Monday, December 19, 2011

Set fire to the rain

Look what is bouching up at my body! Alien! Alien! i'm addicted to Set fire to the rain by adele..It's simply dark and awesome..omg, no wonder Adele's album. there is this girl in youtube Marsha? She sang like she was on fire ! dude, she was really emotional and sooo agressive and fierce. ROAR, she gave me spirit!

I really want to buy a HD microphone soooo bad. It make your voice sound like recording-like and you can add echo in it. Pretty cool for christmas mood eh?
i'm gonna make covers after covers, i don't care how bad i sound, i'm just going to enjoy making it. I'm going to enjoy my life! I'm going to smile at my rainbow!
I'm going to smile, smile smile!


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