Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Audio Tech

Hello peeps.
How y'all been doing? having doubts on this and that over your future path?
i am having it now, though i'm pretty sure form six is somehow a BIG possibility.
I have a big butterfly in my stomach, batting the wings out of me.
want this or that? want that or this? for god's sake, it's already April, make up yoour mind!!
I've watched SIX tutorials on How to Build your Own Home Studio..
What you need is:
a studio microphone
a studio microphone stand
a mixer (very important)
A cable
A software (i've already downloaded Audacity)
and a computer..DUH!
So i went over to music system looking like a fool. I don't know what am i suppose to ask. they took a studio condeser microphone out for me .Cost Rm200, WITHOUT the stand, no filter, didn't even have a SHOCK resistance..==
then they took a really cheap mixer out for me, and i insisted that i don't need that.
later did i realize, without that, you can't use a studio microphone properly.
i am really sooo noob..

my blog had turn real boring now.
i have nothing to blabber on ..


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