Thursday, September 23, 2010

white angel

I can't speak...*CHOke*
   Please listen to Kesha ft. Katy Perry's song, TRUE LOVE..and you know what exactly how i feel..and i have to admit that the song is the background song for THE SIM 2..

I thought my heart bopping feeling ended after  J3 never look at me no more..i have to accept the fact that it is what it is...the feelings grow only revives back when he just throw one look over to me...but it hasn't been like that anymore..
what happen?

I forgot about J3 quite sometime, even though i still see him twice a only comes as a flashback after my junior ask me about him again..she said she had been msn-ing with him and she wanted to know if i still....she wanted me to talk to him..but that's insane! i can't! I can never never do that ...i wanted him to make the move, not me!
Right, instead of blabbering what i am frusrating off...relationship at this age could shock my, at least just let me be friends..get to know him! he knows the guitar for god's sake, i can talk to him about it...(yeah right..) did J3 started to appear?
The acronym name J3 was created by JiaWen when we were both playing Battleship in class..his name fit perfectly by that number...

There were times where i got the chance to sit in my private car and watch his school dismiss...secretly..i watch him inside, talking yak-yakity with his friends...
There were times i waited for him in my seat and he never turn up for tuitions...
There were times i flashes a smile each time i saw a similar name somewhere
There were times i kept picturing US...
Haiz....I'm 16 now, older, and will had to learn responsibility and acceptance..I shall be patient...this is my new older me:
~I will never fall back the same hole again (my song's lyrics..XD)
~I will gain happiness by accepting the postive side
~I will learn how to grow up
So yeah, i don't care if i dresses too old for my age...this is another way to motivate myself that i am older, wiser and more mature...
*don't laugh*

I love my Thin Body(then)...but right now, I'm FAT
Choir Trip to Penang 16, 17 and 18..Wei ying is going to Shanghai and i don't think there is no one closer then me anymore at Choir Trip...i hope Suyin is going so that i can be roomate as her, but she doesn't seem that sure...I don't feel like i belong to the Choir team, the choral speaking team before...i'm all alone there...and i hate to be alone...
I don't know what to talk to my juniors, and i'm terified with the you pretty get the picture that the only team that i belong trully is the Drama team..All hail to them!

When my junior ask me...
Do you still like him?
i paused..a very very long time...
i wanted to tell her..
No...i love him...



THE insanity

One day at school, disaster strikes...

Fiirst: everyone wants to snap photos...

Second: then the fight between Jia Wen and me to see whose head is harder..
yes!! ANN WINS!!!
Ann: What are you doing in my seat? get up
Ning: GLEE
Ning: GRRR
Ning gave me her bottle to end our fight..
Guess the subject on the table...
Happy birthday to me..
happy birhtday to me..
happy birthday to me...
happy birthday to me..


My EARLY swt 16 Burp-day

Special thanks to (from left) Shey Hwa, Jia Wen, Xin Ning, me, Sandy, Amal, Chze Yan, Azeerah and Annick (who was sick)

They celebrate my Birthday ealier by 4 days..HA! you might think that they must have got the date wrong but Miss Annick need 2 go KL on Wednesday so they celebrate it on Tueday, manatau she got sick herself..
THEY thought they can surprise me, but...i've already know they're up to something...
and my bday is on the 24th of september by the way, it's tomorrow XD...
Thanks soooo much for the surprise!Last year my friends celebrated in school too, but it was different..i felt that i don't belong with them, that i'm not even close with them..but this year, it's another view..i've grown closer to them through Drama, and the usual visits to their Class next door...if i look back last two years, i will never dream off being that close with them..NEVER..and now, words can be traitors and i feel like i belong ! first time, i belong to a clique of friends...

So, they ask me to make three i made three hoping that either one can easily come true...but it's going to be a fat chance since i don't have anything much to earn in...
no harm writing it down for the whole world to see eh?
first: freedom
Second: Have a chance with J3? hahaha..that's the stupidest wish 
Third: To be Happy...
so, right now i can imagine all my three wishes will 'Puff' disappear right into smoke and never come back..
so, we celebrated at the back of the computer room , and had only 15 minutes to do what we need to do...aww..such a short notice...and yes, all of us are wearing KK clothes, so don't look shock that we dresses like that ..thank you AZEERAH for the wonderful present you gave me...and you didn't give me one! you give me a pair!!! haha,..thank you to everyone for providing me cards and atcually thought of celebrating my bday at school..i didn't remember doing anything nice for you all, so i do feel guilty..
and thank you AMAL for giving me your card too..
(right now computer having kept hanging, and then ok again , and then hang...getting really frusrated now...feel like it's a waste to online today, becasue i can't find any way to do something to it!!!)
Me and Sandy

It's going to be my BDAY SOON!! please don't let me suffer, COMPUTER!!! agrh, sorry, venting my anger here..
Why Why Why...
so i shall end my blog here..
stupid stupid computer

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scared a Clown

Flying like a G6
I pity Kayne West ...i watched back the VMA 09 again and i didn't find it that harsh and humilating to Taylor S. What's wrong with you people? okay okay, i know Kayne wrote 'single ladies' for Beyonce and seriously, i think the comotion is just one tiny bit of dust in a bowl of soup..why make such itsy bitsy thing into something as big as armegedon?
Kayne got a huge turn over at his career and i hope you people would just shut up and continue your's over now, so please focus on music and not judge who we're going to idolize...Kayne's songs are way to go..

Thank you, Taylor Swift for writing a song for him..'INNOCENT' is a great song and thank god she wrote it first so people would atcually follow her and forgive Kayne..Put all the past behind..and Kayne..i love your new song 'Runaway.' they even make a review about Eminem's album and wishes that Kayne would atcually start writing song for that guy again ..
Nobody knows that Kayne is atcually behind a lot of hit famous song right? He is everywhere..but after last year incident, all the famous singers went to bauge David Guetta in, they fear Kayne would atcually disrupt their career too...BOO BOO
I'm atcually trying to make a lot of words
cucumber-Choo Choo ber
Occupy- Oak Cute Pie
Porcupine- Poke a pipe
Butterfly- Mutterfly (my next link?)
Pikachu- Peek a chew
December- Dig and burn
Gossip Girl- Gore sip GRRR
My favourite classic cartoon character had always been sylvester cat...surprise eh? i just love love the show..Chip and Dale only looked cute if they aren't acting..haha
okay okay, right now i'm sooo musical influence, that i had to write about SONGS again..
right now, i love this song called G6 (which is going to be my playlist, sorry if it annoys you)
the girl singer (not the long hair) is hot, and the guy (definetly not caucauism) is hot and everybody ...IS HOT In the music video...

OMg....i just saw Justin Bieber who looked like his only 9 years old singing 'Cry me a river' by JT...OMG!!! he's adorable..but wait! i'm still not a Belieber...don't get me wrong...
haha...and KE$ha can sing,'s just that her music doesn't need her to sing that much..the one can't sing is Gwen Stefani but her songs seems great..oh yeah, don't forget Paris Hilton...she had simple songs just to make sure her voice sounds nice and soothing..
FLAT dinner...homemade wholemeal bread, with pizza topping..
I'm bored...
my dinner ...Sulky Boo never get a chance to eat because he really needs that to loose some weight...

okay, i'm so bored when you had nothing to blog about..
here's some fun facts

british man says sausages as 'shoe-say-shers'


Straight hair...

Some old photo where i've only worn this outfit once...
Mum had sold the DSLR camera and here i am, paying a tribute to posting up pictures that are taken with it, uneditted..

In the lift...
Dear brother in his uniform...and those who don't know why he's wearing a uniform, i shall explain ...
MY brother is an air force officer, (yes, those where you see drove fighting planes to kill a Godzilla and transfomer)but my bro got offered in this course called 'AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING" (which is the one who suppose to make the plane and what-so-ever)..i can't imagine him looking at those four thousand buttons ..looked at the state of physics! can anyone say physics is as easy as counting your fingers? but my bro did it..and he LOVES Physics...=.=''

here's one big family..wait...where's that shawty who's suppose to be my sister?
Don't say that joining the army is an easy way to live your life..they threw you down in the middle of the sea in a helicopter...they make you carry HUGE logs over your shoulder if you are late, they punish you terribly by a slightest mistake...they kick you off the edge of the pool if you struggle (coz you derno how to swim) and yeah, you get to get a black tie from Taekwondo after you started the army..they trained you like machines, and the girls had to had hair as short as your middle finger...and yeah, there's no door for bathrooms
Kor with the press...he got first class honour and a gold medal
uneditted..beautiful lighting..

forgive me because it's last year photo..i should move forward...

Forgive me because my dad looked very very scary and i super hate the dress i'm wearing because it's too long...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spell B.O.R.E.D

Gud ol'mate
Spent four days in a remote area, with a lake beside my house and nobody among us.. 
my mum had been pouring food all over the place and i've only been there coz it's a food haven over there...and a big TV for me to drool on...i spent three days watching 10 movies..
and i finally get to see PIRAHNA at JMALL...that person didn't bother letting in small kids who hadn't got a clue what is the word 'Pirahna..'

The movie ROCKS man...and i finally get it why they rate it 18 above..
1. A lot of BODIES with girls wearing bikinis that hardly cover
2. a production crew were featured to film a porn show on the boat
3. swear words and obscene remarks
4. Gory galore that make my mother sick
5. girls dirty dancing
6.violent and totally brain damaging
7. ugly images of that monster
8. sent you a message not to put your foot in the water next time you went skinny-dipping
the story: so- so
visual: walau
Gory moment: AWESOME
This is what happen when you're in a house with no musical instruments, no books, no friends, no shopping malls and a malfunctioning keyboard...
so, i watched
1.Pirahna (five stars)
2.vampire suck (too stupid to rate)
3.Transfomer (seriously, i hadn't watch it before)
4. Just follow law (watched it for 5 times)
5.Madagascar (kept repeating)
6.Saving Milly (really heart-warming..should watch to flood the whole house)
7.Epic movie (as stupid as Vampire suck)
8. Wallace & Gromit (sooo adorable)
9. The Goonies (very very old show)
10. Resident Evil 4 (AWESOME SHOW!!!!)
so i'm going to give a review about this heart-warming movie call SAVING MILLY
it's good for families who had suffer from Parkinson disease..
dyou know Michael J.Fox? he's from Spin City and he got pull out because he suffer from Parkinson disease..he uses a patient story to turned into a movie call SAVING MILLY..
This woman, suddenly suffer from this disease and her husband never never never leave her alone...NEVER..and till her dying death, he still cling on to her and say 'i love you'..the woman had never been doing any sin things and she had to suffer..the process of seeing her in pain, struggling to talk, to's really a pain...

I was so sad that no one had really paid any attention to this disease until a celebrity got it himself..he produce this movie to create awareness among all of us..i've witnessed myself one man who got Parkinson disease..he's my dad's friend at Klang..and he had to live with medicine all his life...
i didn't know he is able to live that long, i still see him everywhere..if you didn't eat this medicine, you shiver, shake and become really uncomfortable...if you eat it, it will over control you and you become very anxious and dad's friend walk with his hand twisting, turning, and mouth twitching each's because of his medicine that causes him to be tooo over active that he must move each hour, one pill...
There's a way to cure it, is to take your brain stem cell and sort of clone it...yes...but the government never approve that doing that means there will be human cloning next generation..anyone watch Resident Evil? is exactly what would happen if things go wrong..
erm...i forgot this little fellow name ady..he always remind me of a yellow banana
i have to make myself promise that by tomorrow...TV-OFF...
ha, i still don't know what would happen to my account folio..
leave it be? or study first?
my fringe is coming to a state where it is very very nuisance...
one word of advice..
will not regret...
and ignore the rated 18 above..
it's just violent..
no body parts revealing
not even a slight *muah* on the cheek or lips..
X free..


The RAYA rush...

bloody computer..hang soooooo LONG!!!
Went to KL..first motive is to carry my sis's stuff to her coz she had started working..and her office is right NEXT to 1utama..think about all the shopping galore over there..hungry hungry..hadn't been to Bukit Bintang since the start of this year...can you imagine that? ever since we decided to stop staying at hotels and rather save our money and spend the nights at my aunt place at Kepong..1U had been the only place i kept'' i need to file a complaint againts this..anyone had documents for disatisfaction?

we shop, eat till night and my dad is like a blind mouse after it reaches dark..he can't identify his way after dark, everything looks like a black wall to, we get completely lost, rounding around and around the whole PJ..and the traffic there...HORRIBLE..when i say it can kill a walking tortoise, i was can kill a hopping kangaroo...
ha..use my cousin's hair shampoo..didn't know it turn out so well on curls..
we wanted to go watch Pirahna at Jusco..and that ticket seller didn't want to to sell it to my sister, she told her that only above 18 are allow to watch...why soooo strict??? I can still watch THE EXPANDABLE wearing a pacifier at AS...well, can't blame her anyway..i should have bought the Ticket sister looks like a twelve year old anyway...

my aunt house had EIGHT hamsters and one Shih tzu...the whole family went back to Perlis, so i had to feed the poor starving eight hamster who didn't know how to feed themselves..seriously, there were food all around their houses and they didn't even bother eating it..i have to take one bit by bit, putting it into their mouth and watch them swallow...
i had learn one thing from that day onward..
i didn't know hamsters are stupid...

the traffic was horrible!!! i must salute my father for driving like a real KL driver..and yeah, we completely lost our way over and over again...if only we live in Bukit Bintang..things will be much more easier...hrm, i thought i had loads of things to say about this post..but it turn out that i had nothing much to say...

when things get too bored...

not much of a holiday right?
when i think about my year end exam coming soon after three weeks, i will always freak out, run to my room and hug my teddy bear..
except that my teddy bear didn't have a nose, one eye and no mouth..
and oh yeah, it had a huge huge huge hole at the back of it's back...
anyone want to volunteer to sew that poor fellow back??