Sunday, December 18, 2011

courses choices

Without you-David Guetta and Usher
feeelings are all up and down. Just when i figure out i couldn't even manage to get a notification letter from NTP, it came.And just when i figure out that i am going to nail it after getting my real result, it only offers DIPLOMA for 3 years. Dang, and someone phone and growl saying that its not worth going since its only DIPLOMA and you have to pay for the DEGREE which is horribly expensive that my whole family will remain homeless.
Lolz..the Kitschen tag is still on my shirt =.=''
 and yes, dear bee. you said something from my heart that i did not said it out at all. "you are only taking it just because you wanna LEAVE the house."
If you offer me go Japan just to study how to make SUSHI, i will go because i love Japan and sushi. But if you offer me go Dubai to work as a nurse with full sponsor, I will OBJECT it entirely. You see ,bee, i know what i'm good at, my right brain is fully functioning. Changing into Accountancy is not entirely my choice.

covering my so-called cleavage..mummy got a shock after she saw it on FB, and she scolded me. so i put a 'cross' there.
 i seek advice from fellow seniors." Go to something you ARE good at". My parents want me to go for something marketable. I was on the verge of tears because i AM NOT GOOD AT MARKETABLE COURSES, so how on earth am i going to take it? be it, Accounting, Law, i am not GOOD at it. I am geared to music, i am geared to performing, my ears are my windows to everything. If it is not because of money concern, i wouldn't atcually nod my head to Accountancy. But dear bee, don't say my knowledge of account like its a speck of dirt you use to clean it everyday. i know you're the best in sec school, that i know even brainiac like you find it hard to study this subject. what can i do? i want this, they want that. and when i FOLLOW that, they want this.

"don't make the same mistake as xxx"
You want me to go through the sixth form. it will be better, but on the other hand, i am taking account when i'm going through the sixth form.what if i don't nail it and couldn't get a place to one of Sg university? i badly wanted to go there, not no no, i want there, can you guarantee a spot there for me? if so, then i shall follow your words. but i will  try sending in just to see whether i am elligible or not on the real day.


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