Monday, November 29, 2010


AHHHH-No song..
Bought: two high waist cotton on high waist pants (pictured) which i will never never regret buying it..I adore floral  flowy lace dress and one floral shift dress..

At last...she looks older then me! anyone wonders where is my other!

This is definetly not from KL..haha..this is our last family photo before leaving Sg..

photo taken by ..ME! this is what i called a model full shot and every of my family members failed to deliver it! which frusrates me sooo much...they either took the photo of me without my shoes, legs, or made me looked like i've got only a head to be seen..i wanted this kind of shots to be taken..but it can't be taken by timer., in the distant future..i would hire someone..? you must be joking..i can't even afford to feed myself mineral water...



Universal Studio Singapore
 Dang, i love that place...i suppose to go there with my cousin...and it turn out that she had already gone there abandoning me...Guess, it's mum and dad's turn to take me there after's a bit sad that Battlestar Galactica's duel roller coaster were temporary off dang, soooooo many people!!!! i can't get myself to walk in a straight line after all..
And i realizethat every station, there'll be at least more than four line lining up...tha canopy ride was the worst..i and dad waited for 75 minutes, for a 56seconds ride that looks like it only takes up 10 was NOTHING..just swinging in air with your feet dangling...the only ride we missed out was the water ride at Jurassic Park..we didn't want to looked like a drenched chicken with no fur...

I loved the  crowd...hohoho
 To be honest, i haven't been to SG since the birth of my couzzy which is 14 years the sight of it is something like a deer in middle of Las Vegas..

Frankenstein turns grey after many years of history...*hugs*


Inside is Shrek 4D movie magic...i don't like the intruduction, it doesn't had seats for us to listen to those epic cartoons trying to tell us a story..then we were lead to this HUGE motion chairs and go through this 4D short movie that only sprays water. blow your hair and scuddle your feet

This is nicer than the MovieWorld at Australia..Dang, it's just the explosion boom boom pow that makes everything goes wow wow whoa..From there, i bumped into Grace' and her family..the world is really really small..because i also bound into another friend, Shu Xian with her least Shu Xian's damily seems please to meet me...

This is Mummy's world! wait, it's not mymother's world to be's the egypt mummy's world...that is the only ride i love most, after all, the biggest duel roller coaster was off limits...My 'Smart" daddy hold on to the camera all through the ride, taking pictures of 'Black vision while the roller coaster is accelerating around, going up and and down..and backwards and back down and rotating us..this is an indoor roller coaster..thank god, the camera didn
t fly off his hands..

New York world...i saw fake Marilyn Monroe, Betty Bop and Charlie Chaplin..and watch Steven Spielberg's secret of movie making..gabla gabla gabla...The most ridiculous act was the Monster musical which only had a very sickening story plot and poor chosen songs...hello? i've already heard three of the universal studio's characters singing 'Nobody nobody but you..." c'mon..where's bad romance???

Battlestar Galactica World./..the only ride i sat was the accelerator...

how dyou rate this theme park?
my cousin said this is twice as small as the one in the states...
what dyou expect from Asia?
Steven Spielberg's real person as the ticket collector?

xoxo Ann

Vacation part I

nananananananana- MCR
One day Melaka, two night JB, one night Singapore, and one night KL...
im going to skip this vacation part one soon, coz Singapore's too many pictures...lolx!
i didn't know Melaka is that nice to see..
a lot of heritage and i saw a shop selling babydoll dresses at Jonker's street...HOlly!!! that is soooo freakin nice...



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

wait for me!

Off for a week vacation..
wait for my post, readers!


Monday, November 22, 2010

An Old Lady

Dear Old Aunt,
She had no where to go, they didn't want her
Staying for more then two decades, yet she was no longer needed
She awaits for her only hope, yet the phone call never come
She cried and i watched helplessly in silence..
What can i do, to ease her pain..?
for i too, will miss her lots..
just one year, and she'll be gone
to a place far away, away from love...
I promised that i'll visit her often..,
but i do not know what will happen a year after
an old frail woman, with no husband nor child..
her only hope, her dear neice never call back...
i do whatever i can do for the near future..
but right now, i'm helpless but to watch her lonely figure
in the room, and in the kitchen, earning only three hundred a month..

Dear old aunt,
you had watch me had watch my brother had watch my sister grow
You had lived under the same roof with my family for 24 years..
it's cruel to see you leave this house ...
i hope you had enough saving to lived through your day..

to my sister whom she had relied to soooo much,
i hope you will take care of her,like you promised her..
Please phone back often as it always brighten up her with just a 30 secs phone call
do not break that promise..

one more year to go...
i shall spend the most with you...
i love you , dear aunt

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad Music video

Bad Bad Ultra Bad romance-Lady G.



A Year Without Rain -Selena G.
 One Malaysia! can u spot the malay?
identify which is senior and which is junior...
the last day at school and 4A, 4B, and 4D went over to my 4C class to PAR-TY
we sat in a circle and start to fool around...i can only recall my part where i sang 'oh when the saint..goes marchin in..." and then got pushed a few centimetres away and started groping Annick's .......erm.....let's just skip that part, shall we?

There were tons of Pictures snapping here and there..oh yes...there were a lot of fishes brought to school..illegal ones that rings and vibrate...but the whole school is like a fishing spree..teachers walked by and they just close a blind eye...c'mon it's the last day of school, when are you going to see ur friends again...?
talk about friends...IF OOI CHIU YEE IS READING THIS POST..
which i think she will...
I HAVEN"T SEEN YOU FOR SIX SOLID MONTHS!!! (just exagerating to see if she'll shock herself till she crawl to my house)...
i went to her house, and her dog nearly ate me...(nawh, it's a few feet away..but it sure looked very hungry) then nobody's i waddle a penguin trying to ride a bike..

shortest, short and erm..not so tall...
I feel sooo sorry for Harry Potter's movie ...i think as long as David Yates directed it, it's just going to be a boring stiff explanation..i like Michael to direct which he only directed once in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire..That movie was the best among all...ever since David Yates took over from the fifth movie till the finale, it's a horrible storyline..c'mon..he's cool enough to spinch a few humour..but the way he try to explain things to the's just a yawning *yawn* moment to past the way, harry Potter and the deathly hallows are tooooooo draggy (coz they've already cut half of the book) they should not have made it in's understandable..

ASEAN women cyclist got hurt soooo badly...she cycled really fast so it's a real pain to see her letting go off her medal after she dashed through the barrier and bleed herself...if you've been wondering what on earth would i be doing at home without phones and social websites and outings, i am watching the Asean Games..had been following every each of the games...addicted to it (seriously...) but still i'm not a fan of the World Cup..i've just like cheering my country's team..and not yelling my head off at other's country team..
did i mention, Lin Dan is sooo hot? and oh yeah, malaysia's sepak takraw team very memalukan..when they win, they atcually laughed at the other team, mocking at them..
finally, they loose...
now who's laughing?

Caught guilty for murdering Lady Gaga's hair
Posed: Ann T. and Amal A.
sentenced to one and a half months rehabilitation..
house arrest for a year..

Ning's infamous Gaga imposter..
oh look..
an extra leg..


My brag moment

Ready, Set , ....GO!!!

So who says i'm a Harry Potter Retard?
     Who says i'm not THE advanced fan of  Harry Potter?
now let me tell you *roll up sleeves*
 i...WAS  THE ultimate Harry Potter Fan...
sorry sorry..for being toooooooooooooooo braggy..
my collections:
1. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone book
2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book
3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book
4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire book
5. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix book
6. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince book
7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book
8. Harry Potter Wizarding Maze board game
9. Harry Potter Sticker book volume one
10. Harry Potter sticker book volume two
11. Harry Potter Trading cards x4 packs
12. Harry Potter UNO cards
13. Harry Potter Model clay dice x2 sets
14. Harry Potter collectible books of stickers
15. 5 packs of Harry Potter stickable cards
16. Harry Potter school bag
17. Harry Potter T-shirt
18. Harry Potter book quiz "so you think you know Harry Potter?"
19. Harry Potter Joke Book
20. The biography of J.K. Rowling
21. The biography of Daniel Radcliffe
22. Harry Potter Fan Book "We LOVE Harry Potter"
23.Harry Potter Mantel Quiditch Game battery operated
24. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone fake Cd (haha)
25. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone fake DvD
26. Harry potter and the philosopher's stone original CD
27. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Fake DvD
28. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Ori Cd
29. Harry Potter 3 DvD
30. Harry Potter 4 DVD
31. harry Potter 5 DVD
32. Harry Potter Giant puzzle
33. Harry potter Mini puzzle
34.  Harry potter 4 Triwizard tournament players model
35. Harry Potter Darting Board
36. Harry Potter pink T-shirt
37. Harry Potter Quiditch player guide book in chinese
38. Harry Potter Quiditch card game
39. Harry Potter and the philospher's stone PC game
40. Harry Potter Quiditch PC game
41. Harry Potter and the order of phoenix playstation game


Colours of the wind

The time of our life- B.E.P
Sorry guys, for the two weeks absent of *no photos* post..i left my camera cable at the other =.='
so these are all the memorable Annick's you can see, that hairy arm right there is not Hairy Potter..

Don't i look tall ....
Oh yes, did i mention we watched Pirahna over there..? gosh, when it reaches the climax, some SMART girl went to off it...and BAM! ..
there wasn't an explosion...
Right, today 21/11/10 ..
i met Annick right opposite AS all places..she was yelling my name when i was trying to explain to my clueless parents what Harry Potter is all about..then i saw one brown figure with the hand clamping like Mr Krab in Spongebob's cartoon...har! Annick's signature move...the hand clamping..

waiting with a very very long neck to go for a holiday..
but it never come..
c' least just bring me to penang..
i won't fuss..


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dream List

Love the way you lie-Part Two
Lee Min Ho!!!!!!

i LOVE YOU!!!!!
latest obsession: lee Min Ho
it took a billion sticks for me to get attracted to korean guys who obviously gone through plastic surgery.,.

He sings too...
So that's explain why i'm verbally attracted to
guys who sing, musically inclined and what so ever
anybody who are living under the rock
you can find him acting in Boys over Flowers..
Ed Westwick,...SHOO!!


Dear NickY

Cute Little Thing <3

I remember those days where you came by
giving words of advice to say goodbye
though it's all so long and firm
i got what you need to say
though you always go on and on and on
sumtimes i didn't like the way u talk (sorry arh! XD)
bt that's just what makes you the real you
so lets walk

*you're gone too soon
 and i will give you the moon
 to make you remember me all night
 don't you ever let me go, go
 you cute little thing
 You're gone
  leavin me alone
 please don't ever forget me though
 keep this always in your heart, heart
 you cute little thing x4*

pinky face with a smile
but still fragile
poking me when you're bored
and i will freeze
though it's only a year
that i know you my dear
could it be the last?
(repeat chorus)

Dear Annick,
i read your letter the day you thought i was leavin
you took me as one of your besties
it's a huge pride to be one
and i shall say, you are also my bestie
though i can't be compare to Nina ..
our memories together are too many to be listed
please take care of yourself
please never never forget me
I love u

Twin Name


Original song, melody and lyrics are pure original..
I'm giving you the green lights sunnygirlss0
But please agreed with the terms and conditions
credits and copyrights must be taken seriously
hope you guys will BERJAYA!!

Verse one
I felt my vision shattered when you came in view
you change my life and give me turning point that's new
i pop a question thinking what it's gonna be
look at me
i feel the weight that you have put into my life
i wonder how did i live on and still survive
all the colours that you show just meant a lot
that's my thought

I walk into a rainbow
you shine so bright in seven glow
i struck my chords just to know
you, oh, oh
i turn the colours in white
the only black dot is you
i wish it stay the same all night
dream, oh, oh

Verse two
The grass patch everywhere are not just like you
you're the gold at the end of the rainbow
a space between you and me never seem to hold
will it last?
shove me up into a pot of lovey luck
a treasure doesn't mean it had to be so dark
underneath i saw a potrait of your face
who are you?
(Repeat Chorus)

i walk into a rainbow
i walk into a dark road
a place where i could breathe old
hold...owoo oh oh...
(repeat chorus)

written by
Ann Tan

Thursday, November 11, 2010


There's this group of 16 years old girls...
3 chinese, 2 malays..they're going to 'buy' my song
called 'Rainbow'..
they sent me 5 messages...and obviously i didn't reply coz i didn't online for 2 weeks
they had took my song, adding k-pop beats and even added a rap part into it..
a company wanted to help them aired their first debut in the radio..
and they said if it's okay, they wanted to take my song and give me a part of their share

what i am afraid is that, if i give them the green lights...
they didn't give me any credits..
they might tell everyone that this is THEIR song...
and i respect my's hard to come up a nice melody these days..
am i going to waste it by selling it off?
On the other hand, i just wish my song could be heard
it's a pity count at youtube..
so should i publisize it? or...????

here's the song...but please don't judge my singing, because it's horrible..
but judge the melody..


Deciphering me...

Anugerah Cemerlang Nilam...3/5/10
Ann as pianist, choir member and violinist...
don't wanna talk about that..soo...back to my life..
about the Langkawi trip that i had been anticipating all my is like i had NOT expected..
like i said, don't imagine too much, those things will never was a huge dissappointment..and i never want to plan anything anymore..such dismay! they don't know how much it meant to took five cauldrons of truth and  promises to get my parent's approval...but they allow without any note of pinky swear! and the reason to cancel this trip is because of INdonesia's stupid valcano erruption and they're afraid of earthquakes and soo first..but..haiz, i don't think i wanna talk much about it...
It took me one week to get over it...
Anybody's a spongebob squarepant's fan? anybody? i atcually set the alarm 5.00 pm in order to crawl myself up and watch the cartoon..i dont think i like Patrick the Stupid Starfish any more because the more i see him, the dumber he gets and when people do things to the extend where a retards are way better...that starfish is really getting on my nerve..the only serious and non-mental is SQUIDWARD!!! who doesn't wear any that green octopus...
Chiu Yee cut a really amazing Ed Westwick poster which emphasize his face...O000
Jia Wen splurt out a whole mouthful of water right behind me today..
Xin Ning wanted to wear heels during Annick's farewell party
Annick told me about a book which i forget...
Sandy's hair today is like a fountain instead of a tree
Dar and i love Ed and love watching Spongebob's cartoon
We played poker using monopoly money
Jia Wen owe me $20,000
I had started a  habbit calling Ms Chiu Yee...SExy
Sis had just got an invitation to her Convo at joked that we may be going but that's completely not sis ate up almost everything we had...and right nw she's celebrating her year anniversary with her bf at England...Jealous...they're going scotland and i'm stuck here living in dare she!
Damn it..this computer is SLOW...

I had skipped one week of blog and yet, i couldn't find anything to write..
each time things happen, a mark stepped right into my head, making sure that i jot it down the first thing i online..but right's a complete blank because of some youtubers shocking me..
I'm suddenly obsessed over ribbons...i don't like black ribbons because it can't be seen..and out of a sudden i think hairbands are really old pin , i guess i change my point of view and focus of ribbons instead..those that comes with hair bands.. and yeah, i really need to get myself a slip on shoes...i used to wear my sis's ipanema, and i regretted rejecting the grey she's having the gold one and i have no idea where's the grey one
and right now..i haven't the slightest clue what i'm writing
Oh yeah! i should talk about EXAM RESULT! they miscalculate my mark for a whole 110 marks different! add math 11 marks?? you must be kidding me....Account 28 marks?? this is horrible..! it's either the computer or the teacher didn't get enough sleep...i wasn't at all pleased about my physics and chemistry...i half expected physics to turn out that mark but Chemistry??? oh god...
thank goodness i pull up moral...
and it is a miracle i passed chinese...for paper 1, i got 10/80....i didn't expect any hope for it either...but then i pass..hohoho...
not going to school till Tuesday..!Today, stupid sickness come back again after a two month absent...those fatigueness and dizziness...ergH! my mood is horrible..don't mess with me...and yes, i admit i become a bit of mental, humming (not humming..screeching) all sorts of songs and trying to sound out of tune as possible...sorry for the noise pollution i did this's the only way to keep that bad omen away..
mum started feeding me with things..she always suspect that i didn't eat much...but i was all full i drink, eat , drink and the multivits exist again...ergh..
My oh my, this post is going to be VERY VERY long...
Choir members
Mizz Nina with an epic moment behind her
Another year going to the thrash again..any suggestion how i would transform myself when school reopens? I do not like to be the same girl each year...though attitude cannot be changed...i try to be more mature...
Gimme a break..i need some drama to break up the blog !
Wei Ying in a 'cage'

All my novels
All my magazines
All my clothes
Still there