Saturday, December 17, 2011

should i shave my head?

Okay, this photo looks weird. i've tightly tied my hair to the side so that you can atcually see the scalp of my head..I think people whith side shaved head look awesome, yet, when you outgrown the hair, it looks like a distorted mop.

this has a better view, but of course, i wouldn't dare cut my hair that short. The bee wanted me to cut pixie short, she said people like my age should experience this kind of hairstyle before they work. I agree with her, because pixie short hair is just too versatile. You can look stylish even wearing dresses with it, you don't need to keep the androgyness style just because you have that hair.
Still, Agyness Deyn (did i spell correctly?) ex-hair look sooo cool, i freakin love it so much.

still, emma watson short pixie is tooooooooo short like Mia Farrow. should i really really go chop my hair off just to look different and stand out through the crowd.
I only worried that after i want to keep my hair long, it will take ages and hard work, because i don't think shoulder-length hair suits me at all.

still, shaving the side of my head is stil in my mind..
just wait, just wait..


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