Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emcee Couture

 Hello peeps, so these are all the clothes my sis bought from Emcee Couture. It is an online store that CUSTOM MADE the clothes. So everything is pure original.
And oh yeah, i bought myself a NEW mirrorless camera (not DSLR nor COMPACT) camera. Olympus, which my sister said it is a SHIT camera from a SHITTY brand ==''
 so this is the brown dress, SUPER LOW CUT at the front, great for people who wanna flaunt their cleavage =='' and you should look at the back of the dress, you will *faint*..why? because it's full of strings, criss crossing here and there, revealing everything at your back, (so be wise to wear a tube if you wanna cover your bra at the back)
 So this is the ORIGINAL photo from Emcee Couture blogshop. (different colour)
this is the back of the dress, i can't show you the back of MY dress, i don't even KNOW how to wear!
 This is another dress from Emcee couture, NOW i can show you the back of the dress. I love the cutting of this dress best. (ohmygod..being girly again =='')
This dress cost ..hmm...Rm58..
 See the cutting of it? So retro..
 Retro girl, Ok, so this camera shows CLEARER images, no more blurry nor grainy images of myself no more ^^..but! its not really fit for camwhores, because it just emphasize your pimples, freckles, pores, whatever flaws you have on your face. But great for FUll model shot..
This is the original image from Emcee Couture. looks different eh? is it because the model is taller, =='' lol!

last piece, working dress! i'm not really in favour with this at all, so i have only one shot of this.
ok, so here's the full information.

this is Emcee Couture facebook page
and this is Emcee Couture blogshop
feel free to go view and check out the clothes. CUSTOM MADE  ^^


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