Thursday, March 29, 2012

Military Babe and ulzzang look

 when i get older enough to atcually afford on GREAT beauty products, get a really great dye and can had whatever look i want, i'm going to the ULZZANG LOOK!!!
if you don't know what is Ulzzang look, scroll down..(that is not me ==)

This is Ulzzang look.If i studied through various pictures of this girl, Ulzzang look is atcually translated to 'best look' but! it's a trend.
with this look, you cannot be COOL anymore, you be sweet,girly, cute..(uueek)
I'm OBSESSED and IN LOVE with ribbons already, so i do not need to work on that anymore ^^

The only concern is, do i have the skin for it? i'm dark..==
do i have big enough eyes for it? ok, make up makes wonder.
Clothes? aiyar, no need to worry for clothes, shop for girly clothes lol.

 gonna cut my hair soon (yes, i've been telling that since long time ago) but this time its positive. It's too unmanageable already! i'm going to cut it shoulder length first and then only decide what am i going to do with that hair. By cutting it shoulder length, all my dressing style will change again.

 Anyway, tomorrow i'm going for 'cheng beng'==''
it's something like a praying ritual for the dead. two consecutive days i must stand on guard and for two consecutive days i have to rush for work ..
i don't know what will become of me tomorrow, i'll be dead for exhaustion.
I'm a military babe
== *thick skin*
anyway this is an akward position. I don't work on poses, it just come as it is.

next time i want to try all sorts of style for posing! i want to play dress up
  • as a guy
  • a shuffler?
  • a hip hopper
  • a ballerina
  • a belly dancer
  • a rocker chick
  • a vampire!!
  • an alien
  • a sports woman?
  • an office lady
  • a maid ==''
  • a bride
  • an old woman...==
and the list goes on..

Shirt: F Block
Pants: Romp
Wedge: Aldo
who's that MONKEY? : ME!!
who is that ulzzang girl?: googled



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