Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Oh yeah baby, bring the rock in, carve my name in, shake that booty and sing a stinky song.. house is almost vacant now, getting on a move to this hinterland out north..when they first moved my piano, i was practically crying my eyes out..NO NO NO!! don't touch that..leaave itttt...hugging the sides as i struggle and wrestle with the guys..
then..they toook my violin..and then my guitar..
boo yah..

have i mention that after SPM this afternoon, i have no feeling at all..everybody had this smiley face and i don't get it aT ALL..or maybe i had long lost that sense of freedom because i still do not feel freee or mum expect me to pay for my own driving liscence..what kind of parent does that?

i'm not mummy's little girl can talk about me being immature and sooo naive in doing things, but you can't say i have a mind that only think straight and not out of the box..
i DO have feelings too..i'm not a three year old child who you can easily manipulate and stamp over here like a dead wooden log..
anyway..chocolate wooden log taste nice..if you're a herbivore,,. 
did i mention i had to wear glasses?
i make a list counting my hairs each time it falls  to the ground..yeap..the maximum was 78 strands of hair because on that day i wash my hair..can't believe my shock..if i exceeded know that you're either seriously sick with brain tumour or you just have a bad condition of hair..
thank god i haven't exceed that amount yet..

pray hard..

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