Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blow me away

Super duper love Kesha's 'Blow'..dang, if Lady Gaga is the one who sang that song..i probably go buy all her album and hug it as my pillow...
I am so certain that mass communication is for my even agrees which mean this is sooo right for me..Music? i can find that thing as my sideline..Mass com, mass com, here i come! goal? i hope i can be on 8tv quickie..haha..FAT CHANCE..unless i have some mix blood in me...i can't just go out there and say...
hey, i'm a korean ..and they will splattered vomits all over me
so about debate..i never involve in debate in my whole obviously, as a chairperson, everything turn soo alien to me...but well, it's just in a classroom where a bunch of Kolej guys are there starring at me with an oversize prefect's jacket..=.=''
Well then it was over, then i got call back as an emcee instead for the final..i was a bit crestfallen when Mdm Chua didn't pick me as a chairperson..i love talking in my loud voice..
but okay, i get to announce the winner, the suspense, the certificates, the thank you to the VIP and so on...let me tell you, after that experience as an emcee..
I LOVE hosting! I Really want to take up mass com...with mass com, i can be a news reader, host, radio announcer and even public, i get to wear stylishly..

When i have curly long hair, everybody said my hair is too here's my hair, thicker than ever...
I'm here to complain about this month's complete useless exam...practically half of my class had their textbook below their desk, copying like it can give them A+ in SPM...=.=''
i didn't copy...but i got a bit fed up when i saw people who achieve 100 marks for an essay question in History..if you got one facts right, you earn 5 marks straight on...what kind of pathetic marking scheme is this?!

but i really look up towards my chinese teacher who compliment me for struggling hard to study chinese...he said even though the house collapse, i will still be standing on trying to regain my, i feel like i'm wonder woman..i was soo touched, even though i achieve really horrible marks for him..=.='' c'mon, i don't talk mandarin at home,  i can't sing chinese songs without being laugh at, i can't even speak proper chinese without english accent and stuttering to find the right words..
forgive me...


The fat weekday

Can you see my fat pig face? The thing about growing fat, those fats just grow on my cheeks making it look like a dumpling...anyone want a bite of my cheek?
Right, the last day of school holiday, we finally went to Penang, thank god, because i was dying to buy something..and guess what? me and my future sister in law spent the two hours watching my mum debating on two, i was pretty fed up ..i went into Fourskin..God, i love that shop so much..they even had the perfect acid washed skinnies despite the fact that they specialize in hot accessories..

I love my hair..LOOK AT MY HAIR!!!! LOOK ! LOOK at the bottom of my hair!!!!
Then my future sister-in-law bought me a grey skinny in Brands Outlet...the cashier had both of our cashes, and i was practically screaming to the cashier to take my money instead of my sis in law..=.='' guess what? i was screaming in English..and that cashier didn't know a word of English..she took my future sis in law's money and i shut my mouth tight...
THIS is soo embarrassing..=.=''

the good news is, i get to buy one tie-dye skirt with a pretty bow on it and three t-shirts (since i did not have that many tees)..see how a jeans can save my money soo much? I bought all my items in Brands Outlet..that place is like haven for rejected brands with amazing low prices with hot stuff..did i mention their flats are like..

and i can swear that i saw my exact Mango's stripe blouse in Brands Outlet with a different label on it...=.=''


Previous, past, behold

Me? The non-double eye lid a.k.a monolid girl with unattractive eyes had eye lashes??!!
i thought i hardly had any at all with that kind of length!
i didn't even bother doing anything to my eyes, never thought of eyelash curler nor mascara nor fakes...and god gave me lower eye lashes which crisp crosp one another..
I likey

Sorry readers for not posting any post ..truth is,
once you had exam going on, you just see me shutting myself with my father's green blanket around me, looking like a huge frog with dark eye circles..
i wonder if frog suffer from insomnia..


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sam tsui

This youtube sensation is scaring me..
HE looks hell like my violin teacher..=.=''
Sam tsui is a chinese american born guy..
check out his video at my playlist..
his voice is totally into my whole blog page..


Dark Green dress (5 photos)

My sister wants to know how her dress looks like when it arrives from an online, here i am, taking some pictures of me wearing her beloved working's kinda loosen at the waist there, but i kinda likes the sleeves...and mind you! it's transparent at the back! a black singlet would help

i wanted to watch a lot of movies..the fact that this month, they had sooo many good movies to watch..i've just watched I AM NUMBER FOUR, just because the author of the book state Malaysia in one of his paragraph...
I like the part where he wrote
Number one was killed in Malaysia
Number two was murdered in England
Number three was just killed in Kenya..(or maybe Canyon..LOL! i can't remember)
i think i'm going to go get the book!!! i love original storyline where nobody could ever thought of that before..

127 hours..This movie is a must-watch..though, i haven't get the chance to watch it, This slumdog millionaire's director had those kind of movies where it bring you to tears..Like emotionally and his movie will tatoo into your head..FOREVER! inspirational! this is based on a true-story..where the daredevil looses his hand...I WANNA WATCH..T.T

There is this comic section at Berita Harian drawing an ULTRAMAN running away from tsunami in JAPAN...seriously, this guy had nothing to do but to mock fun at people's devastating moment...
AND some "SMART" people also ask the tourist management to refund their trip to TOKYO.. MAlaysians are sooo selfish..People over there is dying while we, malaysians only thought about our money and safety...

Seriously, have you guys read about how many people mock fun about Japan's earthquake incident? let me give you an insight of what had happen to JAPAN aftermath..
Japan's fourth nuclear plant had exploded...left three more standing..just hope it would not blow up again..
There is this guy who wrote FAMILYGUY, he wrote that people should view Pearl Harbour's Death toll instead of Japan's 9.0 magnitude earthquake...=.=''
Then that guy apologize because he thought Japan's earthquake death toll is only 200
Pearl Harbour is approximately 2,500...
and then he didn't know the next day, Japan's death toll had raised to 10,000!


Jealous yet thankful...

Quicksand-Lady gaga ft Britney Spears
This is me, pale looking...ZzZz
Why do i get jealous over filthy rich people who keep buying Coach bags like they were mineral water?
Even though i'm not rich and my family is not filthy rich..i should be thankful ..
People are living without homes, without food and water, without electricity in Japan..
and i shouldn't pout just because i can't afford to keep buying branded stuff..
Therefore, those rich humans out there, DONATE YOUR CASH!!! instead of splurging on perfumes or designer item, go do some good deed before god take your prosperity away and award your with poverty...

Why do i get jealous over people who look beautiful, attractive and popular?
Even though i don't have those asets, those death defying looks, i should be thankful!
Millions out there are born without a particular organ, eyes, nose, or even without face..
So to those who keep saying that they want to go plastic surgery, or keep whining about how ugly they are...STOP COMPLAINING!...Beauty is only skin deep..

One of my ribbon..
well, i'm going to Penang this Saturday..(finally!) and i'm going to pay a visit to First Avenue to try out their TGV Cinema's BEAN SEAT... just hope that this trip won't be cancelled...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My sick diary

I've been sick for EVERY month..
starting from 2011 of course..
so here's my SICK diary

January- the second week of January, i found that lump near my jawbone...dang, i was soo worried, thinking that it might be some other thing...first, i went to consult my neighbor who is a doctor...he told me it was just lymph node and gave me some effect, so after five days of worrying, daddy and mummy brought me to KMC to see Dr L.Minder Singh..he said he can't be sure so he ask me to go for ultrasound scanning...scan here and there, result? NOTHING...then, what in the world is that LUMP??? so i have to take muscle relaxer pill....

January- i was caught having a flu...a terrible i went to see my family he prescribe lots of medicine to me...

January- the usual menstrual menstrual pills...=.=''

February 17- i sprain my neck and spent the whole night crying my eyes out because nobody cares...T.T...mum got frusrated with me, so she brought me to see the doctor..he gave me muscle relaxer pill...

March 15- i woke up, and i got sore throat and fever...worst thing is, my parents waren't around..mum need to have her ear i spent the whole morning sleeping like a log..whenever i had fever, my whole spinal cord hurts...i walked around like some pregnant woman with a bad case of back pain...during afternoon, daddy and mummy brought me to see our family doctor again...and he gave me antibiotics, sore throat and fever pills....

I've been eating pills after pills non stop...
I just hope i won't get sick again...
I HATE taking pills..
It spoils my taste receptor...>.<


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuclear ending

                           My preparation to hibernate at home, incase Malaysia is not safe anymore
The end is near..
Daddy said that the nuclear thingy will spread to the whole world..
Everybody will get infected..
stop studying and let's have some fun!
make use of this little time

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh pathetic..

I didn't get to go KL after all..
mummy's not feeling well with her thumb, so my holiday is just going under the chute..
Bye bye Zara...i can't visit you
I only miss Zara because Zara can't be found in basically, i won't mourn over Forever 21 or Mango..=.=''
Do you know i miss Sungei Wang soooooo damn much? Probably 60% of my clothes are all from there! This place is where you get the latest trend with low sum of money ..sorry, there's no Marc Jacobs or branded item there..but this is the spot for trendiest item you can get...that place is FULL of young people, cramming into boutiques, spalshing their bills all over the cashier ..i haven't been there since January 2011..and the trip i have during January was only half a day, because our hotel is at DAMANSARA..and not Bukit Bintang..=.=''

ahh, the place to get the branded clothes..i just go there to watch my sister splurge on cosmetics and eat at Wong Kok...Classy and nice...oh, did i mention their Forever 21 is huge?

I didn't go there yet! it was just a stone throw away from Lot sister said that UNIQLO looks like some winter collection...but at least just walk into that shopping complex and open our eyes...*sigh*..just wait till i'm old enough to travel there myself..

Ever since my sister started working at constant shopping place is at One Utama..=.='''which is incredibly huge and prone to make people's legs break if you walk the whole place within a day...The thing about OneU is that, it's just too huge till you feel sooo lazy walking to another destination...
Their Cotton On shop looks like Kid's boutique...SOO small...
and oh, did i mention they don't have Mango there?


My deepest Condolence..

Wake up-Original Song by me

My favourite country had turned into a disasterous site where i feel like it was my OWN country being tear down like debris of cakes...I constantly told my parents that i wanna had a japanese boyfriend ...and they smiled at my childish hopes..and i MUST go to Japan at least once in my lifetime..
So yeap, JAPAN is MY favourite country...

A Deja vu image of the film 2012...Don't it just looked like it was from that film? Is the world really coming to an end? The predictions? The constant premonition of Baba Vanga?
As a civilized Malaysian who is free from natural disaster, how i wish i can pack my bag, jump onto one of those army helicopters and try to make the best i can..
8.8 magnitude is really huge...the earth just moved a milisecond faster than it used to be, and an 8.8 magnitude rocked the whole earth..

The image of a conference meeting as the prime minister looked on ..
I hope everything will turn out well for the people over there...
I hope those radioactvie spills will not affect the residents  over there..
I hope god wil for see their pains and give them a rainbow after the disaster..

the aftermath of the earthquake...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The little monster XD

I finally LOVE 'BORN THIS WAY' by Lady Gaga...!!
Finally a proper picture of my hair...sorry about that ribbon on my head...i just couldn't resist putting it on...( : and sorry that my fringe is out of shape..i've pin it too long
I am going to be a loyal monster to my queen Gaga..( : she always surprise people and i love her specialty..tell me, how many people can pull off entering the Grammy with one big shell? SHE"S The ONLY ONE! so STOP saying her being an impersonator of Madonna's wannabe..

My monthly expenses had been going up real hard..Curse all the magazines..
At least one month..i shall had to spend it on VIVI and two copies of Galaxie and sometimes splurge on SEVENTEEN, CLEO or FEMALE...
Daddy only gave me Rm 15 per week and sometimes it's not consistent..
and i still had to buy hair products, and headbands and ribbons and...more magazines?
my list will go on and on and on...

  • Cute headbands that looks like braided hairs
  • Super cute white ribbon or polkadots  blue ribbon
  • brogue shoes and boat shoes
  • faded skinnies
  • liese cocktail hair wave
  • solid square looking brown bags with thin straps
  • cute white blouse with bow
  • grey stipes cashmer sweater
  • lovely flattering pleated skirt
  • more crop shirts
  • thin brown belt
  • and the list goes on and on....

So readers, anything that i SHOULD buy?
( :

happy holiday...!


Where's the road?

One week holiday...I'm either going down KL? or Kuantan?..i rather KL though, i haven't shop for any clothes for a month already..I'm dying inside my house while furiously making a list of what clothes i should have the next time i went out shopping

I've started my moral folio already, which could be done ages ago..I'm going for  two days Choir practice during the weekend..and thats it, my one week holiday is just like drops of water flowing into my mouth and into my drainpipe..
I am a very busy schedule is soo tight ever since extra classes start this week!
I had to go straight to add math tuition after school, wearing my school shoes with hairs that looks like a cow ate on it for supper..

Sunday: extra classes, physic tuition
Monday: extra classes, Chemistry tuition
Tuesday: Extra classes, Add math tuition
Wednesday: Extra classes, Malay tuition
Thursday: Violin lesson
Friday: Account tuition, Piano lesson
Saturday: violin accompaniment class

Not a day where i could actaully sleep for 24/7...
Rompers: E Clio @ Queensbay
Checkered shirt : PDI @ KL
Shoes: Adidas @ Pavillion
Whose that cow? : ME!


Exam Result

I am soo satisfied over February's Test result...still, it looks like a midget compare to those in the first class...i always wanted to target 800 as my total mark..which is quite impossible..Since Form Four till now, my closest mark was this February Test which reaches's already impossible to make it that mark anymore because the longer the day is, the harder the syllabus gets..
So here's my result...I FREAKIN hate that the fact that my English reaches the lowest mark i had ever achieve in my whole entire life...i hope it would not repeat again...>.< on the other hand, everything, i guess, there's always something to be look upon..and thank god i didn't fail Chinese!

Account: 97
Math: 88
Physic: 82
English: 80 (>.<)
Malay: 78
Add Math: 78
History: 76
Moral: 73
Chemistry: 72
Chinese: 61 (HAHA)

My form teacher made a mistake! She recorded all my marks and i was soo glad that i saw all A's in it...but then..hold on..wait...something's wrong...One subject is missing! Jia Wen pointed out that she forgotten to record my Chinese mark...Urgh..that B spoils everything...
When our dear Form teacher saw the corrections, she (like most of the chinese teachers will) got a huge surprise

Puan Wong: You take Chinese wan meh??!
Ann: Yah!!!! (i keep nodding my head)
Puan Wong: Aiyo..i tot you no take Chinese, so i didn't record in it..

and oh yeah...Sexy Chiu Yee dropped Chinese even though her Chinese is way better than me...i can't belive it, of all people, those suppose to drop chinese suppose to be me!

i cannot afford to be an OCBC or a BANANA



Do You? -Original Song by Ann Tan
Here's the lyrics..i shall post the video in the near and distant future..
I'm sorry that it doesn't rhyme at all, but all songs DON"T rhyme these days..
It's for a NOT random person

# non-instrumented#
Do you feel what i'm feeling now?
Do you say my name
each time your friend ask who you like?
Do you feel like the urge
to turn to me and keep smiling,
like i always wanted to
do you, do you...?

#soft beats#
Do you wish that i would look at your eyes?
Do you wanna know about all the things that i like?
Do you know that i'm budging to ask you
Do you ever like me like how i love you

Now i tell you how i feel
Please don't be afraid of me
When i tell you how much i think of you
I'll keep waiting behind your back
I don't wanna get hurt
so i keep them to myself

Verse 2
Don't i wish that we would keep moving on
Don't i hope that you would make the first move
Don't i wish we will talk
Don't i hate the thought that we're strangers
after all...

Its not the swimmer after all..
I don't go ping, i don't go pang when i see him
it was THAT GUY a
THAT GUY whom i had been sticking into his back for more than a year..
THAT GUY whom i go PING and ZAP whenever i see him
THAT GUY whom i can feel my heart racing like flying antelopes..
THAT GUY whom i still can't get over after soooo many months..
THAT GUY whom i can't mumble a single verbal words

It was THAT GUY..
THAT GUY.......
and if he's stupid enough to never get the hint..
i will continue keeping it to myself..


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spicy love <3
Right now, my hair is not suitable to be unaccessorize..i need to wear hairbands, headbands, or tie half of my hair with pretty ribbons and so on...
So right now, i'm going to buy lots of Headbands..hairbands had already passed my obsession list...Ribbons is very hard to tie on my hair right now..
Headbands! here i come!! ( :

it's going to be my trademark!


Flush and Blush

I dreamt about somebody proposing to me..
and i made crazy notes about what type of person i must marry
~ He must know how to dress up to the my case, i like guys who are
~ Either knows how to sing, plays music, or towards designing..
~ and must be true to love...

if only i can cut his head and stick it to that swimmer's body..
it'll be sooo perfect..


I Cut my hair!

All time low- The Wanted
Why do i cut my hair?
First: My Curly hair is very boring to me, i need a new look every year..
Second: Curly hair is sooo hard to keep in shape and i spend 80% of my sleepless day twisting my curls with my finger..
Third: My dad complain that my hair is too long
Fourth: VERY VERY hot..
Fifth: i wanted to follow this year's hair trend..but it turn out it didn't really suit with black lacklustre hair like mine ) :

Where do i cut my hair?
Kennyaik, approximate Rm 38 and above for cuts..
the first thing he asked me was if i wanted to keep my curls..i don't know why i say i didn't want..maybe it's because i'm afraid it'll become frizzy and dry...but then i say go ahead, he cut it out and i  love my left side of my hair..(coz the curls are still there) so basically, it was roll in and very bouncy...but the con side was, my right side of my hair suck, because my curls couldn't made it basically, i really need a curly tong to keep it balance...>.<

This is the length of my hair..after i left the hair saloon, mummy brought me to a physiotherapy centre to buy GoodArch shoe..and the lady thought i was 12 years old..
She got a shock when i told her i am going to be 17 this September..=.=''
seriously, how can it be sooo ridiculous? they use to think i'm older than my sister which is 24 years old this year? awesome...i'm now 12 years younger...=.=''
Anyway, sometimes i feel a bit regret towards the cut, but i will look forward to the day where i can dye my hair marshmallow brown and have the RIGHT curls that i want..
an obvious curl, so that i don't need to twist it each time it go haywired..

This is my pre-prepared for my cut..i tied my long hair to the back to see how i look in medium bob hair..

i stalk someone and even googled him ..
it turn out he had everything to do with Swimming..
and he IS a swimmer..
and he has a very very very very hot body..

( :


Bag pending

******* perfect- Pink
Mummy dig out jie jie's Charles and Keith bag that had never even been used before..
I'm just waiting for the right time to gnaw into it, because this bag is HUGE..
maybe when i'm older, i'll be able to store my college's books or so on..

Can you believe that the background of this photo is atcually the bed my father sleep every night? haha, cute right? those green fishes and strawberry puff fishes swimming around my dad..

Bag: Charles & Keith @ Pavillion


Curly Ann

Price Tag- Jessie J ft B.O.B

Sorry guys for abandoning this blog for a very very long time..
i'm planning to make a new blog after SPM, to reinvent myself and set myself a new goal and i won't be online-ing 2 months before SPM, so this blog is definetly dead after September..
But please stay on here, please please please...
( :
i wanna be a famous blogger before i reach 21..
so after SPM, i'm just gonna make a facebook and twitter account, spread my blog around
and hopefully..
i'll make it..
*eyes shinning*

Dang, don't i look happy? My hair issssss soooo freakin long..
I miss it though, these are all my last few long hair photos before i went boring and chop my whole curl off..
So yeah, i'm here to blah blah blah over school's freak o' rules..Extra classes start this Sunday, so you'll be seeing me with deep dark eye circles and extra fatigues..i'll be walking like a dead zombie around, or maybe just crawl around because i can't afford to walk at all..

And this SMART school gave us only 10 minutes for lunch break..
I doubt if it was a lunch break..she just said " Get ourselves clean" like we're a bunch of cats licking our furs...EEW..if there's no lunch, how on earth are we going to go through extra classes? WHO GAVE HER THE RIGHT??! Eh, hello larh, turtle, don't tell me you can stand not having to consume food after four hours of schooling..? and what about rest? you can't possibly ask us to open our eyes 16 hours straight and trying to expect us to dissolve what the teachers are gabbiting about...

Still again, i DO miss my hair sooooo much
Oh wait, i'm not finish with what i want to talk about this turtle's rules..

Turtle: I am very upset towards your parent's complaint about saying that the school's tuition is too long
Ann: *We still have tuitions outside..and the tuitions outside is way more better than in school..*

Upset over our parent's complaint??!! Why are you sooo upset about? You don't care about humanism, you're just afraid that our school will be look down upon others. get a grip, you had to think about US..not the school's reputations..and one silly reason she gave us for having extra classes was she was going to build up our stamina during our final countdown..
Duh, if you keep letting a runner run everyday, when his competition arrive, he just fall down due to exhaustion..
and probably ended up DEAD

and still again..I DOOOOOOO miss miss my currlly currlly hair.. ) :
yes, there are a few emotional breakdown among students..
I think i am going to be one of them after i realize that i am not suppose to have time for other school activities..
Curse them..curse them..curse them..curse curse curse.
Okay, i'm done venting what i wanted to say ..because this morning, when the turtle made that meeting, i am boiling inside with the urge to stand up and star swearing at her..
but i know she just throw her turtle shell to me and i'll be blacklisted forever..