like that , i can't exactly remember what she wrote anyway)

where's your face, girl?

there are two polite ways to do sponsorship anyway~
1. if any company wants you, they will automatically contact you
2. if any company is searching for people to get sponsored, then only you join lah~
don't sendiri barge in without people asking, it's a bit rude and we feel very pity for you~

i sound very mean here ): may god forgive me, LOL.  but i don't want her to appear again in any other blogshops or instashops. 

so last week was a full busy week
at least i have something to do haha
i went back to my old school and became the pianist again to lead my old choir members. 
abit sad that mostly are new members 
i took this picture because i looked so mini there 
like i'm back being 17 again! haha
well , we lied to the VIP  by deceiving them that i'm a student there
but truth is i've already graduated from there three years ago
(suddenly feel like an old toad banging on the piano)
but it's Mr Chan (our dearest music teacher who formed this group with his bare hands) last year conducting this choir group
i really do hope they make him proud in their next competitions. 

this is what i've been playing all week
at first Dan downloaded it and i didn't give two hoots about it, thinking that it is just another regular RPG boys' game. 
but when he said it's something like Pokemon, 
i know i have to try playing it 
and he's right
i'm stuck at training my 'monsters" like a mad witch
and darn, how i wish they give us more energy then just constraining us with 5 energies per game. 
SAD like a dog
but at least it doesn't get you hook if it's so energy constraint 

last of all, i have finally cut my hair!
no more curly broomhead, i felt a bit lighter after the hair cut like i have just mown off the mosses around my head. 
anyway, the new hair (right picture) is just a temporary big curl, so i don't know what will happen after i washed it. 
hope it won't go out of shape

and here's a little announcement 
i got accepted to NTU of Singapore!
at first i was happily rotting on the bed till my cat friend phone up
he told me he got accepted to NTU and ask me to check if i got any emails from them
i checked, 
and yeah
big bingo!
but i got Economics instead of communication studies
a bit disheartening there, because i am engrossed with any media related fields , i cannot picture myself studying economics and working it for the rest of my life
(even though i DO have a liking for it back in high school because it was the easiest subject to comprehend back then, but THIS is economics in Singapore, god knows what kind of dinosaur theory i have to study)
but on the other hand
Singapore government university is very hard to get in,it will still be a big hole in the heart if i let it go ~
even though is government uni, it's still expensive
even though i am eligible for subsidized loan, it's still darn expensive
even though i can get loan from any institutions, it's still bloody expensive
so am i going to study something that i have to pay so darn much for?
my heart is such a hypocrite
a part wanted me to go because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity
(i mean people are dying to go there, and i can just let it go )
a part wanted me to stay back here in Malaysia and have a relax and stress-free life , no money matters , no pressure to achieve 3.5 above, no pressure to compete with other smart people like the Singaporeans or China citizens. 

i still have two weeks to think before accepting the offer.
hopefully i make the right choice


Friday, April 18, 2014

The Kimono Fashion Craze

(source from Tumblr)
i am currently in big craze for kimono but i just can't help wondering what will others think if i drape it around me outside. 
it looks kinda like you're draping a blanket around yourself. 
but it's such a cool street wear MUST HAVE
i mean it looks so laid back yet trendy
argh, a MUST HAVE on my list no matter how 
blanket-look-alike it  is. 

things you have to know how to wear a kimono with~
NEVER wear anything loose inside. it just adds a lot of layer to your body, and it doesn't flaunt your body anymore
always go for tight tops, bralets and bustiers are the best, 
and because i can't wear bralets and bustiers out of my house 
(reason: dad would kill me)
i think a kimono helps to cover up anything that is too expose. 

These are so lovely!
the shorts and the top: oh so lovely!

kimonos come in many prints, and i really wish i can find a suitable one. 
like floral and black in color , it'll be easier to match i guess?
it's either you go wear prints on the outside and stay plain on the inside, 
or plain kimonos and stay floral on the inside
too much prints may hurt the eye


Monday, April 14, 2014

Bon Bon Ya cafe at Alor Star

morning peeps!
okay, to be frank this is the VERY first time i'm doing an official food post after deciding to become a food blogger two days ago. nah, i'm still sticking to be a fashion blogger, just that it'll be fun to diverge to another genre of blogging. 
so the cafe i pick to review on is Bon bon ya, a new cafe in my remote town : Alor Star

and because the whole cafe looks so vintage look-a-like, i decided to filter all my photo with Pixlr. and for the first time i actually think my Olympus EPL5 did quite a nice work, 
(trust me i loathe that camera ever since it's so yellowish in tone , but then i figure out how to de-yellowish <-- a="" even="" font="" is="" that="" word="">

the interior design is pretty impressive, although the space for the shop is really small, but it's cosy and that is what cafe suppose to be like anway. 
cosy and comfortable. and spot the brick wall behind there? 
BEST WALL for an OOTD , but NO place for the photographer to snap a GOOD ootd anyway. haha
they have books, lots of books! although the wifi system is still off the rail, but yeah, encouraging people to read with lots of books piling up every side and corners are great. 

another small corner of the shop. 
everything is so cosy and lovely!

but now let's talk about food and drinks
Dan and i ordered caramel cappuccino, something like that  (erm , gosh, i'm a lousy food blogger, i can't even remember the name of this drink)
taste okay to me (; but the price is pretty cheap compare to other cafes that offered the same type of coffee

i'm a big love for waffle and ice cream. 
everytime i walk past any swensen shop, i'll be ordering it. so this is a MUST HAVE when i come to this shop. 
it taste exactly like my mum's waffle haha, buut it is pretty crispy which is great, because nobody like to eat 'lembik' waffles. 
(damn all the capalang words come out ady, haha "lembik" is soft as in liveless like a wilted flower)
it looks pretty 
but i wish they make the ice cream portion bigger because since they are serving four pieces of waffles, it's not enough for one scoop of ice cream though~

they have cheese cake too, and pizza which i have yet to try it 
though i wish they broaden up their cakes varieties too
like offer more cakes because cakes and coffees are like brothers and sisters. 

tried my very first photography 
take Dan as my model. haha
the ambiance is really good, just something you wish to escape from the normal hectic city life outside the shop. 

and guess what!?
o ya fail self timer shots. hahahaha
instead of reading all the books pile up there for us, we took the whole stack of it place it on the table as a "camera stand" for me to take a nice shot with Dan. 
Dan was like "quickly! quickly! omygawd so embarrassing" 
yeah. when it comes to taking photos, i have this thick face to pose regardless if there's people staring at me or not~
but because Dan was there and i didn't wan to embarrass him more, i fail to take any nice shots with the other props of the cafe . wuwuw(i want take an ootd with the brick wall)

ootd for that day~
white shirt: H&M
Shorts: one of the online tenants in ISquare @ Gurney
Shoes: Happy2u
brown bag: Persunmall

location of Cafe
(i myself cannot find this shop at all, me and Dan counted the numbers on each and every shop till we reach lot 129)
so i guess you just have to start from Watson and count till you reach number 129)

  • No 129, TKT 1 Kompleks Perniagaan Sultan Abdul Hamid
  • 05050 Alor Merah, Kedah, Malaysia


Friday, April 11, 2014

Seeties Getaway campaign

hi, recently i joined Seeties where it's a platform for you to share the places you have been around Malaysia to fellow Seetizens. 
They have many categories for you to write in 
their categories are: 
  • food and drinks (which is my favorite, i mean, who can't resist food right?)
  • Outdoors and attractions (also my favorite because i get to see which places that i want to visit next time)
  • Beauty and fashion (damn, this is also one of favorites, i mean, i am  A HUGE fashion lover)
  • arts and crafts
  • performing arts
  • kitchen recipies 

and guess what! they are having a GETAWAY CAMPAIGN! for you to win a a 2 days 1 night stay at either one of these private villas!
(i have never stay in any villas before, nor have i even stay in SUCH remarkably BEAUTIFUL heritage looking villas ever, nor have i ever stay in a PRIVATE villa)  

damn, i can go on and on and on, because i'm just stuck here in Alor Star looking at paddy fields, i really hope i can get a chance to see the world. 
so here are four of the AHMAZING private villas you can get a chance to stay. haha

my favorite of all: 
Berembun House, The Dusun
 in Negeri Sembilan
my mouth gap wide open
i didn't know Malaysia had such BEAUTIFUL place, it looks like one of the "top 15 places you must go before you die" in one website. haha

next is the Stable , at Melaka
very cosy looking , but i love Melaka because it is rich in heritage

Sripatum, Malihom
say what? Penang got this ?!?
i didn't even know !

and lastly is The Happy 8 Retreat, Pasir Puteh, Ipoh

okay, i think what is more important is to tell you how to WIN THIS!
yes, do not loose hope , because they are giving away 10 getaway treats instead of 1. This means you have more chances to win , so yeah , hurry hurry
closing date is 30th of April

so here's the easy step by step: 
(although it's easy i took ages to figure out everything, and only manage to blog about it now, LOL)

How It Works

  1. Post at least 1 recommendation on Outdoors & Attractions category and 1 on any category you love at Seeties platform from 2 April 2014 - 30 April 2014.
  2. Each recommendation should have at least 3 photos, interesting and helpful info, and correct locations on Google Map.
  3. The Campaign will only include Recommendations about places in Malaysia.
Tips: Can you post more than 2? Of course! The more you recommend, the higher chances you will get!

Selection Criteria of Winners

We will select ten (10) expert’s recommendation with most beautiful photos to win the getaway treats! (okay, i kinda doubt i can win , because beautiful photos? i have none T.T, but i hope i get a higher chance by posting LOADS of recommendations )

To Participate

  1. You must be a registered Seetizen Expert of Seeties, click here to join if you are not.
  2. Share and post the campaign poster with your own unique picture URL on your blog.
(just like this post! this is the part where i get entangled in my thoughts, like my own unique picture? what am i suppose to do? then i google up , and see , owh it's just something simple like this post! okay, but no copying my post yeah!)

so far i had posted about three recommendations on Seeties, gonna dig out all my old photos and start to recommend more! haha, wish i can win this, it'll be a blast! 
go join now!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Throwback our penang one day trip

Okay, so this probably is a REALLY late throwback post. 
I went to Penang, right after i got my result . so this is like a one month ago thing. hahah anyway, 
this is the first time  me and Dan went to penang for an education fair, just the two of us in my very small cosy car so i really like to blog about it before i actually forgot what had happen . LOL

spot my chip and dale head rest ? haha
anyway we went to penang pretty late around noon because we have to go take our result first . 
no idea why Dan was so moody in the car , LOL
probably me fussing here and there again, 
*hamster face*

the education fair was held in Traders hotel, yeah, it's the same FACON edu fair . A lot ask us why we didn't go to Alor Star's edu fair, because it's the same edu fair, but nah, same edu fair but the quantity of the booth really differs a lot. Besides, i'm going there to visit NUS and NTU anyway~ 
didn't get much info anyway, all those info can be read online but i did get a whole lot of brochures. 

Dan got pulled to one booth and i know it was a big mistake to sit down and hear the guy blah blah blah on his university. Private university LOL and you have to study in indonesia and after that we found out from one fellow friends saying about this particular university is really not a good one. ><
then i kept pestering Dan to go approach this two pretty russian ladies at one "study in Russia: Medic" booth. 
Dang, the fees were really CHEAP! both of us were really attracted to it, but later we search , they need us to study Russian language. 
i look at Dan " you're not going there to marry one Russian babe izzit?"

anyway we went to Gurney after that. we were feeling a bit famish, so we had subway. Then we scooted off to Gurney Paragon ( because i am madly in love with Sephora) went to buy one NYX lipstick and spent the whole time there painting lipsticks on my hand. LOL
Dan was  big help, he kept chosing me weird color lipstick which looks alright for him but totally not for me~
anyway, i really like to thank him for accompanying me to shops after shops. 

our last big dinner was at Chilis! 
i always wanted to try Chilis and dang! the food portion was really HUGE!
i regretted not sharing with him, because he himself, a big eater, cannot finish his food. 
instead we wrap it all back home . 

this was my order~ ate only one and it took me ages to gobble it down. 
Don't get me wrong, it taste superb, but after eating Subway two hours ago, i really cannot finish this huge platter of sandwiches. 

while waiting for our food~

an ootd shot 
at the end of the day,i do not like the dress at all, totally unflattering, so i sell it off. 
anyway, i really like to have a VERY nice OOTD shot where my legs look slim and tall, and everything looks picture perfect, but DAN is totally hopeless in snapping pictures. 
SERIOUSLY, it's either too dark, too near, where's my feet? ,blurry, bad angle, FAT, FAT and FAT. 
but i really really wish i have a very nice breathtaking ootd shots everytime i doll up or something, because that may be the last time i wear that particular clothes. 

ya that's it
just decided to post this because i have nothing to do at home
all i do is 
2. Looking at clothes
3. Tetris again
4. read 9gag
5. Tetris again