Saturday, March 24, 2012

A talk on Form six by my Father

 CALLING ALL human beings that had a slightest interest in FORM SIX.
there will be a talk on FORM SIX and your future career path by an experience teacher who happens to be a marker for Pengajian Am (a compulsary subject for STPM)
time: 7.30-9.30
if there's any enquiry, go to facebook and PM me..
 anyway, my dad is going to give a talk on STPM, form six and whether private, matrix of STPM is best for you.
Normally, those who doesn't have siblings going through form six, will not know who my father is. He was the first Pengajian Am teacher in Alor Star to open up a tuition centre 25 years ago. Don't complain that he might be too old to be the best, but he is STILL a marker of PENGAJIAN AM for more than 25 yrs already.

 and surprisingly, everywhere we go, there seem to be his students.
my Math/add math teacher was his student
my chinese teacher was his student
my school moral teacher was his student
a lot of my school mates' parents were his students
the judge of my choir competition was his student
the guy taking my ultrasonic scan in hospital was his student

and the funny thing is, (no offence anyway) his students all look the same age as him ==''
 And there are pathetic tricks perform by this xxx person who had just intrude over this Pengajian Am field. He sent students over to my dad's centre and took my dad's note and photostat it and use it as HIS. This XXX person is NOT EVEN A MARKER for that particular paper, and those students of his are all blindly FOOLED..Dad is an experienced teacher of his current school, what is this XXX teacher can do ? experience wise he is nothing compare to my dad...
so, to those out there, do some CLEAR research before you jump into any conclusion.
 okay, forgive me, all these pictures are very misleading..haha..there should be a picture of my dad, but =='' i have no idea why i can't manage to upload one at the moment.
after listening to the daily blabber on the comparisions between STPM and Private colleges, i really think STPM is the best choice after all.
but no doubts, it will also be my last choice though.
Nobody likes to be stuck in ALOR STAR for another two years.
i'm just back from PISA ...
even put on a thick skin to go into LIMKOKWING's booth. like seriously, that place is sooo expensive..and what is even more thick skin is that i practically scream like a monkey when i saw LA SALLE (a prestigious arts and music school in singapore)

seriously, that is like seeing JULLIARD in my country ==''

anyway..more updates soon...
thanks for the stats these days! it's improving ^^


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