Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sorry jia wen, this whole post don't have your photo T.T..but i will mention that you are the one who took our photos!
Sandy got the 2nd batch to NAtional service, so i guess we will be spending more time with her ! I miss the batik painting , but i will be joining them for joget dancing. Hopefully i won't make a clown of myself, tan sandy, you must stay infront of me to cover me!

just have a fight with mum again. So, the next time i fall sick, blame it all on me. I kena rain, and i catch a cold, blame it on me. I kena people infect, blame it on me. I am too exhausted by constant chores and under the hot sun, blame it on me. Didn't i told you that these days i have no apetite at all? didn't i tell you? didn't i?
just a lemon juice and the next time i fall sick, its because i didn't finish that one glass of lemon juice. Yes, BLAME IT ON ME!

yeeaaahh..i wonder how am i going to survie every friday and saturday. that day i am already exhausted and it only last for one hour! i had to stand next to the student, read what she play and keep telling her the mistake she had done. repeat, repeat, repeat, like a talking robot. and then i had to give her encouragement too, so that she won't freak out that her teacher is atcually shorter than her yet older than


look at xin ning sexy

yay, an epic moment. i look soooo happy, they look so 'blur'..

hope we can hang out again like old times, eh?

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