Friday, September 28, 2012

spicy or sweet

Left: Pin up my fringe        Right: side swept my fringe. hey it's getting longer!!
two different taste. Which line shall i go?

anyway, just came back from Bowling with the dudes and babes!
We had a match between boys and girls. TURN out miss ANN got the LAST one! haha...
anyway, later going for steamboat at TM Corner! ! WOO~
this is just a short brief post because obviously i have nothing to do at all

i am so bored until i can count how many ants were seen crawling around my house
i am so bored until i can hear our prime minister talking about budget 2013 on the tv for one hour
i am so bored until i can stare infront of this screen without typing anything

oh yeah, there's a seminar coming soon for my DAD's pa
my dad's friend from penang will be giving the talk
20th October 3-5pm
anyone interested, comment over here
Registration fee Rm20 for students of IJP
Rm25 for outsiders

tee hee


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm officially eighteen

I wore this on the night of my birthday! The bag was one of my birthday gift too!heeeee thank you thank you!
how does eighteen feels like? the fact that you can walk into the cruise ship casino smiling brightly flashing your identification card proudly? or the fact that you can now watch the goriest movie and violent rated show on the cinema? ( i doubt that makes any difference since they don't really care how old u r)

Anyway, everybody had the exam bug to bother about birthdays . Haha, anyway exam sucks TERRIBLY. The worst was Perniagaan (business studies) i have no idea what i am suppose to write because i have no idea what the question is asking. I read the EXACT same question THREE TIMES and i couldn't even write a single alphabet in it. Nothing makes sense.
I HATE reading subjects that are all full of words. NOTHING but words!
that is why i couldn't get myself to understand any of it.
you see let me analyse other subjects.
PA: this is general knowledge, so it ain't that hard to understand
Economics: even though it's not meant for ppl to understand, at least it consist of calculations and graph which u can interpret it .
BM: i think i finally get the hang of FONOLOGY, it's just like a concept
Business studies: a hell of a pain, because we need to write LONG LONG essays (not based on general knowledge bt based on what we had read)

anyway, forget about it. I feel like a dead crab thinking at what pointer i'm going to get. zzzz
anyway, i went back early right after exam. Guess what? I just got the news that all of us that went home early had a big fat yellow paper slap right across our faces.
Yup, the discipline paper..

Bite my lips~~ hey, i realize my fringe had grown quite long already. I'm just waiting for it to grow till the right length where i can hook it around my ear so that i don't need to keep mis-eating it whenever i eat.
but my forehead is really quite UNBELIEVABLE!
maybe it's because i stay up quite late these days, making it look like Himalaya great volcano *BOOM!* erupt, and then erupt again and the erupt ! bleauUUUURGH!!!!!!!!!!

 anyway, they did plan want to go to Jitra for a half day trip tomorrow, but HECK! nope, everybody given up the idea after one after another said that they couldn't stay till late at night. ><
so where to hang out huh? no nice movie in the cinema, just last two week sing karaoke, just last two week play bowling (but i kinda like to play bowling) haha.
and all our hang out consist of food.
FOOD here, FOOD there..after go pizza, after go  lorong sharriff eat laksa, after go KFC, after go Mcdonald, after go eat roti canai..
if i'm not fat, all chicken wear pants!
enough is enough! haha
anyway, i couldn't stop myself from jumping up and down after H&M officially opens at LOT 10 on the 22nd september!
dang, they had the newspaper ads with LANA del REY (my all time favourite sexy voice pouty lips singer!)
girls clothes start from Rm19.90 above!
not bad eh, i thought it would be pricey pricey but i checked up and it's totally affordable!
but it's in Bukit Bintang, KL
ever since my sister stop working there, my trip to KL had just dipped down.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Once upon a time

Once upon time
she walks the street alone
her loneliness no one felt
one day she felt her hand being held
clasp tightly was another soul
looking up she saw him smile
the coldness disappear, the warmness she felt
no longer will she felt cold anymore

her tears he wipe
her joy he laugh
she wonder and wonder
how long can fate last?
but all that matters was how time is gold today

enough of the fairytale thingy..
i'm like soo bored i can write a whole full of lovey dovey gooey stuff out
but i guess i'll be offlining soon right after 8 pm.

a work of an art piece.
My half potrait.
anyway, i've been obesessing over my lips recently.
i love red lips all the time, i don't want to end up having pale looking grey sickly looking lips, its not pleasing to look at atcually.,

Dim Sum, chatime with the babes and dudes

(from left to right: Shi yun, Xintong, Jesslyn, shue tin, shireen, Alexer, chun Wei, Bok han, Sze Kai, Yong Kai, Shan da and Kua ci)
so i didn't know i can hang out somemore that saturday because practically, i've been out TWICE in one week, and going out that day would be the third time in a row. But i did want to join them for dim sum as breakfast so i apparently, i get the green light!
but after that, the whole group of them wanted to go AS Mall for movie and chatime..haha, guess i was tempted to go and join them too, so i text my mum to see if i can get another green light.
WEeeeEE, so before i know it, i rush back home to wash my hair and off i go to AS Mall
okay, so i read back my 2010 blog, dang, my writing style really evolve 360 degree.. I think i wrote it better back then , those kind where "my face is sooo big i can fit ten hamburgers around the area"
but now, i can't even crack those kind of sentence out . haha..
anyway, back to my weekly story

anyway, we had a karaoke session after that, and dang, you can imagine how tense my voicebox was. We sang and sang till there are no more songs on the list. haha. Anyway, it was fun though,weeee
anyway, trial exam is just around the corner. Don't ask me how my progress is, i'm UNPREPARED. But i am determined to study the hell out of BM to rub it in my form teacher's face. ( i have a feeling he doesn't really like me, and i was afraid of him giving my parents a bad feedback during report card day *fingers cross)

Last sunday, i Had the worst PP of my life.
pp: period pain
I was practically rolling on the bed, stuffing my whole face flat into the pillow (just like how an ostrich would poke his head into a hole) and bite onto any edible round thing (which to my amusement, i bit onto my Ernie's nose)
haha, this kind of situation remind me of some cannibal girl fighting againts starvation.

Recently is all about studying marathon.
you see, going to this new school "kolej Sultan abdul hamid" is a totally different environment than my school. Back in my old school, the teachers know me well, they do not shove cold stares at you like you had just drop out from reform school. I can't stand how most of the teachers in this new school send cold stares at you and practically look at me through the tip of their nose.
maybe i'm sensitive or what, but seriously, they do not achknowledge my existence.
so through performing: I failed to grab their attention.
so there's only one way to dig myself a tunnel,
that is through getting good result.
*tie a knot in my stomach to stop myself from breathing*

so of course, what is the use of talking big when i'm all here stabbing the keypad with my fingers.
anyway, My MUET result was out yesterday.
I had a Band 4 ==
as whta i expected, but anyway, i'm going to keep taking the test until i had a Band 5.
i was born as a girl
to fall in love with you~


Friday, September 14, 2012

imma fierce lady

what happen last week?
no? O.O? the fact that i went to school and none show up? the fact that someone stare (yes, not look) at a girl without realizing i'm just RIGHT beside that idiot?
the fact that i atcually CRIED in school? (talk about that,  my tears are gold, i hardly cries in school) or the fact that i am now living in a verge of turning utterly mad?
my emotions are a total wreck last week. PMS perhaps? or was it maturity that i'm hitting in another 10 days? HAHAHA *evil laugh*

Roly Poly <3 font="font">
owkay owkay, i couldn't find a single reason why i would fret up by a mere kind of things. i have mood swings soo terrible i think i scares off people. One minute i was sooo happy, the next day i got all teared up.
but forget about that, as long as this PHRASE i'm going through will dies off soon, i will be happy indulging myself to a new perception towards life.
hopefully *sniggers*

O.O look! Shu Ping wearing my shoes! hahaha
so i tend to compare myself. i don't have that kind of die-hard legs you would go fetish over it, i don't have a nice forehead for you to look at, i don't have big eyes that would look right into you and sends your heart to a full hault,i don't have the right kind of fats in the right place.. no wonder i can't help but to put myself down.
*low self-esteem mini me*

aargh, emotionally wreck me.
what do Miss Ann scares the most?
yes, she listed that the TOP of her list.

kiss my lips! LOL!
*eyes roll*
sorry about this post, haha, it's just a nice way to express whatever ups and down i'm going through the whole week.

taddaaa! this is the swensens ice cream in Hadyai, Thailand. The price is SOOOO MUCH CHEAPPPER than in Autocity..
Goodness, its like Rm10 cheaper than Autocity! i have a hard time choosing the best ice cream to indulge myself into.

i hope the next week, my emotions will not turn into a havoc anymore.
i have ENOUGH of this week!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Early Birthday gift: A RED UKELELE

 Greetings Earthlings! Miss Ann is going to be 18 in another 10 days! WOOOoo
18, can you imagine 18 years old?!? I'm A GROWN YOUNG WOMAN! (though i still whine and squeel at the sight of any cartoon that i like..hee)
okay okay, so here i am at Pizza Hut that tuesday thinking that it will only be a gathering for my lovely dear friends before they leave for Kampar again. Of course i spotted the cake box so i was like hmmmm, something fishy is going on. Even bok bok didn't even knw anything..==
so yar, they ask me go to the loo to snap photo and then i came out and saw the cake with candles on and right at the seat, My eyes became WIDE..Like really really soooo wide i'm afraid my eyeball will drop out off the socket.
it was just the box but i know the shape.
after blowing the candle (there's no lighter, so i imagine there's a fire there)
Jia wen ask me to rip off the wrapper (she wrap it up in two tone, so beautifully wrap up and i had to RIP it off?!)
haha, but i was excited

and when i saw the casing of the ukelele, i squeel. and when i took the whole ukelele out, words cannot express it already. RED ukelele!!! HOLLY MAMA..
this thing ain't cheap
dang, !! dang..!!!
hahahahahahahahahaha, all these years in my life, the best gift ever by my dear friends was this. Thanks Jia wen, sandy, xin ning , Stupid and Jesslyn for sharing their money out to get me this baby!!! WOOOoooOO
and thanks for the icing cake Jia wen and Stupid! haha

so after pizza with ample times till my curfew, we went for bowling . HEEEee first time wearing skirt go play bowling zzzz..this thing ain't plan out so all of us were force to buy socks for ourselves. after bowling, we went to play arcade games!
that night i kept glee-ing
but of course a ukelele is 100 percent different than guitar, so i must start digging my fingers over youtube for some tutorial.
for the moment, i had learn a few chords to atcually play "baby-justin bieber" on it.

see jia wen's hair?? haha, miss ann had to come back from school, and then fetch her go haircut and then fetch her back lerh, like a boss nia she..HAHAHA..
oh yeah, the blouse i'm wearing is my FIRST PEPLUM piece. haha, i felt REALLy GIRLY in it.
anyway, i know that somebody is planning to get a ukelele too.zzz
too bad somebody bought it for me already..hahaha..
guess they had to rethink it again ..
September baby

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid : MPU night 2012

Ann Tan and Shue Tin
i took approximately 1 hour to get curl my hair and another one hour for the finish look >< i really think i look very old though..haha, but thank god after changing to my performance clothes, i feel fresh and vibrant..weee! *jump*
so that night is like a graduation party for the upper 6, they make it sounds like prom night or something. hee..
venue: sentosa Regency Hotel

we had to come early for rehearsal and sound checking.
i had four bags to take, thank god dan was there to help me carry up to our room. tadaa! (picture above) me and shu ping in our small small room.HAHA
everybody was there busy make up and dancing and snapping pictures..

our beautiful background. I LOVE this background so much, its like every prom tradition where you would walk hand in hand with your prom partner and pose for a picture before going into the hall.
but the hall and stage was quite small, not the one i would expect. haa

me and shan da..hee

atcually i feel quite unfair, there were a few girls that wore two strings, short skirts that is way beyond the limit and even no strings! O.O
don't we have any dress code and rules here? haha, if i know about that i would have wore my best dress rather than settling down with decent length dress.

a few camwhore session in the room, there's loads of mirrors everywhere for us to snap shot.

me and our class punya dai kor.
haha, can u imagine he dropped 11kg in one month?
thats amazing so he look slimmer here.

me and DanSON the Donkey.
heeeee. that is his outfit for opaa gangnam dance. anyway i think i look quite old over here =='' zzzz,

nah! a younger vibrant me! this is my outfit for my ROLY POLY dance!
the girl beside me is low shue tin which i find her super funny without trying to be funny ==''
anyway, my violin peformance was very lacklustre, cuz i couldn't move much of my body cuz i didn't bring my clip-on microphone.
so here i am, standing there like a pole while the lights blinded me.
but thank god i really do enjoy Roly Poly dance!!! WOOO!!!
despite the fact that my red pants keep falling down behind (i had to keep pulling it up before any indecency was shown to the whole crowd)
mY WHOLE GROUP of FRIENDS! (we missed out Miss Jesslyn Loh and Esther and xin tong)
they are the one that brought laughter, happiness and joy to me.

me and shue tin again!!! she is sooo funny and cute! hahaha
anyway loh ask us to celebrate alexer's birthday too. haha, it was so akward because we waren't that close to him. but we try to ! XD

tadaa! we miss out the two ladies, so here's a final pic with them
anyway, i almost KISS the VOLVO car beside me when i try to retreat my car to go home. after kissing the car (which i saw the car wobble) i freeze and drive back to my parking spot, praying hard the owner didnt see anything, and then phone Danson to drive my car out instead. HAHAHa
poor him, walk to his car ady still had to walk back to my car to help me drive my car out..
thanks yar..
i rate the whole night an 8/10

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Star Cruise Libra Gala dinner food

one happy family! weeee
see that basket of bread overthere? yar, we were so damn hungry until we ate all THREE baskets of breads. And plainly because the western cuisine is too westernize for our taste buds. 
anyway, you can choose either the western or the oriental.
This is the salmon, our appetizer for the day. So far so good as long as you don't care about the rawness of everything on it. 
Chicken katsu. The only food that i can eat it without thinking of throwing up. Haha.. 
there's also the mushroom soup (pictures unavailable) which was UNEATABLE for me. >W< maybe i couldn't stand the black bean smell, i couldn't even get myself to look at it, one sniff and it ruin my whole apetite. it was a torture to finish that up though, but thankfully the waitress didn't even blink when she collected my bowl.
smoked salmon with pasta. 
Okay, the salmon seems great, but the pasta is plain and tastless. (or am i suppose to dip it with any dressings?)
lol, but i couldn't finish it because the mushroom soup spoils my taste buds. 
My dad got the half cook beef steak! I don't eat beef though but i dig into his fried potatoes. mmm..
Tiramisu layer cake!
the only food that i can manage to eat it all up and ask for more!

anyway, don't mind me, but this western food is TOO westernize for me, either that or i'm not use to it.