Sunday, May 30, 2010

HALF day trip

Went to Queensbay just to hang out with my 'beloved' sister..and daddy and mummy
lolz..can't believe this is the first time both of us atcually enjoy looking at branded outlets together..we were finding high waist shorts all around forever 21..then we didn't know kitschen had already opened next to nichii..

i tried on their jumpsuit..(LATEST trend now...) i feel like i'm doing sports bye bye my sister ended up buying one pink lace dress and a flowery smock? lolz..nobody said that dress turn up nice, so she blame me for asking her to buy it...

we had our lunch at DRAGON-I where their Ramen and 'siew long pau' are their trademark..of course daddy's friend treat us the whole course..or else our whole family should be having lunch at Kim Gary instead..
my sister kept complaining about her stupid three and half inch heels she was wearing..the minute i exchange shoes with her..i can't even walk...the whole weight shifted right to my's painful and people who insist on wearing that killer heels should suffer in consequence..
i do have to pay a price right?
Because she sponsor half of the money to buy me a realy proper BEAUTIFUL jumpsuit..
that jumpsuit could make me buy six basic Padini it THAT worth it huh??
but love love love the jumpsuit...
muah muah muah..
That's my dress she's wearing...=.='' and that's the 'killer' heels..lolz..=.=''
 waiting patiently for my sister to emerge from the fitting room..lolz..bored =.=''
so that's the end of that sooo short trip
i don't know why are we in a hurry to go home...i didnt even get to look at the books at Border...
maybe it's because of my sister frequent complain about her poor feet..
haha..can't blame her too..i can hardly walk because i don't wear heels that much

so long .for Wesak day's holiday..


bedtime stories

So here i am, getting ready to bed while my sister is busy online-ing..lolz, that's why i had to sleep with the lights on..
i wish i could dream all day no matter how bad the dream is or how sweet the dream taste like..
i love dreaming in my sleep..because this makes life more interesting, right??
so, in the end..i didnt dream about anything...
Believe me, that bear i'm holding had lost one eye, his nose, no mouth and behind his back is a very very big deep cut..poor him, i left that bear unattended for quite a long time..
SLEEPING dress...lolz..what is sooo nice bout it anyway..=.=''just throw on some T-shirt and a pair of'll be sleeping for no one to see..
Ann is in love...
hearts hearts hearts....


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mood aftermath..BABA VAnga

I am finally getting over..
THE earthquake had long gone..
and i am a FREE person..
getting over you soon..

Don't know what really happen these days...but as i know, i am not going in that stupid lane anymore ..Ever again!..let bygones be everyone that had pass trough what i have pass trough, i am sure they would not want to end up like me..i am trying to be straight here...
feelings are soooo confusing..exspecially at my age...maybe i'm lonely ..but being in this class where there's only five other chinese to talk to, everybody is like a family members to me..we look after each other all the time..just last year, i wouldnt have thought of ending up as close clasmates with them..

sorry to my sister.. i told her i was a good girl, but i tend to have feelings towards people i ought not to like..but she can heaved a sigh of relief..i am trying to be straight..yes..and i finally think there's only one guy that outshine the rest...Thank you to that guy..thank you sooo finally get me to the normal track..

the weather is freakin HOT!!!!! people who wear long sleeves out are really FREAKO...even if i wear a singlet, tie my hair, pin my fringe and wear shorts...i could feel sweat trickling down..
what happen??? have any of you guys hear before this old woman called BABAVANGA?
she is awesome in are ANIDIOT if you do not follow her predicition..sadly though..she died during 1969..and her prediction for the recent valcono erupt was the start of the ending of EUROPe

this year NOVEMBER 2010, world war 3 will start...who started it first? you wouldnt have guess it ! it's the MUSLIM..they are going to have a war againts EUROPE..and by the time EUROPE reaches 2012, practically the whole country will be wipe out by nuclear weapons or radioactive effects...and oh yeah, by the year 2014, most people will developed skin cancer..or skin , if you wanna believe it or not..we shall wait till November to see if MUSLIM do cause any chaos to the Europe continent..if it happens..lets follow evry prediction that she had predict..can you imagine she predicted till the year 5069? that is where the earth really comes into an end..

i read the article..with my sister..both of us are like freakin out...HELLO? the world is not going to end though, but we, humans, suffer a terrible life...please go to this website..
NOTE:NOT for the faint heart!!!

my sister's experiment..she put green and gold eyeshadow and ORANGE lipsticks on me..YIKES

so long...the world doesnt eat me..

i am going to smile no matter what...
*acount sucks...physics sucks...*



Thursday, May 13, 2010


Life is hard to live on..when you're happy..the day past extremely when you're just think that somebody had just freezes time...i don't know how to describe myself these for example...i realize i've been really sarcastic whenever i was always meant as a joke..but somehow..sarcasm sounds like a joke to me..after that, i ended up thinking that i had hurt people's feeling with my sarcasm..i though humour was my taste..but when i speak mandarin..i be another person again..the low, timid and 'manja' fragile little thing..(please puke if you read this..)

Then...there were times i do not know what is best for me..I make a promise to all my classmates and friends..i've already make up my mind..even though it's sooo super hard..but then i broke their promise..i have a really soft heart full of liquid blood...even though i may look like a stupid wood outside..when you open my chest and see my will know nothing can compare to it..i tend to be easily melted and influence..and sorry guys, i did not last for hardly one wins everything..
Then i realize that if you had nothing to look forward to in the near or distant will think "what's the point of living in this world full of hatred, pain, cruelty?" we were born to was the only phase we had to past...our journey only end till our heart stop, as i list down all the things i look forward to..there were list was EMPTY..does that mean my death is getting nearer?

i always hug onto something and never never let it kick me, you swear at me..but i will always remain like an imbecile..just waiting for hope..just waiting and waiting ..waiting till the thing just stop on it's own...right stil waiting and waiting..for nothing ..
(I look huge becoz my sister is petite)

..i don't know myself..
i don't know you too..

people's changing?
no..they have a choice..
they can choose if they want to or not..
please baby, change!!!!

don't wanna be a monster 
the outcome will be horrible
you don't want to be covered in green spots do you?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

today, yesterday.

 ignorace is bliss, baby...

Just went trough Drama when they requested the angry part, i pointed at them and said, 'YOU!YOu! You! what do you want from?"(they started to sing adam lambert's song..) "My body huh? come on, come and and open it! (Thrusting my shirt out..) when they want the happy emotion..i was jumping and looking sideways...pointing to some poor windows.."OHMy god!!!! it's lady gaga!!! and she's not wearing anything!!!!" and when they wanted sad.. i started to say that my random boyfriend broke up with me becaue i was too flat...
 let's give myself a big LOLZ!!!

Ransack my sister's clothing and find lots of awesome dresses...couldnt wait for the school holidays to get my stupid hair's looking more and more like a mop head already..though i tend to think that rebonds hair make me feel childish..can't wait to chop it off and do some pure curls instead..

By the way,big family prob? i think i wish my sis would just drive me out of town and get some life out shop and eat and just enjoy..i cant wait to grow up..i wonder how am i suppose to live without modern erm...handphones???
can't wait to grow up..
 can somebody get me out of here? the cage?whatever you wanna call that...mum's a control, time goes by..i will changed for god's sake!!!!

obsessed over hairs now...i do not wish to see anymore clothes..i'll be studying each type of curls properly before i dump myself into permanent ones..
wish me luck on my broom head..

getting more and more hatred to orange..i strictly hate orange colour...YUCK
so beware if you had anything orange in hand..i'll be as mad as lady gaga..

what am i planning to be when i decided that i'm old enough to be free? Hrm...
WILD??? my mum forbid me to bring the guitar out to the playground at my housing estate to play..she says that people would think i'm WILD...i was like..?? har? a guitar is not a cigarette...A guitar doesn't shoot somebody out of a sudden...and a guitar doesnt potray that i'm a rotten kid at school..i'm not playing truant or something..i wasn't singing lady gaga's obscene song...i was just ...hAIZ!!!!...

so whatever..
i wish...
i wish...
i wish..
i can fly ...




Sunday, May 9, 2010


Please do not treat me like a dog or whatever you want me to be..even though i use to welcome you with open arms whenever you want me, but this is FFFF-ing too much..
I may have always been soft towards you and your action, but this time, i do not want you to treat me like a real wood..
Just because you figure out what you atcually want (or not!) doesn't mean you can just throw me out and ignore my pressence..
Remember what yoou said to me! even though you write 'FOR NOW" was just a few days could things change just by seconds..? what's wrong with you?

FIne, if you're not in a mood of talking to me, but please said so, don't left me hanging on the wall like nobody's child..
I do have feelings and patience..


don't talk to me? FINE..


Friday, May 7, 2010


Just viewed back some old photos that were taken last December during my bro's convocation..lolz..SO MANY!! and i didn't even post it up..
such a waste.

My bro is graduating aeronautical engineering, and he's an air force officer..a Captain now..
and he out of 500 got first class honour..
SO PROUD..muakz muakz..
My father and i got too bored that we decided to pose..

Dreaming to graduate? my dream..

lolz...koko looks HUGE..


The FLower..

The first Dinner that koko atcually paid for all of us..
haha..thats his gf..

Thursday, May 6, 2010


my sister came back frm England..lolz..she still looks short...*OOPZ*
and she bought me lots and lots of stuff..
she gave me a set of facial wash...
bought me a checkered high waist skirt (still in the post)
bought me a school bag...(still in the post)
then back in KL, she gave me one whole bag of clothes..i was like..
thank you, you just feed me..

on my way home, from fetching my sis back..

i found out two very comfortable spots to chill out
one is under my class table..
i don't really care what the floor would do to my pinafore after i sit on it..
but wow, it's really nice under there with my chair as my table..and nobody would bother, when you wanna find me, please go over to my table and look down before making any conclusion

next, is my house porch..
i would bring my guitar out with it and sit at the wall there ..
the air, the colour of the surroundings..
just hope the neighbors won't complain much about the noise i made..
no wonder it always rain..

*just went out with my sis to shop..bought one dress..lolz..can't resist because i was left toooo hungry for so long..
do you know if you left me tooo hungry without shopping for so long, i can even shop in a sundry shop? seriously, if there is one serious stage, you will see me taking a crate of eggs out from the sundry shop..i can take my time looking at junk food, reading their labels, counting the expiry date..
this is what happen when you left me starving out..
i need to shop..*

new sneakers to KL..haha..