Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bunny Slippers

 Whassap doc?
i am cursing my fringe, ever since i cut that short fringe, my forehead erupted like a crazy valcano. pimple alert...
it's not that i don't take good care of it, i cleanse, tone and moisturise it. the simple three steps to it, and even scrub weekly. ><''
so, i conclude it that my fringe is to be blame, *cursing*
fortunately, it can also act as a shield to cover whatever is erupting behind it.
 How's the twin doggy? ^^that is atcually my bedroom.

anyway, i have never grow pimple on my cheeks, but just three days ago, i found a whole dot over the bottom of my eye..
i try to find the culprit.

if i eat a lot of fried food, it will grow on my forehead.
so ...can it be the weather? the sweat, YUCK, seriously, after that, i need to cut my hair already. it's too long, bushy and sooo unkept.
 down the staircase alone

so shoulder length? i'm thinking about the same hair last year where the bottom is thick. i don't like layers, it flattens my hair.
 anyway, i've just went to school just now. Met a lot of teachers and then there came this english teacher who sternly ask me

i back off, startled by that kind of angry tone of hers..
yar yar, i know that...T.T don't remind me of it please..
lol..look like i didn't wear any pants ==''

I just did my Fantastic Baby violin cover!! ^^
i tell you, it ain't easy and i get fed up after the fourth try. My whole wrist felt like it was dislocated. My nerve hurts T.T i can't move my wrist at all.
i didn't know it will hurt..

Top white dress: forgot buy where liao
Red polkadot bunny headband: Cotton on
brown wool dress: HK
who is that pimple face?: ME!!!

*cry* go go go away dear pimples..


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