Thursday, July 25, 2013

Super duper randomly post

went to penang last friday and i ended up wearing nothing extraordinary. 
i knew it was a BIG mistake going, i should have go penang this week because Gurney Paragon has open! after two days i went to penang. 
i heard Victoria's Secret is there!! even Debenhams! good gracious, i wish i can go again , and well, let me dress properly that time. HAHA

Anyway, my hair is still that messy as always, i have no intention to care for it, just wish i outgrow it and i trim it off again to have more healthy hair. mwaahaha, anyway, 

the exam aftermath is gone! we have three assignments to race with, and not to mention, i only have one week due to my assignment. 
not to mention, have you girls taken your HPV shots?
i did last wednesday with the girls at NUR klinik which offers free shots for girls of all age (just as long as you're still schooling)
okay, i was pretty freak out at having needles poking in your arm. 
and the procedure was pretty fast, i was jumping up and down when i saw how fast patient get their shots and before i can breathe, is my turn
well, truth to be told, the shots were not that painful, but you will have sore arms for a day or two. So nothing to worry about. wait till you have your third shots and then you can bawl infront of me 

and ya, i kept complaining to my mum how i didn't have my Laneige facial wash anymore and how my skin condition is soooo terrible. so my mum went to buy it again for my EARLY birthday present, which is not due till 24th of september. damn early right?
but anyway, my skin improves a lot, thanks to it! my one and only reliable skin care. i don't say it works like magic (where you can see porcelain skin, it just IMPROVEs)
and as usual, i am a Kitschen lover. i love this lace dark blue dress , but it was toooo short to be worn though. so sadly, i gave it away and brought one t-shirt nia. 

this is totally random of my post, you see, i didn't do anything particular interesting to be written off here,
all i can say
i've been doing sits up and squats to trim of my bottom fatness. 
it's been four days, a record it seems. 
(i was never an exercise chick)


Friday, July 19, 2013


Have you guys check out EFox city? i bet bloggers out there would have know what is EFOX city!click the link below to know more!

efox city is a wholesale clothing online store which offers a variation of MEN! WOMEN! Jewelry and even clothes for special occassion and WEDDING DRESS!! can you imagine a wedding dress as gorgeous as this (below)

CHEAP BRIDAL GOWNS with the price slash down (Is ON SALE!) from $1087 (USD) to $179.89! i love the lace detail around the neckline!


BUY COCKTAIL DRESS and yeah! i would definetly wear this to out!!! even though it is for cocktail occassion, this seem like a fun evening dress!
short cocktail dresses are the flirtatious dresses ever!

Bridesmaid Dresses Styles and yes! for bridesmaid wear, just want to tone down a little bit (you can't be too over attractive than the bride right? a simple white sleek dress is a way to go!)
selling at $90.10

so what do you think about efox city?
is it a shopping paradise online store for blogger readers out there?
they have all the details for you through sizes , measurement, even the detail about the neckline and fabric used and sleeve styles!

so go now! click to now!!


STPM semester 2 result and my minions!

one word to my result ~ A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!
no, not to offence other people who get lower result than me, but if you compare my this semester result with my previous one, you would have think 
"What happen to you!? did your brain run away?"
or even if you think like my mum
"Having a boyfriend destroy your result!"
i didn't find out the result myself, my dad sneakily went to text the 15888 to get my result,and BOOM! he can't believe his eyes either. 
you know i don't mind getting C+ for my business subject (because it was bitterly hard and expected to flunk all of us) instead it was the general paper that flunk MOST of us. 
Yes, there's only 4 human being out of 150+ students in my form six that get A for general paper. 
and yet, out of the four, i'm not in there, it was a total disappointment to my dad, because seeing HE himself was the teacher for that paper.

yes, this was last year result, perfect A flat, and then BOOM C+ it went. 
grrrrr! i try to convince myself that i am not the only one, 
that yes, the result for general paper had also affect the whole Malaysia. 
and surprisingly, i don't know what is wrong with my economics, seeing that i answered it like there was no tomorrow. 

yes, a lot of emo status in my facebook and all that, 
i was pretty much contented after 24 hours, but then my mum started comparing and it makes matter worst, those days seem long, i felt damn useless. their expectations are high, people are contented with result with a pointer of 3.0 and yet here i am, 
not being happy at all with a 3.33

you guys never understand, 
from 3A's Upsr, to 6A's PMR , to 9A's SPM, and to 3.75 STPM sem 1, and now BOOM, 3.33..-______-
no wonder my parents are soo disappointed in me.
) :
okay, so maybe this picture will cheer me up ^^
i tied this evil minion with my ribbon, mwahaha!

well no kidding, just yesterday (thursday) i went as early as 6.45a.m in the morning (before school) to the ONLY early mcdonald outlet at lonely Alor Star and yes, i was the third batch to get in the line (third batch as in after two families) and i look back at the line and gasp..
just 7 in the morning, and this is it, people at all ages, kids, school children, school teenagers, even my piano accompany teacher is there, and we (four of us, plus Dan) bought 16 sets of happy meal back to school

minions reuntied! i got the Stuart Blabber Grabber while i force Dan to take the Stuart light Grabber. 
yes, we were late to school, saw the discipline teacher and gulp down a feel saliva before wondering what to say to him, then he saw us holding SIXTEEN HAPPY MEAL, (four adult, holding 16 happy meal -_______-)
and then say no more NEXT TIME and said "enjoy your meal"
that's epic.

well of course there are speculation saying people that line up for four hours just to get a stupid plastic toy,
i just want to say, people have their own obsession , and it is not wrong to deprive them from buying what they want. 
of course, it's your mouth too, you can say whatever you wanna say, and here i am, i can say whatever i want to say too!
if mcdonald are selling something that you somewhat like, like per se, Hello Kitty or even otaku stuff, i bet you will be queuing up for it too! it's just because those MINIONS are not your likable toys, so you don't need to be soooo harsh on us!
and please! don't say that we bought dozens of them and leave the poor children crying because it was out of stock..

THERE ARE MOTHERS, FATHERS AND GENTLEMEN (those buying just to eat happy meal and giving the toys to kids, or buying for their nephews and neices) that are lining up there for two or four hours, and you're saying them too?!

well , well, my blog for today~ guess no vain pictures of me today..


Friday, July 12, 2013

Kiss Me Eyebrow Mascara

introducing Kiss Me Eyebrow mascara!
Made in Japan.
It is a multi-proof eyebrow mascara. It is water-proof. With the use of this eyebrow mascara, it gives you attractive & glamorous eyes.

A good expression of eyebrow color. It has film-type colorant coating. High resistance to sweat, water, and sebum, while still easy for make-off cleansing.

It contains panthenol as treatment ingredient for eyebrow nourishment. The specially designed "technical brush" allows an easy application and wearing of colors with the least possible drawings.
and  bought it in SASA for Rm39.90

so how do you use it?
choose the colour that suits your hair colour!
and use it after you drew your eyebrow liner on your eyebrows!
there's also a tip where you can spread the mascara in the opposite direction in where your eyebrow grow.

they come in threee shades of colour!
okay, so here's how i try (using 03, darker shade to match my not-so-jet black hair)

my ugly original caterpillar (time to trim already?)

added in some brown pencil shades~ i know, i still look bushy ) :

and well eyebrow became lighter and blend together with the eyebrow pencil .

and yar, this is pretty much the outcome of it. 
slightly faded dark brown of my eyebrows to match my hair(even though my hair is not dyed or anything, it just seem brownish at some point)

so well, you can pretty much see the BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) difference. 

phew! it's been ages since i did any review or make up post!
my STPM semester two result is coming out this monday!
i hope for the best!!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

it's a one year once dinner!

hello! i'm back from blogging about my anniversary dinner. 
truth to be told, i had NEVER cross this date before, NEVER. so it was my first time looking around for posh restaurants to go to, but we in the end wanted to try this MASTER CUISINE, which i don't find it any posh after being there .
the menu is quite limited by the way, and we ended up eating steamboat.
seeing that our date are almost the same as my lovely classmate's anniversary date too, we decided to celebrate it together ^^
the more the merrier right?
and after all, my friend's bf which is also my friend (that sounds weird) is Dan's cousin brother too. 
yup, this was pretty much we FOUR eat, because there was NOTHING else better to eat. 
and by the way (it's a portion for two) HAHA, how i remorse over not listening to suggestion of going to New Reagent Hotel eat instead!
but seeing we had already make our plan long before we can cross this date, we just proceed. 
the food was pretty not bad, but because it's sour and spicy, i ended up giving up eating after ten minutes. 
i wasn't expecting anything at all! Since Dan had told me that the ring he gave is our anniversary gift. but then i expected at least some letter or what for acknowledgement, and it turn out i did have MORE than that. 
yup, a box with a necklace of a letter "D" as a pendant!
i love surprises, and this was never in my mind!!
awwwh!!! thanksss!!

 and yah, i prefer you guys not to look at my HORRIBLE face, this was the only picture with me and the necklace (on the neck! please look at it! don't stare at my face! nah-uh!)

and this is what i wear. 
okay, so here goes, my secret for why i can never seem to run out of clothes. (i still feel like i have never enough clothes to wear though.)
the truth is, all those clothes and pretty dresses are MOSTLY from my sister. 
there! my secret leak out!
haha for all those compliments (not being a show-off here, just wanna give some credits to my sister) those compliments are for my sister for having GOOD taste in choosing clothes!
and well, somehow most of the clothes couldn't fit her so tadaah! eventually those clothes will go to me and i'll be ever soo grateful to have it!

and just as we ate finish and we girls, as usual waited on the top floor waiting for the boys to pay the bill. (they went down and we assume that they  pay the bills) 
and then we girls sat around playing our phone and then complaining what took them sooo long. 
then suddenly out came this lovely cake out of nowhere!!
it was a cake for us!!!
but the weird thing is , they wrote the cake as if i'm in love with my friend instead!

but okay, we just closes one eyes and make our own individual wishes. 

it was a well spend night though, because after that, a group of my old friends (plus my old classmates) came for a gathering after the movies. 
we went to a vip look room and had fun mocking at each other. 
we took a group photo and left
(too bad i look extremely fat over there to even show it here)

thanks for the night Dan


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


back to one year ago, it's raining again. 
i remember the rain, i remember the umbrella
i remember i held his arm
i remember till today
and we started today with this deja vu feeling again
because it's raining~ raining just like one year ago.

and that's how we started
how we all started from being close friends to being us now.

happy one year anniversary Danson!
there! i call your full name again!
first picture with him on the internet!
*feeling brave*