Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maybelline Hypersharp Eye Liner

i always wanted a very fine tip eyeliner because i always fail to create a thin wink at the end of the eyeline. 
my sister always complain, why i drew the end of my eyeline so thick, so ugly .__. 
then this wonderful product came knocking at my door and i really am so happy to get it to try it at hand. 

What is Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision?
It's a new territory of precision with highest laser sharp precision ever at 0.01mm that allows ultra precised design.

 Its 0.01mm tip with darker pigmentation comes in three shades (Intense Black, Soft Black and Brown for more variety) for color extension. 
Product is 24 hour smudge proof and has an easy off formula with a laser sharp line. 

Hypersharp is considered as the finest tip in the market.
 Line your inner eye, under eye, draw eye tattoos, this liner is a perfect art tool.

See the hypersharp tip!
so sharp and thin, it already gave me a good impression on this

Front view
 honest speaking, this may be the first liquid like eyeliner i used, so i was pretty nervous how 'efficient' it will be when i apply

Before  i start off my review, here's a few tips on how you can create gorgeous look with this hypersharp eyeliner
the one i got was intense black so yeah! it's bold, edgy and fearless. 
i always like brown eyeliner too, because it's softer and natural looking. 

and yes! this supersharp eyeliner is only rm35.90

process of drawing. 
stop at the end there to try to draw my cat eye (the picture shown wasn't the finishing look, scroll down okay?)

finishing close up look!
see the end there, quite pointy right? i can't find any other eyeliner that is so sharp and easy to manage, 
yes, i admit i am a terrible drawer (not really an accurate drawer and clumsy to be precise) 
but this is so easy to manage , it's just like holding a pen and trying to draw easy lines. 
and the color is so high in pigment, no need to re-draw it just to make sure it will wear off after long hours. 

ahaha, i;m drawing the end upward to match up with my false eyeslashes though, so that it blend in. 

another close up look
this is one of my favorite eyeliner ever 
no more getting frustrated just because i cannot make a nice cat eye look
no more getting frustrated because i cannot make a thin neat look 
so yesssh this is definitely something that i will buy again when i use finish. 
and also! it is smudge proof, so don't worry about turning into a panda after long hours (: 

do visit : 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

worthy book review

Bello, i bet people would go like..books? seriously? *yawwn* i don't read books, i hate books, blah blah, no lah , serious, this time it's not just a typical book review 
it's more than that, it can help you save money even though you have to spent about rm29 or rm29.90, eventually you know those rm29 can make you save alot when you are outside either eating or shopping. 

still don't know what i'm talking? scroll down (: 

Worthy book
yesss, its a voucher book! with more than 175+ vouchers in one book, i think my eyes go bling bling awhile
i knew about worthybook awhile ago and i thought it was a magazine or what, then i realized it's actually a voucher book with two edition: FnB (foodnBeverage) and Ladies edition. 

its a great new way to save , it's just like how Domino pizza comes out with a voucher pamphlet where you only spent rm20 for around 50 vouchers inside just to save on ur next Domino dine-in/takeaway. 
but this time you get to have more than 44 brands to choose from!

let's start with the F&B edition first 
because i'm such a foodie, adn this comes first before shopping. 
since this is the 2013/2014 issue, the vouchers expired this end of june ): deeply sadden over it that i can't spend it at my favorite fnB outlet, 
wait for August, they'll be releasing the 2014/2015 edition ! (: can't wait to get my hands on these!

let's see what's inside: 
  • Features 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Klang Valley and other states.
  • Total 175+ F&B vouchers in book, worth RM'000s!
  • Comes with editor reviews, 3 “Must Try” recommendations, outlet contact details, food pictures, opening hours, Wi-Fi etc
  • All vouchers valid until 30 June 2014 (except 2 pieces of Kim Gary vouchers, 30 April 2014)
Type of vouchers include:
  • 50% OFF
  • BUY 1 FREE 1
  • And many other DISCOUNTS!

Brands featured in this edition include:
  • Bar B Q Plaza
  • Belanga Cafe
  • Blackball
  • BreadTalk
  • Brotzeit
  • Caffeinees
  • Capricciosa
  • Carl's Jr.
  • Chakri Express
  • Connoisseurs Lounge & Restaurant
  • Deutsches Haus
  • Fa Ying
  • Gelatissimo
  • Gelatomio
  • Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
  • House
  • Jang Gun
  • Kee's Creampuffs
  • Kim Gary
  • Komugi Cafe
  • Lecka Lecka
  • Meet Fresh
  • Milkshake Factory
  • Morganfield's
  • Mr Siew Bao
  • Mr Wish
  • Ochado
  • Papa John's
  • Pat Kin Pat Sun
  • Pepper Lunch
  • Planet Popcorn
  • Purple Monkey
  • Rainforest Bistro
  • Share Tea
  • Shogun
  • Saisaki
  • Sushi Tei
  • Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
  • Subway
  • Tedboy Bakery
  • Toast Box
  • Wendy's
  • Zakuro 2
  • and many more!
one of my favorite fnB outlet, which i can use it despite the fact that i'm living far from Kuala Lumpur, 
this can be used in Penang too, and soon-to-be Alor Star! hopefully lah .__. it's going to open soon there though

soo yeah, some are really worth it like this! you know how expensive it is,but with all these lovely vouchers you can save alot, trust me
too bad some are only situated at KL, so guess it'll be a waste for me

and, here goes every girl's dream
more than 120 vouchers with 50+ malls!
that's so awesome right?
all vouchers valid till 2015 so no rush for this (: 

in Ladies edition: 
You have fashion, slimming, travel, spa/massage/facial, waxing/hair removal, hair saloon, bust , manicure/pedicure, online purchase (my favorite) and even wellness and health
they feature brands like
  • zalora
  • supermodelsecret
  • baleno
  • babor
  • the body shop
  • b.live
  • himalaya
  • bluunis
  • mary chia
  • treats
  • xixili
  • De'cleor
  • glow and glamour
  • three sixty degrees
  • jurlique
  • Sothys 
  • and many more

i think this is super worth it 
and i'm such a big supermodel's secret fan

they eveb count how much u can save (: 

and there's also a special offer for fans out there!
refer worthybook to a friend
and get 5 times free vouchers of your choice!
your friends will get 20% off his/her purchase!
just ask your friend to email them , quoting ur name and they get 20% off (: 
and u get to email your own choice plus ur personal detail 
all this
email to 
once again, i'll be waiting for FnB edition this August!
seeing that i'll be going to Uni soon adn it'll be either KL or Penang, it's time to start saving by getting WorthyBook (: 

how to get your ladies edtion worthybook?
 Ladies Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected myNEWS.com outlets in KL & Selangor.  Alternatively, it is also available via www.worthybook.my . 

so easy to get one copy of it now!

you can view one of their links for more info too (: 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Accessories tips and tricks for women

As we know, accessories play a crucial role in enhancing our outfits. The right ACCESSORIES  will absolutely add spark and dazzle to your look. It is great to experiment with various types and designs of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings to match up with your attire but some girls tend to make a wrong fashion statement with their accessories.

  •  For example, the first mistake that any girl should avoid is wearing too many accessories at one. This is because having multiple layers of necklace and bracelets on will overshadow your outfit and beauty. People’s attention will focus straight at your crowded accessories without even noticing the pretty dress you are just bought for the special occasion. You CAN wear a statement necklace with one condition, that your dress is plain and you need some accessories that can brighten up your outfit. 

On the other hand, wearing a small pendant necklace and a pair of earrings will do you good in an effortless way.
some accessories like this : 

is so simple and nice, which can be paired with either the most boring outfit you have or even the most loud outfit you have. 

  • The other mistake the ladies should stay away from is pairing bold bright coloured accessories with a formal dress. You should never attend a formal event wearing bright colour accessories as it will bring down the exclusivity of your dress and you will look cheap. However, it is okay if you are aiming for a casual look. People always puts importance on first impression so no matter how expensive you bought that dress, the wrong selection of accessories will completely ruin your style. Instead, pair up a diamond or pearl jewellery to look glamorous like a diva
i always stressed that if you have too many detailed on your dress, don't over accessorized it with bright or too much detailed accessories. it will just look like a jumble up outfit and before you know it, the fashion police will be knocking on your doors. 
try to keep it simple if you have too many detailed on your outfit, try pairing with a necklace or earrings that is more tone down compare to your outfit.. just like what i said, modesty is the new glamorous key. 

This one is the most overused fashion tricks ever among women. 
Sunglasses! Yes, sunglasses could hide those terrible eye bags and enhances your look with the slightest way. You will look great without makeup or any other jewelleries as long as you have a pair of sunglasses on. You could choose from the different designs in the market to fit your face shape. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba are among the people who love wearing sunglasses everywhere they go.

 Wondering where to get fabulous pieces of accessories to perk up style?

 Have a look at Zalora website as they offer a wide range of selection from local and international brands. You could shop online by sitting in front of your laptop and wait it to be delivered to you within only three days only!

have fun shopping in zalora (: 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

World Music

just some brief touch and go on what i have study and understand while reading "world music" one of minor course i took up 
What is etnomusicology?
= kajian bukan barat
= kerja lapangan
= kerja lab
= Teori + Kaedah pada dua peringkat 

last time sound of music is more important, and now music is related to culture (budaya)

Unsur muzik
- Irama (rhythm) = irama bebas? irama tetap?
- Dynamics = Kekuatan muzik
- Meter = dupel, tripel, kuadrupel?
- Tempo = kelajuan muzik
- melodi = atonal? tonal?
- Skel = pentatonik (chinese music), major, minor, kromatik, mode
- Tekstura - monofonik? (like korea music ) , Heterofonik (banyak lapisan tetapi melodi yang sama) polifonik? (banyak lapisan dalam masa yang sama) , homofonik? (music+accompaniment)
- Warna ton = Timbre (kualiti ton)
- Bentuk = call and answer( Responsorial) ? AABA? Verse+ chorus  ?(strofik)
- Perhubungan teks dan muzik = silabik? (every text has a note) or melismatik? (muzik timur tengah, one text many notes)


Pengkelasan alat muzik
Idiofon = Getaran peralatan sendiri, dibunyi dengan memukul
Membranofon= getaran membran yang ditegangkan, dibunyi apabila memukul kulit)
Kordofon = getaran tali yang ditegangkan, dibunyi apabila digesek atau dipetik
Aerofon= getaran daripada udara

Gamelan Jawa
struktur kolotomi = sistem penandaan bit tertentu

~ unit melodi ditanda oleh gong Agong
~ bit sama iaitu
~ berbentuk binari, boleh didarab dua bit
~ dibahagi kepada 2,4,6

Tekstur polifoni
Beberapa suara dan lapisan dimain pada masa yang sama tetapi akan main not yang sama pada poin spesifik. 

melodi asas: Saron, slentem
bunga melodi: bonang, gambang
rentak: gendang
Menanda Gendang :gong Agung

Piphat Thailand
struktur kolotomi- pusingan 4 bit, gong dipukul pada bit 4. 
Simbal -bunyi cap akan ditekankan. 

Stratifikasi polifoni
Melodi asas: Kwong Wong Yai, Ranat Thum (bunyi rendah)
Bunga: Kwong Wong Lek , Ranat Ek (bunyi tinggi) , pinai, Jakke, Saw Oo
Rentak : Taphone dan Klong That
Ching : bahagikan struktur kolotomi. Berdering dan tidak berdering. 
(small gong only use to beat during bit ke-4)

Kulintang Filipina
mementingkan mod irama  yang diulangi (ostinato) oleh babandil (Gong rim nipis) dan dabakan (Dram)
Melodi: kulintang,  menekan mod (melodi berasaskan irama)

kemasukan alat muzik secara berperingkat
Timbre alat muzik dan mod irama lebih penting drpd melodi. 
Rentak Gendang dan Gong diulangi spt sejenis Drone / ostinato. 


Chinese music
divided by four pats
Zaman pembentukan muzik (close)
Zaman antarabangsa (open)
Zaman Nasional (close)
Zaman abad ke 20 (open)

Fungsi : sebagai pendidikan, dan hiburan kepada raja dan rakyat. 

Klasifikasi alat muzik mengikut bahan
~ Logam
~ Labu
~ Batu
~ Buluh 
~ Sutera
~ Tanah Liat
~ Kulit
~ Kayu

A) Loceng (batu)
-dipukul dengan pemukul, dimain di tempat kuil dan istana, 
Menghubung spirits , simbol kekuasaan  (2 jenis bunyi ying dan yang) 
mengelilingi koffin raja

B) Qin (zither) = Sutera
- tali diregang dari satu hujung ke hujung lain
dimain oleh golongan intelektual, dimain semasa bermeditasi
di bilik bacaan dan kebun
mencari Tao dan cara hidup dan perasaan damai. 
Bunyi gesean = penafasan. 

C) Sheng (alat labu)
Alat buluh (organ mulut)
Ruang angin (logam) dgn pemipit yg pendek 17 paip. 
Buluh dimasukkan ke dalam ruang angin untuk membuat bulatan
melambang burung phoenix
ekor (mouthpiece) badan (ruang angin) bulu (Ekor panjang)
paip disusun simetrik, 

D) xiao (alat buluh)
- Seruling vertikal ditiup pada pangkalnya (endblown)
-bunyi lemah dan lembut

E) Di Zi (seruling melintang) 
bunyi cemerlang dan nyaring( getaran membrane yang menutup lubang selepas udaa ditiup)
8 lubang, 6 lubang jari, 1 lubang mulut 1 lubang selaput. 

zaman antarabangsa
zaman emas muzik

alat muzik
A) hu-qin (bertali_
biola (asia tengah_ badan berbentuk heksagon or silinder) muka belakang kosong, muka depan kulit ular, 
dimain oleh penggesek kayu dan bulu ekor kuda. 
2 ulas tali dimain dalam perfek kelima
panhu (kayu) erhu dan yia hu (tempurung kelapa)

B) pipa (ziter)
Pi : gerakan tangan ke hadapan untuk menolak tali
Pa: gerakan tangan ke memetik tali ke belakang. 
4 tali : ABDA
boleh dimain berbunyi satu orkestra, gendang dimain dalam simbol "tak tak" untuk mendengar seperti militari. 
Berasal dari Turki-Iran 

Alat muzik baru:
A) Yang Qin : (Alat tali) Turki/eropah
B) San Xian : 3 tali gitar , diperbuat kulit ular, leher panjang(Sama dengan Shamisen (jepun))
C) Yue Qin : leher  pendek, Asia Tengah. 
D) Soona : Alat tiup, Timur Tengah. M'sia (Serunai) Thai (Pinai) India (Shannai)

Zaman abad ke-20

1911, zaman republik China 
Ramai pelajar melanjut pelajaran ke Eropah, membawa balik pengetahun muzik barat. 
Orkestra moden di China

Sama dengan orkestra barat : konduktor dan skor muzik. 
Pemain alat tali treble di kiri konduktor, pemain alat tali bes di kanan konduktor. 
pemain alat tiup di hadapan, alat gendang di belakang. 

Alat muzik diperbaiki untuk mengikut prinsip "Equal temperament" barat 
bunyi lebih kuat, jarak suara besar dan pemain alat muzik boleh bermodulasi dengan mudah. 

Ciptaan baru: menggabung harmoni barat dengan melodi dan skel china untuk menghasil muzik autentik. 

Muzik Jepun
Muzik barat : simfoni dan concerto
muzik tradisional, hogaku, menggabung muzik moden+tradisional =berorientasi baru (string quartet, concerto untuk koto)

zaman Nara
-sempena ibu kota Nara. 
-alat muzik diimport dari china dan Korea. 
Gagaku pertama
muzik instrumental diiringi tarian istana. 
-dari Dinasti Tang (masih disimpan di muzium Nara)
-Agama Budha dan Konfucius 
-Muzik ritual dan vokal penting
-alat muzik dari china korea 

Zaman Heian. 
-konsep samurai (pahlawan yang taat sanggup berkorban untuk negara)
-muzik dikembangkan 
-Gagaku (elegant, muzik yang halus)
-Alat muzik tempatan dan stail tersendiri dicipta (biwa(lut), koto(zither))

Gagaku (halus muzik dan elegant)
-zaman nara (pemain dan alat muzik dari China)
-Bugaku (tarian)
-muzik ritual untuk shinto shrine

Ensemble dibahagi:
1) Togaku (muzik kiri - India dan China)
pakaian merah, alat muzik hichiriki (aerofon berpelidah dua, bunyi nyaring), flut ryuteki, Sho(organ mulut) dan dram kako (dram hour glass), 
2) Komagaku (muzik kanan- korea dan manchuria)
pakaian hijau. hichiriki, flut komabne, dram hour glass 

kedua-dua Shoko (gong) , Tako (dram besar)

Zaman muromashi
-peperangan feudal. 
-Samurai dipentingkan .
-Teater Noh (shakuhachi (flut) , Shamisen (3tali gitar) dan koto)
-kemelesetan ekonomi

Zaman Edo /tokugawa
-Militari diktator -kestabilan
-ibu kota dipindah ke Edo (tokyo) oleh Shogun
-kemerosotan kuasa Samurai (tidak ada peperangan)
-perkembangan seni pertengahan, kelas peniaga, close pintu ke luar
-muzik shamisen, koto , shakuhachi dan muzik teater dikembang. 
-Shakuhachi (flut) dimain oleh wandering priest dan samurai miskin. 

Alat muzi
Shakuhachi (flut)
-xiao (china, skel pentatonik China, oleh samurai dalam gagaku pada zaman Nara.
-Timbre mellow microton, bunyi nafas, bertafakur

Shamisen (san xian di china)
-3 tali, lut dengan leher panjang 
-alat penting untuk kabuki, penyayi geisha
-mengiringi vokal, menujuk emosi dan drama
-lagu rakyat
-unpitched buzzing sound

Koto (ziter)
-Bridge yang boleh dipindahkan (diguna dlm Gagaku)
-Ziter Zheng di China
-Struktuer Jo-Ha-Kyu (perlahan, moderate, laju)

Disiplin dalam permainan muzik
belajar cara permulaaan dan penyelesaian muzik dan cara duduk berlutut
taat kepada satu sekolah
tidak bertukar guru
nama diberi selepas menguasai muzik
untuk mencapai perpaduan dengan universe.

A-ak (muzik istana) Elegant muzik
muzik ritual konfusias
dipengaruhi china (royal ancestral China)
2 set alat muzik
a) di terrace
b) di tanah

Civil dance dan militari dance
-slow, stately, simbol kekuasaan
Alat muzik: 8 bahan
loceng logam, chime batu, daegum (flut) , gendang, SHawn (aerofon berpelidah)

alat muzik: 
Kayageum (12 tali) 
ziter, bridge boleh dipindah (tali ditekan dengan tangan kiri)

Daegum (flut buluh)

Haekeum (ensembel-vokal genre gagak)
-Spike Fiddle leher panjang , tali digesek
-curve neck, attached of strings to pegs

Changko (dram hour shape)
kanan dipukul kayu
kiri dimain tangan

Piri (aerofon 2 rid)
ensembel wind dan string

Muzik Timur Tengah
islam,agama budaya
tidak homogenous (Armedian, kurd) islam Sunni, Shi'te
merangkumi Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Libya (north africa) , Syria
-architecture, art, painting, carpet

Ciri muzik
-Melismatik : satu silable banyak not
- Rakyat Klasik, bandar dan kampung
- Grace note, appoggiatura , glissando (sliding notes), quarter tones, melisma
-Gaya nyanyian, Tense, Sengau (nasal) dari nyanyian Qu'ran

Melodi, sistem modal
maqam , or makam (Turki) dastgah (Iran)
Jeda di antara pic (3/4 ton, 1/4 ton, 5/4 ton)
Motif melodi pendek (3-4 not) dikait dengan setiap maqam yang dimain. 
Melodi kontur, not spesifik ditekankan. , 
setiap maqam mempunyai nama khusus
isfaham (iran) , Rak (india), Hijaz (saudi Arabia)

Struktur rentak
metrik dan non metrik = bacaan Qu'ran
mod rentak dipanggil Iq'a (arab) usul (turki)
persamaan dengan tala india
pusingan bit 20-25 bit

improvisasi, bentuk dan process
bentuk vokal penting (berasas puisi)
layali (free rhythm diiringi Lut)
bentuk instrumental (multi-movement form)
improvisasi penting

Alat muzik
a)single headed frame dram
Tamborin (metal disk in bingkai) - duff, bendair, taar (penting dalam tarian, lagu perkahwinan, muzik oleh perempuan)

B) Tambur : Plucked Lutes : Pear Shaped, leher panjang , fret : Iran
C) UD : pear shape, leher pendek, m'sia gambus - 5 double string 1 single high string
D) Ziter : Santur (Iraq) trapezoid. 
E) Alat tali digesek : Nabab (Spiked Fiddle ) north africa
rebab (m'sia indon) or Kemanchag (Iraq, Turki)
F) Single headed goblet shaped drum : Darbuka, tombak 
G) Aerofon berpelidah dua : Surnay (Iraq) Zurna(turki) perkahwinan dan pengembumian . 

Taqsim: fungsi pengenalan istrumental yang diimprovisasi. 
memperkenlkan mod, perasaan dan motif setiap maqam 
diguna di lagu popular, selepas taqsim, : lagu cinta muzik untuk "belly dancing"
muzik India

lagu bekerja, ritual dan hiburan
muzik dan tarian untuk menyambut perayaan , muzik di kuil
tradisi klasik: naungan kelas atasan dipersembahkan di istana/ 
konsep: muzik tarian drama india

2 tradisi muzik klasik india
hindustani (north india ) dan Karnatak (Selatan india) 

hindustani (utara)
-muslim (mogul empire) 

fungsi alat muzik 
-melodi utama
-melodi kedua

Tradisi Karnatak:
-melodi utama: Vina (lut dipetik) 7 tali (melodi dan drone), fret, badan kayu, resonator labu 
-melodi kedua: Violin/harmonium
-rentak: Midaryam = gendangan berbentuk tong, 2muka, dipukul tangan
-drone : tambura (lute, Drone 1 dan 5 or 1 dan 4) leher panjang, no fret, 4-5 tali
-Idiofon lain: Kanjira (tamborin) , ghatam (claypot) dipukul tangan dan jari, morsing (jaw's arp)

ensemel untuk perarakan ritual (thaipusam)
muzik sembahyang di kuil
melodi utama: nagasuaram (aerofon) long paip, 2 reeds
Drone: atto, lebih panjang daripada nagasuaram, 
rentak: Tavil (gendang berbentuk tong panjang) 2 muka 1 muka kayu 1 muka tangan

-melodi utama : Sitar (7 tali logam, melodi dan drone dipetik, di bawah fret, sympathetic strings yg bergetar bebas , (resonance strings, auxilary strings)
bila tali diatas dipetik badan kayu. 
-melodi kedua: harmonium, sarvoji
-rentak: tabla, baya (small drums, tabla (badan kayu) baya (badan logam) tabla: larasan dengan peg (block pateh)
-Drone: tambura 

Shahnai: aerofon berpelidah dua, paip berbentuk kon (soona china, pinai thai, serunai malaysia,)

konsep penting; 
A) Raga (skel dalam melodi, terdapat beratus raga) 5, 6, 7 (accending , aroha) (deccending avroha) (vadi: pic terpenting ditekankan ) (samwadi : pic kedua terpenting)

B) Drone (not penting 1, 5, 4)
= bantu penyanyi dan pemain muzik mendapat pic. 

C) Gamaka (Ornamentasi pada sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa) pic tertentu 

D) pakad : motif melodi dikati dengan raga tertentu (hindu)

E) Mood/ rasa (cinta, kemanan, marah, berani, tenang)

F) dikati dengan hari dan masa tertentu, boy or girl

Tala (hindu)
pusingan dan rentak bit spesifik
sistem kompleks
3-128 dlm setiap putaran rentak

aditala (karnatak)
-8 bit 

Tintel (hindu) : fast movement 16 bit= 

Jhumna (hindu) = slow movement : 14 bit = 3, 7, 4

bentuk: alap (hindu) alapana (karnatak)
-no meter, irama bebas, bahagian rak diimprovisasi
pemain muzik bermain setiap rag, motif: melodik dan ornamentasi
-memain bit berturut , walaupun tala masih belum bermain


Saturday, June 14, 2014

my diary of dislikes as a seller

okay, time for some random opinions and thought that has been going around my mind for the past 33 days
ever since this blog started to receive reviews opportunities and sponsorships, i seldom have the guts to show my true color, i'm actually as evil as anything because i randomly cursed at everything i dislike. 
truth is, i used to blurt out everything in my blog and then it started becoming really public for other people to view, 
what will they think of me if i keep writing what i dislike, what is my problem , why i keep whining about this and that , and wishing they can tape me, or they start to judge me

damn, i have to keep reminding myself this is MY blog anyway, 
i do whatever i want, i write whatever i want to write
any foolish thoughts floating around , i still have the right to type it out here
it's not for the public to read, it's for MYSELF to read and self reflect when i'm older and read back how silly i am or how much i've grown

okay back to what i dislike: 

  • Dislike number one
wannabe and copycats. surely someone would say "you hypocrite! you did the same thing to me too! now karma is b*tch! mwahaha !"i apologized and learnt that NEVER EVER read someone review and refer to it anymore, NEVER~

now this is a different case
this so-called instashop called " FAIRYNOTALE" has been screenshot-ting my instashop pictures, my hard earn,  hard to find pictures, and girl!
if you want to dropship , which i don't mind i do accept dropshipping or reseller, tell me first, seek for my permission! okay, in the end she wasn't even dropshipping and with thick face of her, she deny that she copied my pictures, with some lame reason she told me "it was long time ago" when the god damn pictures were taken just a week ago. she deleted the pictures she copied from me, so i got no proof, 
funny thing is she locked up her instashop account, and when i requested to follow her, she didn't even allow me! proof that she is guilty !
good thing: i spotted one instashop picture (real pictures) in this fairynotale account and quickly reported it to the original owner . 

right is the original
left is the stole pictures 
got watermark oso no use, she can crop it .__.
and she  watermark it as hers!
walaaau got this kind of people!! 
i no eye see
i really no eye see

this is mine!
i'm selling these at rm25, she selling it at rm39
nevermind lah,  other people selling it at rm50, or rm100  is their right cuz it's their shop, but wadahell, that's my picture!!
and she deny!
u think my picture got people snap exact same like how you snap your clothes wan ah?
there must be reason why she locked up her account, very fishy ! and now i know why! she copied other people pictures and used it as hers! 
watermark it big big like she owned it 
blacklisted shop forever!
scarred for life!

*thanks ya to Shekrou for telling me about this (: if not i would not even know about it at all. 

  • half dislike number two 
this is not dislike lah, but haha, i find it highly amusing and somewhat annoyed  when i scroll over blogshops and saw them putting the price rm20 for a shirt or blouse 
and some random people would commented include postage?
they must have not know that postage are all basic and standard with a minimum rm6 regardless of how small your clothes are. 
if a brand new shirt cost rm20 and you ask if it's postage included? then this shirt must have cost only rm14? 
you think this is pasar malam shirt ah .__.  
and stop asking whether is inclusive of postage or not, cuz use common sense : if it's already rm20, it is highly impossible it would be inclusive of postage. (unless it's preloved, everything can be negotiate whenever it's preloved)

i once encounter someone from carousell "i take this shoe for rm30 include postage) . this shoe is brand new , and i'm stating the price at rm44 (exclude postage) . shoe postage is darn expensive because it's larger in size and with the box, it's even more expensive, i'm counting about rm10 minimum at least for postage, but i'm charging only rm6 for shoe postage. cheap ahhh
so if she actually requested rm30 including postage, that mean this shoe is only rm20?!?!!?! you know what shoe? not slipper, not sandal, but a black suede black wedge shoe (good quality) 
rm20 .__. you think pasar malam shoe ah .___.

but i don't complaint about my customers, haha, that's for sure, customers are nice when they understand that the postage is rm6 , that if they can meet up , they try to accommodate for me because i don't charge meet up money. like other people , they charge rm3 just to meet u . that i am actually nice if you buy more, i give u free postage (: 

if you are nice to me, i'll be nice to you
if you are being ridiculous, i got no choice . 

i'm only human 
have mercy on me