Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bowling again

Went bowling again, but this time with a whole different company. From left: Jimmy, Andy, Wei ying, me and Chiu Yee (not in pic)
so it started out first, i and wei ying wanna hang out together, we first wanna go e-box, sing karaoke, but then, nobody seem to want to join us..
so here we are, BOWLING

Its really akward !! we had nobody else wanting to join us, so i called andy to go. Then i think to myself, ohmygod, what had i get myself into, i don't talk to him..and he'll be surrounded by unknown girls. So i call my buddy friend, Jimmy, since they're both frm the same school, i guess he can keep him company. Then i went out of hand, call, Chiu yee, and nicole too..
later nicole pull out =.=''
Sexy chiu yee: *mati king kong kiao*
Ann: *pout lips in grimace*

So only four of us ended up bowling at a SUCK-ish lANE that always had falling bowling pins all the time. But it was fun cam-whoring! From total akwardness, we finally blend in together.
and from bowling, we become CAMWHORES of the place..
(well, later i shall post up more pictures, but let's start at bowling first)

Sexy Chiu yee doesn't like snapping photos.she shy shy arh..
and she ended up going back early, leaving us to camwhore all over the place..
anyway, leave that part empty first, let me continue the bowling part..
as usual, i simply simply throw also manage to bounce a few pins off, making the boys groan in demand for justice..

So here's the result..
VERY VERY FREAKIN LOW, (except Andy's)

from top: Ann, wei ying, Jimmy(oh yeah, at least i score more than him), and andy..

ffuuuu...i've been to bowling like four times in one month already, and i still throw like i'm throwing a coconut down the runway..
which still works for me =.=''

but the camwhoring part didn't start yet!!
just wait till i post it up tomorrow..!
oh yeah!


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