Saturday, December 17, 2011

Already Gone

i've always do...i always do..rmber all the things we wanted, all our memories they're hunted, we were always meant to do or die..
Already gone-kelly Clarkson..
it is just toooooo perfect for us..TOO simply perfect for us..
and i'm leaving (which i had said so for more than five times)..nt because of who, its because of how, what, why..
Damn're nt a monster..but you just have tooo many hearts..

"i know you will find another..that doesn't always make you want to cry"
but it will always make me cry...and till the end, i bit my lips, i tie my hand,fingers to stop myself from viewing you..i kill my heart, i drown it into cold freezing water, bake it, bbq it, flush it down..but its still there..
"Don't run, don't run, your living heart is inside mine" my you

"it doesn't matter..where we take this road, someone gotta go.."
and i am that someone..
i can't bare the i'm letting it go.go.go.go..

deear bee, if you ever read this..SHHHH
i'm growing up..

with that, i shall go watch MORE GOSSIP GIRL so that i can focus on CHUCK BASS and BLAIR WALDORF..i shall write my own NOVEL (NOT ROMANCE)..i shall go beautify myself to make myself look great and not be tear down from comparing others to me..I shall think of shaving the side of my head for a change..

and dear you, remember my last will always be there..
Thank you


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