Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kpop revolution

i think the Kpop phenomenon is really spreading to the whole wide world. After being influence by fellow friends about how great kpop is, their music video is the best (even though some of their music is a bit stereotype)
i don't know why other country music video just seem to lack of somthing, but kpop music video just had the best quality and choreograph .
that is just my perspective though, don't have to shoot me for anything .
anyway, i've been staying back school quite a lot of times these days to practice on Roly Poly - T-ara
i'm a slow learner, not some kind of intermediate or advance dancer.
i'm more interested in the outfit though..haha..all bright and colourful and wonderful.
there are four girls and one boy in that dance
me, Yong, Shi yun , Esther and choon siang..

They dance oppa gangnam style too which i couldn't catch up (i'm sooo slow like a slow poke =='')
but on that night i got another performance which is Secret by one republic.
i took a few moments to analyse which song i'm gonna choose. I couldn't find any suitable fast track song because nowadays song are full of raps with flat melodies.
and furthermore, the whole night is full of KPOP songs, i guess somebody wants to hear something different eh?
and furthermore, there will be teachers there, so they want to hear something soothing other than rap and hard rock , right?
just hope i make the right choice though..
*nervous smile*

kay, i'm going to this four hours intensive dance prac at school now
hope to sheds off some kilograms to fit into my red jeans >w<

Star Cruise Libra to Phuket and Krabi

behind us is the swimming pool of the cruise. 10 years ago, i sat on Gemini cruise and after 10 years, here i am at Libra. The biggest ship is Virgo though which cost a fortune but worth dining (look at the interior inside, its' like a palace!)
anyway, i spent all the time eating and eating.They had three restaurants inside the ship. One is Four Season: western cuisine (buffet)
Oriental Palace:Chinese cuisine (not buffet)
and international cuisine which is buffet style too
four meals a day, all FREE  >w<
so you can imagine how fat i had grow sideways after the four days trip.
i gain 2 kg in four days!!

trying on a big sun hat in one of the stall in Phuket. I like Phuket more than Krabi despite the fact that arrgH! it rains! we couldn't get to see the beach after all!but the bus let us off at Robinson and a few others shopping malls conjoined together. the whole place is like breath taking~ sooo many god damn people and sooo many nice things to se..
anyway, after that the bus took us along the beach (it is still rainging T.T) and we get to see the view outside. is all infested with cacausians, pubs, cafes and all sorts of stuff that you would like to stroll along.
but its raining..duh!

this is at Krabi.
we didn't get to see much of Krabi though, its more like Langkawi and Phuket was more like Penang (in comparision on how distinct it was)
we went to this so called famous thai restaurant and the portion was soo incredibly small, but the food was okay though..
hee, krabi= NOTHING

what i wore to Krabi
the first time i wore something stringless outside. haha..i spent most of the time pulling up the top of my dress and goodness, don't i feel incredibly uncomfortable wearing it.
now people couldn't imagine how a cruise trip would be. they couldn't picture that each room had a toilet inside. They couldn't picture how four people can squeeze into one room.
haha..just go on to the cruise and see for yourself. they have 9 floors, but one day i would want to go on Virgo. it is twice the size of Libra, so it's a hell lot bigger!

and on the last night of the cruise there is such thing call GALA DINNER where everybody must turn up wearing formal dresses to DINE WITH THE CAPTAIN. No slippers allow and all that, and you had to choose between whether you want oriental food or western food.
we choose western and i can barely get myself eat any of all those.
when you say western , asian people would just picture chicken chop, pasta and all that, but no, this time it was PURE western, arrgh,my taste receptor turn down most of the food. (i will introduce the food later in my blog)

 At premium Outlet : COffee box, their waffle is sooooo soft and scrumptous that..wooo~~~ i want more ..i want more!!!!
tried to camwhore with my parents..haha..guess dad is not really that pro in posing..heee

the big night, i didn't get to bring my heels though, couldn't contain.

One epic moment.That is the Star Lounge where there will be entertainment inside. There will be band performance, crew performances, magic show, and oh yeah, there is also sexy adult show for those above 18 ==''
There is also disco night (no age limit! but alcohol won't be serve to those under 18) the first night was: Coyote night (sexy girls)
second night was: Student party night. ( i went there and saw a bunch of crew members dressing up in skimpy uniform )
third night was : Glamorous night.
and there is also Karaoke lounge  up at the poolside.

 the view in Oriental Palace.

the first day on cruise, they had barbecue day~ goodness! they practically THROW UP all the food on earth. One one corner there are all the barbecue stuff you can think off. Big prawns, beef, chicken, fish, whatever meat you want.
in one corner you had all sorts of cakes: black forest, carrot cake, vienna brownies, fruit cake, chocolate mousse, about ten types of cake for you to dig in
in another corner is the assorted buns: poppy seed, french loaf (there are about 8 types there but i can only identify 2 ..haha)
in another corner is the noodle station
in another is the NYONYA food
In another is the fried rice, vege and all that
all you can eat..
anyway, the food was great, it keep you fill up and something you would look forward to.
but the performance seem a bit lacklustre using the same performers over and over again. they also make full use of the crew members. One minute i saw the MC of the show become our receptionist, another minute i saw the same person tend to our food, another minute i saw the exact same person tend to our tour outside.
so i suggest you guys go FREE and EASY outside and not be fool by those packages on your promotion paper.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Penang trip with friends

 Woots~ this is my first EVER trip without adults tagging along..haha..but i'm gonna be a young adult soon after one month! So our trip started at 6.45pm where everybody is surprisingly ON TIME, while Miss Ann came 'a bit' late thinking that nobody in the right mind would come ON TIME..
guess i was wrong, coz Jesslyn meow at me..hahaaha..
we head on to Butterworth for breakfast first. thinking that there will be plenty of empty seats in the bus (since there's only 24 of us in a 44 seats bus)
but it look full after all, (maybe we're too big size to sit in a school bus)
aiik, i like this beach shot!!!! hahahaha..thanks bok bok for the 'profesional shot"
anyway, Miss Ann ate only roti bakar (toasted bread) at butterworth and then off we go to Queensbay. we were half an hou early over there and it was like waiting for a chicken to lay egg for the shop to open.
*waiting waiting waiting*
shopping was a rush though. i spent quite some time in Kitschen busy choosing shirt for somebody who kept complaining complaining this not nice, that not nice, dont want dont want..hahaha.

Me and Shireen
After spending on a two shirts(kitschen), and a sunglasses at Brands Outlet
Then we went to Sakae Sushi to eat for lunch and off we proceed to Gurney.
At Gurney i bought one GIRLY wallet from Vincci Accessories coz i kept receiving comments on my wallet. There are at least five people that thought my wallet belongs to a guy and their eyes go like this ---> O.O when they realize it's my wallet. ==''
i know i know, girl's should had long clutch type of wallet, pink in colour, had lace, had frills, and had hugs and kisses all over their purse.
so i bought one brown clutch ....=_=

 At Sakae Sushi~~
Then i went over to my alltime favourite accessory shop, FOURSKIN.
i did mention that the brand is from Singapore right? and i got TWO hairband with ribbons on it again. i counted in my whole ribbon collection, i have more than 20 hairbands and headbands. heee~~
at the beach with the babes~
anyway, after that we went to chatime to get our milktea. *slurp slurp slurp*
and off we go to the beach at Batu feringgi. we were all changed to our shorts. I turn up with this top to bottom Kitschen singlet and shorts. the side of my tube is not enough to cover the side of my body though, so i went out of the changing room looking soo out of place.
then someone is kind enough to gimme their shirt and i wore it till i reach the beach~~

 Pose it babes!

 We had fun photoshooting at the beach! wooo
then after that we went to Autocity, We waste about 30 minutes debating on which restaurant we're going to eat our dinner. Bak kut teh, don't want.
the taiwan cuisine too many people
we're sick of sushi
we went in to another shop and that person tell us we had to sit outside.
so in the end after 45 minutes, we settle down at Swensens.
DANG, my group of babes order the food until cannot finish. THeir bills came up to 200 plus. My main motive to go Swensens and eat their awesome icecream.
I shared banana boat with my friend
and in the end =='' we couldn't finish it..
Bring the boys out!
after eating, i had only 30 minutes left until my parents come and pick me up from Autocity to fetch me back to Penang Airport to pick up my sister and her boyfriend.
I wonder what i miss out at the journey back home though..

One last picture ~
all the pictures are memories
all the memories are priceless
we share, we've been through

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Put back the light in my eyes

Its the start of a BRAND NEW RAYA school holiday! woooo
There is two or maybe three things that i look forward during this holiday. that is going to my FIRST (with only friends) to penang and My four days three night up on the cruise to all sorts of island.
*bite my nails*
i badly need to find myself a sandal, a sunblock .
now looking at my luggage, i've LACK a whole lot of damn thing man ><

my stuck up face.
anyway, what happen for the past few days? well, they are busy preparing for the MPU night. (MPU- Majlis Pra-u) and of course there WILL be performances. So that monday,i and my friends stayed back to dance THE BOYS- Girls Generation. it was the FIRST time i Dance again after three years and it was undeniable that i am AWFUL.
so i came to a conclusion: i am no longer the small little girl whom she used to stand infront of any hindi movie and dance together with the actors and actresses.
nah-ah! i am beyond awful, i am hopeless! hahahahaha

But they decided to cancel of The BOys because we don't really have much time to practice on. So that Wednesday (which was just yesterday) we were atcually going to dance this agogo(1960's) dance. but then in the end i don't know what click my friend Yong in dancing Roly Poly-T-ara. aiik..
that song i enjoy it very much though (or maybe there wasn't anyone there to laugh at me XD)
we manage to dance till the chorus part and i've already had a bucketful of ideas what will seem to be the BEST costume we are going to wear.

and there are another particular dance i am soo intrigue to watch.
i got really excited after my fwen choon xiang decided to learn it and teach us.
can't wait (even though i'm totally slow )
and then i finally think that i'll be playing a violin cover on Secret-one republic. I couldn't decide whether it's going to be Lovey Dovey or Secret, but then after all the K-wave, i bet the teachers would like to hear something else.

Dark or bright, i still see your smile
shining white im sad for a while
but everytime i lit my face when i saw you
darling best we don't take a rest
i'm happy giving u all the best
so take my hand and i show you my world~


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Funny Face

if she truly loves you~
she wouldn't care if you eat like you haven't eaten for three days
if you have mouth so big you can eat one whole doughnut with one bite
if you make disgusting jokes
if you are short and look like you're 12 years old
if you are unable to lift her up
if you have pimples as much as her
if you constantly poke fun of her
if you constantly purposely make her jealous

if he truly loves you
he wouldn't care if you have bad skin condition.
if you are not mature enough and needs people to take care of
if you keep demanding for more even though you had enough
if you are not capable of anything
if your shoe annoys him and your water stinks.

owkay, so i had another one week to my penang and cruise trip.
shopping without a shopping list is pointless.
so i guess my priority is to get an Ipanema sandals
and then look for something nice to wear on the cruise (something that looks good when the wind blows) woo~

so later i'm going back to perlis to take my reward money from some association.
last tuesday me, Bok bok, low and Esther went to this food shop call double happiness? and guess what i saw there. A GROUP OF MY PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS!!!! WOOO~~ i haven't seen them for 6 freaking years and it really shocks me to see them there..
and then someone say i'm practically a kampung girl, coz whatever shit place also i don't know. haha..i seriously don't know where is where though ..==''

So these are the pictures where you can see how exactly my face shape is. ROUND and flat like roti canai.
MPU night is coming up, just as i thought it would be something grand like prom night at a hotel ballroom, they go and change the whole venue to the school hall
time to perform ? haha...i guess..
just hope everything would turn up well though..


Sunday, August 5, 2012

31 days

Woo, i finally get to online after 10 sickening days. did i mention my maxis line is broken too that i can't text at all ?!? i sent 9 identicals messages, and none received! LOL!..and the internet broke down for the past 10 days. the minute i saw the yellow light lit up from the modem, i HAMMER the 'start' button on my laptop and woooo, i get to online for 30 sickening minutes ==''

my ghost picture..ahahaha..
anyway, last week was the first week i drove to school ALONE! woo, and for the first time i get to fetch my friends go eat curry mee..ahaha, ann tan drove like a maniac..and just last friday, i drove myself to Alor star mall for a movie.. DANG, the whole place like a fish market. i don't think i can even spot anyone because everybody looks like everybody.
and oh yeah, then i realize, SASA grand opening over there.
but i didn't scream and ran ammock to there =='' not that serious case yet.
then we both bought PURPLE SHIRTS together!! bwahaha

just a picture of my hair.
anyway, another two weeks to my PENANG TRIP with me friends!!!
first time going like an adult nia..just hopefully they don't postpone it at the last moment. yar, i super hate changes de..
so i'm anticipating (on the other hand try not to expect because i always know expectation hurts)


tadaaa!,my four freakish fugly face!
anyway, i receive one freaking good news last two nights when my piano teacher appear (like from magic, poof! out from smoke) and told me i got MERIT in my piano Grd8..
i was like
seriouslY? this concludes everything between the difference between male and female examiners. dang! ahahaha
anyway, i had started studying (only when it's tuition-free) day
trying to fit myself from the marathon (even though some sort of 'drugs' make me fat and chubby)

this is a lame blogpost anyway..

31 days!