Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You won't know me

Shoot, my mood is terrible today..i have just came back from Sg, and then landed myself into an arguement..and then my mum keep pestering me to phone every driving agent in As ,.i can't breathe..i just wanna sit down and online..

sideway, hug my waist, i'm size 24 and it's expanding..
hug it before  it expand..

Though i think i really need to grow up mentally..why is it i am always label as a useless fellow in my family, that i always day dream and never pay attention whats surrounding me..i tell you wat, family,normally those who are  towards the music or arts field had a different brain than yours..check my frequency, it's diff.
i have feelings too, you know, its because you never expose me, therefore i become such 'useless' .. 

ooh, i love the reflection at the mirror...
i had an empty soul...
my heart is empty
my eyes are empty
some monster ate it..
chomp chomp chomp it goes..
and yet i watch it snatch it away
and i do nothing coz its a monster afterr all

how dare you


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