Saturday, December 17, 2011

songs for the soul

 original songs

I wrote about Waves. It's about someone wanting to comide suicide when she figure out that life is meaningless. And then she felt lost, after she went towards the sea, where the waves look like it was beating againts her, trying to push her back to shore. I like the 'Bridge' part where the girl decided to go back .
"Running round the waves of the ocean
screaming out the words you hate to learn
let it go and let it wash away
till the end you go through yesterday"

I wrote about raindrops, where during the rain, it is like hell. During the rain, we all wish that it will stop because we want to go out, or get in the car or something else. So, after the raindrops, will it bought our wish?  of course it will, because we wish the rain to stop, and it stop. raindrops also wash away all our sorrows, because people use to cry in the rain to cover their tears. after that, you won't cry anymore.
"Splat, splat, splash splash, there goes all my phobia
clean away all those dirty tears, 
let it bring the raindrops out of here , here, here" 
I wrote about berry bushes, infact i don't know if berries have bushes or not. I form my own bushes, and imagine it being thorn and dangerous. I wrote about me, myself rather be inside this berry bushes then to endure the pain of getting hurt. "when the sky is falling
i'll be walking
through those berry bushes
no more hurting, no more lying"
it symbolises that the pain of betrayal is painer than being inside this berry bushes

I wrote about
that doesn't symbolise anything though, just wrote about someone's smile looks like cupcake, which are coated with smarties which are delicious enough to bite.
Something like that, doesn't need real explanation though


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