Saturday, March 17, 2012

Femme like you

 my shoe that makes me sprout extra height by 11cm =='' but i still can't reach 170cm with it yet...><''

anyway, there are two things that i anticipate this week. One is SPM RESULT DAY!! which is on wednesday *cross fingers* and THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!
T.T i was about to buy the trilogy books at Times, and then i realize that i have  my last hundred dollar in my wallet..==i must save it for this month, so i let it go..
 u know what? yeah, here's another fact you don't know about me.
yeah, people would just say "yeah, all girls are like that"
but no! i'm not some other girls, i'm more towards the extreme..
i had that super high level of jealousy that nobody can compose ><
but i tend to keep it inside my heart, because i'm afraid of what will happen if i do something..
so don't get into my nerves..anyway..

anyway, i've just did a combination cover of Cry Cry and Time to love == i think i mention it before..omg, i'm sooo longwinded..anyway..i'm still new in the kpop scene, forgive me, i have to view the english subtitle to atcually get what the girls are singing >< i had to learn their language,

and then i got this stupid and crazy dreams, maybe i can go over to their country and work in their music industry.. Imma interesting in creating their music!! its a total different genre..o.o
 spot the brown hair? ==
 spot the orange peel mask? DEEP DOWN DETOX..the name frightens me, its like it will peel your whole skin off leaving only your flesh and blood ==
i watch too much gore movie ady..i still remember laughing at a scene in SAW where the girl was pull back and her head was slice off..

anyway, all these photos are taken by my old camera...i just realize camwhoring with my new camera just scream 'PIMPLE!!" its soo clear, it can emphasize your pores, spots and anything ><''
i dont want i use that camera for model full shot
and old camera for camwhores..
sounds like a plan ==

HUNGER GAMES, I AM HUNGRY FOR YOU!!! *saliva dripping* yuck*wipe*


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