Saturday, December 17, 2011

Goodbye-Avril lavigne

I can't believe i'm going public with these..of course i can't cry with the camera right infront of my pig face..i played Goodbye by Avril Lavigne and it work..i didn't do it just to show people how pathetic i look when i cry..its a work of an art?I'm expressing my feelings out..they say it will heal..and i hope it will..
I need a heart healer..and with that, i support those who needs it and they will support me too..

you see the tears falling down, you see my eyes water..if i didn't wear any fakey, my eyes will look sooo horrible, you probably block my blog and never want to see this ugly person again..
focus, Ann, focus..dnt break down again..look at the food, look at it, and tell them that they look amazing, that you haven't eaten them for the past few days..tell them that your stomach contains the best bed and cushion for them to live in..

I hope we can be friends again, like we used to before things get messy..that would take a very long time, you see, i will not be able to erase that feeling forever..
i just need a LOT of time..


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