Tuesday, September 20, 2011

17 yrs old

the human hair grows 1.25cm each month..
can you imagine how long i'm going to wait till i get long lustrous hair ?
funny how photos can make you look sooooo tall..i look about five feet ten from here..
it will be my last post till SPM..
and maybe on and off i will check in my blog for further post..i won't abandon it, i promise because i'm aiming for a goal  before i went digging six feet underr the ground..

i'm sorry guys, i had to concentrate on my studies..my facebook is going to deactivate soon too..and went my birthday is over, i won't take a single look at the internet because i was ban from it..
i hope you guys can understand and i will come back with fresh new post
( :

My hair has grown..who says it never grow? i compare my newly cut hair with this hair..
it grows a lot till i'm surprise by it myself..
i hope nobody cyberbullied me for being self-absorbed..
cyberbullying is cruel, i've been through that road for two years..
to survive is like kicking a ten tonne stone off your road..

i therefore beg for forgiveness if i'm being too bitchy..


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dark soul

intense mood..
do you know what's my dark secret?
i am a very easily jealous people..
if you had what i want and long for..
i'll go green in jealous..but i won't hate you
if i hate you, you may hate me too..
but i don't want anyone to hate me..
so let's just say
i ENVY you

if only i had long lashes..oh oh oh..
how i long for big dolly eyes..
it had made such a big difference..
don't be deceive by my make up
i'm atcually a very ugly person..go view my old post and you know it..

I can't wait to be 18..oh wait, i'm not even 17 yet!
time fly sooo slow..
i wish i can fly now..i wanna go on shopping trips with my friends..
they're planning it and i'm hoping for a miracle..
i bring them to the best place in KL..


Thursday, September 8, 2011

be a blogger

I try to follow what the Bee said..firstly she said
to be a blogger, you must post pictures at the start of your post
i did
you must put LARGE photo
i did, in fact, i put extra large!

Then she said you must update it frequently..
that , i can't because i'm schooling and my SPM is reaching..
then she said, BLOG ABOUT PRODUCTS..
and i try but i think i fail

Then she said you must edit your pictures..put frames, captions, make it beautiful
i did..but my camera sucks

Then, she said to be a famous blogger, you must put make up..put up your make up photo..
i tried it today..
hopefully it works..=,=''

I've wanted to use Facebook because it provides a promo to your blog..but i guess i don't have large friend circle in FB anyway..
i've tried to put in my links everywhere in it..
hopefully it work..
i know i'm trying too hard..

but i wanna make that dream come true

Blouse: shop @ Sungei wang
red Skinny: Romp
Shoe: NeuLook



I wanted to be old, old means freedom, mature and know how to think..i hate childish things, childish acts..don't get me wrong, but i just don't like people exclaiming in loud voices, i don't know how to describe..don't say that i'm a hypocrite, i do tend to make irritating noises when i'm bored in my chairs, but i am walking towards the older way..
i hope people who are childish, please grow up ..

My one and only slut photo?

I am not the person who would scold people right at their face..firstly, i am a very timid person, and i practically stammer at each sentence..but then there are limits too..there was this girl who ORDER me to lent her my account papers..SHE ORDER me, like it was HER account paper i'm taking..like she DESERVE to be given..i scolded her...
i told her don't be so rude, if you want it ask properly..

oh look, who's behind..my dear aunt dozing off..

i've a problem putting caption in my photos..the maximum font is 72 yet it is still so small..
any photo editor for nice font to put in it?
the pixlr broke down ..i can't use it at all..

Sepia mood.. 
i'm middle parting my hair..i wanted to see how i look like with it..
it looks like a dumbzeldee..


leopard or black jeans?

today will be my last online day because i am going to study study study until December 6..
if i'm lucky, i will be able to online once a month?
or maybe during my birthday..
( :

i'm sorry for the poor quality of my photo..it's just soo horrible..

I am Ann Tan.
I wanted to write all my test paper as 'ANN TAN' instead of Tan Wei Ann
Ann Tan Ann Tan Ann Tan

so which is better, black or leopard jeans?
I prefer black even though black skinny is a bit out dated..

Red Blouse: shop @ Sungei wang
Leopard jeans: romp
Black Skinny: Romp
Shoe: NeU LOOk
who's that poser?: MEEE


Make up makeover

fake eye lashes make me had double eye lids..and it's quite deep too!..it enlarge my eyes and ooooh, i look like a different person..after taking off my make up i look like NOT ME! it's just not me, my eyes become sooo small, it just can't be me..

so i don't need any double eye lid sticker..this works ..

so, tomorrow night i'm going to a charity concert alone with Mr chan and a few choir members ( : we got free tickets to go and watch and i have no idea what does formal wear mean...the Sultan will be going, so i cannot wear anything sleeveless or Short dresses..wearing too cover up dresses look tooooo formal and i don't want to end up looking like i'm going to prom..so i have no idea what to do tomorrow night..

I wanted to go to Choir Competition National Level soooo badly..i told my dad if i had good result, he must let me go..right now, my result is not that good compare to mid-year..what do you expect? Mid year only cover up half of the syllabus and it is prepared by our own school teacher..so it's obviously easier than trial..i really wanted to go badly, i wanted to have fun with them..Choir team members are just like my family member, i wanted to spend time with them, at KL, i want to go shopping with Wei Ying and them all..
i wanted to go BADLY!!!!!
but my dad was firm by his words..it's horrible! i only hope my mum is able to pull through this..
fat chance..

Skinny..black skinny is out of date..but still it flaunt your feet making it look skinnier..
next time you wanna buy a black skinny, find satin instead of normal jeans..

a close up of my face..i didn't put any face make up because i didn't want to further damage my nose ..lol..
so i've used KATE bronzer and brown shades of eye shadow..
Shesheido Black eye liner
Skin food black bean eye liner (lighter in shade)
M.A.C eye lashes
Maybelline Volume express Mascara
(quite old de)



I've just received the news that i passed my violin exam! oh yeah! FINISH! everything is FINISHED!!!so right now i just need a Diploma to teach students..but i did not plan on that...my violin teacher asked me to take Performing Certificate first, but that wouldn't help..i want to take Diploma? But i don't like teaching..i don't have the slightest patient to teach toddlers and kids how to put your fingers on the violin..i probably cry before they cry..

i feel lousy now,my trial exam result didn't reach my target..there is an extreme loop for my Moral and English subject but i am utterly dissapointed in my Malay result..the teacher said i had chosen the WRONG question for essay..i nearly wanted to howl over there and beg her for two exta marks, but my teacher is VERY STRICT..Note: she doesn't give two blinks at any pitiful situation..i've chosen the wrong question, i have never gotten sooo low for my essay marks..57/100?? INSANE!i threw in every bombastic vocabs i memorize and i get this sickening 57/100 for essay..>.<.

I've been feeling very drousy these days..i feel like fainting, i feel like vomiting, i feel soooo tired and fatigue, i feel like i'm flying on air and i almost black out in physic tuition..xin ning took my tuition file for me after tuition and everybody stare at me because they thought i came to tuition without taking anything..haha..and then Nicole had a good heart waited for me till my dad came down from his tuition..she even went to call  my dad, when he is busy talking with Mr.Chong Kam PO ..he remained oblivious towards my sick situation..
and then i went home and cry, begging for comfortness..>.<

they think that i'm not having a proper meal.,but i ate! I ATE A LOT!!!!I  ate until my tummy looks like a big balloon ready to explode..so now, they ares stuffing me with food, food and when i'm not doing anything, they think i'm hungry and feed me again..
it's nothing to do with food..
it's my hormone! girl's problem everymonth before they have their stuff..
don't they know that?
it's in sequence..i've track it down..


Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogger style (vivi)

It's all about tank tops, babes..and it comes from winged, coloured, and short infront, long at the back, maxi, midi, crop everything you name it..Tank tops is this season hottest item ..i saw a lot in boutiques but all of them seem too big on me..they paired it with coloured skinnies, Sabrina pants, boyfriend faded jeans, and even wore it over dresses..
i'm going to get myself a MAXI tank top.. 

oxford shoes! they always wear it with white stockings, and any colour you prefer..i haven't got myself one yet, but i hope that i can own one soon because i saw a lot of bloggers have one and it is a must-have item..this shoes had been  on the spot for a very long time already and i still couldn't find any..

ahh..this is what i prefer to wear with maxi clothes..i do not favour those with straw thick heels..i prefer this? ..but this season, its all about flats..
there are a few items which i could not find online..

1.a big hand carry purse (colourful)
2. see through maxi pants (i dont like it)
3.pleated midi skirt with coloured skinny belts
4.peter-pan collared non-sleeves shirt(paired with bow or tie)
5.wedges paired with coloured socks
6.long coat that looks like our malaysia Kebaya (lol!)
7.see-through/coloured maxi skirt
9.v-shaped denim shorts
10.boyfriend light coloured jeans paired with white oxford..(my favourite)

i'm not making any statement..just quoting what the magazine wrote =.=''



The reason i post these photos is because i really miss my curly hair? I just bought the September issue of VIVI, and i saw Lena's middle length hair..i got excited because finally i found something to do with my hair..

School is going to start in another two days..and i am going to die from fidgetting because i am sooo nervous of my result..my violin, piano and trial exam result..even though it doesn't print your whole future, but it cost a lot of hard work, money and pain..
i've studied for four hours during weekdays and 6-8 hours during weekend..
if this does not work out, i probably go boil my brain..

so, if school is starting, i guess i will only manage to online once a week, and that is on a Thursday night..and it's September! my favourite month, because it's my birthday month and it's the mooncake festival! i love eating Baker's Cottage mooncakes..have you tasted the cheesy oreo mooncakes yet? it will send you to the moon and you will never be deflate back to earth..

my face didn't get any better after all..it turns out it's something wrong with my hormone ? the bee can do facial and it lasted for a month..i only lasted for a week and it starts to breakout again..
haha..such a waste of money..

oh yeah..the photos were taken at Kuantan Beach..the tides are scary and the bridge is faulty

Thursday, September 1, 2011

clothes wish list

vivi must have..they call it the hollywood sun hat, and i can picture myself wearing it with white lace maxi dress, strolling along the beach or shopping walks. or lace babydoll dress with white pump and big sunglasses..
where can i get good quality and HUGE hat like this?

Lace crop shirt..i can choose this between a crochet crop top too..i like to wear this on a dress..

longchamp..everybody is having it..i walked everyhere and it is everywhere..the fake one is flooding along the market and Thailand..even Brands Outlet had mimic it..i want a brighter red Longchamp..original...

Topshop super pump..holly, i can imagine myself wearing it with black dress, corsets, or ANYTHING..i practically go insane if i saw it at TOPSHOP..

Everybody needs DR.MARTENS signature shoe..i purposely choose red instead of white because i like red clothes item? Dr Martens is very hard to come by..

it's on my wish list..
hope i can get the sunhat..