Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am ANN

Am i having doubts? no wait, i am utterly mum told me that by the end of the year, i'm moving out of Alor Star to an even remote area..Jitra..>.< but i still be going to either kolej or STAR for form 6..(painful) i can't hang out with my friends, i feel like i had left everyone and live in a hinterland lonely can i be? Right now, i can't even hang out with my friends, what's more after i had moved to such rural area?
oh god, i'm really going to be a KAMPUNG girl already.

Mummy said i've got no friends..i've got loads! i've got a bit mad because this ain't true..the fact that mummy don't see me with my friends is because SHE NEVER ALLOW ME to go out with them, so how on earth will she know how many friends i've got..i've got no mobile phone, not allowed to movies, so how can she says i've got no friends? URGH..
i hope one day, my besties will come to my house and i will proudly intruduce it to my mum.
I don't like it when she said i don't have's like i'm sooo lonely, like i had a problem that everybody stay away from me..
can you all do that for me, 'cha mou' men?

I can't define envy and jealous...I ENVY people who are more fabulous than me or i am jealous of people who lead a fabulous life? somehow, i be likely to use 'envy'  towards my friends. because envy doesn't mean any ill feeling and i shall use 'jealous' to people i don't know..
i wish i can lead a fabulous life, perhaps i haven't been doing great karma during my previous, people, start doing good karma if you wanna live a life like Paris Hilton..or Kate Middleton..hold on, i don't think Paris Hilton is the luckiest girl, but with all the riches, she is lucky enough for me

GRAVE! i can hardly use the internet without any's already midnight and my curfew is up..i had to leave my blog ( i still had four more pictures to post) it's not enough! NOT ENOUGH!! not to mention, i still got loads more to post loads more to look at, i haven't google Ed Westwick yet just to get a glimpse of him picking his nose..
i haven't even play angry birds!
Angry Ann


My face

See my gloss, no lipstick, so who says my mouth is always sad all the time? ) :
i realise my lips is exactly the same as my mum's ..EXACTLY! so, i'm going to practice smilling (i hope nobody would label me as insane)i'm going to practice pouting too, but i realize pouting doesn't look nice because i notice wrinkles come model pouting looks so picture perfect..

my eyes..ok, it's artificially fake with the wonders of fake double eye lids.i saw a newspaper article on plastic surgery and i saw this girl having her eye lids stitch up while she was still awake..YIKES. no way am i going under that knife, it's soo painful and excruciating and that girl suffer for three months! imagine closing your eye lids when there's something holding you back with needles and sister found out there's another procedure in getting permanent double eye is through laser but NO WAY am i going to endure short term pain or not..
MY BRACES is clearly one example that i had reborn through torture..

my nose..sometimes i feel that it looks broad at the bridge and sometimes it looks okay to way will i go through pathetic procedure of using this massaging nose item where it SUPPOSE to make your nose look sharper...i've been using this face slimmer massager and i only see my face looks like FRANKENSTEIN..(minus those screw driver on each of my head)

My hair had grown..i believe by the end of the year i will get back my long hair again..and then i will curl it, and cut it off again just like my friend predicted..haha
why would i want to cut my dream hair after all?


smoky eyes

I've only know how to draw my eyes with silver and dark blue shimmering eye shadows..the rest colour shades on my eyes looks very weird on me..i don't know why, but pink eye shadows make my eyes look smaller..gah!

warh, close shot of my eyes..the eye liner look soo thick,..what to do, for monolids like me, no matter how thick the eye shadow is, it cannot be seen...
so, after this experience , i'm gonna learn how to use liquid eye liner..put on even foundation and use peach blusher..
i'm obsessed with make up now..last time i use to sigh each time my sister look at rows and rows of make up products, now, i LOVE it...
so, first, i'm going to start with buying a good blusher..
it lightens up my face colour..


Beauty review 1 (Christian Dior and Clinique)

Christian Dior's Eau De Toilette , Miss Dior Cherie, Blooming Bouquet..
smell like lavender..=.=''

Clinique's Fresh bloom, allover colour, peony..

50 ml-17 FL OZ, made in Paris, France..
lol, i practically copy every label it had..the thing is, this is my first beauty review so i really don't know how to write about it ..=.=''

This is the top of the cap,..CD for Christian Dior, not compact disc!

and this is the size of it compare to me..the scent very nice, soothing..those Anna sui lover would not be please with it coz it's not fruity..

ok, this is akward, i need loads of practice for a great review..=.=''

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hard hearts

I love this picture sooo much..haha...they took it with Cyee's iphone..<3
k, if you had a band, you must have a band name..
i have no idea and i can't choose girly name in case the boy would stick his tongue out in disgust..
if you had any me!!
we're just amateur..

thnk you WEI YING!!


Just come back from my first jamming session..
i got the first taste of real live band and...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

one of the song is MY ORIGINAL SONG!
our band consist of three girls and one boy (poor you)

i love jamming..i lve jamming..i lve jamming..


Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's either he's too famous to notice me
it's either there's so many people for him to notice

he never will
and nobody ever will
ever take notice of me

i beg for once someone WILL..

crushing hard on you, Latin boy...

I've noticed that i have LOADS of Wei Ying and me there, and EVERYWHERE..the thing is, WE BOTH love taking photos, so it's no surprise. i want so badly a DSLR camera..MUMMY SOLD THE ONLY ONE WE HAD!!! how could she?!?! and she sold it for only RM 500..that person must be laughing his head off after receiving the camera..
We were talking a presents today at school..You know what i really want? A SPONGEBOB MONOPOLY set..yes, i saw it a METROJAYA and i nearly go ballistic in the department store..
sad to say, i rather buy clothes than buying a i leave it there..T.T

I'm addicted to ANGRY BIRDS..even though i did admit saying that it's the lamest addictive game i've ever played..i mean, how can you be addicted throwing birds at green pigs? the creator must have cast a superior spell on it..

Sleeveless singlet: Shop @ Sungei Wang
Skirt: Shop @ Queensbay Mall
White sling bag: MANGO
ballet flats: BRANDS OUTLET

practice here, practice there, i can't remember when was the last time i've ever went attend add math lesson in school..He had already gone three chapters ahead my tuition teacher..this means major trouble for my upcoming monthly test..the thing is, he uses only 30 minutes to complete ONE freaking chapter..30 minutes?! seriously!?
after spending sooo much time with my choir members..
i wanted them to be a family
despite the fact i still feel akward to some people around me..


denim high waist

I'm sick of dresses and skirts..yet, i wear them pretty often..why? because  its comfortable and you acted like a real lady in it. One of my friend told me that she likes reading my blog because there's SOOOO many pictures and soooo little words..i was like, WWTTFF? i want people to read what i wrote too, not just browse along looking at my pictures..
well, so long for wanting to be a famous blogger..

Denim high waist shorts- ROMP
Who's that UGLY?- ME

Choir Competition is over now..we won first so now i'm back to the wormhole again, trying to get myself to read a phrase of words in my reference book..Mummy took pity on my empty wallet so she secretly feed it with a couple of bucks..i was soo shocked and touched, but i didn't spend it on clothes..i'm saving it for  a lot of future stuff.. there's more important things then clothes, y'know?(i'm telling that to myself)


Skin Deep

i know i have flaws..
i know i don't have big Barbie doll eyes
i know i don't have fair porcelain skin
i know i don't have sharp nose
i know i don't have a body to die for
i know i don't an oval face to show off
but saying me UGLY is insulting

haha..ah jia tying my hair so that i can perform on that Jia Wen told us six rules for our friendship..
First: TRUST
SECOND: Honour
FOURTH: respect
FIFTH: solidarity
SIXTH: Honest
i think i got the order wrongly,...forgive me, i didn't mean's just that my history subject is more important to memorize this vision

i'm atcually quite happy with my lips though..yayaya..i know it doesn't look happy when i don't smile..but hey, at least i don't have thin lips like Daniel Radcliffe..Girls should have full pouty lips..and it must be red or pink in colour all the time...but according to health, if you're lips are always red, it's either you're heaty? or it's just what you're born with..


Thursday, June 16, 2011

cover or original

Mean-Taylor Swift

I didn't know my uncle could be that 'in'..he came back from England and drop by our house..we had nothing else to do, so mummy suggest that i should play some song to entertain him..I got nervous, this guy is as old as my dad..he probably listen to oldies like my i play my original song instead, he got soooo amazed..i mean , if you sing other ppl song, it's nothing special..if you had your own, it's something...then, he started advicing my dad, saying that it's such a waste, blah blah blah, that i should take up music..blah blah blah..AT LEAST he talk SENSE to my dad
but my dad didn't know what he was talking..=.=''
i've just received a bad feedback from my chinese teacher..he said, test is coming soon and i'm still away for activities...i'm still stable in my exam, it's not like my result drop so terribly that its obvious that it was the activity that affect my result..>.
the flowers! ha!make me look like i just came from some this recent event is for Teacher's Day in our district..They keep changing song..this song not good, that song not suitable..I was soooo fed up and i ended up with my choise..TO SIR WITH LOVE..
yes, very very meaningful and what piss me off is that PK koko didn't think that it's SUITABLE!!!

Hehe..the 'aunties' from MARS...kk, i'm really planning that after SPM, i'll be changing this blog to a, (until i figure how on earth am i going to transfer the whole thing)..i think a sound really official and formal..just going to build up my blog ..School reunion dinner is just a week next, i've already know what i'm going to wear, but the hair had always been a major problem ...
After playing Angry Bird, i found out the game is nothing but shooting pigs with birds..why is it so addictive anyway? huh? huh?goodness, i found another crush..when i saw what he atcually did for a hobby.,i melted..he's a latin dancer, an all-type of dancer and a great photographer..
and i meet him twice a week for tuition..
with a striking good look of him..
if his friend knew..
i'll be dead within two seconds..
coz his popularity is even worst than the previous one..


Exam aftermath

, this whole week had been a wreck..not only did i had a very sad result, the teachers are tearing my hair out of its roots...Okay, i got 7 A's, regardless of A+ or A or A is an A..just like An Ant is also an Apple...
But my chemistry SHOULD not be such a failure's worst than my year-end-result which is much more harder than this mid-year..i don't know what's wrong with the whole paper..Right, my objective paper look sickening to's right under my target mark..even my Physic had a better mark than that..
so i got 7 A's , 2 sickening B, and a usual C for my hopeless Chinese..

Besides, i still had loads of questions to bombared the teachers..why can't my answer be accepted when i had directly written out the exact letters on my tuition notes?! but i didn't had the time, and a couple of questions couldnt make my Chemistry mark into an, let it go, babe..let it go..
My account surprisingly got an's subjective, with a total 100 marks of written's probably going to be a total knock-off you didn't know one's going to affect your whole entire answer..and it's tough,..i got lucky, i manage to equalize all the accounts..
but i still had a few format errors..=.=''

guess, i need to work hard..*sigh* laziness had already create a new cell in my body system..


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Webcam Obsession

Next to you-Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber
I wonder if webcam had timer so that i can freely pose..>.< here i go again, pose here pose there like there is no yesterday..I got a shock today when mummy atcually said that she and my sister are going to sponsor me to SUNWAY if i take account as my course..ACCOUNT? of all courses, ACCOUNT!?!? it had never come across my mind that i will end up like my sister..ACCOUNT freaks me out..i don't even know the definition of account..
if they willing to sponsor me to college, why can't i take up something i can cope with for the future? i am willing to take public relations since they complain i'm not taking a marketable course..
I plead to you! please sponsor me go SUNWAY if i'm going to take Public Relation..PLEASE!

 There is this wonderful program where you HAD to pay Rm796 for a year for this's called my dad's friend did a demo for me and it was's the new generation to study, no more tuition and you can probably SKIP SCHOOL!  everything is complete inside with assessment exercises, 1993-2010 trial paper, topical test papers and so on with 24-hour online teacher (yoou can choose who you like..there's a chinese man, a bee, a malay girl and a hot young woman) there's a package, if you had another sibling, you can share the account..with the same price...AMAZING and AWESOME...some schools had even allow students to bring their laptop with this program inside to teach them..go visit the website
if only i knew it earlier, but it's too late now isn't it?
school's starting in another two days..i can predict what would happen to my add math paper..i can't figure why i remain blank during the test..i've been preparing myself for it about a month ago..


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play by ear

I received one comment in youtube from this guy quoting that there is nothing special to play music by ear..
I didn't know that...
right now, i feel that maybe i don't have talent in music after all..
i thought all the while playing music  just through listening is 1 out of 10 in each people...
guess i was wrong..

i was at this mall and i saw a newly opened music store...i went straight to the electric piano where a  guy is playing Pirates of the Caribean song..
obviously, he played it by ear..and it was tough..

i play Paparazzi after him..he was amazed..
"you play by ear?"he asked..
"yeah." I answered..
"Wow! you're good.." playing by ear special or not?
i wonder


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Song cover

It's a MEDLEY! i'm singing Perfect (pink), Price Tag (Jessie J), Born this way (lady Gaga) and Forget you (cee Lo green) in one song..
I hope you guys will watch it and comment about it


Who says -Selena Gomez
Kuantan is BORING..especially when you had only four dollars in your pocket..i didnt get to buy anything except a face roller at SASA which claim to have V-shape effect if you massage it on your face everyday for ten minutes..i hope it works face look like a great round balloon ready to pop  any moment from now

I didn't get to go to the beach after all parent rent an apartment over there and the service is AWFUL..that guy should be fired! there's sooo many bad service around here..Ok, my bro with a good heart bought us tickets to go watch Kung Fu Panda with him at Berjaya Megamall..we went there, (despite the fact that it's going to bankrupt) the person inform us that the whole cinema blackout so we were left heartbroken ..sob..
ok, not that serious, but DAMN, before that we search high and lo for the fastest food because we wanna be ontime for the movie..
we went to old town, guess what?

The waitor over there acted like it's nobody's bussiness..there's no supervisor so they didnt do their job...even the old couple next to us got mad and started cursing at them..everybody started to curse and i slumped my head against my hand..Oh god, why is this happening?
the food is okay, but it's sooo freaking slow! they made lots of mistake, they even burnt the toast of the old couple next can imagine that lady..she was soooo furious..i swear i can toast my bread over her head..

So, on the other hand, we went to east coast mall, since it was the biggest mall over my horror, Mango closed down the last time i mum said that maybe it's too expensive that nobody can afford..i pointed Roxy  and said Roxy is way more expensive than Mango..if it was because of that, Roxy should go first..

I love this boutique..It's CLOUD not LOUD as in the picutre..they sell many babydoll dresses, but i have sworn to my secrecy that i have to stop buying dresses anymore..
i manage to memorize the route of Kuantan ..the whole journey to Kuantan take about eight hours..if you wanna make this journey more worthwhile, my bro had to stick himself to my family or else it'll be a waste of time..

Ann: Koko, can you sponsor me go college?
Bro pointed to his girlfriend
bro's girlfriend: Why you point at me?! it's your sister lol!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Maxi dress and skirt

Orange maxi dress! people who knew me know that i loathe ORANGE, but then i started to think orange is a very bright and happy colour that would put a toothless child in a laughing state..(well only if you dress yourself up as a papaya) my opinion, maxi dress should cover over your ankle! which shouldn't be worn with heels BUT wedges..but i don't have, so forgive me if i make any statement in here.. 
Stop eating fried food! i've been eating loads of fried food recently and my face had turned into a huge oil blotting paper..(not to mention those pimples!) if you want to avoid fried food, YOU CAN"'s everywhere..i mean, you can't just bake vegetables right? whatever it is, i don't wanna look like a big active valcano waiting to eradicate the whole world..  
 I'm in Kuantan right now..*yawn* there's nothing much to do, yesterday we went to this great JUMBO PARKSON sale and mummy bought me a spongebob squarepant's bed spread with pillow case...WOW..imagine me sleeping on this yellow sponge who probably looked happy even though i've squashed him flat in the face..
Oh look! sister love my skirt, so she tried it on..( :

Orange maxi dress: Shop @ Queensbay
Lace Blouse: Shop @ Sungei Wang
Maxi Skirt: Shop @ Queensbay
Shirt (worn by sister): PDI
Heels: SAND DEE @ derno where
Lace vest: Shop @ Queensbay


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Water Margin ( Calvin Li)

Water Margin TV series 2011
I've watched this classical show 'Water Margin' which translate into 'shui hu zhuan?' and i fall in love with this cunning SMART witted man..WUYONG...and when i google him online and i found this handsome young man..I CAN"T believe it's him! come to think of it, he looks like my granpa if he kept the beard ..
i don't know if i like this character of him..LOL

LOOK! just look! omg...obsessed..he's from CHINA..
this Water Margin show is currently on air at 8tv


Officially Bankrupt

shirt dress: From Sungei Wang
Shoe: Charles & Keith
I flip open my wallet, NOTHING..i spent all my money on the trip to KL and the last drop was splashed on MCDONALD while doing NIE with my fellow friends...
I'm officially BROKE

Oky, 2molo i'm off to KUANTAN with 0 sen in my wallet..daddy rent an appartment there so instead off going shopping, i'll better glue myself to the wall because there's NOTHING in my wallet..don't ask me to buy a plastic bag..i can't even afford one..
no kidding, i am on the verge of going out to town with the guitar to earn some money..HOW can you live without 10 sen in your pocket..?

care to donate?
c'mon, donate the poor..


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

KL within 3 months

when i cried when i'm not able to go to KL, this is what parents decided to go here i am, back at the street of Bukit Bintang again..with my Navy theme dress, brown belt, comfy adidas flats, heavy-weight NINE WEST bag and my recent craze headband..

We walked so much, my feet almost fell off..We walked from Low Yat (after getting my netbook bag) to Sungei Wang 6th floor, and then come down to MAYBANK to punch money and walked up again to get our item..then walked to TIME SQUARE..and then walked up and down in search of maxi dress (it's a craze right now) and walked to Sungei Wang again, and walked up a pedestrian bridge to walked over LOT 10..and then walked down, and walked to FAHRENHEIT 88 (we didn't go in) then walked straight to SEPHORA at STARHILL and then walked to Pavillion to find YSL cosmetics, and then walked back to LOT 10, thinking that YSL is there and then realize there's no YSL cosmetics in the whole MALAYSIA, then walked back to SUNGEI WANG and then walked back to the hotel..

All this within four hours!CRAZY!

they atcually had Debenhams and ZARA at LOT 10..i thought that shopping centre is like dead gone since there's nothing much but ISETAN to see..then they turn dead posh all of the sudden..We went for this late night movie at TIME SQUARE...which is DIGITAL MAX 3D..the screen is like HUGE..double the size of a normal cinema screen and the whole theatre looks like half of a stadium..Pirates of the Caribean..(did i spell correctly?) it was delayed for 10 minutes, and there's more then 10 foreigners over showed them what bad time management we had in Malaysia..
but when they go in, i'm sure they changed their mind...IT WAS HUGE! 
 Oh yeah, 1st avenue is in TIME SQUARE..the boutique over there are cute and european style -like..they even had this shop called "OFFLINE" where they featured all the clothes from famous blogshop..CHRISTY NG's famous shoes are also's weird, because just this morning i read about her online store in a newspaper and here i was looking at the real items..
it's not fully opened yet, but i guess it's going to be an awesome nice place to shop in after it fully opened..i wonder if it's related to Penang's First Avenue..
Ooh, cuddly..( : so what did i bought? i bought one high waist washed out denim shorts..and when i brought it home to wear it again, i looked like i am wearing adult size diapers instead..
and then i bought a very vintage blouse..Me and my sister bought the same similar maxi dress because it's quite cheap..then we go back and try, it turned out to be midi..and my parent's first exclamation was that we both looked like REAL convent girls..geddit? we looked like nuns..
than mummy bought me a lace vest, and gave me a leopard shirt dress
and my sister gave me a figure-hugging polkadot white skirt and pink lace-dress..
On the account..
I HAD 60 dresses already..