Saturday, March 17, 2012

I won't give up -Jason mraz song cover

Anyway, i'm not a good singer..i don't sing big like Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson ==
but at least i'm in tune (i hope)
anyway, i just did this cover because i miss hearing my own vocals *LOL!*
how do you rate my voice anyway..if i keep listening to it, i atcually have a deep voice.
i don't go high pitch tone, (like avril)
nor chipmunky (like vanessa hudgen *yuck*)
nor special (adele)
nor big, fat tone (beyonce)
nor flat and sharp (rihanna)
nor girly and sweet (taylor swift)
nor rappy (nickki minaj)

i'm still searching but i know i can't do slow soft songs, my voice spoil the whole thing..
anyway, i am an alto in the school choir, and then soprano for another song (what a vast different)


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