Monday, October 31, 2011

Down the bandwagon

Its those time of the year where you dig out your old photos and start to think back what exactly happen at that moment..let me's Our Hari Raya jamuan and i am wearing a blue malay suit (mummy created it to make it look modern) with the long tight skirt below that you need to interwine it over and over again and if you're not careful it might drop off because it's more like a sari =.=''

Ah sir (Mr chan at the photo) shook my hand just two days ago and i was puzzled at this..then he said he won't be meeting me again..haha..don't worry there's always such thing call social networking

my favourite piece from Forever may look extremely familiar if you view back my old posts..i wear it quite a couple of times..
it looks big but it's figure hugging..i can hardly breathe in it though (sign of growing sideways)

exam stress..suddenly history seem like a bunch of racist item or propaganda item to spread religious act..
will i be thrown to jail for saying this?


Thursday, October 27, 2011

15 yrs old

Ooh, i dig out my 15 yrs old photo...that time i've just straighten my hair..
15 yrs old memories seem very short and i don't remember anything besides going to the library ..=.=''
what happen to me..did i knock on my head after that, because i just DON"T remember anything..i don't even remember having PMR exam..

hrm...the start of 15 , i had this boy kinda looking hair,.and then when it outgrown, i straighten it and become ultra girly suddenly..

...*yawn* going to sleep's 12.30 midnight..
20++ days to SPM..
i lvoe you , bloggie


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


happy Deepavali to all my indian friends! Na une kudelikirain ( just spelling what seems like I love you =.='')..going to school is a waste of time..
the teacher see our face and we see her face and we both vomit ..
nothing to do but to pump us with exercises..i hate exercises that don't have answers, no matter how hard you do, you don't know if it's right or wrong..
it's just a WASTE of time

unpublished photo ..
hehehehe..that time my hair is so short, my eye is soo small (still small) and everybody is sooo happy..
until now..
people changed and they become like a neurotic person..of course, SPM is the factor that brought all this..
KILL IT KILL IT!!! Kill it at once!!
*stab stab stab*
ouch..i stab myself instead..

i'm catching the disease soon...


Monday, October 24, 2011


Maxtreme performing Born This Way

just to fill up my blog

Not the best singer nor the worst either

I do feel horrible breaking my voice on stage..but let me give you the definition of a really BAD singer..
1st: she doesn't carry a tune..a tone deaf..
2nd: She doesn't had a sense of rhythemic soul
3rd: we didn't know what she's singing but she knows what she's singing

credits to Lian Kerou for her photography ( : i like the way my 'ANN TAN' scream ME ( :
seeing that i had tendency to be out of breath quite fast...i'm going to work on it..
i don't join CHOIR for nothing..


Future education

They say don't play with your future..and yet, i can't believe i put Hospitality and Tourism management as my third choice for my schoolarship courses..=.=''this is insane..
and guess what i put for my first choice? Media Management...goodness, my goodness..and my parents didn't really support me in taking accountancy because i seem to have a brain of dead log..(i'm only geared to arts)

They say don't juggle with your future, and i'm now gambling with it..
daddy say choose courses that show your strong points..
what the hell is my strong points?!?
i only know my weak points..i am not geared to science subjects..
i am not geared to engineering/architecture/designing..
i am only geared to performing/music/anything that uses my right brain


Thursday, October 20, 2011

small eye friends

i was called an EGG in our cha mou family..=.='' because i just can't stop eating eggs
and our group consist of three Tan , one Moy , One Leao, and One Lim
so goodness, the slowest jia wen was called a tortoise
The smartest was apparently called a STUPID
Sandy was called a nuclear bomb
shey hwa the prettiest was called xiao hua
xin ning was called niang niang (old lady?)

just half of us..( :
and Jia Wen had this book for us to write whatever thing we wanna throw at her..
so i wrote four pages long ( : drew all our funny pictures behind ..
here's our characteristics..
Jia Wen is sooo slow she had to take half an hour to finish up a packet of biscuit
Sandy is sooo obsessed over games, she can stay up all night playing games
Xin Ning is a bit rude..(she hurt my feeling quite a lot of times) but she always make jokes sooooo cold i need fifty jackets to warm myself up again
Stupid always invite herself into our class and pretended to be one of our class student..=.=''she should move to our class if she loves going crawling in it and sitting underneath looking at people's leg..
Shey hwa should be proud of her big red pouty lips..goodness, i pay thousands, millions to get her lips that forever looks like it has been sprayed with red paint

and i was taunt at being toooo over-casual, taking my pencil bag to wipe the dirt off my table..


Webcam Whore

i am an annoying ant a.k.a abnoxious ann-eater..
how much have i prepare for this important exam?
first: i didn't read anything in particular..i just keep doing test after test
2nd: I am thinking of abandoning my chemistry
3rd: i didn't even take a peek at any chinese words
4th: Malaysia's History subject is sooo boring
5th: i've been counting how many hairs i have dropped every night

juggling through nothing...i kept making stupid noises in class...
its a wonder how my friends can bare with's a nuisance..and i keep squeking, going on and on like an alarm clock and sometimes shock them with my sudden jerk..
i am just sooo noisy..hopefully somebody is smart enough to tape my mouth up with cellophane tape or glue

my nose, my bridge.,.( : recently i found a crazy habbit that pops out of nowhere..
i love ..BITING noses..
oh you should see all my soft toys, they probably had their nose drop out after a few months of bitting and gnawing..
yum yum yum
i feel gross..
just beware, cover you nose before meeting me

and my teeth moved! each time i put on my retainer, that night, i dreamt that my teeth fall out..and it hurts soo bad, i feel like my jaw dislocate ..
how can a human being feel pain in his/her dream..?
i wonder..


They say money can't buy happiness..quite true..but..
judging by how my sister is throwing money these days..
i wanted to be rich when i grow up..
Earning approximately Rm10,000 per month..

if accountancy/auditing can earn soo much
i want to venture in it..

haiz, just hoping i can get a good result in SPM to earn at least a half scholarship to Singapore


Planning ahead

Ok, i guess this photo is very's my old hair photo and now my hair had grown till chest length(if you straighten it)..
and lately i think the bee is getting prettier...=.=''believe me, she will grin like a Big FAT monkey after reading this..maybe it's the hair...there's nothing wrong with the hair, i don't know why she kept complaining about it..

Firstly after Spm, i'll be going to driving school..I'm itching to drive now ..*ROAR*
and then, i want all my cha mou girls to come over my new house and we shall watch GORE SICKENING movies from night till the next morning..
Then i will go on family trips with my family to Sarawak, Kuantan and Sg
and then when school reopens, i will go on SHORT shopping trips with my cha mou girls
and then i will choosed one month to stay in SG with my sister for a month
and then i shall go get a life..or a job..or a hobby

if none of this works out, i will console myself that i still have DE blog..

Monday, October 17, 2011

Choir members

good luck choir members !
i know you guys are at KL now
but i will always support you guys!!!!!
My choir is my FAMILY...
i hope you guys will AT LEAST get third in national level

my heart is all there..
tying knots hopping you guys will lift our school name to stardom

all the best



I've got a fright of my life..
my parents thought that i was being abducted..
=.='' and indirectly my dad thought i skip tuition class in school..
i went out to the petrol station with my friends to buy FOOD
and it is not a crime..but my dad scared the living daylight out of EVERYONE
he practically yell at their face demanding for his daughter (me)

judging by his look that reminds me of the god of war during the chinese dynasty
i obediently follow him back home and prepare to hear his lecture..
and yes, i didn't told my driver that i got extra class because i thought she would knew
My fault for being irresponsible..
then somebody told her i went out with somebody's car..
so practically i know what flooded my father's brain..
"my daughter is skipping school."

and to my parents..
I don't skip school, nor would i skip classes..
if i am really that notorious, my result would show it all..
havent i done much to gain your trust?
isn't it time for me to earn it?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is me

I've got a pretty harsh comment from Jia Wen and it was about
me having no sense of my style (characteristic)..
like that hurt me a lot..but i don't think nobody understand..
and the fact she said that i wanted to be a blogger because i read about famous bloggers
the truth is, i've been aiming for that since i started blogging and THAT, as the matter of fact, i haven't known anything like Fourfeetnine or Cheeser..

and the main point is , i'm making ORIGINAL music..
that makes me have my own style..i have variations, so have others..
the VERY VERY main point is because
I WANNA be famous since i was small..
i had dreams like going into acting..just to get myself caught on tv screen..
so, whatever thing that had the word 'FAMOUS' printed on, is my goal..

and yes, i have my fault for being materialistic..
i will change that..
and i won't go green for slightest bit..
a little envy won't hurt though..


Monday, October 10, 2011


Scheduled post...i seem to like it..
It's ten o'clock..and it's time up for my curfew..i'm trying to make it work within a few lines..
I didn't get to go choir national level after was horrible

Then i fail my piano exam..SHOCK..HorroR..after sooo many months of practising.well,...i didn't expect it anyway..thank goodness my violin pass or else it'll be 'double bonus'

I miss you, blog..i miss you sooo bad...
i'm just waiting impatiently for my SPM to end (which is December 9) so that i can continue blogging again..
but till then.
please  stick with me


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happi birthday

Thank you dear friends...
It seems like daddy only gave me five minutes to i'm going to make it short and brief here..Thank you cha mou men...they prepared this card for me..not to mention replacing spaghetti as my birthday cake with five eggs on it and six ice cream that happen to look like cream drinks

mummy bake me oreo birthday cake! and my childhood friend from next door give me this nice card with ERNIE!!!! on it! awww

Then we went Viet cafe for dinner..

so far for making my blog works for five minutes..
i don't wanna abandon it you know..
i miss it everyday and night wishing i had the chance to online
but i can't
SPM is getting nearer..