Saturday, March 31, 2012

Under The Banyan Tree

Hello peeps! i've been browsing hairs after hairstyles around the internet and finally decided that i'll will cut it shoulder length again. Remember my last year hair, after my curl? yup, i'm going to have that hair again, but this time different, i've have short bangs compare to last year, i have side swept bangs.
woots! my leg look long here ==''
anyway, i've got my MARCH pay already! and it is because MARCH consist of FIVE weeks, i got a whole extra Rm100, even though i cancel one day work, i still manage to get Rm853..=='' but wait *bite my fingers*
don't go shopping, ANN! you need to save that for your HOME recording studio equipment! T.T
I've got a FREAKING terrifying call from La Salle =='' like seriously, after i heard it, i slam the phone down. Then that person phone me up again, and ask me

"do you know english?" ask that person
"Of course i hell do! If not i hell don't even know what La Salle is famous for!"
of course i am polite so i just say "yes i do, miss"
haha, !! no, getting into La Salle is like getting into Julliard which means, hell no, i won't even have the chance to get a scholarship from them.

I went to 'cheng beng' (praying ritual for the dead)
and i got this huge INCREDIBLE horrible scratch on my right knee..
wahaha, it scrape off my skin *heeeauuurgh*
and i acted like a 'real' lady
climbing up on the tombstone, standing up, posing for my aunt camera, and then did all the paper and soil work.
then i jump down, then jump up, and jump down and then ..
my knee...


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